Remy: Happy (Tax Day Edition)



Tax season got you down? Remy has your back with this parody of the Pharrell Williams hit "Happy." So clap along! 

Original release date was April 14, 2014, and original writeup is below.

Written and performed by Remy. Video produced by Sean Malone. All instruments and backing vocals by Ben Karlstrom.

Approximately two minutes.


It might seem crazy what I'm about to say.
I'm loving all these taxes that I gotta pay.
Like income, sales, gas, capital gains,
and having to pay you to figure out the way.

Clap along if you're like me,
and it makes you feel so good.
That your total tax paid for part
of an outhouse in the woods.

Clap along if sweet
camel statues make you groove.
Clap along if you worked four months
to help pay for its hooves.

But don't you want to pay for what PETA says?
How about for Pre-K programs for fetuses?
How about $180 grand to study quail?  
How about this—do you NOT want to go to jail?

Clap along if you love
looking for every last receipt.
Clap along if it feels
you're on a bike without a seat.

Clap along if you just want to
high five and say shucks.
When the State Department
can't locate $6 billion bucks.

NEXT: Should Revenge Porn Be a Crime?

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  1. I put this link in the revenge porn thread:

    “A couple who held hands at breakfast every morning even after 70 years of marriage have died 15 hours apart.

    “Helen Felumlee, of Nashport, died at 92 on April 12. Her husband, 91-year-old Kenneth Felumlee, died the next morning.”…..Zo.twitter

    1. Not very much time for revenge porn.

      1. Also, there’s no joy in taking revenge on someone already dead.

    2. She had his medication schedule memorized.

  2. Are we having another time warp?

    1. If we are, I’m not doing the stupid dance.

      1. Well, ok, as long as you can promise that your husband will stay on topic tonight, (:

        1. Sloopy is getting ready to celebrate the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

          1. I have my own invisible sky god, and he’s the real god!

            Anyway, what’s the celebration like? Does it involve alcohol?

            1. What proper Christian celebration *doesn’t*?

            2. I’ve abstained from alcohol for 2 weeks. Brunch is going to be fun tomorrow.

              1. Scratch that. I’m getting beer tonight when I go to the grocery store for dinner.

                1. Just saw this on the news

                  Far too many sickos out in the world.

                  1. Yep. And I don’t know any parents that will let their 4 year old use the bathroom alone at a park. A little suspicious…

                    1. That jumped out at me too. Still, there are worse parents out there.

                    2. Huh, that article seems pretty different from the Daily Breeze one.

                      KCAL wants to tie the two incidents into one thing, but the description from the 13 year old in Hermosa sounds different from the 4 year old. They also avoided giving an age in the Daily Breeze for the 4 year old, instead calling him a “juvenile.”

                      Whatever is going on I hope they nail the guilty party(ies) balls to the wall in short order.

                    3. They really want to tie them together, but they aren’t related.

                    4. Which is rather depressing since that means there are two child predators active at the same time.

                    5. I’m certainly curious to see how this story develops. It seems odd that there’d be a sudden surge in child-predation-in-park-bathroom stories in the beach cities in one week.

                      I for one blame the blood moon.

                    6. It is odd. But, predators that are into 13 year olds are not the type that are also into 4 year olds. The lead investigator damn well knows that (she is a good friend of mine), but the public probably prefers the single predator theory.

                  2. Lights the Plopper signal….

                    1. Can Plopper really be in 3 public restrooms at the same time?

            3. Anyway, what’s the celebration like? Does it involve alcohol?

              Can it really be called a celebration if it doesn’t?

      2. What about the Safety Dance?

        1. You can dance if you want to.

          1. You can leave your pants behind.

        2. “Y’know, that dance wasn’t as safe as they said it was.”

      3. If we are, I’m not doing the stupid dance.

        You can go if you want to,
        The night is young and so was I
        But your friends don’t dance,
        And if they don’t dance, well they’re
        No friends of mine!

        /Pelosi – Statist Dance.

        1. I was near the ballpark today and thought she was in town.
          And then I realized it was low tide and the sewage-treatment plant is right over there.

    2. It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane.

  3. I keep forgetting Remy is actually good. I have the horror of numerous Al Yankovic imitators in my head.

    1. And Al himself!


        1. “Weird” doesn’t cover it.

    1. It’s apparently been that way for a long time

    2. Good. The Wahabis won’t need to leave the peninsula to blow up skyscrapers anymore.

  4. “Skydiving! She’ll never suspect that!” So says Houston firefighter Clint Meade of the way he chose to propose marriage to his longtime girlfriend Whitney Greco last weekend at Skydive Spaceland. “I could have asked her at McDonald’s and she’d have said yes, but this was much better,” he said with a grin….

    “The couple plans to jump again on Easter Sunday. “We’re going to go to church of course, and we figured why not celebrate Jesus and each other by jumping out of a plane again on the same day?” said Meade.”…..4fd50.html

    1. Yahweh is a jealous god and will strike down with furious fury anyone who has the temerity to take the focus off his son.

      1. There’s nothing forbidding sky-diving after church. Gets you out in the open air.

      2. Agammamon|4.19.14 @ 9:20PM|#
        “Yahweh is a jealous god and will strike down with furious fury anyone who has the temerity to take the focus off his son.”

        I’m not really up on all of it, but isn’t Yahweh the junior?

        1. Isn’t Yahweh the junior

          You mean the son? If so, then no. Yahweh is one of the terms given to God by the Israelites. Sometimes appropriated by Christians.

          Etymology here:

        2. Nope – Yahweh is the modern pronunciation of the Hebrew letters YHWE (the original pronunciation is lost to time) and is one of the names (or rather, epithets) of the Judeo-Christian god.

          Its his street-name.

          1. Thanks to both of you. Now I know.

  5. Scientists hypothesize giant laser that could control the weather

    Scientists have known that water condensation and lightning activity in storm clouds are associated with large amounts of static charged particles. In theory, stimulating those particles with a laser is the key to harnessing Zeus-like powers.

    “When a laser beam becomes intense enough, it behaves differently than usual — it collapses inward on itself,” explained Matthew Mills, a graduate student in the UCF Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers. “The collapse becomes so intense that electrons in the air’s oxygen and nitrogen are ripped off creating plasma — basically a soup of electrons.”

    But students at UCF’s College of Optics & Photonics have collaborated with researchers at the University of Arizona to create a “dressed laser” that they think might be up for the challenge of controlling the weather.

    The dressed laser is a high-power laser beam surrounded by a second beam, which acts as a refueling agent, sustaining the strength and accuracy of the central beam over longer distances.

    “Since we have control over the length of a filament with our method, one could seed the conditions needed for a rainstorm from afar,” said Mills. “Ultimately, you could artificially control the rain and lightning over a large expanse with such ideas.”

    How I plan on taking over the world.

    1. And they are at U of A.

      1. Almost as if there is an ulterior motive to my wooing of kibby. But that’s crazy talk.

        1. I would happily be your co-ruler of the world.

          1. d’awwwwww

            1. Yes, I like her enough to permit her to be co-ruler rather than just queen.

              1. I guess I shouldn’t tell you she’s sleeping with her twin brother and the children you thought were yours are actually his. Why do you think none of them look like George Lopez?!?

                Whoops, spoiler.

                1. Uh she’s totally into Ramsay, dude. And so if you don’t watch it you might find yourself missing your favorite appendages.

                2. Again with the randomness when I walk away. Who’s caretaking that island with you now, Epi?

                  1. Speaking of Ramsay, kibby, have you seen Misfits? The dude who plays Ramsay is one of the main characters (thought he does play kind of a weirdo). I just watched two episodes last night but so far it’s pretty good.

                    And you should really stop cheating on Serious with your twin. Or just make sure he gets gored by a boar while hunting.

                    1. I started watching Misfits during last season of GoT. Iwan’s character gets much more interesting as the series continues & definitely gets to show his acting chops. The Irish kid is my favorite, though — Rob Sheehan is just adorable as sin.

                      Can we all just have an Iwan Rheon lovefest now? Because he is fantastic & does not get enough attention.

                    2. Can we all just have an Iwan Rheon lovefest now?

                      You can. I’m going to go make hamachi and scallop tartare with tobiko and capers (and ginger and tamari and green onion). Because I am hungry and this is what I do with sashimi grade hamachi.

                      I’ll probably watch more Misfits this weekend. It’s been pretty fun so far. The Irish kid is charismatic, you’re correct. And his mom is played by Catelyn Stark.

                    3. Misfits is great, until it isn’t. You’ll know when that happens.

                      The British either kill their shows quickly or keep them running even after the entire original cast is gone and nobody cares about the show anymore. Misfits is that kind of British show.

              2. Geezy-petes dude. You’re a libertarian – power and money, power and money.

                Let her have some power and she’ll want more. Next thing you know some dwarf will shoot you with a crossbow while you’re trying to take a shit.

      2. No, they are at UCF.

  6. The iPad Mini is on sale, so I got my wife one today. Now I want one too.

    That is all.

    1. i have an iPad air.
      useless for HyR

      1. I do too. Great for netflix and amazon in bed, though.

  7. Remy is a national treasure!

  8. Related.

    “Macy’s CEO Explains Why He’s Against Raising The Minimum Wage”
    “So if your costs go up by X million by taking an initiative like this, what are companies going to do? It doesn’t mean their sales are going to get better, it just means that you’re going to have to offset that expense and how are you going to offset that expense?” Lundgren asked. “The worst thing that can happen is we end up laying off people.”…..404049.php

    Comments range from stupid to irrelevant.

    1. The usual ‘better to have no job than one that doesn’t pay a ‘living wage’ nonsense’.

      1. And no one, ever, avoids taking a job because of U/E benes, right?
        I mean, there are no freeloaders. Just people who don’t wish to demean themselves by taking a job which is beneath them.
        So long as they can do so on my dime, that is

        1. Roughly how much in taxes did you pay this year?

          1. Bird|4.19.14 @ 10:45PM|#
            “Roughly how much in taxes did you pay this year?”
            I see you totally ignored the point. Would that be a result of you being a lefty shitstain?

      2. I know a guy who works a crappy near minimum-wage job, with no better prospects in sight. He doesn’t tell people this however, he tells them he is unemployed and living off of an inheritance. Even his girlfriend has been convinced that when he is working he is really “hanging out with friends.”

        1. Bird|4.19.14 @ 10:52PM|#
          “I know a guy who works a crappy near minimum-wage job, with no better prospects in sight.”

          I’m sure you do.
          You seem to be a pathetic loser willing to blame anyone but yourself for your condition, so it’s no surprise you know others in that position.
          And that presumes you are just lying about yourself.
          Fuck off, asshole.

    2. No, I think the worse thing that could happen is that Macy’s might have to cut off some of it’s CEO’s $11.3 million dollar salary in order to pay it’s employees a living wage. Or even worse, the stockholders might have to make due with a lower dividend. Oh the humanity!

      1. You should buy up their stock and do exactly that. Nobody is stopping you.

        1. But then he’d have to spend his OWN money. Can’t have that.

      2. Bird|4.19.14 @ 10:42PM|#
        “No, I think the worse thing that could happen is that Macy’s might have to cut off some of it’s CEO’s $11.3 million dollar salary in order to pay it’s employees a living wage.”

        No, I’m pretty sure that thinking isn’t one of your skills.


        Fuck off, progtard.

      4. Macy’s has 166,000 employees. If the CEO handed over his entire salary to them how much would each receive?

  9. To avoid any sectarianism, let me just say that I hope you have a blessed April 20, and let you interpret that how you will.

    1. And may your April 20th be a nice as any other day.
      I’d hate to think there would be good wishes associated with some mythical zombie.

      1. There were two interpretations for what I said. Take the interpretation which offends you less!…..ost&clsrd;

        1. April 20, 1814: Napoleon says farewell to the Old Guard:


          1. You know who else bade farewell to some guards on April 20?

            1. Caesar!
              Ah, shucks.

            2. Marie and Pierre Curie? No, that was the isolation of radium…


            3. Edgar Allen Poe? No, that was the first detective story in 1841


            4. Robert E. Lee? No, that was saying farewell to the U.S. army:


  10. Overtime!!

    1. Pens/Jackets?

      Chicago’s going to be hearing “overtime” in their nightmares this week.

      1. Double OT now in Pitt.

        1. At least Pens got a point out of it.

          1. *blink*

  11. PETA enlists children to shame Michelle Obama into not using actual eggs for Easter egg roll

    After some deep sighs and shaking of heads, the girls acknowledge that previous White House celebrations have involved thousands of hard-boiled eggs. The first lady’s child critics say they would prefer the use of plastic ones instead.

    As one girl asks, “If all the other first lady’s jumped off a bridge, would you?”

    The video is a part of a push by PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk to cut eggs from next Monday’s 136th annual Easter egg roll, which Newkirk links to in a letter to the First Lady.

    “I hope that after hearing their message, you will implement a new, humane tradition at the White House by using synthetic eggs that don’t require any animal to suffer,” Newkirk says in the letter.

    Newkirk even takes a jab at Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” Initiative, saying “cruelly sourced, unhealthy eggs” are “primary contributors to some of our nation’s top killers, including heart disease and strokes.”
    The girls claim in the video the White House uses “over 7,000 eggs every year” in its celebration. The White House website says the actual hard-boiled eggs are collected by White House staff members and the Secret Service to “gently toss over” the White House fence to spectators after the end of the event.

    1. But plastic eggs are partly made of petroleum, and the extraction method for oil destroys the habitat of the giant sand worm.

  12. I just finished a spicy beef and broccoli bowl, and it’s time to quench my thirst. First beer (Pliny) in 2 weeks!!!

    1. Where did you find the Pliny?

      1. Bristol Farms. They always have it, but will only sell you 2 at a time. They keep it in back and you have to ask for it.

        1. I wonder if the one in Newport Beach has any. Could swing by after class on Monday or Wednesday.

          I’ve only had it once when the campus pub got some in. They also rationed it by selling it only 10 ounces.

          1. Ask the “wine specialist”. They have to get it for you from the back of the store.

    2. only 2 weeks of lent?

      1. No, just a heavy work schedule. No drinking, and no screwing around on the internet. I’m back for a long weekend, though.

        1. No drinking, and no screwing around on the internet

          Let us know when your wife gives your balls back.

          1. She’s got nothing to do with it. Hardly saw her either.

            1. Damn, that’s got to be an expensive hooker then.

  13. Incredibly Silly Article from Washington Post

    “Sometimes it’s the offhand remark that’s the most telling. Indeed, the way we Americans casually, often unthinkingly, incorporate gun metaphors into our everyday slang says a lot about how deeply embedded guns are in our culture and our politics, and how difficult it is to control or extract them.”…..story.html

    The author then lists about ten words with origins relating to firearms. To see how silly this is, here are the results of searching for ‘horses’ in idioms on

    So I guess all that horse related slang “says a lot about how deeply embedded horses are in our culture and our politics, and how difficult it is to control or extract them.”

  14. Michael Lebowitz on socialism and creative energy

    HT: Do the cooperatives need the unique party and the state as institutional rectors of the nation?

    ML: I definitely believe that you need the state. How else can you deal with the problem of inequality and problems of national importance like defense? However, I think it is important to begin to build a different kind of state ? a new state.

  15. People are going to judge a political movement based on it’s membership, because people are primarily tribal, not rational. Just look at homosexual marriage, very few of the libs supported it initially, most probably first thought it was a joke. But now they see that the cool people support it, so now it is a holy cause that is considered a “civil right.”

    Likewise, people are going to judge libertarianism based on who they see libertarians are. That’s why it’s important for libertarians to gain the support of attractive women, because people are going to be more attracted to the movement than if they see it as a movement of soley angry beta males.

    1. And that’s the reason there aren’t any libertarian wimenz!
      I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

      1. The main reason there are no female libertarians is that libertarianism appeals to people without a high level of group orientation. People with group orientation will support non-libertarian policies they judge to be in the interests of their group at the expense of other groups. And who is most likely to lack a strong group identification? Men who can’t get sex and so are bitter at their own group.

        1. Hi Mary!

          I had sex twice today. And I have more friends than you. And more money. A lot more money.

          Have a nice Easter!

          1. I don’t think it’s Mary. I’m getting a distinct “Tulpa” vibe off this one.

            1. Not enough ‘I do this for society’ cross-bearing to be Tulpa. It’s Mary.

            2. Wasteland Wanderer|4.19.14 @ 11:59PM|#
              “I don’t think it’s Mary. I’m getting a distinct “Tulpa” vibe off this one.”

              I’m getting a “stupid lefty shit” vibe here.

        2. Because men who can’t get sex never form their own social groups.

          If you’re going to troll with pseudo-scientific sounding bullshit, can you make sure that it at least satirizes an actual phenomenon? I mean, right now you’re at the level of the schizophrenic bum on public transit yelling nonsense to himself level.

          It’s pathetic.

        3. Bird|4.19.14 @ 11:34PM|#
          “The main reason there are no female libertarians is that libertarianism appeals to people without a high level of group orientation.”

          So, women are only herd animals? Cite please.

    1. I prefer this version.

    2. That seems like a preachy way to spend an evening.

      1. They didn’t show the smiting of the idolaters in the animated ‘Prince of Egypt’.

        It actually cuts to black just as Moses is coming down the mountain and before shit gets out of hand.

    3. I think I’m going to watch The Dark Knight Rises instead. I was wasting time earlier in the week, and I downloaded about 15 movies in 1080p. Not sure which one to watch….

      1. You would be watching the lesser movie. TDKR was awful.

        1. It absolutely was. Just a mess from start to finish.

        2. OK… What were the top 5 movies of 2012 and 2013? I can pretty much find anything that has been released on Blu-ray.

            1. Dare I admit that I haven’t seen the first?

              1. You can eat along to the dinner scene in real time!

          1. So far, I have already downloaded 2 Guns, Capt Phillips, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Flight, Jack Reacher, Lone Survivor, Prisoners, and Walter Mitty.

            The only one I have watched is Walter Mitty.

            1. American Hustle was good.

              1. I just watched that, a very good film. Was Bale wearing a fat suit in that?

                1. Bale put on 40 pounds.

                  1. Wow, I have seen him lose and gain weight before for roles, but wow.

                    He really is this generation’s Brando.

              2. Is it good for watching with wives? Sounds like Hustle might win out.

                1. I would go with Hustle, it is funny, slickly told, has strong performances by women characters and, to boot, is in large part about governmental corruption.

            2. Of those, I’ve seen exactly one. Flight. Kinda pathetic in a depressing sorta way.

              1. It means you have been doing stuff outside. It’s a good thing. Me too.

                1. Caught a dozen trout tonight. 62, sunshine, no wind. First nice day we’ve had.

                  1. Is you MRI back? Are you going to die a fatty?

                    1. *Your*

                    2. Yeah, the PA said he didn’t see any tears. I’m seeing the surgeon in a few weeks to see if there is anything that can be done.

                      I’ve been running on it (well, call it an old, fat, cripple guy shuffle). It pops if I straighten it completely and that hurts like hell.

                      Wife’s got me on a diet. Lost 11 pounds…30 to go. Haven’t had a drink in 2 weeks. It’s crushing me.

                    3. I lost about 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks from not drinking. Looking forward to putting it back on.

                      How can a guy with military discipline go 40 lbs over?!? I’m about 15 over, and I’m a slacker….

                      Trout is good for weight loss, right?

                    4. It’s the freedom of no longer needing to worry about it.

                      I don’t keep trout. Strictly catch and release.

                    5. Don’t be that guy who runs on a bum knee. Recumbent bike, swimming, brisk walking…

            3. Dallas Buyers Club might be a bit heavy. I enjoyed Walter Mitty (I watched it on an airplane on one of the tiny screens over the aisles [Fucking American Airlines]) more than I thought I would. I haven’t seen the other ones.

              1. I watched the Iceland scene on high volume the other day. I used to do that sort of skateboarding before I had kids. Great camera work.

            4. You should try not resorting to theft for you entertainment.

              1. Don’t recall saying that I did. Sorry if you misunderstood.

                1. Well you wouldn’t steal a car, right?

                  1. In the State of CA, theft = depriving the owner the enjoyment of his property.

                2. ‘Downloading’ implies piracy which is theft.

                  1. Huh?

                    How do you get your on demand movies without downloading them?

                    1. Streaming from NF. What are you doing exactly? If you purchased them there’s no theft.

                    2. I assure you that there is no theft. I do a lot of work for the local movie studios, and it is one of the perks.

                      They even offer me stuff that is pre-release, and I always say no. I don’t want that responsibility. If the copy goes missing, it’s watermarked and I could be on the hook for a lot of scratch in civil damages….

                    3. That said, downloading pirate copies of movies is not theft. It isn’t moral, but theft is not the correct word to describe the action.

                    4. You can get new release movies at the Library. What’s the difference?
                      Also, what about ebooks? Piratebay or library?

                    5. I’ve got Direct TV. When you order an on demand movie, either the free ones or ppv, you gotta download it.

                      Even streaming from NF is a download.

                    6. Okay okay you’re clear. But downloading without pay is still theft.

          2. The Hunger Games sequel was pretty good. How serious do you want your movie watching to be?

            Because of the best films I’ve seen recently (and best subtitled foreign once since ‘The Lives of Others’) was the Iranian film ‘A Separation’.

            Also watch ‘Europa Report’ (available on Netflix) for some good science fiction.

          3. Do you enjoy science fiction? Looper from 2012 was good.

            1. I might look into that if I’m stuck at an airport alone. Don’t think my wife will go for it for Saturday Night Movie Time.

        3. Evening bitches.

          Speaking of movies, everyone who told me Man of Steel sucked last night, is full of shit.

          Not going to win any awards, but it was fine.

          1. Not going to win any awards, but it was fine.

            It was mediocre. I expect more from Supes.

            1. Yes, he is not called Fineman.

          2. I couldn’t even make it twenty minutes in, so maybe it gets better. Serious Man assures me it doesn’t, though.

            1. It’s only repeat value is drinking with a buddy while making sarcastic remarks to each other.

              Same goes for Dark Knight Rises and Star Trek Into Star Wars

              1. Dark Knight Rises takes 2/3 of the film painting Bane as the greatest evil in the world, and then reveals him to be a weeping pawn of a character who just appears out of nowhere. Not a good move.

            2. Several folks said it was disjointed. I noticed it was mostly in the first 20 minutes.

              Of course, I apparently have no taste, so perhaps you should listen to your lover. I don’t want to get blamed for ruining movie night.

              1. Our movie nights will consist of what he describes above, so no worries.

                1. Naked movie night?

                  1. is there any other kind?

                    1. I’ve had plenty of clothed movie nights. Clearly I’ve been going about this all wrong!

                    2. Not during kids night.

                    3. I’m just going to let the gin take the night where it will

                    4. I predict this will end well for you, young padawan.

                    5. are you sure he’s not a never Nude?

                    6. There are only dozens of them, so the numbers are on my side. But this is an excellent question….

                    7. “Oh, I’ve been in the dating business for a while, but I just can’t seem to get one in the can.”

                    8. You should demand a naked picture. Immediately.

                    9. Which one of us? After reading that revenge porn thread I’m pretty sure that’s not happening.

                    10. After reading that revenge porn thread

                      Reason reporting has chilling effect on free trade of skin pics.


                    11. The beauty most desired is the beauty concealed.

                    12. You would really enjoy the Middle East. I hear they show a lot of ankle over there.

                    13. I’d rather see it for the first time when I’m going barbarian on her and tearing her clothes off in a fit of mad passion.

                      Which of course means it would be much more satisfying for us to just meet.

                    14. The lesson I got from that is crop your face out and everything will be fine. And I was suggesting that Serious send you a “Carlos Danger”.

                    15. Unless you have distinctive tattoos of course.

                    16. I luckily have not gotten my distinctive tattoo yet, but am still not into the idea of pictures.

                    17. Re: Tattoos.

                      I suggest: No. Don’t.

                    18. =( I’ve wanted it for six years. It’s not going on a part of my body that will age super quickly & it’s also going to be hidden from 99% of people.

                    19. You want just that one now, but they’re like Pringles, once you pop, you just can’t stop.

                    20. You’re probably right — I’m sort of encountering this with piercings. But I’d wait a really long time before deciding entirely on another one.

                    21. Her prospective tattoo is pretty inspired, so I approve. And I say that as a decidedly non-tattoo person.

              2. I think my opinion of it is obviously soured by my disappointed expectations.

                It was at least a watchable movie with some good action and fine performances from Michael Shannon and Henry Cavill.

                My biggest complaints were with Kevin Costner and the utter lack of chemistry between Superman and Lois. The best part of the Reeve films was his interactions with Lois while posing as dorky Clark Kent. Not only does it add levity, it’s just impressive how Reeve made Clark and Superman different.

          3. No it sucked and you should feel bad for liking it. Ugh. So boring. Superman is ALWAYS terrible he is the worst superhero ever.

            1. As a fan of Superman, I take offense, sir.

              1. You know who else was a fan of Supermen?

            2. He’s basically 100% altruism. So yeah, he’s like your Antichrist.

              1. That and he’s way too super. ‘Oh he’s up against a machine gun that can’t hurt him. I wonder what will happen. Not’. The only thing that matters is Krypton which is stupid because it’s a noble element. That and he was SERIOUSLY boring in MoS. A Kansan Ken Doll.

            3. I guess most people judge movies differently than I do. I get to the end and then I ask myself if I was entertained. If the answer is yes, it was a good movie. If I want to watch it again, it was a really good movie.

              I guess I’m just easy.

              1. That’s all I really want. I’m not a snob or an intellectual. I just want 90 minutes of fun.

                I was devastated to find out that Amish Mafia wasn’t real.

                1. Amish Mafia wasn’t real.


                  Is Breaking Amish real?

                  1. You might laugh at it, but I never bothered to look it up. It was just a thing that showed up on my Tivo, and I willingly watched it. It was like a retarded mafia, but with Pennsylvania Dutch accents.

              2. Yes you are. My snob-boner is now fully engorged. If you want to watch a good entertaining movie I recommend the latest Star Trek entry. Aside from the (really stupid) first 10 minutes, it’s pretty great.

  16. The 3 words that make me cringe most?

    Fighting Car Culture

    1. Wouldn’t mind if that dipshit died a horrible death, preferably in a fire.

    2. Damn, I tried trolling them but comments are moderated. I doubt they’re going to let mine through.

    3. Why do socialists hate cars? The answer lies in that article: “…cars are very deeply entwined with notions of personal identity and freedom,…”.

  17. The US government has approved Palcohol, a form of powdered alcohol that can be mixed into your drinks or even sprinkled on your food.

    1. And no, they don’t recommend snorting it

      What the fuck good is it then?

  18. Time for the Hopkins fight. Go old timer!

    1. ESPN Boxing
      Bernard Hopkins enters the ring wearing his green alien mask as he, at 49, looks to become the oldest fighter to unify world titles.

  19. On April 14, a crowd of about 175 people marched in downtown Toronto to demand a $14-an-hour minimum wage and improved legal protections for precarious workers.


    1. There had been a dearth of sightings of “Nessie” before the recent Apple maps “discovery”, with some even suggesting that environmental factors triggered by climate change may have killed the elusive creature off, once and for all.


      1. Is there anything “climate change” doesn’t cause?

          1. It did melt the glaciers back in the day, allowing most of the Northern Hemisphere to become habitable.

            Oh, not *that* kind of Climate Change?

  20. Huh I’ve been watching the Iron Curtain on TCM. Interesting to see Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney as the Gouzenkos. I mean a Hollywood movie about Canadian history! However it involves Commies so I’m not surprised it isn’t well know.

    Oh and Gouzenko did cause Canada’s only Communist MP to be kicked out of parliament for being a Soviet Spy. According to Wikipedia he “proposed the first medicare legislation and the first anti-hate legislation.” Huh so two of Canada’s most cherished institutions were first proposed by a traitor who was an agent of a brutal dictator?

    1. Winston|4.20.14 @ 12:19AM|#
      “Huh I’ve been watching the Iron Curtain on TCM. Interesting to see Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney as the Gouzenkos. I mean a Hollywood movie about Canadian history! However it involves Commies so I’m not surprised it isn’t well know.”

      Rhodes (“Dark Sun”) tells the story of Gouzenkos’ defection, but I’d never heard of the movie.
      Rhodes is no ‘capitalist tool’ but his treatment of the defection is sympathetic.

    2. medicare in Canada was first passed by a Eugenicist. But that’s brushed aside.

  21. “We are afraid of Google” says Kraut tool and head of an ossified publishing company. MotherBoard breathlessly claims he is speaking truth to power (no really).

    On technolibertarian ideas like seasteading and succession, he wrote, “It does not take a conspiracy theorist to find them disturbing, especially if you listen to the words of Google’s founder and major shareholder Larry Page. He dreams of a place with no privacy laws and without democratic accountability.”

    OH. MY. GOD. What if they end up governed by two false choices that both allow the state to spy on its citizens without due cause? Shut it down!…

    1. “speaking truth to power”

      Pretty much a tell that there is nothing worth reading or listening to.
      That’s a claim that the producer alone knows what “truth” is; IOWs a bullshitter.

  22. Cool: deep-sea mining is happening soon. Greenpeace is unhappy.

    Bad: the UN is involved in handing out licenses.

    The U.N.’s ISA is drawing up a code to deal with some environmental concerns and the commercial terms for deep-sea mining. It predicts it will be finished in around two or three years, with mining still 5-10 years away.

    Or you know we could just ignore them and pillage the oceans with no regard for the UN or the ‘collective good’ and hire private armies to deal with anyone who interferes.

  23. Nathan MacKinnon: 7 points. 2 playoff games. 18 years old.
    From the same hometown as Sidney Crosby.

    What’s in their milk?

  24. Last thing before bed: MERS virus is infecting more people than ever before.

    The rate of infection appears to be accelerating, too. More than 60 new cases?about one-fourth of the global total since MERS was identified in September 2012?have been reported in the past month and about half of those have involved health workers.

    In all, WHO has confirmed 243 cases, including 93 deaths, since disease experts discovered MERS. Most of the cases have been in Saudi Arabia, where camels are among the sources of the virus…..21936.html

  25. **tumbleweed blows through**

  26. The whole thing sounds kinda wild to me dude.

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