NYPD Gets More Oversight, House of Cards Tax Credit Fight in Maryland Gets Nasty, Walmart Sues Visa: P.M. Links


  • When corporate giants collide.
    Credit: JeepersMedia / Foter / CC BY

    New York City has appointed its first inspector general for the police department, part of the oversight reforms that ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg and the police department resisted.

  • Producers of political power fantasy House of Cards threaten to move filming of their show out of Maryland if they don't get more tax credits. In response, some Maryland lawmakers threaten to use eminent domain to seize the film company's property if they try. Nothing like seeing two horrible government policies used against each other.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder says the federal government will recognize about 300 gay marriages performed in Michigan between the time a judge struck the ban down and a stay of the ruling was put into place. Michigan's governor said the state will not recognize them for now.
  • Walmart is suing Visa for $5 billion, claiming the credit card company is conspiring with banks to jack up the credit card processing fees retailers have to pay.
  • In Orange County, Calif., 21 residents have been diagnosed with measles this year, its worst outbreak in 20 years. Seven have been hospitalized.
  • Protests followed the news that Egyptian military chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi will run for president. Three people, including a journalist, were killed in clashes.

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