Friday Funnies: That Obamacare 'Deadline'


Obamacare deadline

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  1. Used to be Congress would take away the paint and brush altogether.

  2. That is the worst painting of a US flag I have ever seen

    1. You haven’t even seen the part where he put 57 stars on it atop the nine red stripes.

      1. Actually… if we broke Cali into six states and New York into three (Upstate, Mid-hudson and Lawn Guyland), we’d be up to fifty seven, with a net increase in red senators.

        1. Sadly, all hundred and fourteen would still be as bad as the lot we have now.

          1. I haz a sad.

  3. Ahem, RACIST!!!

    1. Please show your work.

      1. Black dude painting for white folk, and no doubt
        for less than minimum wage?

        1. maybe it’s an internship at Gawker Media.

  4. Set design for Terrence Malick sequel?

    1. Obamalands?

      1. Thin Red Lines, sheesh.

        1. Yes yes, but it was a bit obvious. I thought you expected more of us.

          1. Yeah, I sorta figure that right after I hit submit. I’ve disgraced my name.

  5. This probably makes me a heretic, but I’m actually okay with this one. That’s mainly because like the idea of Obama mumbling to himself that his craptastic idea is actually working. It beats him declaring victory for some made up numbers.

    1. 7.1 million signed up!

      1. 7.1 million signed up!

        Estimates of only about one million actually paid. Success!

    2. This probably makes me a heretic,

      I’ll run go get the wood and a stake, you other guys get the rope and gasoline.

      1. Don’t be silly, we need more heretics. Burn the team zombies.

        1. But I spent hours carving a giant wooden stake!
          *kicks rock*

  6. Those mid-1990s college students don’t look much like Bashar al-Assad. Is he going in drag the days? ??

    1. No one wore both straps of a backpack in the 90s.

      1. Those of us who didn’t use a locker and had to carry all of the day’s textbooks did. (My school was a quarter mile long. With the between class crowds, it was logistically impossible to make it to your locker, open it, exchange books and get to your next class in the time allotted)

        1. Being cool is more important than bilateral spine stress you dweeb.

          1. Spine nothing, the strap would rip clean off the backpack under that load if not distributed between the two.

            1. Look, if Amundsen could make it to the South Pole with two dogs, five tins of haggis and a bottle of Lagavulin, whilst fighting off ravenous Polar Bears, you could have figured out a way to make it to class without looking like a dweeb.

              1. It wasn’t important. You have any idea how few of my classmates even bothered to graduate? How few of the remainder did anything more? These were not people who were important to impress. Almost none are productive members of society these days. Dead or in prison seems to be a popular fate.

                1. I was sort of surprised to hear how many of mine had died as well. it’s almost as if good life choices are correlated with, say, a longer, happier life….hmmm…

        2. That’s what lunch period was for. Although, my senior year, I didn’t have a normal lunch period but an open period earlier in the day.

          1. The petty tyrants would throw the book at anyone in the halls during lunch. Lockers were inaccessable during that time.

        3. I don’t know anyone who actually used their locker as a kid. Those scenes from kids’ school shows where they’re all lining up in front of their lockers in the morning have always been the most unbelievable to me.

          5 minutes in between class, and your class is on the other side of the school? Pick up your ruck and get marching!

          1. We all totally used our lockers in HS (1976-1980). NO ONE had a backpack back then. No one.

            Lockers between class was when you hit on the hot chicks. Sheesh – no wonder everyone’s teh geh now – no time spent hitting on the opposite sex.

            1. I dont remember anyone having backpacks 1983-87 either. Backpacks were for college.

              1. Me either (HS ’84). But as the obesity epidemic, helicopter moms and video games took it’s toll, the younger generations apparently lacked our fleetness of foot.

            2. Walking between classes on the opposite side of the building was the optimal time to talk to cute girls who had the same destination. One year I carried around all my books for the day, all day, for this reason.

            3. Exactly. And lunch time was for eating and getting high.

          2. We had lockers – great place to hang up dirty pictures, shoot the shit before class started, and a quick dash between classes. And to store my sack lunch of sorrow.

            1. Sack lunch of sorrow

              terrible bad name

              1. but you repeat yourself #snark

          3. I did.

            I was the master at cross-school dashes for locker change.

            I didnt use a backpack at all, and I wasnt carrying 6 classes worth of books around.

          4. We had to use our lockers in HS. We weren’t allowed to carry backpacks (because the school system was worried we might hide guns in them) and there was no way I was going to carry all of my books to all of my classes.

        4. books?

        5. Those of us who didn’t use a locker and had to carry all of the day’s textbooks Nerds did.

          FTFY. Everybody knows the only reason to go to high school in the 90s was to a.) hit on chicks, b.) buy drugs, and/or c.) kill time until someone’s parents left for work.

          1. Mind you, once big pants became the vogue, two straps became de rigeur. Ironic, given how much you could fit in the pockets of a pair of JNCO jeans.

            1. 21 Jump Street remake amusingly riffed on the 90s one strap backpack trend.

  7. How come the kids get bubbles when they talk but Obama doesn’t?

    Bubble racist!

    1. They had to differentiate his teleprompter text from their natural speech somehow.

  8. The alt-text should read, “Needs more labels.”

  9. So the President is painting the lines for a track meet, and the spectators don’t understand that?

    I don’t get it.

    Awful. Therefore, perfect.

    Happy Friday, Reasonoids. Is Suki still dead?

    1. Haven’t heard from her in quite a while.

      And — Happy Slap-Ass Friday, Reasonoids!

      1. Hey Rich!


        1. Rasmussen said her and her friends would joke about it when it happened to them, but now being in high school, she realizes how wrong it is.

          Now that ifh is out of high school, she realizes how right it is!


          1. augh it’s “she and her friends”

            1. *to the tune of the Pink Panther*

              pedant pedant pedant pedant pedaaaaaaant

      2. This talk of slapping an ass is going to bring about an unpleasant interview with the Secret Service I think.

      3. What did the five fingers say to the booty?

  10. like that guy could operate a paintbrush

    1. Like that guys ever done a real days work ever. Community agitating/organizing doesn’t require much more than feeling aggrieved.

  11. Is this really Obama’s Obamacare? Or is he just the next-in-line figure head willing enough to whore himself out for such a bold statist move, a move which has been prep’d long ago by the entrenched bipartisan bureaucracy?

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