John Kerry Blames Russia for Unrest in Eastern Ukraine, Says It Could Be 'Pretext for Military Intervention'

Here we go again


Secretary of State John Kerry testified at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he once chaired, addressing the most recent unrest in Ukraine, which included the storming of government buildings by pro-Russian demonstrators.

Kerry warned that the "chaos," largely happening in eastern Ukraine, has been instigated by "Russian special forces and agents" and that Russia could be trying to manufacture a "pretext for military intervention," as he said it did in Crimea. Pro-Russian forces squeezed Ukrainian authorities out of Crimea and a pro-Russian puppet government pushed through a referendum to join Russia. An improbable 95 percent of Crimean voters allegedly approved annexation by Russia.

The U.S. responded to Russia's annexation by extending sanctions that had been imposed when pro-Russian forces first began to occupy Crimea. Those sanctions targeted specific officials tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin and their companies. The sanctions may have cost Finland a Miley Cyrus concert

Kerry suggested Russia could face yet more U.S. sanctions over the unrest in eastern Ukraine, warning that the country's banking, energy, and mining sectors would be targeted. As Reason's J.D. Tuccille noted, Russia has paid, and is paying, a steep price for its actions in Crimea—its economic performance is deteriorating not because of limited U.S. sanctions but because market actors, by and large, have taken a dim view of the country in the wake of its neo-imperialist moves. "Bureaucratic penalties," Tuccille wrote, "don't function with the speed of scared investors getting their money the hell out."

Kerry has agreed to meet with diplomats from Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union within the next week and a half.

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  1. Yes, and the Euros should keep an eye on it.

  2. I earnestly feel that Diplomacy should be the route to end the friction between Russia, EU, and the US. In fact, there are enough evidences that the government in Ukraine was toppled with tacit support from EU and the US. Therefore, without much ado, all the parties should seat and look out for a viable solution. The main problem in Ukraine now is the rise of a neo-Nazi government, which is not at all a healthy sign for a functioning democracy.

    1. I earnestly feel the US should butt out.
      And I’ve yet to see anything suggesting the US was involved in toppling the earlier government.

      1. Either you haven’t been looking very hard, or you’ve placed all your trust in Western media. Moon of Alabama does a pretty good job of keeping up with things.

        1. Darn, I should have checked there first!:

          “The coup government installed some Jewish Israeli-Ukrainian thieves as governors to rule over them.”

          So do you reckon we found murkin’s new handle?

  3. That John Kerry is so smart.

    I mean it took a real TOP MAN to figure that out.

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  5. Russia’s fault?

    I thought it was Bush’s fault.

    Man, I’m really confused.

  6. Please tell me he doesn’t consult with Madeline Albright for advice. That’s about the only thing left he could do to make matters worse at State.

    1. Dunno. If Hillary were to offer input, it could be worse.

      1. Wow, two pointless, off-topic baseless attacks on female Democrats. That’s some classy libertarian rhetoric right there. Why don’t you throw in some nonsense about Nancy Pelosi and make it a trifecta?

        1. Liberal Genius|4.9.14 @ 3:18PM|#
          “Wow, two pointless, off-topic baseless attacks on female Democrats. That’s some classy libertarian rhetoric right there. Why don’t you throw in some nonsense about Nancy Pelosi and make it a trifecta?”

          Wow! Pointless, lefty butt-hurt! Why don’t you toss in what your uncle makes while you hang out in the basement?

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  8. and I felt obligated to vote for this sleazebag

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