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Up to 20 Injured in Apparent Mass Stabbing at Pittsburgh Area High School. Time for Knife Control?

Suspect in custody


Up to 20 people were injured in "multiple stabbings" at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Action News 4 reports:

"There is an actor in custody. Murrysville police are in the process of interviewing him," said Dan Stevens, the county's deputy emergency management coordinator.

The suspect has not been publicly identified yet.

The stabbings happened in numerous classrooms throughout the building before classes had begun for the day, Stevens said.

Not all 20 of the injured people were actually stabbed, Stevens said. Some of the injuries were described as cuts and scrapes. CNN is also regularly updating here.

Authorities say they've arrested an undientified male sophomore some classmates describe as "shy."

The federal government has been encouraging public schools to be gun-free zones since the early 1990s, when it tied that requirement to federal funding. In Pennsylvania, it's a misdemeanor to bring a knife onto school property; students who do so can end up in alternative education.

Earlier this week, A. Barton Hinkle highlighted the emerging knife rights movement and an eponymous civil rights organization:

Last month Knife Rights won a big (for them) victory when Tennessee repealed a law prohibiting switchblades. Tennessee followed the lead of Alaska, which legalized them in 2013. Knife Rights was behind both efforts.

You wouldn't think the country has much need for a group like Knife Rights. After all, there is no countervailing force trying to ban knives in America: No Knife Control Inc. or Center for the Study of Knife Policy and Research. There have been no Million Mom Marches for knife control, no congressional efforts to ban big blades.

On the other hand, a few years ago nobody would have expected New York to ban the Big Gulp, either. Now look.

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  1. I think you’re being unnecessary insensitive and sarcastic in this time of tragedy. My thoughts goes to the victims and their families.

    1. “Chinese knife attack” has now replaced “Chinese fire drill” in 21st century lexicon.

    2. good for you – for the rest of us intelligent and not overly sensitive people we want a reasonable approach that keeps kids safe- like hiring armed guards. People are less likely to attack people at a school with armed teachers, principals and guards trained to use firearms.
      Also making schools gun free obviously has done absolutely nothing to protect kids – same with so called drug free zones. Let the local school districts run their schools and get the Feds out of education. Their meddling has reduced education in this country to a laughing stock and wasted billions in the process.

    3. My feeeeeeeelings.

    4. Exactly, Dann.

      You see, using tragedy to further ideological goals is something that is not beyond Ed…its just something he likes to criticize others for. After the President spoke about gun tragedy in January of 2013, Ed said this:

      “Using fear and a tragedy to further ideological goals was by no means invented by Obama, but few people have used it with such skill.”

      Ed’s just matching that skill.…..e-of-power

      1. Uhhh, what ideological goals? Projection much?

        1. Not too much. In this case, the ideological goal of gun proliferation. And what do you suggest was the President’s ideological goal?

          1. I don’t know, not my op-ed. I assume the president’s ideological goal was to demonize guns though.

  2. Zero tolerance policies hurt the innocent and do nothing to protect against criminals. Please sign and share –…..e-policies

    1. “jgifford”,

      Thank you for the link.



  3. ….There is an actor in custody.

    I knew Bill Maher would snap one of these days!

    1. That struck me as odd too. If guns were involved, the person is referred to as gunman or suspect. If it were a more minor incident, attacker, assailant, suspect, or one of a dozen other non-descript descriptors can be used.

      “Actor” seems exceedingly passive or non-committal.

      1. “Knifeman” doesn’t really sound that great. Actually it sounds like a bad superhero.

  4. Okay Ed, I think there is an important point being missed here. People who clamour for gun control are not really clamoring for weapons control in general. They are control of easy access to weapons which can kill a lot of people in a short span of time. Killing one might imagine is a final act. Now imagine how the situation might have been different if this incident had a gun involved. 20 people got injured. But so far there are no deaths. A gun is just more likely to allow someone to kill easily. A gun which lets someone shoot 20 bullets in under a minute is more likely to let someone kill a lot of people in a short span of time. Many are uncomfortable with modern day guns because of the sense of finality. People, even good people make mistakes, modern guns just make sure that those mistakes are just that much harder to undo.

    1. Exactly. Firstly, knives are vastly less dangerous than guns. Secondly, almost any kitchen or toolshed in the world has knives in it. They have innumerable uses as tools.

      Guns are not tools. They are weapons. They can and should be regulated as such.

      1. Ah.

        The tool-weapon fallacy.


          “inumerable uses as tools”

          Does he mean like chopping, hacking, slashing cutting, tearing, ripping and my fav, gutting. Ya those dont sound dangerous at all.

      2. Would it comfort you to think about how money guns are out there? How many people are concealed carrying guns right now? How many rounds of ammunition are put through guns every single day at gun clubs and firing ranges and back yards out in the country without people dying? Just think about it. You make an equivalency that knives are tools and are very numerous, well so are guns. MILLIONS of guns are out there and a statistically minute portion of them are used for mass killings for which people demand “regulation”. The amount of guns used in mass shootings over the last 30 years is so small as to be an outlier. It’s not the guns, but the people, or “actors” who are to be feared. So demanding regulation, particularly onerous regulation that so many anti-gun people desire is not a solution. In the end, anti-gun people rarely, if ever, reckon how many guns are out their that never kill anyone, or consider all the other uses guns are put to. Conversely, people seldom reckon how other “tools” are used to harm others (cars, gasoline). Just an irrational fear of guns to a point of unleashing all sorts of Force and control on others is required. The saddest part is they are mostly useful idiots in the hands of those who want to strip guns from civilians.

        1. Sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors… wrote too fast and didn’t edit before submitting…

        2. But think of the children…..

      3. Guns are not tools. They are weapons. They can and should be regulated as such.

        Agreed. Guns should be regulated. Perhaps in one of our fundamental documents. Oh, wait, I found the relevant regulation:

        USC A2: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Well there we go. You’ve got your regulation.

      4. “Liberal Genius”

        You are not living up to your name there Bub.

        1. Oh, I think he is.

      5. “Guns are not tools.”

        That’s about as untrue a statement as someone can make…

      6. in the hand of someone who knows how to use one, a knife is equally deadly. Also guns make noise creating an alarm – knives don’t.

      7. “Liberal Genius” – a contradiction in terms in the extreme,
        Also know as a Oxy MORON

      8. That must explain the low death tolls in all the wars prior to the invention of firearms. It must also be of some comfort to the roughly 1,800 murdered with knives and other cutting instruments every year in the US.

        Also, do yourself a favour and look up the definition of tool and see if you still think guns are not tools. Of course, as a liberal, facts will not change your feeeeeelings.

      9. When you are prepared to propose and campaign for a Constitutional amendment that would allow passage of Gun Control laws we can discus your reasons and their proposed scope. Until then you are just another scofflaw who wants to weasel around the Nation’s fundamental law because it suits your notions of expediency.

    2. This argument has been dealt with in severe detail here at Reason.

      Just saying.

    3. Firearms technology is about 800 years old. Short of outlawing steel and high school math, you’re not going to keep people from obtaining serviceable firearms. The only way to keep ourselves safe is to keep OURSELVES safe through self defense.

    4. The fact that guns can equal the playing field between an 85 year old lady and a 200 pound attacker has a profound effect on the diminished volume of violent crime in society.

      Weapons are tools. They’re the tools that free people utilize for the purpose of retaining some semblance of freedom.

    5. with a good knife I could kill many people in a school – perhaps more than gun. Knives don’t require any ammunition so the number of kills is unlimited. Knives also don’t make any noise. It is easy to kill quickly and silently with a knife
      So your argument makes no sense.

      1. Tools aren’t as effective he says?
        Imagine the effect of a gallon of diesel in a garden sprayer with a lit cotton wad on the end of it.

    6. Simple math is not one of Ed’s strong points, I guess.

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    1. ” workig on the internet”

      That’s a nasty cold you’ve got there.

  6. Think of this: If people wanting to cause destruction choose the easy path–firearms–they do not need to think out their crimes in detail. Do you really want people bent on hell and death to get ingenious? The UNAbomber made bombs full of symbolism in their construction. A couple guys made a small effort in Kansas City; you saw what that led to. Some day somebody who understands how to cause casualties is going to make a bomb and it’s going to be beyond imagination.

    1. Hell, get a big truck or van, fill it full of tanks of gasoline and crash it into a public place with lots of people crowded in a small area like a starbucks, light it on fire. But yeah, blocking guns isn’t going to stop crazy or bad people from acting out their fantasies, it’ll just make them get more creative.

  7. It seems to me that these lunatics are being influenced (or challenged) by the gun control debate one way or another.

    It’s been said that banning guns will merely lead the mentally disturbed to use other tools to kill, such as cars or knives. Sure enough, one crazy women tried to ram down government buildings with a car. And now we have knife attacks.

    Uncle Joe urged the public to use shotguns for self defense because it’s safer than an AR and the Aaron Alexis killed a dozen people with it.

  8. From the CNN coverage:

    The DA says 4 people are in critical condition, including one who was “eviscerated”

    Evisceration, unless Pittsburgh-area hospitals are way ahead of the curve, does not put you in critical condition so much as it puts you in the ground. So, maybe we need to have a conversation about hiring people prone to hysteria for positions as serious as District Attorney.

    Also, I thought the knife ban thing was a joke, but this is already shaping up to use the same language as the anti-gun crowd usually employs. We’re going to start hearing about assault knives, or probably combat knives, and I’m not being even a little sarcastic.

    At the risk of sounding heartless, we’re not talking Columbine, here. Four kids got stuck pretty good and are in the hospital, but given the DA’s standards I’m assuming we’re talking pretty good stab wounds but nothing fatal. The other sixteen have superficial cuts and scrapes, and some of those are probably from being shoved around by other kids. So, this is obviously not a good day for the kids at that school, and I’d hate to be one of the parents, but in the grand scheme of things the injury balance sheet for high school athletics is worse than the butcher’s bill from five minutes of crazy kid with a knife.

    And why is the FBI there?

    1. intransitive verb
      : to protrude through a surgical incision or suffer protrusion of a part through an incision

      This is the typical medical usage of the word. I’ve had patients with evicerations, and they didn’t die. In most cases it refers to a portion of intestine protruding through a wound or dehiscence. It’s an emergency, but likely not fatal if treated quickly.

  9. For me the need for a gun depends where I am. Out at our country house, there is no local police force. A call to 911 would go to the State Police. Who knows where they are and how long it would take them to get there. Besides, it’s fun to shoot in the woods.
    At my regular home just outside Philly, a call to 911 would result in three cop cars at my house literally within a couple minutes. Don’t feel the need here. But that’s me. Out in the country, I feel better having a gun on hand if need be. It’s ironic as there is way more crime here in the Philly area than out in the sticks.

    1. Maybe I’m just a city boy who gets irrationally spooked by all that isolation and darkness.

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  11. Another casualty of Democratic President Clinton’s 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act. Does anyone seriously doubt that responsible teachers would reduce casualties if they were properly trained and concealed carried their defensive firearms? See

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