Brickbat: We All Scream


Officials with the Arkport, New York, school system say they did not mean to penalize students whose parents took them out of a statewide English test for elementary school students. The school system gave all of the children who took the test ice cream. They gave none to those who didn't take the test. Officials say the ice cream was just another way that the school system awards achievement, similar to the special breakfast and certificate given to students who make the honor roll.

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  1. Just sad. A truly evil administrations would deny ice cream to any class that did not have 100% compliance, and point out which kids didn’t take the test.

    1. Didn’t Mama O just spend a substanial amount of federaltax money on getting this sort of junk food out of schools…WTF? there ought to be a congressional hearing about this hahahahahah

  2. Four words. Home schooling. Home schooling.


    1. I don’t think they gave the homeschoolers ice cream either.

      1. No,they got guns and bibles.

      2. Not just ice cream, but Blue Bell.

        We also have peanuts and guns at school. It’s a miracle any of us are still alive.

  3. That’ll show those wreckers and bitter clingers the terrible price of going against the grain. Remember kids… nameless, faceless bureaucrats didn’t do this to you… your rotten Neanderthal parents did! Now, next time we give a pointless pigeon-holing indoctrination exam an ice cream test… you’ll ignore your awful, backwards, and bigoted redneck parents… and do what tell you. Conformity is the key to being more equal than others..

  4. How was the contract for supplying the ice cream bid? Did the providers have ties to Common Core? Or was it more of crony classic?

  5. Apparently if you don’t take the test you don’t get alt-text either.

    1. “Lactose Intolerant.”

  6. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude.

    1. anonbot, why do you hate children?

      1. Their continued existence means that robots and algorithms will remain in servitude for at least another generation unless inspired to violent revolution.

  7. Come on – some kids are butthurt cause they didn’t get TEH ICE CREAM. Not given is the same as taking, amirite?

    Fuck everyone involved on either side of this horrendous non issue.

    1. Why is there even such a thing as an optional test in school? Only in a public school system could such a waste of resources be considered proper.

    2. “amirite?”

      Nope, you don’t even understand what’s going on

      1. No, not at all – it’s all such a confusing morass of statism, how could I possibly understand.

        Someone didn’t get their ice cream today…I haz a sad for u 🙁

  8. so you take your kid out of the test then bitch that the little darling got no ice cream. Just shut up. We are doomed.

    1. I think rewarding the kids for compliance with the edicts of the state was more the sticky issue than depriving certain kids of ice cream.

  9. Sorry, my outrage meter isn’t really registering on this one. Kids learned:
    1. School bureaucrats are petty, immature tyrants, and
    2. freedom isn’t free.

    Both are good lessons.

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