'Everybody can't be Jay-Z…but you can be Stephen A. Smith': ESPN Analyst Defends His Defense of Mark Cuban Comments


ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith found himself at the receiving end of the social media outrage cycle after pointing out that Mark Cuban's comments on bigotry aren't so unique, that Cuban's detractors ignored the fact that his comments cut across racial lines, and that the black community sometimes ignores its negative stereotypes. The comments aren't part of the script of the official national conversation on race, so Smith was pilloried for them. On Friday, Smith doubled down on his comments, telling viewers he didn't care what social media had to say. You can watch below:

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  1. Is that the legendary STEVE SMITH?

    1. No, this is STEPHE SMITH. He’s not nearly as rapey.

    2. This is.


      1. I believe it was the photo on the left that was the origin of the STEVE SMITH Sasquatch mythos.

        1. he takes on his favorite StrawMan, the mythical character who defends Barack Obama at all costs, no matter what he does, without giving any examples of the creature.


        2. Oh my god… it hurts… I’m laughing so hard it hurts. Owowowow…. make it stop.

          Just going to show that for all the recent hyperventilating about the NSA, there is no more intrusive snooper and violator of privacy than the free market. Websites are now proliferating that enable third parties to post their neighbors’ criminal arrests, expunged convictions, mug shots, bankruptcies, and the like.



  3. Mark Cuban = libertarian Ayn Rand fan, rational, all around good guy.

    The LP needs someone like him to bolster their image.

    1. I thought you were the most libertarian libertoid in Liberty-Ville, buttplug?

      Why do you hate black people? Is it because you’re 8% black?

      1. I only scored 94% on the LP Purity Test. I guess that makes me 6% black.

        1. What’s the secret ingredient that makes it “super-douchebag”?

        2. Weigel only deviates from 100% purity for important things, like anything Obama wants at any given moment. Other than that, he’s pure, 8% libertarian.

          1. He’s pure, 8% libertarian, 8% of the time. You just CAN’T get more libertarianishy than that.

  4. I’m not sure how to take comments made by a co-host of First Take.

    That show is literally nothing more than obnoxious trolling. Granted, Smiff is better than Bayless, but not by much.

  5. Also, I just want to congratulate H&R for its ability to stay above the fray of day-to-day sensationalist Gawker-esque ‘journalism’ and always maintain its strict focus on issues of genuine social import to….

    …oh, wait.

    1. Yeah, I haz a bit of disappoint.

    2. I for one, won’t be satisfied until I hear every last Reason staffer’s take on the Elliot Rodgers shooting spree. We’re almost there, Hit ‘n Runners; let’s make it happen. Yes we can!

    3. Also, I just want to congratulate H&R for its ability to stay above the fray of day-to-day sensationalist Gawker-esque ‘journalism’ and always maintain its strict focus on issues of genuine social import to….

      That’s some fine assonance, there, Gilmore.

      /not a come-on

      1. *bow-chicka-WOWWOWwWWWw….*

  6. Imagine if Smith or Cuban had used the word niggardly. Social media would escape the bounds of the internet and destroy us all.

    1. good thing they avoided that tar baby.

      1. That would have been a sticky situation…stickier than Aunt Jemima syrup.

        1. Aunt Jemima syrup would go well with Little Black Sambo’s pancakes and butter.

          1. Let’s go t’ the sto’ and kin step ‘n’ fetchit for ya’ll!

      2. Still, they should have called a spade a spade.

        1. That comment really spooked me.

          1. I am often spooked when coon hunting at night.

            1. Stephen A. danced a neat little jig with the issue there.

                1. I got nothin’

                  What a gyp.

  7. Needs moar all-caps and forest.

  8. What does some Cuban know about real oppression?

  9. That was way better than any race relations speech I’ve seen Obama give. A low bar, I know, but it was actually quite good.

    1. And he’s taller than a hobbit!

    2. Auric, Dragon V2 unveiling?

      1. Cautiously optimistic. Have to see how much NASA gets in the way.

        1. My fears exactly. If SpaceX were on its own, I’d expect a manned test this year. With NASA in the mix, not to mention the influence of the old guard aerospace companies, it could be years from now.

  10. “Everyone can’t be Jay Z”

    On the contrary, at least one person can be Jay Z.

    1. Maybe this makes me really boring, but I find it interesting how people parse statements like that.

      I’d agree that “Not everyone can be Jay-Z” would be more clear and unambiguous. But I don’t think it is necessarily the case that the original statement has to be read like “for each person A, A cannot be Jay-Z” which is clearly false. Everyone generally refers to all people at once, not taken individually, so the collective “everyone” can’t be Jay-Z since only one element of the set comprising everyone is in fact Jay-Z.


    2. On the contrary

      Nope, your correction is wrong.

      1. Didn’t I just say that?

        1. You didn’t not say that…if that’s what you’re getting at. Or not.

  11. His black friends conveniently ignored the dude’s comments about white people.


    I wonder if these same friends conveniently ignored the part where Treyvon Martin initiated violence. Probably.

    1. They conveniently move the point of no return back to the part where Zimmerman initiated “The Situation” as it were. Which makes about as much sense as the guy who throws the first punch saying “He started it, he looked at me funny,” but there it is.

  12. So, the Cuban guy seems to have said he’s prejudiced but tries to overcome it. Isn’t that what white progs say virtually all the time?

    1. He’s simply acknowledging human nature. It is delusional to think that biases can be wished away,

  13. There’s a narrative here! There’s a narrative here! Damnit! Everyone stop! No one’s listening!

  14. I don’t even flip to ESPN2 before 5pm unless there’s a cable box to avoid seeing one second of this shit. And here it is on HyR.

    Subscription fucking cancelled

    1. You had a sub to begin with?!?

      1. Ssssh, we haven’t gotten to drink much lately.

  15. I long to pass the Jay-Z purity test…

    1. … which is spelling it “Jay-Zee” or “J-Z”.

  16. Intellectual honesty and brass balls.
    I like this guy.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was very much on the mark. Especially the beginning where he focused on basic things like perceptions of personal safety. As a white man who has known very little violence, I’m comfortable in almost any situation as far as racial mix is concerned, as long as everyone is being congenial. If people start fighting, I leave, and it doesn’t matter the color of the antagonists.

      I can understand how a woman would feel a bit unsafe in situations that don’t bother me all.

  17. Wait, Stephen A. Smith is black?

  18. The only people who don’t “cross to the other side of the street” are people who have spent their lives in upper class bubbles.
    In rough neighborhoods, if you don’t learn to spot trouble before it spots you, it will find you.
    Now to a normal person this is obvious common sense, but to a white liberal, pointing this out is an OUTRAGE.

    1. Rich white liberals don’t cross the street, they just move to whiter neighborhood.

  19. It’s not quite the same thing to avoid a black man who looks black and a white man who has chosen to decorate himself as a skinhead.

    That said, large men in hoodies, in the hood, are probably avoided regardless of skin color.

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