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A teacher at Ohio's Riverdale School has been suspended for 10 days without pay after being caught on video picking up a kindergarten student and pushing him against a wall. The video shows Barb Williams grabbing Ian Nelson as he steps out of a restroom. She picks him up and pushes him against the wall, then grabs him by the face and finally picks him up by the shirt.

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  1. The Nelsons say Ian had a bruise to the back of his head. A letter Tuesday from Riverdale Superintendent Eric Hoffman informed Barb Williams that she is suspended for ten days without pay.

    Well, that’ll show her.

    1. To be honest, I always find these kinds of things a tough call. My initial reaction is that she should be fired immediately. However, there is also the part of me that says, do you punish a person for one mistake?

      Not saying you don’t: some mistakes in certain professions are enough for you to be done.

      1. Some mistakes should be punished period.

        For example, a teacher (my mother-in-law’s partner) has been stealing money from the school for years and was recently caught – she even went as far as to steal money from parents. She’s a classic thief who when caught played a ‘woe is me, my life is hard’ routine (her daughter has autism and the father is an alcoholic).

        Her punishment? Suspended for 21 days without pay. That’ll learn her.

        My wife said her reputation is shot after I laughed at the decision.

        Here’s the thing. We’re taught from birth not to steal. It’s a basic moral code we all know. NO ONE can claim they ‘didn’t know’ or ‘it was one mistake.’

        1. Rangers in control, eh?

          That was a good hockey game last night.

          1. Yeah, looking good. Although, since it’s the Rangers, there is ample time to choke. AND, they need to remember they came back on the Pens.

            I was watching it on a unofficial feed from the UK which promptly crapped out 2 minutes into OT.

        2. We’re taught from birth not to steal.

          Not necessarily. Some teach that it’s not acceptable to steal from your own tribe, but it’s perfectly acceptable to steal from other tribes. So long as you don’t get caught. Tribe could mean family, race, or social class.

  2. Barb Williams aspiring Catholic nun.

    1. A nun once picked 6-year-old me by the shirt, lifted me to her eye level, held me against the wall and warned me what would happen if I persisted in being the little shite I was. Startling, but effective. I behaved much better thereafter.

  3. What did the little bastard do to tick her off?

    1. “I’m sick of you. I’m sick of your parents.”

      What did the little bastard’s parents do to tick her off?

  4. Boy nibbles his poptart into the “shape” of a gun. Suspension. Zero tolerance.

    Teacher assaults and injures small child. Unpaid vacation.

    Guess who has a union?

    1. “The state of the union is STRONG.”

  5. What caused this?

    I recall an incident when I was about 9 where one of my classmates was being a royal pain. Finally, in frustration, our teacher picked the kid up, and shoved his head through the dropped ceiling… tileboard (or what ever you call it) going everywhere. The only result was that little Johnny was a bit better behaved after that.

    OTOH, if the teacher simply flipped out, maybe she needs to consider a different line of work?

    1. Cop maybe?

  6. “You! Yes, you! Stand still laddy!”

  7. If someone did this to an adult in the non-school world they’d be charged with battery. If some glorified kidnapper does this at a school to a defenseless kid she gets suspended for 10 days? The punishment suggests to me that had the school known about it with only the general public only hearing the kid’s story with no video evidence absolutely nothing would have happened. She was performing one of the primary functions of a public school functionary, teaching someone that they are powerless in the face of state authority.

  8. Child Welfare needs to pull that kid out of that abusive environment immediately!

  9. Did the little shit have it coming? He may have!

    But derp teachers derp

  10. doesn’t matter what he did she cant put her hands on someone elses child

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