Anti-Pornography Coalition Says Porn 'Terrorizes Women,' Poses Serious 'Public Health Crisis'


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On May 16 and 17, a "Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation" gathered just outside of Washington, D.C., to discuss the serious "public health concerns" posed by…pornography.  

Is it 1978?

Seems like it might as well be with this crowd. The conference—touted as the first national anti-pornography conference in 27 years—drew a mix of "family values" conservative types and anti-choice feminists, for a resulting flurry of fear-mongering and hyperbole.

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media—a group that's been quixotically crusading against pornography since 1962—told reporters:

"There's an untreated pandemic of harm from pornography. We know now that almost every family in America has been touched by the harm of pornography."

University of Pennsylvania professor Mary Anne Layden said pornography has played a role in every single case of sexual violence she has treated as a psychotherapist. Via Agence France-Presse:  

"The earlier males are exposed to pornography, the more likely they are to engage in non-consensual sex—and for females, the more pornography they use, the more likely they are to be victims of non-consensual sex." 

Gail Dines, a sociology and women's studies professor at Wheelock College, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, and president of the group Stop Porn Culture, said: 

"These degrading misogynist images… are robbing young people of an authentic healthy sexuality that is a basic right of ever human being."

According to Dines, taking down the pornography industry will require taking a page from anti-tobacco playbooks. "Tie them down, piece by piece, with legislation," she said.


Dines also referred to pornography as a form of "terrorism against women" and stressed menacingly that "the idea of it being a public health issue is that you have to come together collectively as a group." 


"Youth are developing sexual problems because of their exposure to adult pornography," pediatrician and conference speaker Sharon Cooper told The Christian Post. "It's a very severe issue in our country."

Other conference presenters included a pastor leading a "million men" against pornography crusade; the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre's Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop, who believes "increasingly extreme" porn sites are driving surges in sexual violence; a neuroscientist who says he has "proof" of porn addiction; and anti-porn group "Fight the New Drug."  

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  1. We know now that almost every family in America has been touched by the harm wonders of pornography.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of

      We know now that almost every family in America has had someone touch themselves to pornography.

    2. "I'd just like to say that all of your children have touched me in a very special way. And I'm preeetty sure I've touched each of them."

  2. John posted a rape graph in the morning links. Interestingly enough the decrease in rape coincides with the availability of internet pornography. I would argue that porn protects women from sexual violence.

    1. Yeah, I should have found & linked some research on that. I know there have been studies showing that exact thing (that sexual violence has decreased with uptick in porn).

      1. Not sure if this is the same one, but this is the one I'm aware of:

          1. Why are the charts different from 72-93?

            1. The first one is "adjust victimization rate per 1000 persons age 12 and over" - source Source: U.S. Department of Justice ? Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey. The National Crime Victimization Survey. Includes both attempted and completed rapes

              while the second is "US Forcible Rape Rate (per 100,000 people) 1972-2013 (est.)" - source FBI Uniform Crime Reports

      2. One question I have is what is an "anti-choice feminist"?

        1. 1. Feminist is so broad a label that you need a qualifier.
          2. "Anti-choice" here isn't abortion-related but a general term for prohibitionism.
          3. An anti-choice feminist is a feminist which seeks to deny people the choice of producing or consuming pornography.

          1. Makes sense. Thanks.

    2. I saw that on instapundit. You may be right.

      authentic healthy sexuality

      Authentic? I didn't realize 'authentic' sex was a thing; is it anything like 'vintage' clothes? Are these people prude hipsters? Am I a judge?

      1. Artis-anal.

      2. "Am I a judge?"

        You are a towel.

        1. You're a towel!
          Wanna get high?

    3. Sorry to say this, but that graph would be about as persuasive with these people as it is with the claimants of a "campus rape epidemic". That is to say, not at all. These people aren't interested in logic or evidence or science. They're interested in cobblimg together whatever quackery they can find to support their predetermined policy goal.

      1. Honestly, anti-porn people are even loonier.

    4. My takeaway is that Baby Boomers are far rapier than GenX or Millenials.

    5. I would argue that Leviticus protects gays from homophobia, Atlas Shrugs protects collectivism, Birth of a Nation protects blacks, and Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion protects Jews.

  3. Additionally I have a friend who left music production in LA for porn production in Las Vegas. He is involved in getting sets and actors. You have to be a special kind of fucked in the head to believe there are any unwilling participants in porn.

    1. You have to be a special kind of fucked in the head to believe there are any unwilling participants in porn.

      What about my virgin eyes?
      /Nanny SoCon concern troll

    2. You have to be a special kind of fucked in the head

      Sounds like your friend found a special niche in the industry. Good for him.

  4. "All sex exploitation intersects from porn, rape, and adultery."
    One of these things is not like the others.

    Also, a 3 way intersection? I think he is forgetting about Jesus Avenue.

  5. if only people would live as the wannabe nannies would require them to live.

  6. So adult films that do not include any ladies is okay? The porn that dare not speak its name? TOTAL DOUBLE STANDARD.

    1. Don't worry, FoE, you'll still be able to make your bear/twink films.

      1. Wait a minute. Does crush porn still count as terrorizing women? Because, technically...

        1. Dude, you don't want PETA in here. Stop that.

        2. Depends on what you're crushing. Female mice? TERRORIZING.

    2. I have it on good authority that it exploits women by denying they're necessary.

      1. I have it on good authority that it exploits women by denying they're necessary.

        j'accuse BIASCRIME!

      2. I don't usually admit this, but I laughed at that.

      3. That's true of all pr0n though. I think these people are concerned because Natasha Nice and an ample national supply of hand lotion can do the work of 10,000 girlfriends at a fraction of the cost.

        1. That's the more paranoid MRA's theory; things like porn and PUA's devalue dating and relationships, which decreases the power women have over men.

          1. Maybe. MRA/PUAs, like SJWs, have an unhealthy obsession with power relations.

            But I think its more about trying to demonize a sexuality that they personally don't approve of. Tale as old as time.

    3. I'm trying to figure out how I'm being exploited as a woman because I love watching hot young men fucking each other...nope I give up, I'll be in my bunk.

      1. Stop objectifying men. I feel oppressed!

        1. Can I watch you being oppressed?

          1. I think you would've been highly entertained by my weekend. It's not often I'm the least libertine person in the room, or in this case at the pool.

            1. This is what I think of that.

              1. Get with the times BuSab - here we go for Archer quotes.


                1. I know it's HnR heresy, but I dislike Archer. The art style annoys me.

                  1. Is that Archer of Spade & Archer? Or The Archer as for instance payed by Art Carney? Or the antennas?

                    1. Or of AD HFCS Goodness M?

                    2. Both?

  7. one will be banned because it ruins someones mental health, therefore causing health care premiums to rise....therefore, INTERSTATE COMMERCE DERPTASTIC PORN BAN!!! For the common good!!!

    1. needz some mention of the privilege.

  8. But- did he fix the cable, or not????

    1. He certainly layed some cable.

      1. We were talking about weirdest porn seen this weekend and someone saw a video that involved people having sex until a pizza guy arrived. Your expectation is that he'll join in, but he just leaves and then it becomes a food fetish porn with one of the original participants stomping on the pizza and everyone's having sex covered in pizza sauce.

        A fun subversion of a classic porn trope.

        (It was not deep dish, I asked)

        1. I thought that was going to go the way of American Pie.

          1. Calzones: the fleshlight of the Italian food world.

    2. Dont be obtuse, Peter.

  9. every family in America has been touched by the harm of pornography."

    Phrasing... phrasing...

    1. They aren't doing phrasing anymore.

  10. "These degrading misogynist images... are robbing young people of an authentic healthy sexuality that is a basic right of every human being."

    Yet another of the manifold "rights" that there is no way to ensure or protect.

  11. What the fuck is "authentic" sexuality?

    1. Basically...not you.

    2. It's worse than a bullshit therm. It's an anti-term. By throwing out the "authentic" the person using it gets to set themselves up as judge and jury of what qualifies for legitimate sexuality. It has the effect of actively diminishing the objective information content of the language.

      1. I think it's worse than that. If you asked them about any particulars of sexuality, they'd say, yuk, not that! No matter what it was. Invoking authentic sexuality is a way of insincerely claiming they're not just plain anti-sex, when they actually are. If they could abolish sexuality, they would. But don't look to some form of asexual reprod'n as a substitute, they'd be against that too.

    3. Authentic sex is when you stop jacking it to perfectly manicured specimens going at each other and accept the frumpy, shrill gender studies woman who doesn't "shave her legs for you mister" into your bedroom. I don't know.

    4. Sometimes you find a sexuality in your attic and you aren't sure if it's an authentic sexuality or a sexuality that your aunt picked up in the '70s form a knickknack shop in Poughkeepsie. This is why we have things like the Antiques Sexuality Roadshow.

      1. "Oh, wow this is a rare find indeed! This porcelain dildo was made by the 'Shards in Your Anus Company" in 1910. There are very few remaining pieces in this good of condition!"

        1. *spits coffee*

      2. You've never been to Poughkeepsie, jesse, have you. You shouldn't talk about Marist like that.

        1. No, I haven't. It sounded like the right place for a knickknack shop littered with abandoned low quality sexualities made in hippy communes before everyone found Reagan and Jesus in the '80s.

          1. Damn, Jesse, that was tasty.

      3. How big is the bush?

    5. The whole ideal of authenticity in that sense is weird. I think it is something most people want in some sense, but it is hard to define well and probably can't exist. Basically once you start to think of things in terms of authenticity, it becomes possible to have any authentic experience. That's why hipsters are so funny.

    6. Not more than two minutes. Two and a half, tops.

  12. University of Pennsylvania professor Mary Anne Layden said pornography has played a role in every single case of sexual violence she has treated as a psychotherapist.

    Yeah, and I'll bet breathing played a role in just about every case she treated, as well. That is to say, she's pretty clearly confusing (I can only assume intentionally, given her credentials) sets and subsets. "Most A are B" does not mean "Most B are A". Christ, this is just basic logic.

  13. There's a jerk-off scene in the movie "Angela's Ashes" that explains the problem fairly well. Propping a ladder up to a neighbor girl's bedroom window might be the best way to unleash your sexual desires. Porn is better.

    1. Sure until the ladder slips?..

    2. well, the ladder thing is the more authentic wanking experience.

      1. I think Warty-style sex is the most authentic.

        1. Probably. You know that shit is REAL.

  14. SJW and anti-porn twits joining forces -- what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Classic baptist-and-bootlegger alliance.

      1. Which one is the bootlegger?

  15. One last thing, what exactly is the public health concern, outbreaks of hairy palms and blindness?

    1. And turning Japanese. Hitler didn't bomb Pearl Harbor.

      1. I am getting old and forget to put links of my references, but I repeat myself.

        1. ohh.. I thought you meant, well, this

    2. The epidemic of kittens falling victim to divine wrath.

    3. The death of STDs would be a concern for publich health officials.

  16. In the past 15 years, the amount and availability of porn has increased astronomically. The amount of sexual violence, not so much.

  17. What the fuck is "authentic" sexuality?

    The kind in the Bible, you heathen.

    1. Ahhhh, so rape and incest. Makes sense.

  18. "Youth are developing sexual problems because of their exposure to adult pornography,"

    Im sure she way overstates it, but that might have some kernel of truth to it.

    With the internet, kids can see things they arent quite ready for. Of course, its the responsibility of parents to control these things.

    And I realized the answer is probably "teen friendly" porn like "female friendly" porn. But, ummm, yeah, Im not going down that road.

    1. Farm youth have been developing sexual problems since forever. Let's ban farms.

    2. This.

      While I recognize that many of the claims made by this group are hyperbolic and their proposed solutions are antithesis to libertarian philosophy, I generally agree with the underlying thought that porn culture has become pervasive and celebrated in a way that I think is not generally healthy. It does set people up for unrealistic (and in some cases, ridiculously fucked up) sexual desires. And kids being exposed to this at a young age can really have their sexual maturation adversely impacted by it.

      Simply because we believe individuals should be free to choose doesn't mean we have to be agnostic about the choices they make. You should be able to smoke crack, but you really shouldn't do it. Likewise, you should be able to jerk off four times a day gangbang scene, but you should really go out and get some real action instead. You should be allowed to make $2,000 for a scene where you let five different dicks enter you, but if you do that scene, you're simply a whore and not worthy of my respect.

      1. healthy

        Definition, please.

        1. In this case, mental health. Porn can in fact be addictive, not necessarily in a physical sense, but in a sort of psychological sense. And it tends to metastasize in such a way where the viewer begins to look at increasingly shocking and taboo stuff that they would otherwise consider beyond the pale. It can lead to issues of sexual stamina and impotence, and it can lead to unrealistic sexual expectations from actual relationships and thus make it harder for people to form and maintain romantic and sexual relationships.

          Again, I can't re-iterate enough that I disagree with the proposals this group would make. And I think porn is fine and healthy in moderation. But I think culturally its achieved a widespread acceptance and normalcy that legitimizes some of its more extreme and damaging aspects.

          1. In this case, mental health. Porn can in fact be addictive

            Oh my fucking god...

            1. Anything pleasurable with can be addictive.

              1. No, not really. Not unless you redefine addiction to be meaningless. The truth is, addiction isn't really a clinical term anyway, so using it here is a mistake.

            2. So can ice cream and teevee, and playing solitaire, and chewing on your nails, and ... well, let's just fucking ban everything right now, for the childins.

              1. Yes, because I said things should be banned somewhere. Go ahead and find that quote. FFS, why does everyone have to get so fucking dense when I look at the libertarian sacred cow of porn and say, "hey, of course it should be legal, but there's no sense in treating it as an unequivocal good always and for everyone."

          2. You really shouldn't project your issues with porn onto others.

          3. The code words you use lead me to believe that it's possible you are coming at this from the perspective of a view that idealizes sex in the context of certain types of relationships.

            But historically sex in the context of those certain relationship types really hasn't been ideal.

            Were people in the 1920's sexually "healthy"?

            1. I think the pendulum can swing too far in either direction, between sexual restraint and sexual immodesty (for lack of a better word). I think the overly restrained Victorian mores were just as unhealthy (if not more) as the overly unrestrained celebration and widespread cultural mainstreaming of porn can be.

              And I'm not trying to idealize traditional sexual relationships. Its more about performance problems that people can develop from overexposure to some of the more risque and graphic porn that has a deleterious effect on their romantic relations in a way that they would rather it not.

              1. I can see that argument, but upon examination, I'm forced to conclude the performance problems are more closely tied to mental issues that the person has, separate from porn.

                The fact that these issues are often present when there is no exposure to porn supports my position.

                I just don't see "some guy with low self esteem has a distorted view of sex so he can't perfrom" as a valid argument against porn.

                1. I'm forced to conclude the performance problems are more closely tied to mental issues that the person has, separate from porn.

                  That makes a great deal of sense. Maybe porn is simply the symptom that forces them to deal with underlying issues, or maybe it exacerbates them. In either event,

            2. code words

              Good God, that is nearly as bad as "dog whistle". You are better than that.

              1. robc,

                The guy mentions "nofap" below, which basically confirmed for me that his post had to be translated to be understood.

                "sexual stamina"
                "unrealistic expectations"
                "actual relationships"

                Basically the code words reveal two things:

                He believes in a punch of old wives' tales, where people who use porn inevitably move into darker and darker fetishes as they "build up a tolerance", or where watching porn leads to premature ejaculation, or where porn leads to users (men, at least) rejecting "real" partners.

                It's all nonsense.

                "Porn is bad for you" is like the "Vaccines cause autism" of psychology.

                1. Sorry, I forgot the second thing.

                  The second thing is that Sudden appears to be approaching this from the perspective that says, "Anything that makes a middle-aged married housewife feel threatened is unhealthy."

                  That's the other thing the code words accomplish.

                  They dress up female insecurity (and that's what we're talking about here - very few people are out there worried about women watching too much porn) with pop psychology jargon - and then declare that insecurity to be the definition of health.

                  1. Are you reading different posts than me? I see him saying porn is good in moderation and can be abused in excess.

          4. please stop.

      2. You should be allowed to make $2,000 for a scene where you let five different dicks enter you, but if you do that scene, you're simply a whore and not worthy of my respect.

        I think you might be lowballing these gangbang sluts... Just to make 50k they'd need 125 dicks in them a year.

        I don't think that's a living wage.

        1. My understanding is that the range of money they make per scene is around $1500-$2500, depending on the depravity of the scene. This is female actresses in porn made for heterosexual men. I believe the gay male porn stars make significantly more.

          1. How much more. I could be gay-for-pay.

            1. Ah the gay-for-pay story arc. People who do Sean Cody seem to be able to move into the mainstream porn business fairly well. Can you grow a stubbly beard or alternately be waxed below the eyebrows?

              1. I can grow a stubbly beard. I think I need to do a lot more situps. And maybe squat more. Huh. I didn't know there were gay-for-pay dudes. I've only heard it applied derogatorily to straight actresses who do girl-only scenes intended for dudes.

                1. You might not. Less refined bodies are en vogue right now although manicured and chiseled is starting to make it's way back in.

                  I will be a very sad person when the '90s are back in full force.

                2. Hell man, one of the most famous male performers started off as gay-for-pay.

                  A young Canadian named Alden Brown - you may know him by his stage name, Peter North.

            2. Shut up and write your code Brett!

              1. The CRM guy broke something! I have not yet been given the go-ahead to learn enough CRM in the next 4 hours to fix his shit before I go home! But I'm sure two hours from now, they'll consider that option and I'll be even more fucked for even less money.

        2. Asa Akira is a millionaire after doing 300 films over an 8 year period.

          The number of dicks per film varies, from zero to seven.


      3. celebrated in a way that I think is not generally healthy.

        Why do you think what you think is healthy matters to anyone but you AT ALL?

        1. I frankly don't give a heaping pile of shit what you think of what I think of others. But you're more than welcome to entertain your own opinion of my opinion. And, as I stated, reiterated, and reinforced, I have no desire to see govt crack down on porn whatsoever. However, that doesn't mean I have to embrace it or think it an always wonderful outlet of sexual angst or desires. I actually try to view things with some degree of nuance.

          Porn can be healthy and beneficial with a level of moderation and discretion. But, as with anything, taken to the extreme it can adversely impact people in a way that damages their personal romantic life and sexual expectations.

            1. To expand upon that, I think cocaine should be legal. I think occasional and limited cocaine use is fine and dandy. But if I have a friend who is doing key bumps every morning before going into work, I'm gonna talk to him and try to dissuade him from that and present to him the potential harms that path could have for him in both physical and relationship terms.

              1. To expand upon my post, you're pathteic, and obviously DO care what we think. So you're not honest either.

              2. Right, but cocaine at least can be argued to impact your physical health.

                With porn, you're forced to engage in circular arguments.

                "Porn is unhealthy for 'normal' relationships, because...'normal' relationships don't use porn!"

                1. Fluffy, you're arguing with a Puritan that isn't honest about his Puritanism, you're alomst certainly wasting your time.

                  1. Fluffy, you're arguing with a Puritan

                    Hardly. I watch my fair share of porn and then some. And I like to think that I've struck an adequate balance. But there are a lot of people, especially millenials given their ability to find streaming video of all types of porn and fetishes, that have felt negatively impacted by over-reliance on porn. That's why groups like reddit's nofap thing came about, sort of extreme corrective measures for what they perceive to be extreme malfunctioning resulting from their porn habits.

                    1. I dont think there is any positive thing that cant be abused.

                      Alcohol, porn, running, cocaine, gambling, whatever.

                      All can be positive in proper context, all can be a danger if abused/overused.

                    2. Right, it's a silly argument. Anything can be addictive, particularly when the activity feels so damn good.

                      That some people can't deal with fun without needing to mainline it isn't my problem. As long as someone isn't a leech due to their 'sexual addiction', it's not any of anyone else's business.

                    3. It is not the govt business to step in and play paternal master. On that I agree. But if you have a friend or family member who is abusing something, you absolutely should make it known and try to convince them to moderate their behaviors.

                    4. That's why groups like reddit's nofap thing came about, sort of extreme corrective measures for what they perceive to be extreme malfunctioning resulting from their porn habits.


                      The're simply malfunctioning because they aren't manly enough to perform and are using the porn as an excuse.


                      What about the preejaculators who can now last longer with their significant others because extreme porn has jaded them?

                      Yours is the Global Warming argument...all outcomes of Global Warming are bad.

                    5. Actually, I noted above that I think porn can be a healthy outlet with some level of moderation and discretion. Nowhere do I state that it always unhealthy, but I rather suggested that, like anything, it can be taken to extremes that the extreme users sometimes consider damaging to themselves but feel powerless to stop. And yes, that is because they're pussies, but the point stands.

                      To paraphrase caddyshack, the world need pussies too.

                2. Really, I grew up in a time when pr0n was a lot less available than it is now. To view pr0n, you typically had to sneak into your parents bedroom, or the parents of your friends bedroom and look through the fathers dresser drawers until you found his stack of playboy or penthouse. Or just go with your friend to the garage where his dad worked and help yourself to the big of stack of pr0n lying around. Now there is the intertoobz where free pr0n is a mouse click away.

                  I have to say, really, that pr0n has had absolutely zero impact on my personal relationships.

                  If someone else thinks that pr0n is bad and is messing up their personal relationships, then they can feel free to not look at it, but trying to ban it in any way is not only silly, but it's also a total waste of time, as it's impossible.

                  If we arrive in a world where they can ban pr0n and punish people for just looking at it, then we have arrived in a totalitarian nightmare where there are zero human rights remaining.

                  1. Again, I'm not supporting banning anything and go through great pains to make that abundantly clear a number of times. What I am saying is that it need not be celebrated unequivocally.

                    1. If someone wants to celebrate pr0n, that's their time, if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to look at it.

                      Me, I take a completely neutral stance. If pr0n went away tomorrow, I would think it's sad, but it wouldn't be anything that really affected me, unless it went away because of busy bodies getting freedom killing laws enacted. That would bother me a lot.

                      It would be like insane level WOD. Now, not only can we get thrown into jail for putting an herb into our own bodies, but for freaking looking at something. The only thing left after that is thought crime.

                3. "Porn is unhealthy for 'normal' relationships, because...'normal' relationships don't use porn!"

                  The temperature isn't normal, we've been measuring it for like 100 years and it changed! We're all doomed!

          1. Yes rant more in a vain effort to pretend you don't care.

      4. Simply because we believe individuals should be free to choose doesn't mean we have to be agnostic about the choices they make.

        I don't think anyone here is making that argument.

        The belligerent harpies mentioned in the article are making a completely different argument.

        1. For that reason, I specifically distanced myself from their particular thesis while still maintaining that the ubiquity and celebration of porn culture may not be such a great thing. And the comments preceding robc's comment all seemed generally celebratory of porn. Sure, I think consenting adults have a right to do what they damn well please, but that doesn't mean I can't be critical of aspects of it, especially insofar as when such celebration is taken to extremes.

          1. Having agency doesn't bring about Rainbow Puppy Island, where nothing ever goes wrong.

            Sorry, Sudden, but it smacks of concern trolling. Are bad things going to happen as a result of people being free to make their own decisions, free of gubmit interference? I'd be very, very surprised if Bad Things? didn't happen.

      5. My rxn to pornies seems anomalous. I see performers or models posing or performing that stuff, and I tend to think of them as little children or puppies or kittens, and think, aw, ain't that cute? It seems like they're just doing primitive play, so that's how they come off.

    3. Oh yeah, these were fun days in casa de JW, when The Boy was nailed for looking at porn at age 12. He compounded it by looking at it again on his mother's computer, under her account and didn't wipe the browser cache clean.

      Shrieks of despair were uttered. Garments were rended.

      I look at that as my failure as a father to properly train him on how not to get caught and to cover his tracks.

      1. Buy him a stack of vintage playboys.

        1. Vintage issues of "Playboy" magazine, that is.

          1. Binders full of milfs.

            1. About 15 years ago, my company was hired to put up sound walls around the Playboy Mansion for a big party they were having in the backyard. It was a 2 day job, and the "bunnies" kept coming out to chit chat with us. Some of them lived there, were in their 40's, and had a bunch of bastard kids with them.

              It was a very depressing peek behind the curtain.

        2. Hell, *I'd* love to have those, but they're a bit harder to conceal.

      2. 12 yo boys want to see nekked women and spank their monkeys?


      3. Honestly. How did he not figure out that browsers come with a special mode for porn these days? I thought kids were supposed to on top of that shit.

      4. I got mad at my oldest son for looking at pron on my computer. Not because it was pron though, but because he was going to crappy sites and giving my poor puter nasty viruses. I had an awkward(for him, amusing for me) conversation with the boy about his tastes and purchased an account for him at a reliable site.

        1. That's good parenting in the 21st century.

          1. And a waste of money, there are plenty of amateur pr0n sites that are free and won't give your puter a virus.

            1. I don't mind paying for quality.

            2. Also the boy was doing his pron trolling on my puter 15 years ago before Google was a widely available thing, finding non-virus free shit used to be a hell of a lot harder than now.

              1. Well, in that case...

    4. But robc, thinking back to my early teenage years the Sears catalog was my go-to. So pretty much any swimwear/underwear catalog fulfills that niche you mentioned.

      1. That and the annual SI swimsuit issue. Damn you Ric Ocasek!

      2. There's mens underwear in the Sears catalog?

      3. Yeah, Sears and JC Penny underwear models where good for those weeks when our local pr0on seekers group failed to find any hidden pr0n caches.

        I remember one time when my uncle and his friends had went to some estate auctions and had an entire garage full of stuff they had bought. One of my cousins discovered 5 or 6 boxes full of pr0n mags. It was the find of a teenage boys dreams. We were in pr0n heaven for months!

      4. I remember one Sears catalog where I could swear that you could see one of the model's nipples through the bra. That kept me in my room for 3 days.

        1. Remember the issue where the guys dick managed to show below his shorts? That was pretty famous.

          1. Link anyone?

            I hate not knowing famous things...

            1. There weren't links back then, Jesse. There wasn't even an intertoob, not even one!

            2. I think you can find the image through a search. We were successful finding it last year, though it looked completely different than when I remember seeing it way back when. (There could've been more than one incident...)

    5. I think it is certainly true that the easy access to porn will change the way people deal with and think about sex as they mature. Whether it's better or worse or neutral, I suppose we will find out.

      And its not as if sexuality has always been hidden from children to the extent that it is. But as usual, there is a set of people who think that any change from what they are used to is the end of the world.

      1. For most of humanity's history, sexuality COULDN'T be hidden from children. It's impossible to get it on in a one room hut without the chillens getting at least an earful.

  19. A fun subversion of a classic porn trope.


    "All this fucking has made me RAVENOUS. We should have told him to pick us up some ice cream."

  20. The theme of the movie Don Jon is basically that porn ruins sex and relationships because it provides an unrealistic template. It also points out the romantic comedies and romance novels some women love have the same effect.

    So, media doesn't reflect how real people interact. Yeah, no shit.

    1. It's escapism. Reality tends to make for poor escapism.

  21. They've already lost this battle. It's over, retards, porn won.

    Wait until VR porn and then sexbots. Their heads will explode.

    1. Oculus Rift was already being used for things like:

      But that was prior to acquisition. It's possible Facebook will extend their no-nudity, no-sex policies to Oculus too (licensing of tools, VR usage)

      I'm waiting for the holodecks.

      1. 4chan was losing their shit over augmented reality waifus last year.

      2. Facebook can try to do anything they want. It won't stop anything. Someone else will just make a VR headset that can be used for porn. In fact, there are lot of other headsets currently in production.

      3. They're going to have the hardest time locking down the platform. I wouldn't worry about it.

        1. It's not possible. They can ban anything they want on derpbook, but they can't make you not view something with a device that you own. Once that device is in your hands, you can do whatever you are capable of doing.

  22. All pron? Even the artisanal kind? youbastards!!

  23. If I ever use the word "intersectionality" non-mockingly, please shoot me in the face.

    1. ^This. Thank you.

  24. This has been up for over an hour and only 75 posts??!

    Who are you people?

    1. Go away. 'Baitin.


  26. Id willingly do porn, only problem is no one would willingly watch that.
    probably their problem too, hell i wish i was lucky enough to get paid to fuck, even busted chicks all day long
    (i know TIWTANFL)

    1. Everyone hates their job, somedays. God Emperor, porn star or ditch digger.

    2. only problem is no one would willingly watch that

      You'd be surprised, VR. Now it might not be the people you're attracted to, but someone would watch that.

      Fat, thin, old, young, hairy, smooth, whatever you are there is someone who wants that.

  27. "Tie them down, piece by piece, with legislation," she said.


    And then, the oral sex.

  28. Tie them down, piece by piece, with legislation

    Catharine MacKinnon made a stab at it in the '80s and '90s and failed.

  29. If you read alt-right blogs long enough you'd know that the TV series "Law and Order" is SWPL porn. SWPL: Stuff While People Like. Every episode is a remake of "To Kill a Mocking Bird" absent the subtleties or suspense.

    1. Is Law and Order background noise for cuddling?

      1. Beta. Totally beta.

        There's nothing wrong with being beta, most men are beta, but don't fly the flag.

  30. I do not know if this will make others laugh the way I did, but please go to the first linked site

    ..and note the alt-text in the photo.

    I spewed coffee.

    that said = this seems to me strangely related to the White Privilege conference. These are 'SJW' who seem to need MOAR TARGETS for their crusading.

    I think if there is a real identifiable problem in todays world? Its the fact that no one tells the SJWs to get a fucking life.

    1. Now that's how you alt text! However reading this thread I'm sad that I know what SWPL and SJW mean. I'm sure there will be a backlash against these people sooner or later. That backlash will occur when the higher education bubble pops and suddenly tons of administrator garbage is out of work. There's no way people can take this stuff seriously.

    2. I can just imagine the 3 people who show up at this event.

      1. I mean, can you just imagine how miserable of a wretch you have to be to waste your time with non-sense like this?

      2. That's the thing, Hyper, they don't see themselves as busybodies. They truly believe that their view is inherently and inarguably correct. They really believe that they are saving others. Their viewpoint is inherently antagonistic to the individual rights viewpoint to which most of us subscribe.

  31. Kinky!

    I've been reading SJW as Single Jewish Women for the entire thread.

    1. Well there is an overlap between the two groups...

  32. and for females, the more pornography they use, the more likely they are to be victims of non-consensual sex

    Wow, this is even sicker than the usual false consciousness line. Think you like porn? Well, you've probably been raped, so STFU.

    1. That had always struck me as strange, thanks for unpacking that for me.

  33. Most of what I know about porn comes from H&R. Based on such educational discussions, I doubt it's at all healthy, though that's not the same as saying it turns people into rapists and murderers.

    1. The quotes from the activists are certainly extreme - I'm not sure I'd rely on them to come up with a sensible approach to porn.

  34. So, no difference between straight male porn and lesbian femme porn...?

  35. Parents have been trying to stop their children from masturbating and from sucking their thumbs, for no good reason. Stopping thumb sucking was sold for a while as bad for their teeth; no evidence, though.

  36. "There's an untreated pandemic of harm from pornography. We know now that almost every family in America has been touched by the harm of pornography."

    You should be more concerned about being touched-by-an-uncle.

    It'll be amusing watching these people try to go after one of the most profitable industries ever. Though it is concerning that they equate voluntary 'relations', that happen to be on camera, to the serious crime of rape.

  37. I wonder if Brown would take issue with being the subject of a pornographic story depicting her kidnap, rape, torture and death, as in the United States v. Baker case.

  38. I love the neurologist who can prove its an addiction. The whole field is become a priesthood lending an air of scientific credibility to fascist laws. Which means its probably a great field to get into nowadays l.

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