Rush Limbaugh Also Thinks Movies Played Deadly Role In Isla Vista Killing


Rush Limbaugh
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Proving once again that the search for easy scapegoats in the wake of a national tragedy is a cross-ideological phenomenon, Rush Limbaugh is now blaming the Isla Vista killings on violent imagery in The Hunger Games.

The killer, Elliot Rodger, had a loose connection to the The Hunger Games: His father worked as an assistant producer on the films. Rush noted this link on his radio show, and surmised that the films' stark depiction of teen-on-teen violence was a "crucial" detail in understanding Rodger.

"Why not blame Hollywood movies here?" he asked, according to Politico. "Oh, we can never, ever go there."

Unbeknownst to Rush, Hollywood movies are taking the blame, and newspaper liberals are the ones doing the blaming. Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday criticized actor Seth Rogen's films—specifically his latest, Neighbors—for embracing the college male archetype and reveling in sex and glory and fun. Since Rodger was a self-described virgin driven insane by constant sexual rejection, the lifestyle celebrated in Neighbors is implicitly responsible for his actions, according to Hornaday.

Rush and Hornaday make different arguments, but they seem to agree that the movies they don't like are not merely bad—they pose an actual danger to society.

When tragedy rears its ugly head, culture warriors on both the right and left are certainly eager to fault whatever media they don't like—be it movies and television, violent video games, pornography, comic books or something else. Inevitably, the moralizers end up looking ridiculous, because a lot of people who like all those things don't kill people.

Read more about agenda-driven reactions to the Isla Vista killings here.

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    1. Yes?

      About Rush and his “preferences”?

      I was just joking! *

      *(Fat Rush defense)

  2. Rush and Hornaday

    I bought a box of Hornaday ZombieMax s&w 40 defense rounds. Haven’t used any yet.

    1. I have my eye on some Tannerite. Should make for some good summer fun.

      Of course, I’m going to use way more than the recommended amount.

  3. So, since when did we start caring about what Rush says, or looking for life guidance from movies?

    1. since when did we start caring about what Rush says

      Reason cares very much about what Rush Limbaugh says. So much they remind us at every “pledge drive”:

      “You want a good magazine? Reason magazine… It’s a magazine for libertarians. It’s a magazine for everybody. It’s a magazine for the world. Reason magazine: A good, good magazine”

      1. Rush said that? Was he still on all of his hard scripts when he said it?

  4. We never had problems with commenting before The Hunger Games was published ….

  5. I don’t know many details about this crime, but I will speculate that the responsibility rests with…the criminal.

    I will say this, though: Spree killings are threatening to ruin media criticism. There’s a lot of problems with movies, games, etc., but these problems have to do with cultivating bad attitudes, they don’t turn viewers into Manchurian Candidates going around shooting. But media criticism seems to be getting infected by the wacky Manchurian Candidates theorists.

  6. My tolerance for this shit was like 3 picoseconds.

    1. It took you longer to write and submit that sentence about something you don’t care about. Seems like a lot of wasted time.

  7. Anyone think that maybe Rush was just being provactive knowing the liberal blaming or other movies?

    I can see it either way.

    1. Reading the Politico quotes, and knowing his style, it seems like he was parodying the left and gun control.

      1. In 2012 he noticed the name of “Bane” in The Dark Knight Rises and said the left would try to tie it in with Romney’s Bain Capital.

        What ended up happening was everyone thought HE was making the comparison.

        I’m not saying Rush is some satire genius, but he does have a certain method and style to his humor that flies over the heads of a lot of people.

    2. Oh please, when has Limbaugh ever said something deliberately provocative just to generate publicity? Besides everything he’s ever said, ever, I mean.

    3. ‘Just don’t spell the name wrong’?

    4. Anyone think that maybe Rush was just being provactive knowing the liberal blaming or other movies?

      The link to Politico acknowledges Rush was being sarcastic and responding specifically in the context of the WaPo blaming Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan.

      “Just keep a sharp eye on the left politicizing this to try to convert this into something that can advance their agenda,” Limbaugh said. “And they’ll probably get into the socioeconomic aspects of this, too, by blaming this somehow on rigid, moralistic and judgmental conservatives or tea party types.”

      I would ask why Reason can’t hire interns with reading comprehension but in his defense the poor kid was tasked with writing a “the right does it too” piece and the facts on the ground left him TSOL

    5. i listened to that broadcast and bingo, you win.

      Rush was pointing out the contrast that movie maker types say NRA or Tea Party types incite violence, but when someone in the movie industry pops, we never hear how Big Hollywood and it’s greed for box office receipts were an influence.

  8. Huh, Rush Limbaugh still exists…

    *returns to regularly scheduled not giving a shit*

    1. If he didn’t, progressives would have to invent him, like Mother Jones is trying to do with Sarah Palin.

      MoJo is so disappointed that Sarah Palin has no power and no influence, that MoJo is actively trying to resurrect her spirit.

  9. I didn’t hear what Rush had to say but I have listened to Rush other times only to find what he said selectively edited and taken out of context. (even if he is full of it) Rush says he likes “to illustrate absurdity” and maybe he was doing just that, showing how stupid blaming something else is.
    Again I would have to hear the entire segment to know for sure… and I don’t want to listen to him.

    1. yeah, back in the 90’s he was occasionally funny and interesting. The he decided he was important and a serious commentator and he hasn’t been funny or interesting since. Of course, I could be wrong since I haven’t listened to him in over a decade.

  10. Those quotes don’t rise to the level of the accusation in the title of this post.

    Rush is an easy target, but as someone who grew up before the internet and endured 12 years of NYC public schooling plus 4 years at a SUNY school, I owe Rush a debt of gratitude for being the only non-lefty viewpoint I was exposed to (also, there was Bob Grant).

    1. Those quotes don’t rise to the level of the accusation in the title of this post.

      New here?

      Bob Grant inspired a truly great song:

      I’m Against It

  11. I tried to post this earlier, but squirrels…

    Why did the WaPo woman target *white* male filmmakers as responsible for misogynistic movies?

    Isn’t she aware of blaxpoitation? Hasn’t she seen the misogyny in some of the Chinese kung fu movies? Has she watched any anime?

    We know that the murderer is half-asian, and we know they watch kung fu and anime, and they probably watch blacksploitation, too, so why not blame black and asian filmmakers?

    1. PS, that is a joke.

      1. Poe’s law says some non-zero subset of humanity actually believes what you just said.

    2. You still need to check both his white privilege. Also, Asian aren’t oppressed enough, and don’t qualified for privilege immunity.

    3. You make a good point. Lefties often use “white” as a modifier, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. It’s gotten to be almost a reflex — it’s shorthand for “I’m anti-establishment.”

  12. Brush Lintoff is a lying gasbag.
    He tells his listeners all the time he has “brains on loan from god” and the mutts in his audience actually believe such nonsense.

  13. I happened to be in the car running errands during part of the Limbaugh rant on Hunger games. It was one of the most epicly stupid things that has ever been broadcast. He was lamenting the current fascination with dystopian films and opining that no such films would have been made in his youth. The kids of the 50’s would have been sickened by the violent dystopian vision of the future presented in hunger games, he said. They had an optimistic view of the future back then.

    With Orwell and Huxley being front and center in the cold war I could only assume he was being tongue in cheek. But after I came out of the store he was still on the same idiotic rant. As far as I know he never gave a wink to those in the know that he was just yanking chains, although he did admit that he had never seen the movies or read the books – he only knew what he had heard about them. Maybe that was his lampshade for the ruse.

  14. It’s called sarcasm.

    Why don’t you look it up, Robby?

    It’s like saying we should ban knives, cars, Asians, Britons, and YouTube since they all played a part. The killer also breathed so we should ban oxygen too.

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