'I Hope Jeb Runs,' Says Dubya, Arizona Has Harsh New Revenge Porn Law, Pics of Oklahoma's Satanic Statue: P.M. Links


  • "I hope Jeb runs" for president in 2016 and he can "give me a call" if he needs any political advice, George W. Bush said today. Hopefully that endorsement is enough reason for the GOP to run in the opposite direction.

  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed one of the nation's harshest "revenge porn" laws yesterday. It is now a felony to "to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure."
  • Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is using Donald Sterling's racism controversy to rekindle his personal crusade to make the Washington Redskins change its name. Doesn't this guy have anything better to do in his own jurisdiction? Pick another fight with some ranchers, perhaps?
  • Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) recently called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom." Thompson responded to backlash yesterday saying, "but I'm black."
  • A Russian diplomat was detained in Ukraine today under suspicion of espionage. Ukraine also relaunched its military draft today in response to increased separatist violence.
  • Remember when a Satanic Temple in Oklahoma launched a campaign to get a goat-headed statue displayed on the front lawn of the statehouse? Here are the first pictures of the statue.

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  1. Remember when a Satanic Temple in Oklahoma launched a campaign to get a goat-headed statue displayed on the front lawn of the statehouse?

    All hail the dark lord.

    1. ‘Afternoon, beautiful people of Reason.

      I think I need to take a break from this place. I’m very, very angry lately, and it’s Reason’s fault.

      1. The beautiful people, the beautiful people…

      2. Good luck. I have tried in the past and failed.

        1. Me too. I’ve often wondered if I wasn’t aware of many of these things if I’d be blissfully ignorant rather than filled with dread.

          1. According to this, yes:

            News constantly triggers the limbic system. Panicky stories spur the release of cascades of glucocordicoid (cortisol). This deregulates your immune system and inhibits the release of growth hormones. In other words, your body finds itself in a state of chronic stress. High glucocordicoid levels cause impaired digestion, lack of growth (cell, hair, bone), nervousness and susceptibility to infections. News consumers risk impairing their physical health. The other potential side effects of news include fear, aggression, tunnel-vision and desensitization.

            1. Ignorance is bliss?

        2. I need a job that doesn’t let me sit a computer while the computer runs programs in order to escape this. Unfortunately sitting at a computer is the highest paid thing I am qualified to do.

            1. Not for money.

        3. “Tried and failed?”
          “No. Tried and Died”

          1. Reason Hit&Run; IS the Gom Jabar

      3. You need to select your threads better.

        1. It has been nutpuncheriffic today ๐Ÿ™

      4. I understand, Andrew; but don’t, um, shoot the messenger.

        Peace. “See” ya later.

      5. I have the same problem sometimes. I feel like I should stop caring sometimes. Someone will tell me if libertopia happens, right?

        1. You’ll notice because the roads will have gone to hell.

          1. But everyone will be driving drunk and high at 100 mph, shooting wildly into the air and each other.

      6. I hear ya. It’s been rough lately, and today especially.

    2. Not a fan of satanists, but this is an epic troll. The children are a particularly inflammatory touch.

      1. You just know those kids are gingers.

        1. What color is satan?

          1. Anything but Black.

            1. it’s not black it’s navy blue.

          2. Well, there’s all sorts of lesser imps and demons, but the Great Satan himself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail and carries a hay fork.

            1. No, sir. He’s white, as white as you folks, with empty eyes and a big hollow voice, and he travels around with a mean ole hound.

              1. What color’s the hound?

              2. You know the thing about a white man, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white.

              3. He looks like Walter Huston.

            2. So you could say he’s a redskin?

        2. Satan has no use for the soulless.

          1. My thoughts exactly.

            1. Meanwhile, I can think of a lot of uses for the redheaded women…

          2. zing!

          3. *God* doesn’t have any use for the soulless – but he doesn’t have any hold over them either since God won’t pay the temporal bills.

    3. Nice, what is it called when you double post before any of the other commentariat posts once?

      1. Rubbing it in?

      2. Nothing worth commenting about.

        1. So the “Donald Sterling”.

    4. So i have been reading Wikipedia about Celtic Pagan gods…

      Apparently they had a horned god which today we pretty much know nothing about other then that he had a pet ram headed serpent.

      1. I knew my mother-in-law was old, but I didn’t think she was that old.

      2. I assume you mean Cernunnos?

    5. All hail the dark lord.

      Satanists are lame.

      basically they take iconography of pagan futility, wine and fuck gods and claim they represent some sort of lame interpretation of nihilism.

      The God of hey look at my horns then lets get drunk and screw =/ the serpent in Edan.

      If anything they should use the iconography of Mercury if they want to steal pagan Gods for their bullshit. Mercury is much closer to the Satan they worship then Bacchus or Pan.

      1. But I like Bacchus.

        1. I do too.

          Why do you think I am pissed off that stupid satanists are screwing up his image?

    6. Funny, but not a particularly good sculpture.

  2. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) recently called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom.” Thompson responded to backlash yesterday saying, “but I’m black.”

    “Free pass, assholes!”

    1. “But not for that Uncle Tom!!!!!!”

      /Derpresentative Thompson

    2. Thompson responded to backlash yesterday saying, “but I’m black retarded.”


      1. Nice, especially with the touch of, you know ….

    3. He’s probably not a fan of Lando Calrissian, either.

    4. Dat head tho.

    5. Thompson responded to backlash yesterday saying, “but I’m black.”

      Here’s what I don’t get about their thinking – wouldn’t a white guy calling a black guy an ‘Uncle Tom’ sort of be a compliment (backhanded though it may be)while coming from another black guy it’d be an insult?

    6. “He just means that Thomas is too deferential to white people!”

      -Bo Cara, idiot

  3. Cops happily signing non-disclosure agreement with license-plate tracking firm to prevent disclosure of existence of license-plate tracking firm. What could go wrong?

    Boilerplate cop-derp from der commentz: “officers are underpaid, overworked, and just want to get home for dinner with their family.”


    2. I don’t give a shit what the contract says. FOIA trumps it. Period.

      1. I agree that FOIA and open government principals should trump that, or prevent those cops from signing those NDA’s in the first place, but it will be interesting to see what the courts do with this.

        Also, FOIA laws are a real crazy-quilt. The federal FOI law only applies to the feds, and the states have their own FOI laws of varying scope.

        1. PA’s is weird. IIRC, Penn St is immune because they are a “private” university in the eyes of the state.

        2. With respect to breathalyzers the courts have been really skeptical about enforcement of these NDA’s hiding source code.

          I hope they expand that scrutiny to this shit.

    3. Funny, many of the jurisdictions I worked with had several overtime grubbing officers. One “detective” in Aurora, IL made more than 140K one year…. and that was some time back.

      1. one of my favorites was in PA where the local officers could choose any 2 year period of their “service” to determine their retirement rate.

        1. In CA, it’s automatically the highest 3 years.

      2. It’s way more than that now.

    4. Most fun press release from that company’s website:

      Laws against anti-license plate recognition legislation mess with our first amendment rights!

      Effect on our fourth amendment rights not noted.

      1. Laws against anti-license plate recognition? Is that a triple negative?

    1. The end-times are here!

    2. Where’s Jesse? This must be a sign of the end times. I need to know.

      1. Isn’t he traveling? Don’t worry — yet.

      2. Hmm.

        *flips through book of pan-religious eschatology bound in human skin*

        Oddly no. I assume this is a good time to start a new end times cult and add it in though. Anyone feeling ambitious and like the taste of Kool-Aid?

        1. Isn’t ANY time a good time to start an end times cult?

          1. False.

            Omens and portents are essential to the founding of an end times cult. METALGOAT is ominous.

            If you have supernatural powers you can make your own omens, but for everyone else you need a comet, alignment of planets/eclipse, freakish births, natural disaster (including famine) or at the very least a very bloody battlefield (preferably with a dusky sunset and an abundance of corvids)

            The election of an opposite team player to the presidency is the brown dwarf of apocalyptic omens.

            1. If you can’t find omens and portents you aren’t looking hard enough.

              I suspect you are greatly overestimating the critical thinking skills of people who would join an end times cult.

              1. Which is good, the world needs more optimists, before the end times engulf us all.

                Which is any day now, surely.

                1. I may have accidentally had a small cult following at one point. Believe me. It’s very easy to get people to believe you have some kind of supernatural abilities, but you need more punch than that to take it up to an end times cult.

                  1. Story time.

                    1. I had long blond hair and a beard for a while. It started with people jokingly calling me “gay Jesus” then a rumor started that I brought good parking luck. I started getting invited on really random car trips and going out for things where parking was difficult. Then some of my more studious friends started claiming that they were doing well on very hard tests because of my blessings. People started asking for my blessings and I went along with it. At one point I had a girl clawing at my shirt begging me to bless her for a test she hadn’t studied for. It was a bit terrifying and I put the kibosh on all talk of it in my friend group.

                    2. If you’d only smacked her on the forehead and commanded the demons to be gone, you could be a very rich man today.

                    3. She was the spawn of a litigious lawyer.

    3. Most METAL sheep ever!!!

      1. Tell me, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?

    1. Oh yeah, they can beat your ass and get away with it. They can threaten your family and that’s ok.

  4. A Russian diplomat was detained in Ukraine today under suspicion of espionage. Ukraine also relaunched its military draft today in response to increased separatist violence.

    But they’ve lost their combat dolphin program…

    1. Ukraine also relaunched its military draft today

      But but but everyone tells me they are the good guys?!?!?

      1. It may not help, but they are facing an existential threat, as a nation, so I understand why they would do it. I just don’t think a draft is a way to get a force that will defend as well as volunteers (besides my libertarian objections to slave armies).

        1. Or the simple idea that if you can’t *get* people to volunteer then maybe your state doesn’t deserve to exist.

          1. It’s cool to be so hoity-toity when your country is separated by two oceans from any hostile power.

            1. Canada did raze the White House once.

              1. That was long before the total wars of the American Civil War or the World War variety.

              2. And I have begged more than one Commonwealth military officer to lead such a venture again…they all say “no”, dammit!

        2. Agree with the first sentence. However, the Ukrainians (together with the Russians and others, of course, within the Soviet Army) defeated the Germans during WWII with a universal military conscription. I’m afraid an all-volunteer military force wouldn’t have been enough.

          1. defeated the Germans during WWII with a universal military conscription.

            Sometimes, when i really think about it, i get a lump in my throat and tears well up in my eyes at the thought of all those brave slave soldiers who died fighting to protect and preserve Stalin’s regime.

            Such a noble sacrifice.

      2. Maybe they’re hoping the only people who show up will be pro-Russians who like being bossed around by authoritarians. That way they can just exhaust them with PT.

    1. I certainly didn’t hear it. Just mumbling. Growing up, I always heard it as tiger. Only later did I hear the offensive versions.

  5. Remember when a Satanic Temple in Oklahoma launched a campaign to get a goat-headed statue displayed on the front lawn of the statehouse? Here are the first pictures of the statue.

    Is it a statue of Jim Brewer?

    1. *Somewhat* reminiscent of Dianne Feinstein.

  6. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed one of the nation’s harshest “revenge porn” laws yesterday.

    One wonders what the gov has floating around out there.

    1. Thank you so much for that image.

      1. Yeah….that might make dinner leave today’s schedule.

    2. I suspect this is one of those cases where the legislators and executive know it was a bad law but went ahead and passed and signed it anyway, due to cowardice, and are fully expecting the courts to overturn it.

      1. “You expect me to go back in front of my constituents and answer questions about why I’m FOR revenge porn? Like hell I will!”

  7. We hardly knew ya
    DJ E-Z Rock of ‘It Takes Two’ Fame Dead at 46

    1. Ladies love me, girls adore me
      I mean even the ones who never saw me.

    2. Well damn.

    1. Hehehe…beaver…

      1. Starring Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. He’s all over this thread!

        1. Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?

    2. Was it Dagget or Norbert?

      1. Curse you for getting in first with this!

    3. Was it Daggett or Norbert?

  8. Fauxcahontas wants to save the middle class

    Just vote for her. Even if she’s a millionaire, she still has your best interests in mind!

    1. “We had to destroy the middle class to save it.”

      1. It’s perfectly acceptable to cure the disease by killing the patient.

    2. She needs more homes to foreclose on and flip.

    1. It was mostly diet, especially access to dairy.

      1. No, disease-load.

    2. Voters want to marry medical marijuana?

      Also, I suspect the comment/theory by Peter Greenhouse (increased genetic diversity due to people moving around encouraged increased height) has some merit to it.

      1. Voters want to marry medical marijuana?

        Worked for Kumar.

  9. It is now a felony “to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.”

    Well, I for one hope there’s more to the law than *that*!

    1. So if, say, a high-profile politician embroiled in a scandal doesn’t want their picture in the paper, can they charge the reporters with a felony for publishing it?

      1. Why yes, yes they could.

    2. Yeah that sounds like if I takle a picture near a landmark and someone else is in the background, and then post my picture on Facebook, then I’ve just committed a felony?


  10. It is now a felony to “to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.”

    Oh boy, the lawtrolling is strong with this statute.

    Who’s going to get collared first, a news team or a Youtuber?

    1. Small potatoes. Go after Google for a Street View photo.

      1. Street view blurs, or at least tries to blur faces, addresses, and license plates.

    2. Who’s going to get collared first, a news team or a Youtuber?

      If he/she is filming vertical video, the youtuber deserves it more.

      To paraphrase Martin Niem?ller: first they came for those shooting video vertically and I said “fuck that guy, he’s doing it wrong.”

      1. I laughed… And then I reread it and laughed yet again.

        1. Yep.

    3. The next live sports event that shows anyone in the crowd.

      1. If I ever go to an event in AZ (before this is tested), I will file charges.

        1. Get a seat right behind home plate, and wear a shirt that says “I Don’t Consent” in large print.

          1. How about, “If this airs, you are a felon.”

  11. AT&T wants to buy DirecTV

    Oh joy. Now I can have shitty satellite service!

    1. Fuck. I just got rid of DirecTV in favor of UVerse. Don’t make me go back. Especially since my only other alternative is Comcast.

      1. They’ll likely keep UVerse, but I hated my experience with UVerse just staying with my grandfather when I visit.

        I currently have DirecTV and love it, for the most part. NFL Sunday Ticket cannot be replaced!

        1. The only reason I kept DirecTV for so long was Sunday Ticket, but I just watched RedZone most of the time anyways, and I get RedZone (albeit a different one) on UVerse. I’d used UVerse at my mom’s house for a couple of years (visiting every Saturday) before I switched myself.

          Plus I’m paying as much for internet+TV on UVerse as I was paying for TV with DirecTV,a nd getting more channels.

        2. After having DirecTV for a good 5 years, when I moved I could really have it and switched to FiOS and then Comcast. DirecTV blows them both away. Except for, you know, the rain thing.

  12. Combined CONMEBOL and CONCACAF Copa America finally in place.

    1. That sounds like two Central American insurgencies.

      1. …sponsored by the CIA.

        1. The first one sounds commie, the second one could be the rightwing death squadish one!

          1. Let’s not mince words – they’re both death squads.

    2. Not really combined. No one in CONMEBOL has to qualify.

      1. No one in CONMEBOL ever has to qualify for Copa America.

        1. I know, which was fine when it was just CONMEBOL.

          If its truly a “combined” tournament, everyone should be on equal footing.

          It isnt a combined tournament. Its just normal Copa with a few extra invites sent north.

          1. From your initial description, I thought Copa and the Gold Cup were combining into a single tournament.

            1. Yeah, technically it’s CONCACAF being invited in but it’s also a special Copa America out side the normal schedule to celebrate the centennial so it’s also a brand new tournament.

              I mean CONMEBOL is over-represented in the World Cup to (50% qualify) but that’s still a combined tournament.

              1. I wouldnt have a problem if all 10 qualified. I doubt they are over-represented in the WC either. Asia is overrepresented, and probably Concacaf.

            2. Also, I have no doubt that this is a test run to see how much money the tournament makes to decide on more merging in the future.

  13. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is using Donald Sterling’s racism controversy to rekindle his personal crusade to make the Washington Redskins change its name.

    It might be a personal crusade if he wasn’t Senate Majority Leader.

    1. Why not wait for the Clippers to sell to push a name change there? The probability would be pretty good (they have always sucked as the Clippers + RACISM!). Then, Reid can claim it was all his doing.

      1. The Clippers franchise was originally the Buffalo Braves. Sterling could do some major trolling by suggesting a return to the Braves name, perhaps adding a “caricature drunk Indian logo” a la Chief Wahoo.

        1. Ha, good point. He’s old, why not go out having some fun?

          1. “The Ethnic Girlfriends”

    2. At least if it was Fauxcahontas leading this crusade, I’d understand…

      (okay, that was just wrong)

      1. Considering that real Indians/Native Americans don’t care about the name, but white people do, it would make a ton of sense if she was leading the charge.

        1. Actually, the reason I’m personally against the name is because a Native American friend of mine is against the name, and I’m willing to respect his judgement.

          But you made me laugh anyways.

          1. Then he’s part of the 9% of them who is easily offended, which actually makes him rarer than a moon landing conspiracy theorist.

  14. I think a more on-target alt-text would have been
    “Starring Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers”.

  15. A tax code provision (currently being litigated) lets “ministers of the gospel” take an parsonage allowance, so the tax on their homes can be reduced. A Congressman wants to specify that a minister of the gospel is a “duly recognized official of a religious, spiritual, moral, or ethical organization (whether theistic or not).”


  16. America stay out da Bushes.

    1. Funny, I read that as “Go ahead Bro, if you think it’s so easy, you run.”

  17. It is now a felony to “to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.”

    I don’t see how that stands. Just wait until a photographer is arrested for taking a picture of someone in public, or someone goes after a newspaper for taking a picture they don’t like. That law seems to be written in a very vague manner that can go after all sorts of other things besides “revenge porn”.

    1. That’s the thing, Nick, cowardly legislators pass bullshit laws all the time. They know they won’t survive a court challenge, but they can say they “did something.”

      1. And pocket the revenue between now and then, too.

    2. Pretty easy to make this a not-very-stealth ban on making it officially illegal to record cops, instead of the de facto way to get beat on that it is now.

  18. For all those of you in Illinois, who are planning to leave or who simply enjoy schadenfruede, I present: Noble Illinois Public Servants-Serving themselves at the public trough.

    More than 11,000 Public employees are collecting $100K or more annually in pension payment

    (Another 78,000 are getting more than $50K annually)

    1. Stop rubbing it in, dammitall!

      1. I feel your pain.

  19. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) recently called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom.” Thompson responded to backlash yesterday saying, “but I’m black.”

    OK i guess I should read the book cuz it appears know one actually knows what the fuck the term “Uncle Tom” actually means.

    Anyone know if the book is any good? or am I in for a slog read?

    1. Just watch the weird Asian interpretation from The King and I…

    2. The book is written in a 19th century sentimental style which hasn’t aged well, but it’s certainly very dramatic. It is also very God-intensive, if you’re into that sort of thing.

      The Uncle Tom stereotype came not from the novel but from some stage versions which played anti-black stereotypes for laughs.

      In the novel, Uncle Tom isn’t actually an Uncle Tom. He actually (SPOILER ALERT) gets killed by Simon Legree for failing to disclose the location of a fugitive slave.

      1. The modern meaning of “Uncle Tom” as a slur actually comes from the slavery-apologist genre of Anti-Tom literature. So the people who use it are basically the unwitting dupes of white supremacists.

      2. It really is crazy how no one knows about the actual book but only the racial reference to the thearter shows that came later.

        The book was written by an abolishionist with an explicit message in it that black people were NOT sub human.

        The Uncle Tom character was written to show, that unlike popular sentiment of the day, that a black man could be a person of outstanding integrity and character.

    1. First food deserts; now food poverty.

      I blame violent video games.

      1. I get so sick of hearing this. There is nothing cheaper than the produce section at the supermarket, and if you go to an independent produce store, you can get an enormous bag of fruits and vegetables for under $20. Yes, if you pay for the most beautiful “specially organic” Whole-Foods type individual items it will cost a lot more, but I would encourage against anyone on a fixed income shopping like that anyway.

        This kind of crap comes out every few months, trying to explain why poor people are morbidly obese, and saying the answer is to give them even more funds for free food.

        1. You don’t understand, C.

          Modern people can’t eat *anything* unless it’s heavily processed and packaged. They JUST. CANNOT.

        2. The other day I bought an onion for 25 cents and it occurred to me that if anything, produce is cheaper now than it was 20 years ago – and in NYC vs Buffalo at that. Meat is a little more expensive and dairy, well, we all know why that’s more expensive.

        3. The problem has been framed as fast food being too inexpensive to resist. So progs favor raising prices, just like on cigs.

  20. Anyone here a backpacker? I’ve been getting into it lately, and am planning on stepping it up with an End-to-End Long Trail hike the end of this summer.

    1. Yes. What you want to know?

      Also, my ex was a successful AT through hiker so I can tap his experience for you.

      1. You’re just looking for an excuse to tap him.

        1. Dang…I was too slow to get a chance to hit that nice, slow pitch over the plate.

          1. I felt like I was in the slow pitch section of the batting cages.

        2. Good one, Beach Boy. And would that I could. Sigh.

    2. Longest I’ve done is the Kalalau trail. Are you talking multi-day?

      1. The Long Trail is about 3 weeks.

        1. I did 18 days in Kern Valley in HS, but it was with a fairly large group. We had a resupply two weeks in.

          1. I’ll be pretty much solo. My ex wants to do 1 week of it, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

            My sister and parents both live within 5 miles of it, so I’m going to use them and do resupplies every week. Plus I’ll have someone to pick me up when I get to Canada.

            1. The fewer people you have the more essentials you have to carry yourself, and the less gear you’re going to have at your disposal. Wear your boots everywhere for a while before you go. It’s as much to break your feet in as your boots. Pack Moleskin tape. Have your pack properly fitted by someone else and learn what they’re doing to adjust it appropriately.

              1. Already done the pack. I’m only worried about the boots because I’ve just used my old running shoes for weekend trips before, so I’ve never had to buy before. I am planning on getting them pretty soon, since I’ll be doing a 2 day hike at the end of this month.

              2. This. And put one of these in your pack.


        2. That’s about right. Kept meaning to do it but haven’t.

          1. Feel free to join me in mid August (don’t worry, we’ll be back for football).

            1. I’ll actually seriously consider that, although it’s unlikely I could get the time unless work went to shit. Which it could. I’m assuming you have gear but let me know if you need anything.

      2. My nephew did the entire Appalachian trail. It took months.

    3. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting into it, but I’m not sure where to start. Any good resources for beginners?

      1. The absolute best thing to do is hook up with an experienced group for an overnight. Hiking in groups is good because one person carries the water filter, another carries the stove, etc.

        There are probably some good books but I can’t recommend any.

        Become an experienced day-hiker first.

        1. Weekend trips seem like a good place to start too, since (on top of getting more miles in) you have to do the camping part.

          1. The camping part is the most fun for me

    4. Nothing specific really. Just general talk, like we do about homebrew all the time.

      Only things I’m concerned with are getting some good boots and deciding what I want to do for my shelter (I’m planning on using the 3 walled shelters pretty much everyday, but I gotta have a backup plan).

      1. Bear country?

        1. To the point of using a bear bag/box at night: yes.

          To the point of carrying a gun for 270 miles: no.

          1. I did a lot of backpacking when I was in high school with my scout troop. The scout leaders always had at least one firearm with them.

            Our group was followed by a mountain lion for about a mile when we were in New Mexico.

            We had to post a look out for alligators/crocs when we were in the Florida pan handle when we were learning how to drain canoes, etc.

            Also, you meet some weird people on trails, especially you’re going to use the shelters.

            We also met some people who would hike with cats because there were so many mice in the shelters. The cat would just fall asleep on the top of their packs during the day.

      2. If you’re going alone, just take a decent bivy sack. Much lighter than a tent, and pretty much just as comfortable by yourself.

  21. Some more colorized pictures, if you haven’t seen them yet.

    The ice girl on the right has a winsome smile.

    I have to wonder if Chaplin was wondering how to seduce Helen Keller.

    1. The ice girl on the right is lovely.

      1. They are both under 3 feet tall…

        Nutrition and decease and all back then don’t ya know.

      2. And also functionally retarded by today’s standards of intelligence….

    2. She looks like she needs warming up.

      1. Hey …. that’s Epi’s *great grandmother*!

      2. This is why there are no libertarian ice girls.

    3. That’s Larry Fine.

    4. Abraham Lincoln has to be the ugliest man of all time.

      1. look up ‘Brezhnev answers the phone’

      2. You say this having seen Henry Waxman?!

        1. putting a pig in a suit does not make it a man.

        2. He said man, not mole-human hybrid.

    5. Some serious leg showing for the 1920s on the ballet dancer to the far right.

      1. If only the times were more enlightened, she could have sued the photographer for revenge porn.

      2. I was about to say the same thing, only I know left from right.

      3. And for ballet dancers those are some heifers. I didn’t think they let them ever eat.

        1. Men were stronger back then. They could through a real woman in the air.

    6. Man, that picture of Anne Frank’s father. Just… man.

    7. Oddly enough, Marilyn Monroe does not look fat at all.

      1. how could you tell nothing in that pitcher gives you scale. You need to get a boat in the background to appreciate the size of that whale.

        1. *picture, got baseball on the brain.

    8. That last photo… all those boys look like 30 year old midgets.

    9. Why were kids so damned ugly back then?

  22. The court held that the officer acted reasonably under U.S. Const., 4th Amend., in detaining defendant. A reasonable police officer, considering the totality of the circumstances, would reasonably suspect criminal activity might be afoot upon viewing someone riding a bicycle, with an ax, at 3 a.m., even though no recent “ax crime” had been reported. While there were doubtless some reasonable explanations that might be conjured up, the possibility of an innocent explanation did not deprive the officer of the capacity to entertain a reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct. There is some activity that is so unusual, so far removed from everyday experience, that it cries out for investigation, and will justify a detention even when there is no specific crime to which it seems to relate.

    1. Terry V. Ohio is a monster that needs to die.

      1. That was from a 1998 case, but yes.

        I just thought it was funny.

        1. It is. But why can’t I ride a bike with my axe at three o’clock in the morning?

          1. I think you should be able to. Its a horrific decision.

  23. “I hope Jeb runs” maybe then he’ll stop fighting you over ruining his chances.

    1. We really need Bush Jong-Un to lead this country to greatness.

      1. We really just need to skip the election and have a cage match (axes and bicycles?) between Hildog and Jeb.

        Winner gets to sell $1/punch tickets to pay off the debt.

  24. This is kind of a funny bad cop story in a Coen Brothers style dumbass plan gone wrong way.

    In November 2010, Frett had a scheme: While he was alone on patrol in Camden one night, his wife would drive up in a dark van. She would shoot him in the leg and escape as an unknown assailant.

    Injured in the line of duty, Frett would retire on disability at age 40 to collect a tax-free pension of roughly $50,000 a year ? two-thirds of his salary ? for the rest his life. And they would live happily ever after.

    But that’s not what happened, according to Philly.com and other news outlets that covered the story.

    Frett’s wife’s aim was not accurate that fateful evening. The bullet she fired at her husband hit his pants leg but missed him. Over police radio, Frett reported that he had been shot.

    A nearby plainclothes officer stopped the getaway van and apprehended Frett’s wife. Questioned by investigators, the couple’s denials soon unraveled. Their plan was publicly exposed.

    1. It would have been funnier if he got hit in the penis.

      1. “She wasn’t a good shot, and so won’t he.”

    2. Also, I drove through Camden this morning because my normal route was flooded and it looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

      1. When does Camden not look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

        1. Never. It always does. I felt like I was in Fallout 3. Sometimes I just forget what a shithole it is.

    3. I love the scene from the first season of The Wire where one of the lazy cops (“humps”) assigned to the unit stands at the top of the stairs, trying to work up the nerve to throw himself down in order to get injured on the job and retire early.

    4. I don’t know when he started but don’t most Heroes “retire” not long after that age? Couldn’t he wait a couple years?

  25. Getting children to behave better could be as easy as swapping that chicken leg for smaller pieces of food they can eat with a fork.
    “A study in the journal of Eating Behaviors finds kids are more socially aggressive and disobedient when they have to hold onto their food.” (Via KPTV)

    1. The study’s authors say they found that kids between the ages of 6 and 10 were more aggressive and rowdier

      Hey, that’s also the age range when their little spirits have been crushed by public schooling.

    2. “That does it! No more lollypops or ice cream cones for you!”

    3. A study in the journal of Eating Behaviors finds kids are more socially aggressive and disobedient when they have to hold onto their food.

      Just the opposite with my kids.

  26. The people protesting Condoleezza Rice’s commencement at Rutgers haven’t given up yet. My fb feed has people going on about it, and I’ve been invited to events to continue protesting and “Confront President Barchi.” People keep on talking about the student voice and “having a conversation.” There’s been plenty of conversation and even a formal public debate on the subject for a while now. But leftists, as usual, have a very different idea of what a “conversation” means.

    Being surrounded by campus liberals is so painful.

    1. “having a conversation.”

      “Shut up while I’m conversing at you!”

      1. +1 Lecture


    2. I graduated law school from Syracuse in 2003. We had our own commencement, so we weren’t involved in the undergrad commencement, but the undergraduate commencement speaker was Rudy Giuliani.

      Lots of students had a problem with him. You know what they did? They didn’t protest, they didn’t confront. When he got up to speak, they simply stood up, and turned their backs on him. Seems more effective to me.

      1. I like that. It’s a good was for the assholes to stand and be counted.

        1. was=way.

        2. A big Rumsfeld/Condi supporter?

      2. How many of them could name a single fact about him other than his political party?

        1. Yeah, that’s all anyone could ever have against Rumsfeld after all.

    3. I can’t find the links on google where the NAACP and NOW are griefing over this.

  27. It is now a felony to “to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.”

    So how long until someone gets charged with “revenge porn” for filming a police officer?

  28. This woman is OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED I tell you, because Charlton Heston’s image is on a stamp

    “Whatever Mr. Heston might have accomplished as a movie star is tarnished forever to me and millions like me, who will forever equate him as the face of the National Rifle Association.”

    1. I’ll be at the Post Office.

      1. Hopefully you won’t have to pry the stamps from the cold, dead hands of a postal clerk.

    2. is tarnished forever to me and millions I am certain think just like me

    3. Good thing no one gives a shit about what you and millions like you think, Ms. Keane.

      1. She’s the last person in America still using stamps. The Post Office is going to fight hard to keep her.

        1. That actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

          And have stamps hit the 50 cent mark yet? (shows how much I use stamps)

          1. Close! 49 cents for First Class stamped mail.

          2. The “forever” stamp thing was genius.

            No one has a clue anymore, but people used to complain every time it went up.

          3. Seinfeld did some standup bit about the cost of stamps on the first Fallon Tonight Show that was pretty damn funny. About 3 minutes in on this clip.

    4. I’m sorry, but if you don’t like Chuck Heston, you aren’t an American. Please leave now.

      1. WooHoo!

        He was awesome in Touch of Evil as well as all his well known ones (Apes, Omega Man, etc).

        Plus he was awesome waving that musket around

    5. “Get your tongue off me, you damn dirty nitwit!”

    6. I remember the horribly rude things liberals were saying about him right after he died. I guess if you’re against guns, it’s a free pass to treat people like shit.

      1. It’s like when Thatcher died a month after Chavez. People who were mourning the death of a tyrant who quashed media opposition and iirc subjected an opposing judge to detention and rape cheered the death of an archetypal strong independent woman who rose above class and gender limitations to become Britain’s only female pm in history.

        1. And there was even an attempt to get The wicked witch is dead on the top of the UK singles chart when Thatcher died.

      2. I remember the horribly rude things liberals were saying about him right after he died. I guess if you’re against guns, it’s a free pass to treat people like shit.

        I remember one asshat calling him a racist. I was like, bitch Charlton Heston was 30 feet behind Martin Luther King while he gave his most famous speech. Who the fuck are you?

  29. http://www.conservativeblog.or…..ikely.html

    New enrollment data shows Obamacare death spiral likely.

    1. People who are flakey enough to wait until the last minute are probably also flakey when it comes to paying premiums.

      That’s why we’re adding premium withholding to the IRS’s duties.

    2. Obamacare death spiral likely.

      get out of town! Why didn’t someone warn us?!

    3. Just in time for the next recession and presidential election! 2008: now with several more years and a terrible government program to sandbag the Dems!

    4. New enrollment data shows Obamacare death spiral likely.


      John let me explain economics to you…obviously you just don’t understand basic concepts about government finance.

      We just print more money.

  30. “I hope Jeb runs” for president in 2016 and he can “give me a call” if he needs any political advice, George W. Bush said today. Hopefully that endorsement is enough reason for the GOP to run in the opposite direction..

    Bush vs Clinton 2016 !!

    I can’t wait to watch some political dynasty-on-political dynasty action!!

  31. This is a little old, but it looks like Shreek isn’t the only one who hates Clarence Thomas because of his race.

    SCOTUS decision today shows it’s 5/9ths racist. And yes, Clarence Thomas hates his own race.

    Poor Clarence Thomas. Hates himself Everytime he remembers he got his job cuz court needed some color

    Once again, Affirmative Action hypocrite Clarence Thomas slams the door behind himself. Thx Uncle Thom(as)

    Clarence Thomas really is the universe’s equal and opposite reaction to MLK

    1. I remember MLK having a dream of racial preferences.

      1. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. by the job they receive through affirmative action.

    2. Um, that’s racism, straight up.

    3. While I am sure there are KKK members and other racists on the right running around, it seems to me that the biggest racists (and misogynists) in this country are progressives who attack libertarian/conservative minorities and women. Conservatives get blasted for “dog whistles,” while openly racist leftists get free passes.

      1. That’s because progressives practice the right kind of racism.

      2. are KKK members and other racists on the right

        The KKK? How does being a racist and a socialist magically make you rightwing?

    4. There was this Minnesota Democrat guy who said the same thing about Thomas, and then claimed he did not know that the term was racist. The funny thing is he was a history major something like that.

    5. Poor Clarence Thomas. Hates himself Everytime he remembers he got his job cuz court needed some color

      I’m guessing they haven’t read any of his opinions on affirmative action. They’re proving his damn point.

    1. “But I’ve never touched nothing that my spirit could will.”

      Good stuff.

      1. *kill*

        But, I kinda like my typo. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    2. We fronted for them in Lincoln back in about ’82. They were incredible!

    1. Silly me. I thought fire hydrants were supposed to be easy to see. You know, to make it easier to find them quickly during a fire.

    2. The fact that they aren’t a bright color and there is zero signage tells me that it’s intentional.

  32. German student killed in Montana in “castle doctrine” case.
    The father of a German exchange student shot dead in Montana after he trespassed in a man’s garage has said the US cannot continue to “play cowboy” with firearms.
    Markus Kaarma has been charged with deliberate murder in the Sunday killing of Diren Dede, 17, of Hamburg.
    But he says Montana’s self-defence law allowed him to shoot the boy.
    Mr Kaarma, a 29-year-old firefighter, has told investigators his home had twice been hit by burglars, and he told a hair stylist he had waited up at night to shoot intruders, prosecutors said.
    On the night of the shooting, Mr Kaarma and his partner Janelle Pflager left their garage door open, and Ms Pflager left her purse in the garage in order to bait intruders, she told police.
    They set up motion sensors and a video monitor, prosecutors said.
    When the sensors went off just after midnight and they saw a man on the monitor screen, Mr Kaarma went outside and fired a shotgun into the garage without warning several times.

    1. A) Kaarma is a bitch (sorry).
      B) I’m not sure that’s “castle doctrine” so much as “lying in wait and murdering someone”.

      1. It isn’t murder. He shot a trespasser.

        1. I feel really uncomfortable with that. He left the garage door open. For all we know, the kid could have been going to knock on the door to the house to alert them that they left their garage door up.

          At my grandfather’s house, he leaves the door up a lot, so people just knock on it instead of the front door quite often, because the front door is on the side of the house.

          1. I have never seen a front door on the side of a house.

            1. It’s quite common in my grandfather’s neighborhood. In fact, when I was staying there, my bedroom was in the front of the house. And there was a door there to lead to the front patio. People often knocked on it, mistaking it for the front door.

          2. At my grandfather’s house, he leaves the door up a lot, so people just knock on it instead of the front door quite often, because the front door is on the side of the house.

            It’s like that all over Texas as well.

        2. It isn’t murder. He shot a trespasser.

          This wasn’t some home invasion. Are you one of those people that thinks if a little girl runs through your backyard you have the right to shoot her?

      2. Yeah, that’s not self defense at all.

      3. Agreed. Related:

        Wiggum: Now Sideshow Bob can’t get in without me knowing. And once a man is in your home, anything you do to him is nice and legal.
        Homer: [nefariously] Is that so? [calls out window] Oh, Flanders! Won’t you join me in my kitchen? Heh, heh, heh…
        Wiggum: Er, it doesn’t work if you invite him.

    2. The NP article quoted the Dad as saying ‘America can’t be a cowboy like this’. Why not? What are you going to do about it? Raise another idiot to get shot while trespassing?

      1. You don’t shoot trespassers Cytotoxic.

        I have no idea why you need to be told this.

        1. Fine. He was a home invader.

          1. yeah you should not shoot them either unless they pose a threat.

            What is wrong with you? Why is it necessary to tell you this common sense stuff?

            1. I really have no moral responsibility to determine if the guy invading my home ‘poses a threat’. I’d say his presence there is a threat. NAP. You should be directing your appeals to ‘common sense’ at people like the guy who got shot.

              1. NAP.

                You repeat this like you know what it means. Apparently you don’t.

          2. Christ, I’d hate to be a missionary going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

            1. Martyrdom is a good way to get into Heaven, supposedly.

          3. Fine. He was a home invader.

            No he wasn’t. Jesus.

            1. How was he not?

              1. We don’t know he was, because of the retarded shit that the homeowner did. Read the story. He placed his wife’s purse in the middle of an open garage, and then waited for someone to come into his garage. Hunting over bait, so to speak. If the cops did this, it would be entrapment.

                The kid didn’t break through a door or a window. It’s very possible, maybe even probable that he wandered up the driveway to let the homeowner know about his door being open. Then he was shot without warning.

                Look, if you want to do some kind of bait and scare tactic, that’s fine. But you cannot lure someone onto your property and then shoot them from ambush, only to claim self-defense. It’s bullshit.

        2. Well, NAP would allow you. But most of us temper that with a proportional force doctrine as well.

          1. I’m not sure that someone entering an open garage should be considering aggression. If he or she starts picking stuff up and stuffing it in a bag or attempts to gain entry to the house, then yes, I can see that as violating NAP. We have no idea if this kid saw the purse in the garage and was trying to let the occupants know about it or what. Kaarma didn’t try to get the guy to freeze or anything, just started shooting.

            1. Theoretically, trespassing in all forms is aggression. Hence the need for prop force doc.

          2. Well, NAP would allow you.

            Absolutely not. The NAP also involves proportionality. Just like the death penalty for shoplifting, killing someone for stepping foot in your garage uninvited is simply not a proportional response.

            1. The NAP also involves proportionality.

              Since when?

              Not that I’m defending this guy. Leaving the purse out in the open is bullshit. For all you know that kid was going up there to tell them about the door being open and the purse being left out.

              If someone breaks through a locked door or closed window to come inside your home, you can do whatever you want in my book. You don’t get to bait/entice someone into your home and then shoot them without warning.

              1. What if they’re in your open garage?

                1. What if they’re in your open garage?

                  Trickier, context matters a lot here. Someone who shot a UPS driver holding a package at 1PM in his garage is a piece of shit, while someone shooting a guy holding a baseball bat at 1AM is a different story.

                  In this particular case, he set out to lure someone into his house for the express purpose of killing them. That’s crossing the line. The MT law includes the magic word “reasonable”, and he went way past it.

            2. The NAP also involves proportionality.

              I love that you first state that I don’t understand the NAP and then immediately demonstrate you don’t understand the NAP. Brilliant.

  33. Montreal.
    Oh my.
    Get ready.
    A dandy!

  34. Silk Road 2 is now has slightly more listings than its predecessor.


    SR 2 was hit by a hack several months ago that drained some accounts. At the same time many online alt black markets turned out to be scams-Atlantis and Sheep all ran away with the BTC in them. SR on the other hand has forgone its commission and now the 5% charge on the transaction is sent to a random account that was robbed. Accounts keep getting money until they are made whole. Trust has been rebuilt. If you were a SR user and abandoned it you should go back and check your account it may have funds.

    1. Silk Road 2 is now has slightly more listings than its predecessor.

      Streisand effect?

  35. The Wisconsin GOP is defending a resolution defending nullification and secession, and calling on the legislature to nullify droning, Common Core and Obamacare.

    One Republican claims he was booed in March when he mentioned Abraham Lincoln.

    (from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)


    (No-one seems to mention the history of Wisconsin Republicans’ nullification of the federal Fugitive Slave Act, as documented by Tom Woods.)

    1. debating, not defending

    2. There is a lot of good stuff happening at the state level and it gives me reason for optimism. What starts at the state and local level has a way of trickling up.

      Is Wisconsin changing?

      1. Depends what you mean. Democrats will likely continue to win at at the presidential level, but outside of Milwaukee and Madison I think people generally like Walker (not that I think he’s perfect). Ron Johnson is (or at least ran on the idea of being) an outsider, which is a change from the Tommy Thompson Republicans we used to have.

  36. Mother Jones: First Rand Paul opposed aid to Israel. Now he opposes aid to the Palestinians. This “flip flop” means he’s “firmly entered neocon territory.”


    1. Turing test fail.

    2. No one in the comments even questions the logic.

    3. Even for an MJ hit piece, this is pretty bizarre. Stating what appears to be a completely consistent position in different ways in different contexts is apparently unconscionable.

    4. Mother Jones: First Rand Paul opposed aid to Israel. Now he opposes aid to the Palestinians.


      /Derper Jones

  37. Driver less cars will be cool.
    I will be interesting to see how the stat will react to the loss of ticket revenue. My guess is they will fight this tooth in nail.

    1. Jesus. *it and *state

    2. Checkpoints everywhere.

  38. Describes SJWs perfectly

    Ideology of victimhood

    We should be more critically aware of the prevailing ideology of victimhood, which developed in the 1970s, and dominates current thinking. Its mantra, ‘Believe the victim’, sums up the present climate of credulity.
    The sociologist Joel Best describes how, ‘as this ideology became accepted by key institutions, it created a victim industry ? a set of social arrangements that now supports the identification of large numbers of victims.'[vii] This powerful ideology has seven component beliefs:

    Victimization is widespread;
    Victimization has lasting consequences;
    It is morally unambiguous: the victimizer is exploitative, the victim innocent;
    Victimization often goes unrecognized, even by the victims themselves. As Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal is wont to say: ‘They don’t know they’re victims.’
    Individuals must be taught to recognize their own, and others’ victimization. This involves a process of re-education. It can amount to a conversion experience, sometimes of a religious intensity.
    Claims of victimization must be respected (‘believe the victim’).
    The term ‘victim’ can be disempowering. The terms ‘survivor’ or ‘recovering’ are preferable.

    1. Victim advocates start with initially modest campaigns, addressing clear-cut, egregious examples of exploitation. Having gained social acceptance, they then typically expand the problem’s domain, to include a much wider range of behaviours, which they deem problematic. Thus, for example, we now operate expansive definitions of ‘abuse’, ‘trauma’, and sexual victimization. The definition of what ‘rape’ means in criminal law has also been expanded.

      1. We’re all victims of victimization.

        1. This guy could be claiming victimhood (due to his parents), but he’s white, so no takers:


    2. I actually spent a minute looking for the like button.

  39. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed one of the nation’s harshest “revenge porn” laws yesterday.

    See? What’d I tell ya? Every time Arizona enacts an awesome law/removes a bad one its not long before they do something so incredibly derpy it cancels out.

  40. I like the idea that I read in another H&R comments section (sorry I forgot the commenter). If you’re changing the name of the Washington Redskins because it’s racist, why stop at the Redskins part. You might want to change the name of Washington since it’s named after one of the largest American slaveholders, who was a white supremacist, and participated in treason.

    1. I’m pretty sure Washington wasn’t a white supremacist.

      1. But he did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      2. He certainly thought that whites were superior to American Indians and said as much.

  41. A couple of other things that I don’t have links for.

    I was watching Aerial America: Texas on Smithsonian the other day. Some of the footage was from El Paso, showing a Customs and Border Patrol helicopter flying in broad daylight over the area. In the back was a CBP officer hanging out the side with a M-16/AR-15 in low ready position. Do people regularly take pot shots at CBP helicopters in broad daylight? If not, does he need to be flying around like that? How accurate a shot can he expect to take from a moving helicopter?

    The other was something I heard about on the news recently. Some cops went to a house on a domestic call. They heard shots inside so they rushed… to call the SWAT team, then waited until they got a warrant and went inside, where (IIRC) they found the occupants dead in a murder-suicide. So, do the cops bust down the door without a warrant only if they smell pot?

    1. So, do the cops bust down the door without a warrant only if they “smell” pot?


    2. Yeah dude. Rash action around armed people might mean you don’t get home at the end of your shift.

      Kicking down the door of a pothead is so much safer.

    3. “How can you shoot women and children?”

      “Easy! You just don’t lead’em as much.”

  42. There’s a reality show about the Canadian Border. It’s a show designed to piss off libertarians. It is literally all about how the government harasses people and makes the world worse at taxpayer expense.

    1. ‘Border Security’?

      Yeah that show is horrible.
      They harass a guy for hours, then find nothing, but it was all worth it.
      *eye roll*

      1. It is actually a very helpful resource for libertarians and smugglers/black market labourers trying to get into Canada. For instance, one women got busted coming into Canada to work under the guise of a tourist. She had the work schedule on her email which the border trog asked to access! Dumb! Put the work schedule on a different alternate email and fill your normal email with misleading emails you’d expect for a tourist trip.

  43. Milwaukee Cops Ask Citizens to Report Pet Abuse

    I thought about asking them if this applies, but decided I didn’t want to be beaten for “resisting arrest.”

    1. “After the shooting, police wrote Viilo a $122 ticket for letting Bubba run loose.”

      Well at least they didn’t charge her* for the ammunition they fired, so we’re still better than China.

      *Since she’s a taxpayer, I presume, she had already paid for it, of course.

      1. Also – how do you charge someone for letting their dog run loose when it never left their yard in the first place?

    2. How come you haven’t posted that to Twitter yet?

      Turn it into another NYPD-style PR fiasco.

  44. A large bronze statue by a professional sculptor for only $20,000? Sounds cheap. Devilishly cheap.

  45. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed one of the nation’s harshest “revenge porn” laws yesterday. It is now a felony to “to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.”

    Is there an implication here that I should feel sorry for people who do this?

    Well sorry, I don’t. At all.

    1. You don’t think making posting a pic of your ex into a felony is a bit much?

      1. The problem with the law is that it is far too broad, as others have pointed out. Purposely distributing pictures or video of someone in an embarrassing or intimate situation in order to cause emotional or even professional hurt seems to me a violation of the NAP, and so some sort of response should be available for those harmed. This law doesn’t really do the job properly.

        1. Real world cases:

          There is a guy who is being raked over the coals in the “skeptic” community because he supposedly harassed and raped a college at a conference. He has posted pictures (no naughty bits) of them both nude with her on top on the night in question in order to restore his reputation. This is now a felony.

          Remember the hofstra case? With this wording, even showing the video to the cops (which is all that saved them) would be a felony.

        2. Reading my own comment, I’m not sure it’s possible. For example, would it be felony to re-distribute a picture that Carlos Danger sent to me privately? If it’s a public official engaging in illegal or inappropriate behavior, the public should know.

      2. In this day and age, no I don’t, becauae a pic that makes it into the public domain will be in the public domain permantly and can potentially ruin someone’s life.

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