Paul Krugman

What Paul Krugman Has in Common with Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan, and Scarlett Johansson


A big ass? Don't think so. Big package? Don't know, don't want to. Husky, sultry voice? Not remotely.

So what does Nobel laureate Paul Krugman have in common with celebrity "brand ambassadors?" Former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postrel writes that Krugtron the Invincible's $250,000-a-year gig with the City Univervsity of New York (CUNY) reflects

the talent market at work. Krugman has something valuable to offer, and it isn't his big brain. CUNY isn't paying for his Nobel-winning research on trade theory any more than J'Adore hired [Charlize] Theron because of her Oscar-winning turn as a serial killer in "Monster." They're buying his image and the attention he brings.

In short, they're hoping Krugman will do for them what Scarlett Johansson did for SodaStream: get their obscure brand into the public consciousness (preferably without the messy boycott stuff). And so far it's working.

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Barely related: Remember a time when CUNY (then known as the City College of New York) was a national basketball powerhouse until the Beavers got caught up in a point-shaving scandal.

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  1. CUNY was made because there were academics who couldn’t get in on the corruption at SUNY. Both generate poor results, cost way too much and are a general screw you to the few remaining taxpayers in New York.

  2. So, like, endorsement deals have something to do with the endorsee obtaining a benefit from the reputation of the endorser? Well I’ll be damned.

    The better question is what possible market demographic could possibly be served by an endorsement from Krugman. What, was Nicolas Maduro all booked up?

    1. The smug moron demographic is strong.

  3. Krugman got to the point where he could sell himself as a product through his own work. He crafted himself well as an expert, one who would tailor his musings to suit his target’s ideological messaging needs.

    1. He managed to take his economics background and somehow convince people he’s a political ‘expert.’ And in order to pull that off you need a willing audience ready to be deceived.

      Add a little garlic, a presto!

      Cola di Rienzo would be proud.

  4. He sucks co…. Oh wait that isn’t the answer to the question.

  5. What does Paul Krugman have in common with Kim Kardashian? As long as it isn’t a sex tape we can sleep more easily

    1. Although, it would be funny to see his Dr. Evil cat slink up and lick his balls mid-pound in night-vision mode.

    2. He’s NOT a hobbit?

  6. Does anyone else kind of tense up when you see “CUNY” in print?

    I can’t believe the feminists allow that name to continue.

    1. And their mascot apparently was the Beavers, who got caught in a shaving scandal.

    2. It’s wrong to use a slang term for female genitalia as an insult. Any schmuck who would do such a thing is a total dickhead.

      1. icwutudidthar

  7. He does bring a certain crudibility to the institution.

  8. looks to me more like subletting column inches in the NYTimes. it wouldn’t pass ethical muster in my profession. I’m sure joe from lowell will subject him to the nondisclosure treatment he used to give Ron Bailey.

  9. Krugman has something valuable to offer

    Case closed. Value is subjective.

  10. They’re buying his image and the attention he brings.

    like hiring Charlie Sheen?

  11. Kardashian has talent? I thought she was the answer to complaints that magazine covers have too many pretty women on them.

    1. she has a big booty. Some men are apparently into that sort of thing.

      btw – Why Stressed-Out Men Prefer Heavier Women

      So John is just stressed out all the time 😉

      1. John’s motto: More cushion for the pushin!

  12. They should have hired Gary Busey.

    He’s coherent.

  13. With all due respect, Krugman is at least an accomplished academic. What on God’s post-Noah earth has Kim Kardashian ever done to garner such hollow attention?

    Where the two may intersect, I reckon, is Krugman’s stupidly childish takes on libertarianism, obsession with spending other people’s money as a means to saving and repairing an economy, and and general partisan ‘hackery’ are as superficial as the Kardashian clan.

  14. A guy in my hockey pool is a big shot CFO for a company based in the USA. The company paid Bill Clinton to come speak (on what who fucking knows).

    Price tag?

    $300 000.

    I told him, “Did you really leave with more knowledge than before for that price tag?”

    He couldn’t really answer me. It was the usual ‘just because’ and ‘you know, Bill Clinton, cool, saxomaphone.’

    1. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. That’ll be $300,000, please.

  15. City College is one component of CUNY – they are not the same thing. Just sayin’.

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