French Sugar Daddy Site Gets Caught In Anti-Prostitution Net


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Riding on a wave of anti-prostitution sentiment in France, feminist groups there are calling for a crack down on"sugar daddy" websites. These niche matchmaking sites, such as and, hook up wealthy men with pretty women who don't mind being arm candy for hire.

Tacky? Possibly. Illegal? Nope. While the sites certainly facilitate sexual relationships, they're more than simply marketplaces for sex.

They don't, however, shy away from advertising the financial aspects of their "mutually beneficial arrangements." And for some folks, this explicit collusion of sex and material comforts is enough to render the whole shebang immoral and criminal.

Heaven forbid men who don't mind being used for their money find women who don't mind being used for their bodies, and vice versa, without having the decency to cloak it in the language of love and romance! For these transgressions, now faces not just increased legislative scrutiny but also a lawsuit.


Brought by French feminist group Équipe d'Action, the suit accuses the website's owners of running a secret prostitution racket. Équipe d'Action and other feminist groups are also asking French lawmakers—who are currently considering legislation that would fine men for soliciting sex from prostitutes—to look into the site and others like it. 

"We hope lawmakers will look at (these) websites when they discuss the adoption of the law criminalising the purchasing of sexual acts," said Anne-Cécile Mailfert, a spokeswoman for French feminist group Osez le Feminisme.

Mailfert added that these sites hide "violence against women in beautiful wrapping paper"—because apparently nothing says women's oppression like buying them nice dinners and shoes before taking them to bed. 

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9 responses to “French Sugar Daddy Site Gets Caught In Anti-Prostitution Net

  1. Wait, I thought the French were supposed to be all sophisticated and mature about sex compared to the puritainical Americans.

    What the fuck happened?

    1. They smelled capitalism.

  2. Mailfert added that these sites hide “violence against women in beautiful wrapping paper”

    A feminist linked something she doesn’t like to violence.

    Gee, never seen that before.

    1. Women are making choices that their feminist overlords wouldn’t make. The only possible explanation is that they are the victims of violence. Checkmate, patriarchal oppressor.

  3. So, basically making explicit the revealed preferences of both genders even among self-described feminists?

    Since when do hot chicks not want rich good looking guys? And since when do rich good looking guys not like beautiful women who are pleasant to be around?

  4. Dear puritanical feminists:

    If you so resent being compared to the religious right, stop acting like the religious right so much.


    Rational people

  5. It’s nice to see Hans Gruber survived that fall from the skyscraper and is now taking lecherous pics of French girls on the beach.

    1. By the time they figure out what went wrong, we’ll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent.

  6. A dating site is only as good as its ability to meet your match.

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