Purity Police: Las Vegas Cops Tell Teen Girls Premarital Sex Kills


Las Vegas Metro Police Department/Facebook

Police staging fake death scenes in front of teens? Must be prom season! Staged drunk-driving accidents—complete with faux-dead student bodies—have been a spring staple at U.S. high schools since at least the late 1990s. But in Las Vegas this year, cops put a new spin on the teen death demonstrations by incorporating purity culture. The lesson of last weekend's "Choose Purity" seminar was that girls who "get promiscuous" can wind up dead. 

The event was co-sponsored by Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) and Victory Outreach Church, according to the Las Vegas Sun

"Choose Purity" aimed to show young girls what can happen when they don't wait until marriage to have sex, according to Officer Regina Coward, president of the Nevada Black Police Association, who said she'd been asked by her church, Victory Outreach Church, to create a community event to go along with its abstinence message.

So what does Coward say happens? Typically four things: sexual assault, gangs, drugs and prostitution.

Avoid sex and avoid those perils, Coward said.

Wow. It takes a pretty rare combination of relentless negativity and reality denial to think rape, gang membership, drug addiction, or prostitution are the only four possible outcomes of premarital sex. Meanwhile, actual risks like pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) are conspicuously absent from Coward's list of sex perils. 

Naturally, Las Vegas cops totally co-signed on this message. They obliged the group of 125 parents and children with recorded video interviews with pimps and sex workers and photos of people who had lost limbs to meth lab explosions.

Performers from a group called "Toe Tag Monologues" also appeared at the event, demonstrating how diet pill abuse and the inevitable path from premarital sex to prostitution to an STI would land girls in body bags. Pictures from the event show cops helping with this demonstration, wheeling the body bags away on gurneys. 

"It was a hodgepodge of unrelated fear mongering," Laura Deitsch, a Las Vegas health educator who attended, told the Sun. So far Deitsch is the only hero in this story, but she goes on to complain to the paper that the event wasn't inclusive enough of LGBTQ children, as if this is a message we'd want reaching a larger subset of teens and not complete drivel that just shouldn't exist. (Don't worry though, straight boys of Vegas, there's a "Choose Courage" event coming up for you.)

LVMPD sponsored the event but didn't put in any money, and cops who appeared volunteered their time. But still. What a ridiculous and wholly inappropriate message to have cops—in official LVMPD shirts, with guns in town—imparting to teens. 

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  1. Don’t worry though, straight boys of Vegas, there’s a “Choose Courage” event coming up for you.

    Does it teach you how to man up and ask out that totally hot chick?

  2. The event was co-sponsored by Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) and Victory Outreach Church, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

    I have a problem with both of those organizations meddling at a public school.

  3. “Choose Purity”

    Holy Bejeebus, you can’t make this shit up.

    1. Why do you say that?!

      /Saudi Department of Vice and Virtue

    2. Do you know who else chose purity?

      1. The Puritans?

      2. Ivory soap?

  4. Great parody, Reason. Even somebody as cynical as I am would never think the cops would do something this moronic.*

    * I will think this, no matter what you say, in an effort to remain sane.

  5. I totally get LVMPD’s angle on this. Who wants the cops getting STDs when they force themselves on women? That’s bad for everyone.

  6. Meanwhile, actual risks like pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) are conspicuously absent from Coward’s list of sex perils.

    Well, you can still catch all those if you’re married, so they don’t exactly help her “point” either.

  7. Everyone who has had premarital sex has either died, or is going to die. Just sayin’.

    1. Not me, I’m gonna live forever.

      1. The exception that proves the rule.

        1. What about ProL and his suspiciously long life span?

          1. He denies them his precious bodily fluids.

    2. And anyone who has had postmarital sex understands why premarital sex is so necessary.

  8. Officer Regina Coward

    Is it pronounced Reg*eye*na or Reg*ee*na?

    And is her middle name Fanny?

    1. He has a wife, you know. You know what she’s called? She’s called… ‘Incontinentia’… Incontinentia Buttocks

      1. Best part of that scene is that the extras weren’t given a script and were told they would be fired if they laughed during shooting. So those faces they’re making is them actually trying desperately not to laugh.

  9. “I guess what I learned is that being a virgin is a wonderful and precious thing to hold on to. As long as it doesn’t interfere with you having sex.”

  10. Damn pigs. Prom is often the last ditch effort to get laid while still in high school. You shouldn’t take that away, thereby condemning people to go to college as virgins.

    My own prom was a deranged two-person orgy fueled by vodka and an extremely unsanitary hot tub. Her name was Jennifer and the first 4 or 5 times were very gentle and loving.

    1. There’s always the post-graduation party.

      1. True. Unless you end up at one of those No-Booze school lock-ins and lack a devious mind.

        That happened to me when I was a junior. (All grades could go to the graduation lock-in. I had nothing better to do that night and they were raffling off a car and a bunch of other stuff.) I broke up with my deathly pale girlfriend early in the night and hooked up with this other girl by morning. Luckily, I kept one of the keys to the prop room. We ended up kissing and pawing at each other on top of a heap of old costumes.

        1. My mom worked at our no-booze school lock-in and happily sent me off to the real party. Oh, mom!

        2. Fucking Safe Graduation. My mom is one of the people who came up with the fucking idea. We had one of the first “safe graduations” there were, at some college campus. Our class spent the whole night there locked in. Then the very next night, we…got totally hammered and had a huge drunk party. I told my mom it would happen, but being a nanny statist she didn’t listen.

          1. Damn, Epi, now who’s the worst?

            1. It’s still you.

          2. We had a lot of lock-ins, at least three a year. It was really popular in the churches around town, so it must have seemed a natural fit to do it at the high school as well.

            I ended up at a house party after my graduation thrown by my girlfriend’s friends. Barely any booze, no weed or pills, and some epically shitty music with a bunch of people I hated and who mostly hated me. I ended up slipping out and falling asleep in the backseat of my car.

          3. I just lied to my parents and told them I was going to the lock-in. Then went to a kegger thrown by my best friend’s parents. Although his mom did make us stay the night and not drive. I wonder if I ever told my parents…

      2. Get drunk, get back together with your ex, hook up. Spend the next day very hungover explaining that you’re still not going to date her when you leave for college. Good times.

        1. Very wise. Taking the high school relationship into college is one of the dumbest moves either gender can make. That situation working out has Lotto-like odds.

          1. She was a junior. And started dating her husband later that year. He got bone cancer and died young. He won a bunch of shitty lotteries.

          2. I did. And we – somehow – stayed together. (I admit I was not exactly pure in college).

    2. No one wants to hear about your night with the Irish Setter and the Ben Gay, NutraSweet.

    3. “and the first 4 or 5 times were very gentle and loving.” … and the next half hour is when things got really rough

      1. I was 17. I had almost no refractory period whatsoever. The last session of the night, I orgasmed and nothing came out. Which is better than jizzing blood, I suppose.

  11. So what does Coward say happens? Typically four things: sexual assault, gangs, drugs and prostitution.

    Alien abduction, too. I know after I started having sex the greys took that as an invitation to probe the hell out of me.

    1. I laughed, and then chocked on my Sprite Zero. So it ends up a draw.

  12. ” Officer Regina Coward, president of the Nevada Black Police Association’

    Was there ever a more appropriately named agent of the state?

    1. “Queen Coward”

  13. I would love to read an account of that meeting from an impartial reporter, as opposed to the las vegas sun person.

    Like, what are the rates of premarital-sex-related dysfunction among the youth population addressed in these meetings?

    And is there a prostitution problem in…what city did this take place in?…Oh, yes, Las Vegas.

  14. Such an objective view of toe tags. Please feel free to leave out the fact that Las Vegas is a hub for sex trafficking, has a disproportionate number of addicts under 18, enjoys one of the highest rates of high school drop outs.

    Please feel free to leave out that participation is completely voluntary. That the program actually works and employs those in recovery.

    Yes, please feel free to leave all that out and bring your children here to grow up in an endless culture of superficial shallow musings of the entirely uninformed.

  15. Context is everything when evaluating one cities response to an internationally occurring problem targeting young women.

    1. Justoneperson, please give the source for the claim about being a hub for sex trafficking (and quoting the ‘stats’ from victim pimp organizations doesn’t count as a legitimate source). When the FBI does its annual “Operation Cross Country” and goes to the various cities to find those victims, it takes about 37 agents to find one victim. Nationwide, in 2012, there were 470 female minors arrested for prostitution, in a trend continuing downward from 1982 when there were 2,316 minors arrested. These stats are from the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics. The government funded report from 2001 says that 96% of all child sexual exploitation cases are at the hands of people whom the child knows and trusts… like cops, who seem to have a thing for minors… So if Vegas is a “hub” for sex trafficking, then it must also be a hub for the non paying predators of children..

      Why is it that people like you don’t seem to care about the 96% of child sexual exploitation victims whose predators are NOT buying the services of children? Or the victims of violent rape and sexual assault where the victim has asked for help but don’t get it because there are not enough resources available for cops to pursue and arrest their predator.. In 2012, nationwide there were 346,830 reported violent rapes and sexual assaults, but the cops managed to find and arrest a mere 4.5% or 15,591.

  16. According to the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 1991 to 2012, there were 232 murders of prostitutes, yet in that same time period, there were 1,303 law enforcement officers who were murdered on duty. There are an estimated 500,000 to 2 million full and part time prostitutes in the US, and approximately 900,000 law enforcement agents at federal, state and local levels. This info can be found in the annual tables called ‘murder by circumstances’ and law enforcement deaths. If the number of law enforcement agents is nearly twice the number of sex workers ( which it would be if we use the 500,000 estimate of sex workers), we can double the number of prostitute numbers to 464 to work out the difference or we can halve the number of cops and corresponding murders and it would give us about 650. If the higher estimate of numbers of sex workers is true, then the ratio of murdered prostitutes to murdered cops is even greater.

    So any way you slice it, it is much more dangerous to be a law enforcement agent than a prostitute. Perhaps the LVPD ought to discourage girls from going into law enforcement… And it would certainly help if the cops stopped molesting the teens that go into the Explorer program… Teach the cops to keep their hands off minors…. Like the police officer from Uniontown Ohio- John L. Marra, who was caught having sex on duty with a 16 year old girl, convicted of misconduct, given probation and is NOW the POLICE CHIEF of another Ohio town…

  17. You can find the links to the FBI website and tables from, and you can also find the long and horrific list of cops who rape and sexually assault minors, including babies as young as 18 months,a on the site under:

    There is an academic study from a few years ago on the phenomenon of police sexual abuse of Explorer Scouts, and you can find this by searching for that topic. Purity? Who are they kidding?

  18. Safe bet says the teens are much more mature and intelligent than those who are “teaching” them.

  19. Although his mom did make us stay the night and not drive.

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