Calif. Supreme Court Orders Officials to Name Names When Police Shoot People


Don't do it! You still have so much to live for!
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Police departments in California cannot simply refuse to release the names of police officers involved in shootings. So ruled the California Supreme Court today, six to one.

I wrote about the case back in March. Long Beach officials had refused to give the Los Angeles Times the names of police officers involved in a fatal shooting after they mistook a garden hose nozzle held by Douglas Zerby, 35, for a gun and killed him. The Los Angeles Times reports the ruling:

The state's highest court, in a 6-1 vote, rejected blanket policies by a growing number of police agencies against disclosure. The court said officers' names can be withheld only if there is specific evidence that their safety would be imperiled.

"If it is essential to protect an officer's anonymity for safety reasons or for reasons peculiar to the officer's duties — as, for example, in the case of an undercover officer — then the public interest in disclosure of the officer's name may need to give way," Justice Joyce L. Kennard wrote for the majority.

"That determination, however, would need to be based on a particularized showing."

The decision is likely to make it much more difficult for police agencies to withhold the names of officers involved in on-duty shootings.

"Vague safety concerns that apply to all officers involved in shootings are insufficient to tip the balance against disclosure of officer names," Kennard wrote.

I cynically expect local law enforcement agencies to continue to invoke vague safety concerns anyway until a media outlet actually goes through the motions to sue them for the information. Then they will relent.

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  1. This just in: All California police officers are now designated as undercover.

    1. Damn you, fist! You just had to go suck all the fun out of this one non-nut-punchy news, didn’t you?

      1. Never get lured into a false sense of security. Because it’s false. It’s right there in the phrase. False.

    2. Even Ponch and Jon?!?

      1. Especially Ponch and Jon. And since when was it Jon sans ‘h’?

        Never trust a John who removed the ‘h’.

        1. Removing the h from John turns this into this.

          1. Hey look, it’s Ugh! Ugh Akston!

          2. Just because no one named John is Jewish doesn’t mean every Jonathan is a Jew.

        2. It was always Jon sans “h”.

          What about Starsky and Hutch, then?

          (Little known fact: Paul Michael Glazer, who played Starsky, directed The Running Man)

          1. I don’t understand the comment. Are you suggesting it was Starsky and Utch?

            1. And Uggy Bear.

              1. You mean Huggy Bear? Antonio Fargas?

        3. Who was the guy that replaced Jon for a while there when the actor got too big for his motorcycle breeches? I want to say something like Coy or Vance.

          1. Estrada got replaced for a few episodes by (of all people) Bruce Jenner. His character was Steve McLeish. Wilcox was replaced in the final season by a character named Bobby Nelson.

            1. What portion of your brain is reserved for this information? It’s as if you have an extra lobe shaped like a TV Guide.

              1. I remember a lot but if I need additional information I retrieve it from the hivemind (the internet). So I guess it’s shaped like Google.

            2. It was a rhetorical question.

            3. They also had a Klingon CHiP. Must’ve been some sort of exchange program.

          2. Coy and Vance were the replacements for Bo and Luke Duke.

  2. This information now designated (nature of the Directive is classified TOP SECRET) under a National Security Directive from the California Governor’s office.

  3. “If it is essential to protect an officer’s anonymity for safety reasons or for reasons peculiar to the officer’s duties ? as, for example, in the case of an undercover officer ? then the public interest in disclosure of the officer’s name may need to give way,”

    So, when officers go deep cover, they use their real names…

    Perhaps some process review should take place.

  4. I cynically expect local law enforcement agencies to continue to invoke vague safety concerns anyway until a media outlet actually goes through the motions to sue them for the information. Then they will relent.

    If by relent you mean hold out until an explicit court order, in every single instance, then I could agree. Even then they could still just say “Fuck you,” because what can the court do? Arrest them?

    1. How many divisions does the Supreme Court have?

      1. True, but once the executive branch ignores a court order, then the whole game is up. And not just for the judges and legislators, but perhaps also for sitting executives. Because when the praetorian guards take the law unto themselves…

        1. Presidents have been ignoring Supreme Court orders since Andrew Jackson showed they could get away with it. They’ll keep doing it until one of them gets successfully impeached, or until the cops refuse to carry out the order. Or someone with a bigger army stops them.

          1. Or THEIR army stops them.

  5. The court said officers’ names can be withheld only if there is specific evidence that their safety would be imperiled.

    That has worked so well with terrorism and warrants and…

  6. How many divisions does the California Supreme Court have? This ruling, though correct, means nothing. The police will just ignore it like they ignore every other court order. Nice of the Court to throw the citizens of California a kiss like this but our government and police are far too lawless for it to mean anything.

    1. I bet we could pass a ballot initiative to get the Supreme Court its own military.

      CA is crazy like that.

      1. Yeah, we sure are crazy! Last time I looked (’90’s) we already had something like the 7th largest military in the world but a ballot measure making it formal would be nice. [Damn it, can’t recall the cite!] Here in Hell (Fresno), FYI regularly has to scramble F-16’s cause of some idjit or another.

  7. “Vague safety concerns that apply to all officers involved in shootings are insufficient to tip the balance against disclosure of officer names,” Kennard wrote.

    Which means that cops will just give more detailed excuses that cop friendly judges will affirm, assuming any of the cop loving media even bother to sue.

  8. No, then they’ll send a SWAT team to the plaintiff’s house and shoot his dog.

  9. “Then they will relent.”

    I would not count on that.

  10. CNN: The U.S. gdp growth rate was adjusted down from .1% to -1.0%, but fuck it, that’s not a big deal.

    1. Barf

        1. I wonder what happened in 2009 to cause the precipitous drop. I wonder what caused that slide to continue at such a steady pace. It’s a puzzler.

    2. I wonder if it occurs to these fucknuts that when they tear into an R president over the same thing that someone is going to throw this article in their face.

      1. They just don’t care, dude. They’re partisans. They just do not care. They’re that fucking retarded.

    3. I…I can’t believe they put “it’s not a big deal” in the fucking title. Obama has actually transformed thousands if not millions of people into abject retards. Is there a Nobel Prize for that?

      1. No, they were already. They were just dormant, waiting for their messiah to come along.

  11. What do you suppose < i The Independents are doing right now? Are all the college girls swooning over Foster and/or Welch? Are all the fratboys vying for Kennedy’s attention? Is special guest Tim Cavanaugh trying to sell them some depressed California property? Is specialer guest Radley Balko doing some demonstration tasing? Is specialest guest Chip Bok engaging everyone in a rousing game of Pictionary?

    1. Probably trying to get the audience to laugh on cue at Kennedy’s jokes.

  12. Barack Obama commemorates the most important day of Maya Angelou’s life: the time she met Barack Obama.

    1. Sorry Barry, no matter how much your life hinged on the moment, for her it was tuesday.

  13. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ tops Empire poll of greatest movies of all-time

    The sci-fi hit, which came out in cinemas in 1980 three years after the first Star Wars movie, has been voted as being the greatest movie of all time by more than 250,000 film fans.

    The poll, which was complied by Empire magazine, featured 301 titles in total but it was the second Star Wars film that beat the likes of Pulp Fiction and Jaws to take first place – and even knocked Francis Ford Coppola’s mafia masterpiece The Godfather into second place.

    Star Wars creator George Lucas said it was “a privilege” to see the film top the poll.

    “The fans like The Empire Strikes Back the best, partly because it is so dark,” he said. “It’s an overall story and as it happens in the second act, things get dark. I never really planned it to be three separate films but when it became three separate films, it had an interesting effect of each film having its own personality, caused by the plot.”

    Other films in the top ten included the first Star Wars film, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and The Shawshank Redemption.

    “We are delighted, if not surprised, that The Empire Strikes Back has been voted the number one Greatest Movie Of All Time, by the hundreds of thousands of readers of Empire,” said Empire’s editor-In-chief, Mark Dinning.

    1. Greatest movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Second greatest movie: Armageddon. Third greatest movie: The Legend of Billie Jean. The fourth greatest movie: Your fired.

      1. Not only is Legend of Billy Jean a terrible movie, they even ruined the eye candy aspect by giving Helen Slater that terrible haircut. Why do you disappoint me? Second by second, you waste my time.

        1. And yet, his marking ‘Armageddon’ as the *second* greatest movie goes uncommented?

          1. You would put it ahead of Khan? I can almost respect that. Almost.

      2. ‘Greatest’ clearly means favorite, so:

        1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

        2. Barry Lyndon

        3. The Outlaw Josey Wales

        4. Touch of Evil

        5. Blood Simple

        1. Greatest means greatest, so you got one right.

        2. 2. Barry Lyndon

          What’s the 6th best Stanley Kubrick movie doing on that list?

          1. 6th best? Ignoring his pre-‘The Killing’ work (which I have not seen):

            1. Barry Lyndon

            2. 2001

            3. Dr. Strangelove

            4. Full Metal Jacket

            5. Paths of Glory

            6. The Shining

            7. A Clockwork Orange

            8. The Killing

            9. Eyes Wide Shut

            Also haven’t seen Lolita so can’t form an opinion on it.

            1. You are a fucking monster. Here’s the correct list:

              1. Full Metal Jacket.

              2. Paths of Glory (the end of that movie is one of my favorite scenes)

              3. A Clockwork Orange

              4. Dr. Strangelove

              5. 2001

              6. Spartacus

              7. Barry Lyndon

              8. The Killing

              9. Lolita

              10. Eyes Wide Shut

              You’re right, I was wrong about it being sixth best. I shouldn’t have forgotten how good Spartacus is.

              1. Calling Spartacus a Stanley Kubrick movie is kind of a stretch. He directed it, but Kirk Douglas controlled every aspect of production with an iron fist. It may have been Kubrick wearing the director pants, but that is first and foremost a Kirk Douglas movie. It actually annoyed the shit out of Kubrick but it was too good a gig to pass up.

                1. Calling Spartacus a Stanley Kubrick movie is kind of a stretch. He directed it, but Kirk Douglas controlled every aspect of production with an iron fist. It may have been Kubrick wearing the director pants, but that is first and foremost a Kirk Douglas movie.

                  And it’s awesome because Kirk Douglass was awesome. Still a Kubrick movie since he directed it, still an awesome movie.

                  I stand by my list and no technicality will convince me otherwise.

                  1. It’s got plenty of Kubrick in it, though, and there’s some great acting in it, especially Ustinov, Laughton, and Olivier.

              2. 1. Fight Club

                2. Unforgiven

                3. The Deer Hunter

                4. The Matrix (1)

                5. Quest for Fire

                6. Easy Rider

                7. Blade Runner

                8. Zero Dark Thirty

                9. Apocalypse Now

                10. Gone with the Wind

                Honorary mention: Forbidden Planet

              3. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. The correct list goes like this:

                1. Double Trouble (1992)
                2. Twin Sitters (1994)
                3. King Cobra (1999)
                4. Failure to Launch (2006)
                5. Grown Ups 2 (2013)
                6. Van Wilder (2002)
                7. Jack and Jill (2011)
                8. Steel (1997)
                9. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
                10. This Is The End (2013)

              4. Retards, all of you.

                1. Asian Nurses 7
                2. Fuck My Face 3
                3. 2013: A Face Odyssey
                4. Assmasters 14

        3. Barry Lyndon? Really? Of all Kubrick’s films?

          You’re taking the piss.

          1. Now, now. Barry Lyndon was the fourth best Stanley Kubrick movie between 1971 and 1987.

            Have some respect.

          2. Barry Lyndon did some really revolutionary things with film exposure that add to its appeal, if you like that kind of stuff (I do). Most of Kubrick’s films are great and there’s no reason to particularly rank them, but I do find myself completely mesmerized by Clockwork Orange every time I watch it.

            1. It’s a matter of personal taste, to be sure. ‘Barry Lyndon’ was the first film to really bring out my appreciation for the technical aspects of film making and it has remained among my favorites ever since.

              1. For me that’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s boring as hell but whenever it’s on I have to watch. His greatest film is, of course, Dr. Strangelove.

            2. Clockwork is pretty terrific. I love that he tried really different genres. It’s hard to believe the same director did Dr. Stranglove and The Shining.

          3. You’re taking the piss.

            I AM….in a world….of SHIT.

            1. http://www.urbandictionary.com…..erm=taking the piss

              At your tender years, sweety, there is no shit storm that cannot be navigated successfully.

              1. Okay. 🙁 Full Metal Jacket quote.

                I is dumb.

                1. Ha, but your words of encouragement are still much appreciated.

                  1. Well, just don’t go writing any manifestos. Never trust a person who’s written a manifesto.

            2. Me so horny.

            3. Full Metal Jacket is terrible (save the opening R. Lee Ermey scene, of course).


              1. I agree it is very disjointed once they hit Vietnam. But then again that was probably Kubrick’s intention since it mirrors the confusion and senselessness of the environment around them.

                But the ending was perfect and it’s a better movie, I think, than ‘Platoon’.

                1. My history teacher in the 8th grade turned me on to FMJ. He was a Vietnam vet and thought it was the best movie about that war made (at least up to that time.)

                  He was an interesting character, definitely PTSD, but probably my favorite teacher. When the class hit the Vietnam War he did a presentation on it while wearing his full kit, carrying his rifle, the whole bit. Oh, and he started the class by opening the door to the classroom and tossing a dud grenade right into the center of the room. I can only imagine what would ensue if a teacher did that today.

                  1. My AP US history teacher was a Marine who went through boot camp during the Vietnam War era. So he actually showed us Full Metal Jacket clips in class and pointed out how accurate it was and compared it with his own basic training experience.

                    Very cool teacher. He brought a large scythe to school to talk about the industrial revolution.

                    1. I did Army Basic Training in 1985….lots of “Full Metal Jacket” was still around (the Drill Sergeants couldn’t open hit anyone, however).

        4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A college friend assured me that Young Guns 2 is the greatest movie of all time, and I believe him.

            1. Pretty much.

              “I already put in the circus clown.”

              “But he bunted. Clowns are only funny when they swing away.”

          1. Who could forget the line…

            “Regulators! Let’s rock out!”

            Simply genius. And the sequel only got better.

          2. All I remember from that is the cliff vomiting scene. My step brothers and I rewound and rewatched is so many times over the course of an afternoon the tape was a bit worn.

    2. “The fans like The Empire Strikes Back the best, partly because it is so dark,”

      No, its the one fans like best because its the one *you* had the least control over.

      1. Reading all the comments, I was surprised and disappointed that no one pointed this out. I read all the way through until I hit yours.

        Empire is the greatest because Lucas didn’t direct.

  14. Ru Paul: My kind of tranny.

    “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the reality-competition show RuPaul hosts on Logo, came under fire this past season for using “She-Mail” to describe messages from the host. (“Shemale” is considered a derogatory term for transgender people.) And RuPaul also courted controversy by remarking on Marc Maron’s podcast that those offended by the use of the word “tranny” “are fringe people who are looking for story lines to strengthen their identity as victims.” (For its part, Logo refused to broadcast “any anti-trans rhetoric.”)

    RuPaul ? @RuPaul
    I’ve been a “tranny” for 32 years. The word “tranny” has never just meant transsexual. #TransvestiteHerstoryLesson

    RuPaul ? @RuPaul
    Trust! @LogoTV hasn’t “distanced” itself from me, not while I’m still payin’ the f%kin’ light bill over there

    RuPaul ? @RuPaul
    I’m more “offended/hurt” by the misuse of the word “community”

    Ru Paul sounds like he’s a SWAT raid and an aggressive regulator away from becoming a transatarian.

    1. *ahem*

      Yeah, words do hurt? You know what? ? You need to get stronger. You really do, because you know what, if you think, if you’re upset by something I said, you have bigger problems than you think.

    2. I like this RuPaul fellow. He seems to take no shit.

  15. The only people who should be allowed to own guns.

    A handgun went off during a police safety talk at a kindergarten in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou on Thursday, injuring four adults and one child, police said.

    The gun misfired during a demonstration and the bullet struck the ground, sending up sparks and cement that hit the arms and legs of bystanders, the city’s Zhengdong police post said on its microblog.

    1. “The gun misfired..”

      No, it did not.

      1. Good catch.. +1

  16. Greatest snack: Chocolate-covered pretzel. Second greatest snack: Sugar cookie. Third greatest snack: Tap water.

    1. Where are pork rinds on this list?!?

      1. Under tap water. Obviously.

        1. I’ve never tried them before to be honest. THERE ARE YOU HAPPY?

        2. I think putting pork rinds under water makes them inedible, doesn’t it?

          1. Serious has had waaaaay too much influence over you.

            1. You only have yourself to blame for this tragedy.

              1. This is what makes it extra tragic.

                1. I can’t recall when I ever turned kibby against pork rinds and other pork-related products.

                  But yes, I am her Svengali.

                  1. Stop making me feel illiterate.

      2. I go through stages of thinking pork rinds (especially chicharones), fried chitlins, or fried pig ears are the best but it’s definitely true that fried pig skin of some kind should be at the top of the snack list.

        And all carb free!

  17. The MPAA doesn’t want you to see Eva Green’s breasts

    Eva Green is simply too sexy?at least on the poster for her new flick Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

    This according to the Motion Pictures Association of America, which has slammed the new poster for Dimension Films’ and Frank Miller’s upcoming flick for its nearly-nude content.

    The image in question features Green in a sheer white robe, which barely covers her breasts and leaves little to the imagination.

    According to Page 6, the MPAA disapproved of the poster due to the “nudity ? curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

    While no official statement is available, a source tells E! News that the studio is working on a compromise with the MPAA.
    Additionally, a second industry insider says this sort of situation “happens all the time.”

    “The movie will submit ads and the MPAA will ask for tweaks to be made,” the source revealed. “There’s a compromise and that’s it.”


    1. Well, they have a point that Eva Green is simply too sexy. She should share some with the other women. It’s not fair.

      1. I imagine she has some bills or mortgages to pay since she’s made a point of refusing to trade off on her ungodly sexiness by playing femme fatale roles.

        Also, according to Wikipedia, she is a few minutes older than a non-identical twin sister. Wonder if the sister feels cheated.

        1. Maybe the sister is even hotter? Ever think of that? You can thank me later.

          1. I’ll be in my bunk

      2. Is the content of the movie considerably toned down from what the poster teases?

        The MPAA has a point here. That would be tantamount to false advertising.

        I hit the theater to watch Sin City expecting titillation and violence, and I end up with 90 minutes of the Christian Science Reading Room. Fuck that.

    2. Oh noez! Female breasts!! How will the world ever recover from seeing them? We’ll clearly all need therapy forever.

      1. I know I will. I find it very therapeutic to massage female breasts.

    1. The researchers found that Manhattan’s 13,000 taxis made 470,000 trips a day. Their average speed was 10 to 11 m.p.h., carrying an average of 1.4 passengers per trip with an average wait time of five minutes.

      In comparison, the report said, it is possible for a futuristic robot fleet of 9,000 shared automated vehicles hailed by smartphone to match that capacity with a wait time of less than one minute. Assuming a 15 percent profit, the current cost of taxi service would be about $4 per trip mile, while in contrast, it was estimated, a Manhattan-based driverless vehicle fleet would cost about 50 cents per mile.

      So Uber is thwarted by cronyism, but this won’t be? Of course Google has a bit more ass than Uber.

      1. Google will make a deal with the city government: Allow driverless cars, or the entire city goes without Search/Gmail/Maps until you do.

        How long could they possibly hold out?

    2. I don’t care what my cab looks like, especially at those prices.

  18. President Obama: Just too good at foreign policy.

    Also, Matt Lee, the second reporter in that video, is the best reporter currently working in America. Every time I see a video of a state department briefing, Matt Lee is beating the shit out of whatever 9th rate bureaucrat they trotted out to give the briefing.

    1. He did epically destroy Psaki a few times so badly that I really felt bad for her.

      And then after that she did the whole #diplmoacylol bit with Ukraine and I don’t feel bad for her anymore.

  19. “….asked Engel to name one country where relations have improved under President Obama’s leadership.

    “I think you would be hard pressed to find that,” Engel said.

    “Isn’t that a measure of foreign policy?” Langone interjected.

    “Yeah,” Engel replied. “I think the reason is our allies have become confused.”

    I can only imagine the oceans of confused right here in ‘merica. When Barbara Walters admitted that they all expected him to be their messiah finally arrived to usher in prog heaven-on-earth….Jesus Christ, what a bunch of fools. What were these morons doing in the 5th and 6th grade when the teachers were explaining why we have a system designed to thwart the evil and incompetent? Let me guess…eating their own boogers.

    Would someone please track this moron down and interview her?


    1. Anyone remember the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009? Wasn’t it beautiful watching people protest against tyranny and election fraud? Weren’t you proud when your president spoke so elegantly and forcefully in favor of human rights?

      Except he didn’t. He was silent. Another foreign policy failure he’s never been held accountable for.

      1. I look at what has happened in all of the places where these foreign policy failures have occurred and wonder if for him they are not foreign policy successes. I try not to engage in conspiracy theorizing, but goddamn he makes it tough not to.

      2. This is a hypothetical that technically has no right answer as we can’t go back in time, but I would the ME would be MORE stable right now with Saddam still around?

      3. “Weren’t you proud when your president spoke so elegantly and forcefully in favor of human rights?”

        On further thought, he had many such opportunities and did not. With regards to that, what sticks in my mind are his mealy-mouth condemnations of free speech here in the U.S. after the Benghazi attack. He did not hesitate then.

        1. You know, I like you Suthenboy.

          But your craven attempts to elicit an emotional response from me on this subject are not going unnoticed.

    2. “Yeah,” Engel replied. “I think the reason is our allies have become confused.”

      That was one hilarious line of bullshit. “Yeah, everyone knew that our relations with Europe would drastically improve because Obama would be so much better than Bush, but, they, uh, got all accustomed to Bush and, uh, now they’re like, uh, confused and shit.”

      1. People don’t get how Europe views us. They love to bitch, second-guess, and mock us, but they absolutely want the U.S. to be tough and to intervene. Don’t buy their protests to the contrary. If they didn’t, they’d be remilitarizing right now. Which, incidentally, they should be doing, with Russia’s recent aggression.

        Deep down, I bet plenty of Europeans prefer Bush’s foreign policy to Obama’s. Especially now.

        1. “Deep down, I bet plenty of Europeans prefer Bush’s foreign policy to Obama’s. Especially now.”

          How fucking sad is that?

  20. America and her priorities: Donald Sterling tops poll as most hated man in America

    Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been selling excuses, but America isn’t buying them. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by E-Score?, a leading consumer research service that provides information to media and entertainment companies, Sterling is now the single most disliked living man in America, ranking higher than bad boys such as O.J. Simpson, Bernie Madoff and Phil Spector.

    And when asked to choose from a list of 46 attributes that best described Sterling, respondents’ top picks were creepy (48%), mean (41%), cold (42%) and insincere (29%). The demographic showing the greatest disdain for Sterling were males age 13-24, with a 97% dislike rating.

    Following are the top ten most disliked men in the U.S., followed by the percentage of respondents who indicated a dislike of the particular person:

    Donald Sterling, 92%
    Bernard Madoff, 90%
    O.J. Simpson, 88%
    Conrad Murray, 88%
    Justin Bieber, 86%
    Phil Spector, 83%
    Aaron Hernandez, 81%
    Michael Lohan, 76%
    Eliot Spitzer, 73%
    Jon Gosselin, 71%

    That’s right. A racist old fogey is more hated than 3 murderers, the greatest swindler in history, and a corrupt politician.

    1. Disappointing not to see Bloomberg on the list, but I did at least get a chuckle out of Spitzer making the cut.

      1. What about Michael Stanley Dukakis?

        1. I really feel like most of the top 10 should be guys from NY, NJ, or DC.

    2. Did you know that sheep cannot be herded into a trailer? But if you crawl into the port yourself the sheep will all follow without any further prompting. You have to crawl the entire maze of the trailer up four levels and the sheep will all follow you in and fill the trailer. There is a hatch in the top for the crawler to exit through.

      People will know who to hate by reading and listening to OpEds in the NYT, MSNBC, CNN, Huffpo and Salon. Baaaah!

      1. If’n there’s one thing I hate worse then sodbusters it’s sheepmen *spits terbacky*

    3. The demographic showing the greatest disdain for Sterling were males age 13-24, with a 97% dislike rating

      and the hots for V. Stiviano.

    4. Id go ahead and chalk this one up to attention span. Im honestly a little surprised so many remembered who most of these people were.

      1. Since Cliven Bundy isn’t on the list, I’d wager you are correct. Remember how he was worse than Hitler like, two whole weeks ago?

    1. Thank god no officers were hurt.

    2. *Damn* it, SIV!

      *** gets chamomile tea to calm down ***

    3. “..Channel 2 has decided not to share most of the photos because of the graphic nature of the child’s injuries…”

      Bullshit! Channel 2, you gutless chicken-shit pussies… you show them, show all the good people of Atlanta what their tax dollars buy. Show them the consequences of an aggressively militarized police force, more machine than man now. Show them what their war on drugs cost that child, Show them what their brave Heroes in Blue? feel they gotta do.. so they go home to *their* kids at night..

      1. No doubt they are cowards, but Channel 2 also recognizes that if they publish the pictures their children will get grenades to the face and their pit bull mix dogs will be shot due to incorrect “anonymous tips”.

      1. “They don’t care about what it does to families,” Terrell said. “It’s domestic terrorism and I think we should treat them as such. I don’t know where we can go with that, but that’s my feelings on it. It just makes me so angry! I get so mad that they don’t care about what they do, they don’t care about the families or the people they’re selling to.”

        Well you’re pretty much right on schedule then you evil fuck.

        1. Duck! There’s irony.

        2. “The door that we entered was the door that we bought dope out of – that’s why entered at that door,” Terrell said. “Our team went by the book. Given the same scenario, we’ll do the same thing again. I stand behind what our team did.”

          We’d flashbang the fuck out of that baby again… fuck yea! I’d take that grenade, and I’d shove it down that baby’s throat, because drugs were in that house!

      2. You try and do everything right. Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in. Bad things happen to good people.

        When you attempt to criminalize victimless actions.

        How long, will this bullshit, go on?

        1. Until the W.O.D./W.O.T. slush funds dry up… and not one second before…

    4. Jesus fucking christ someone take my fucking firearms away from me right the fuck now:

      “There was no clothes, no toys, nothing to indicate that there was children present in the home. If there had been then we’d have done something different,” Darby said.

      So, it’s the parents’ fault for not indicating children were present. I mean, how could they know there could be children in the house when they THROW FUCKING GRENADES INTO A HOUSE IN THE MOTHER FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      “Everyone’s sleeping. There’s a loud bang and a bright light,” Phonesavanh said. “The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first, and it landed right in the playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face.”

      They shouldn’t be throwing grenades, period. Looking or not.

      “You’re trying to minimize anything that could go wrong and in this case the greatest thing went wrong,” Darby said. “Is it going to make us be more careful in the next one? Yes ma’am, it is. It’s gonna make us double question.”

      Double question. Well fuck you very much. If I were the mayor of that town, I would fucking fire the entire fucking department brass, and whoever threw that grenade, and then I would hammer the fuck out of the DA to press criminal charges. Then I would work to disband the town and turn over the entire remaining unspent dollars to the family.

  21. OT: I don’t comment much because I simply can’t match you guys wittiness but as a lurker, is it me or is Palin Buttplug sounding a bit unhinged as of late?

    1. It’s gotten insane. Did you hear about him claiming that he had proof Rush Limbaugh is a pedophile?

      That actually got his posts deleted. I’ve never seen a regular poster have their posts deleted before, so that’s pretty impressive.

      1. The christfags are closing in.

        1. Peanuts!

    2. Yes. He’s Mary-nuts the last few weeks.

    3. His coke man has been on fire lately.

      Plus the bad weather causing the bad economic reports… it’s all swirling together into a kind of salad spinner of fuck.

      Frankly, I think we should do an intervention.

  22. Maybe he’s going nuts because his hero Obama is actually a zero. Sadness.

  23. Hmmmm..doughnuts.

  24. Mmmmm donuts.

  25. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to buy the Clippers for $2 billion.

    Jerry Brown, your state will receive several 100 million dollars in capital gains taxes. What are you going to do, now? …

    1. Build a train to Disneyland – costing a billion dollars.

    2. Ballmer should buy the team through EBay, and relocate it to Redmond, and send Gov. Moonbeam a nice box of chocolate dogshit, in lieu of taxes…

        1. I hate you

        1. Clearly Native American with that warpaint above the eyes.

  26. Ummm doe-nutz.

  27. Scripps National Spelling Bee ends in a tie

    When it all come down to the wire with the championship word list, it was between Sriram Hathwar of Painted Post, New York,Gokul Venkatachalam of Chesterfield, Missouri and Ansun Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas for the 2014 title.

    Both Sriram and Ansun misspelled words when they were going head-to-head, which ramped up the intensity.

    How did the finish play out?

    Well, we had a tie.

    After Ansun spelled feuilleton correctly, he and Sriram got to join the list of Scripps National Spelling Bee winners with a huge smile on their face.

    It was the first tie since 1962.

    If you are wondering what the definition of the winning word is, you can read the definition below courtesy of Merriam-Webster:

    Kudos to all of this year’s participants for a job well done, and especially to Ansun and Sriram for coming away as the big winner.

    Ties? This country should not tolerate ties! This should be settled with a trial by combat.

    1. +1000 lying whores

    2. Ansun Sujoe? Sriram Hathwar? Gokul Venkatachalam??? Oh, come on now! You’re obviously inventing names by just randomly throwing a bunch of letters together.

    1. I think we established that yes, it absolutely is. *shudders*

      1. **note to self: cancel Matt Welch, Kennedy, and Kmele marionette order

    2. Fuck you. Marionette sex is my latest fetish.

      1. How do you um…. never mind.

    3. If Matt Stone and Trey Parker can make marionettes funny, so can we!

      /Currently Unemployed DirecTV ad man

      1. */Newly unemployed

    4. Bleh, American women are too damn skinny. And, btw, never pull on the strings hanging out of their bodies. There’s an unpleasant surprise on the other end.

  28. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.


  29. Has anyone even stopped to consider the chilling effect this order is going to have on cops who just want to shoot people? If police have to stop shooting everyone they encounter, how will they ever put a dent in the trillions of rounds of ammunition they’ve stock piled? These are things that should’ve been considered before carelessly spewing out frivolous court orders.

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