Brickbat: True Colors


Parents of students at Ryelands Primary School in England have complained after their children were told to line up by skin color "from the darkest to the lightest." School officials say they just wanted to demonstrate the diversity of the school to students. But parents say the exercise led to students arguing about who was lighter and darker and to at least one student being bullied because of skin color.

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  1. Parents of students at Ryelands Primary School in England have complained after their children were told to line up by skin color “from the darkest to the lightest.”

    Because diversity is a paint color comparison card.

    This story is effed up and all, but why all the stories from England? Are there not enough daily nut-punches happening in the US?

    1. Maybe the editors have given in to multiculturalism?

  2. The left is rife with simpletons who think that by making racism benign that they have made racism disappear. It did not disappear and it is not benign.

  3. Artistic strikes again

  4. Is this it? You can do better than that Mister Oliver.

  5. Diversity of skin color is what the left champions so it can stifle diversity of thought.

  6. Its even worse in the picture where children are lined up according to gender.

    When Will The Hate End!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hate is one of the base components that make up the reptillian sub brain all primates possess. The real problem is that some primates don’t use other parts of their brain when made available.

      1. You are referring to Tumblr of course.

    2. A lot of schools like to separate kids according to age as well. Ageism is REAL and it isn’t going to go away unless we all do something about it!

      1. Never fear, some guy, the common core will make them all equally incapable of reading, writing or arithmatic, then we can have one big class for all ages!

  7. This is one of those occasions where the problem is the racism of the observed, and not the observer.

    As a white male, if I meet two Indian women, I can harmlessly think to myself, “Wow, woman A has a much darker skin tone then woman B.” This would carry no racial content to me whatsoever. Hell, I might even think woman A is hotter.

    But because Indian people are often incredibly racist freaks among themselves, my observation would trigger a shitstorm between the two women. Woman B would end-zone dance around Woman A, because my simple and trivial observation would (to her) be the equivalent of being declared Woman A’s eternal superior in every way.

    I bet something similar happened here. To the people at the school, this was a merely physical observation and was innocuous. But if the people involved were from the subcontinent, the observation probably plunked like a stone into a pre-existing pool of post-caste skintone based ego.

    1. They still sell the skin-lighting cream in Indian stores? Some of it is certainly racism – the lighter-skin Indians look down their noses at the Tamils.

      Some of it is elitism – the darker skin can be from a life of working the in fields – so it is like an office worker looking down on a “red-necked” farmer.

  8. line up by skin color “from the darkest to the lightest.”

    “Now, children, give a big grin, open your eyes really wide, and look at the palms of your hands!”

  9. Why is skin tone the defining characteristic of “diversity”?

    1. Because if we don’t measure skin tone how can we prove we are diverse?

    2. It’s a lazy test and avoids diversity of opinion.

    3. How else are progressives expected to know who is inferior and in need of a helping white hand?

  10. I like the idea because it demonstrates there is no clear delineation between “white” and “black.”

    LMAO at the Indian observations.

  11. Well, that was mighty white of ’em…

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