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Friday Funnies: Campus Speech


Campus speech

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  1. It’s bad enough Chancellor Whiplash made a Condi voodoo doll. It’s bad enough he hanged her from his poster in effigy. But did he have to dress said doll in leather S&M gear?

    1. When you seek to denegrate those who do not blindly follow – why stop at just a little?

      1. Condi is pretty far from being a libertarian.

        What side were you on when Ron Paul schooled Giuliani on foreign policy in that 2007 debate? You seem like you were on Rudy’s side.

        9/11! 9/11!

    2. He’s just pandering to the commentariat

    3. That cracked me up. Thanks.

      1. They don’t call them Friday Funnies for nothing.

        1. Well it is Friday. Heh, heh.

          1. Oh I get it now!

  2. Real American values? What might they be?

    1. You mean “Real Values of Genius.” “Real American Values” went away about 13 years ago.

    2. Bullshit, exploitation of the weak, ad hominem attacks, oh, and blowing the shit out of other countries because we got lots o’ bombs just lying around. So many we set them off for fun.

      Or is that just the fumes coming off the government arsenal down the road from me getting to me?

      1. *yes, I meant ‘bullshit’ as an american value. We do so love to generate it for export.

      2. Baby’s first deconstructionism?

        1. I haven’t had my morning caffiene yet, it was the best I had.

      3. Use all those weapons to blow up the Egg. (Well, the physical space; if the people want to get their performing arts things on in a regular building without taking any tax dollars, I have no problem with that.)

        1. I’d love to be rid of that eyesore.

          1. My 7th grade social studies teacher claimed that all those horrible viaducts were built so that Nelson Rockefeller could show off a nice view coming into the Empire State Plaza. Whatever the real reason, driving in Albany is utterly fucked up.

            1. There were also two more major highways meant to run through the city, but the people living there went “Enough is enough, don’t go knocking down our homes!”

      4. I think it’s the fumes. There are genuine American values. The fact that our government and most of our population has betrayed them doesn’t negate that.

        1. So-called “American values” is collectivism and the American populace has not abandoned it, in fact the stagnate economy has made it worse. People don’t think as much about silly rituals and symbolism when they’re financially well-off. They’re too busy enjoying the fruits of their labor.

          That is assuming your definition of American values is apple pie and going to church. If your definition is actually free-markets and civil liberties then I take back what I said.

          1. “So-called “American values” is collectivism”

            That statement is just completely detached from reality. Here’s a classic list of American values:

            Equal Opportunity
            Achievement and Success
            Material Comfort
            Activity and Work
            Practicality and Efficiency
            Democracy and Enterprise

            Collectivism – the theory and practice of the ownership of land and the means of production by the people or the state.

            There’s pretty little correlation with “collectivism”.

            1. Those sound more like ideals than values. I remember the 2004 and 2006 elections like it was yesterday. Socons were screaming “family values” at the top of their lungs like used car salesmen (yes I recognize that used car sales people serve a legitimate function in the economy, that is not my point).

              And why must socons take words used my libertarians and libertarian-leaning people and water them down to only pertain to economics? Collectivism pertains to more than just economics. What else did you think I meant when I said “silly rituals” and “symbolism”? You can’t spell culture without cult. And no you don’t need silly rituals or symbolism to interact with people who have similar tastes and hobbies.

    3. I think that is explained in the cartoon.

      “We charge them 50 grand.”

  3. 50.Grand? Get with the times, Dean Dentist’s Worst Nightmare.

  4. Is Tim Curry really a university president or just acting like one?

    1. I thought it was a zombified Salvador Dali.

      1. My thought, too, Spawn.

        In any event, the cartoon certainly cretinizes.

  5. It’s snowing outside my hotel right now.

    1. What corner of the world is it in?

      1. The corner of Climate Change Street and Extreme Weather Avenue.

        1. NPR has that as a Mapquest shortcut.

      2. Hell, apparently

      3. West of Chicago

      4. The Red Spot is shrinking – Climate Change!

        1. According to the radio news this morning, the current prediction is that it will disappear in the next 15 years.

          I want to go on the record as the First prediction of the coming Red Spot Apocalypse.

          Clearly this is a count down to doom.

  6. I don’t understand why that jaundiced hermaphrodite is explaining the American university system to Winston Churchill.

    1. I can see the jaundiced hermaphrodite, but where’s Winston Churchill?

      Is he standing behind that slouching David McCullough?

      1. And why is slouching David McCullough balancing a billiard ball on his head?

        1. It’s an egg, he’s trying to improve his posture. But it kept falling off, so he taped it on.

    2. That jaundiced hermaphrodite is Geraldo Rivera.

      1. The college endowment is in Al Capone’s vault.

    3. jaundiced hermaphrodite

      Nice band name.

  7. I don’t get it. Also, the “zones” are way too small, except for the “NO HURT FEELINGS ZONE”, which should be the only zone anyway.

    Also fried chicken.

    Happy fucking Friday, Reasonoids. Hope you’re enjoying another day in the “No Freedom Zone”.

    1. The “No Freedom Zone” is for loading and unloading only.

  8. Oh my goodness! That little person wearing boots has hung themelf and nobody is doing anything. Somebody do something! !!!

    1. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

      1. It’s too late anyway, the fall already snapped her neck.

        1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    2. “Hanged”, not “hung”. I’m hung, not hanged. 😉

      1. That’s Not what she said.

      2. A language nazi does not a libertarian make! :/

  9. Fri.day Fun.nies. [fry-day-fun-knees]
    (n)Latin: Nocte Diei Veneris Humorus.

    An attempt to provide comic relief to the resonoid masses by converting freehand drawings into audible laughs. Usually depicting a recent political topic. Getting an actual “LOL”, however, seems to be an uncommon occurrence. More often, the artist and his/her work of art is mocked, lambasted, and criticized.

    It is believed that those artists who contribute to the Reason Friday Funnies have an underlying masochistic tendency. Much like the argumentative Liberals who continue to battle logic and facts with talking points and feelings.

    And so ends my attempt at humor with words, because I don’t have time to draw, color and scan my own contribution. And I don’t know HOW to contribute one.

    My safe word is “Jefferson!”.

    1. Getting an actual “LOL”, however, seems to be an uncommon occurrence. More often, the artist and his/her work of art is mocked, lambasted, and criticized.

      I thought the mocking, lambasting and citicizing were the funnies part of it.

      1. you are part of the problem

  10. The sad thing is, the Friday Funny is funnier than 99.99% of the attempts humorously to skewer the Friday Funny.

    1. Die, blasphemer!

        1. *slap!*

    2. nuh uh!

  11. This one is actually pretty good.

    Someone seems not to have gotten the joke about how charging them 50 grand teaches them American values.

  12. Ho ho eh eh Pierre! How did the Conservative Speaker Zone sneak onto campus? Someone left the door open, obviously.

  13. Apparently, this one has enough labelz.

  14. This is interesting 😀

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