Civil Liberties

Gamers Against Government Meddling

When it comes to Red Bull, Grand Theft Auto V, genetic testing, and more, gamers just want to be left alone.


Government should allow

Caffeinated energy drinks

Gamers: 84 percent

Non-gamers: 69 percent

Violent video games

Gamers: 82 percent

Non-gamers: 54 percent

3D-printed guns

Gamers: 42 percent

Non-gamers: 26 percent

Home DNA tests

Gamers: 64 percent

Non-gamers 51 percent

Legalized marijuana

Gamers: 62 percent

Non-gamers: 43 percent

Data from a December 2013 Reason-Rupe poll of 1,011 adults across the country. "Gamers" refers to the 14 percent of those polled who described themselves as "frequent gamers." Compiled by Emily Ekins