Brickbat: Group Lessons


In Florida, the St. Lucie County school board has fired teacher Dru Dehart. The board found that Dehart had gotten six eighth-grade students to beat up a seventh-grader who had talked back to her in class.

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  1. God-DAMN that’s an ugly bitch. Too bad the kid didn’t hire some private law enforcement (read:the mafia) to break some knee-caps.

    1. She reminds me of someone …. Can’t quite put my finger on it remember yet ….

  2. Holy freaking… Just what the heck is up with somebody who is supposed to be an adult but deals with problems the way a child might?

    1. “I got my 8th graders on you! You ain’t so tough now, are ya boy?!”

    2. Holy shit, she also taught the “critical thinking” class. She should have been fired for incompetence long before this incident.

      1. Its the tallest midget problem. Somebody is going to be the best critical thinker in the group, none of them have to be objectively good at it.

  3. I bet she’s also the kind of neighbor who calls the cops on kids building a tree fort.

  4. Once again, the state is the biggest bully of them all.

  5. Da fuck.

    “I got my 8th graders on you! You ain’t so tough now, are ya boy?!”

    Da. Fuck.

  6. “There has to be a backstory to this. It’s not possible a public worker can behave this way. Root cause! Roooot!”


    1. Our root cause analysis often returns a finding of pebkac. Since only public employees fill that space (and contractors who might as well be public employees since they’ve been here longer than I have…) your straw prog has a fact problem.

  7. This sort of thing is because we don’t pay our teachers enough!

  8. Clearly more funding is needed for education. For the teachers children.

  9. At least the kid can now say, “I got my lawyers on you. You’re not so tough now”

  10. The district’s investigative report states that Dehart, “tracked down the students during lunch and contaminated their memories” after the fight concluded.

    Apparently ol’ Dru’s a veritable Svengali.

  11. Under union rules, teachers can form brute squads in extremis.

    1. Under union rules, teachers can form brute squads in extremis.

      Delegated authority, really, since the union has its own brute squads.

  12. So, when will the union get her job back?

  13. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and presume Radravious is Black, so perhaps Ms Dehart will be charged with a hate crime.

    1. Whatever gave you that idea?

      He could be Lithuanian.

      1. Radravious *Williams* is Lithuanian?

        Well, I suppose he could have had “Willumitis” Anglicized.

  14. Law dictated that Dehart could not be fired immediately because she requested a special hearing after the incident. However, the teacher was suspended without pay in the fall. The investigation was completed a year after the incident and the board took only minutes to unanimously fire Dehart

    It took a year!?

    1. “No stone unturned.”

    2. Well it isn’t like all the involved parties are [required by law, to be] in the same fucking building 5 days a week?

      Public education = child abuse.

    3. It took minutes! After, you know, spending a year meeting every single union requirement for firing a teacher whose behavior was so horrendous, even the union wasn’t going to save her. Just, for the good of the rest of their people, make sure every ‘i’ was dotted and ‘t’ was crossed. (Which is actually the function of the teachers’ union. I’m not necessarily faulting them. There were two parties to those collective bargaining agreements.)

      1. There were two parties to those collective bargaining agreements.

        Yes, the union and the politicians that receive union dues as campaign contributions.

    4. We conduct investigations here at the hospital all. the. time. If we don’t have even the most complicated and technical investigation wrapped up within a few weeks, heads get thumped (figuratively) (well, mostly figuratively).

      It disgusts me that the pubsec take months and years to conduct a simple investigation.

  15. The article says the 8th graders were arrested, but what about this piece of shit teacher?

    1. One would hope that there would be additional charges and civil liability for her involving other students in this.

  16. She’s a piker, Check out Diane Borchardt, convicted of murder for hire (paid for with sex) of her husband by her students.……-diane.htm

  17. What, no school resource officer for this sort of thing? They obviously need more funding so that every student has the opportunity to become acquainted with the occupying force that they’ll have to deal with as adults.

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