A.M. Links: Obamacare May Have Hit 7 Million Mark, NATO Planning Military Exercises in Ukraine, Microbes May Have Caused Mass Extinction


  • 65 million years, 250 million years, might as well be seven days
    Perry Bible Fellowship

    Obamacare may have hit the original target of 7 million enrollees, though how many have paid remains to be seen. Open enrollment is "closed" but users can still enroll if they claim they've tried to enroll before the period closed. Up to three quarters of previously insured Americans who enrolled through Obamacare could be seeing higher premiums.

  • The FBI is reportedly looking for an Army recruit who may be planning a Fort Hood-inspired attack on U.S. soldiers.
  • The Transportation Department is requiring cars and light trucks built after May 1, 2018, to include rearview cameras.
  • NATO is planning a series of joint military exercises in and with Ukraine.
  • Australia sent a flying air traffic controller to the Indian Ocean to prevent a crash among the many aircraft looking for wreckage of Malaysian Flight 370. Malaysian authorities, meanwhile, released transcripts of the flight that indicate the final words from the plane were the mundane "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" and not the "all right, good night" authorities previously reported.
  • Mozilla and its browser, Firefox, are under fire from some critics because the company's new CEO once donated money to an anti-gay marriage initiative.
  • Methane producing microbes may have been responsible for the extinction of the vast majority of life on Earth 250 million years ago, according to an MIT study. 

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