Obama Suggests Energy Sanctions Against Russia, Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Convicted, TSA Wants More Police: P.M. Links


  • Somebody tell Obama about Europe's history of renewable energy failures.
    Credit: joecabby2011 / Foter / CC BY-SA

    President Barack Obama said today a new round of sanctions against Russia could target Russia's energy sector as he urged the European Union to find new energy sources and to become less dependent on Russia. Bring on the fracking!

  • A jury in New York has convicted Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, of terrorism charges. The jury took only a day to come to a decision.
  • One employee gets killed one time at Los Angeles International Airport, and so the Transportation Security Administration is begging for armed law enforcement personnel at airport security checkpoints during "peak hours."
  • The governor of Michigan says the state will not recognize same-sex marriages performed over the weekend. The weddings took place between a judge's decision on Friday that the state's ban on same-sex marriage recognition was unconstitutional and a stay put in place this week while the courts review the ruling.
  • The death toll in anti-government protests in economically ravaged Venezuela is up to 32. President Nicolas Maduro has arrested three air force generals, accusing them of conspiring against his government.
  • A Turkish court has blocked its prime minister's efforts to block citizens' access and use of Twitter, which has been a tool to pass along recordings suggesting government corruption.

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  1. President Barack Obama said today a new round of sanctions against Russia could target Russia's energy sector as he urged the European Union to find new energy sources and to become less dependent on Russia.

    Green power is the answer to everything.

    1. I saw something today about a company working on a nuclear-powered car.

    2. +1 Don Quixote charging at a wind farm.

  2. Mom gets call from autistic son's school, son is having an anxiety attack; mom proceeds to school, gets buzzed in, but proceeds to classroom without signing in; school placed on lockdown, mom arrested.



    1. Failure to sign in is not trespassing. In a just country, the cops who arrested this woman would be in jail themselves. WTF is wrong with people.

    2. After getting the call, Williams came up the Ferguson - Florissant school where she was buzzed in by school officials.

      "I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son," said Williams.

      She got to her son's classroom and immediately started to console him. Then the school principal informed her she was violated school policy by not signing in.

      "I didn't sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book, She said oh no, I've already called the police. You called what," said Williams.

      The community needs to get together and tar feather that principle. What a horrible human being. There is no point in trying to reason with someone that evil and stupid.

      1. Procedures were followed!

      2. Pretty open and shut. Buzzed in = permission to be on campus.

      3. Hey, I know, let's arrest the autistic kid's mom while he's having a meltdown.

        1. "And tase the kid, too! Shit, I can hardly hear myself think!"

          1. And kill his dog.

      4. I suppose we shouldn't have expected any different result from an Education major.

      5. Then the school principal informed her she was violated school policy by not signing in.

        "I didn't sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book, She said oh no, I've already called the police.

        Worse than Hitler.

        1. Seriously. The school is retarded. With all the awareness around autism (I've had a couple through here and my wife has in her class) there's no excuse for this. We all know about the toll it exacts on families and school staffs. It takes enormous patience and enlightenment to deal with it.

          Yet...this. Unreal.

      6. What a bunch of clowns. I was thinking the other day that there has to be a market opportunity for schools not run by complete morons. I know private and charter schools are already out there, but apparently there are not enough of them, because this sort of thing happens way too often.

      7. The community needs to get together and tar feather that principle. What a horrible human being. There is no point in trying to reason with someone that evil and stupid.

        The only thing that would make that scenario any more appealing is if these people, once properly tarred and feathered, were run out of town on an actual rail.

      8. Way to de-escalate that situation, officers!

      9. She got to her son's classroom and immediately started to console him. Then the school principal informed her she was violated school policy by not signing in.

        So bring "the book" with you and just get her to sign it in the classroom. Sheese!

      10. The teacher who met and recognized her inside could not vouch for her?

      11. Disgusting woman! Feel sorry for the kids who have to deal with this mentality every day.

    3. Now, I'm not saying that contemporary public schools definitely are a grand conspiracy to acclimate and normalize kids to the arbitrary brutality and repression of totalitarianism, but if there were such a conspiracy, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what it would look like in practice.

    4. You know it's bad when even Charles Oliver beats you to the punch. :-p

      1. Ted S., to answer you from the other thread. I'll refrain from mocking Man Utd. I don't think they'll get past Bayern though. Barca, Real and Bayern with PSG as the outlier look real solid.

        Milan has given me enough pleasure. I'll give them a chance to figure things out. Mostly that defense. They have to sort out a lot of spare parts.

  3. A Turkish court has blocked its prime minister's efforts to block citizens' access and use of Twitter...

    So they have a judicial willing to courtblock their president?

    1. Embarrassing, isn't it? And Mexico has a more secure voting system than we do.

    1. The entire world knows what a ignorant chump Obama is. They also know how much trouble his party is in domestically. It is pretty much open season on US interests and US allies at this point.

      1. The surprise is how long it took them to figure it out.

      2. The one saving grace is that the world also is largely aware of how quickly we can swing the other way. The U.S. still has the megaeconomy and megamilitary.

    2. After his comments on Russia being nothing for us to worry about I could not help but think of Dr. Suess's "I Can Lick 50 Tigers Today!".

      What an embarrassment he is.

  4. Look like cows but they're water buffalo.
    Most people don't realize that soft, creamy Italian-style mozzarella di bufala (or buffalo mozzarella) is named quite literally ? it's cheese made from water buffalo milk. They also don't realize how delicious and healthy it is. Despite the higher butterfat content, water buffalo milk is healthier in many ways (than) traditional cow's milk. Water buffalo milk has 11 percent higher protein than cow's milk, as well as 9 percent more calcium and 37 percent more iron. Water buffalo milk is also lower in cholesterol.

    1. Racis... Wait, is it?

    2. Healthier? It's fucking milk, it's good for you.

      1. fucking milk, it's good for you

        That's just something guys tell girls to get them to swallow.

        1. It's certainly what I tell your mom, jesse.

          1. Ho-ho!

            Which is incidentally also what I call your mom.

            1. Me too, jesse. Me too.

            2. Yes, she is fat and full of cream.

    3. Watch it with the ethnic slurs, buddy.

      1. He was told the term "water buffalo" could be interpreted as racist because a water buffalo is a dark primitive animal that lives in Africa. That is questionable semantics, dubious zoology, and incorrect geography. Water buffalo live in Asia, not in Africa.

        SEE?! He was calling her *stupid*, too!

      2. I'm so sad I knew where that link was going.

    4. I do.

      Use it all the time.

      I make pizza with that with the basil plant I keep all year round.

      D.O.P tomatoes and 'OO' flour.

      There are some fine, world class mozzarella (heck, any French or Italian cheese) made here in North America and the USA in particular.

      1. 00

      2. Oops. I use fresh mozza. Buffalo I use when I go to a local guy I know.

        1. Actually, I was just talking to my brother in law about the possibility of putting a brick pizza oven in my yard. My cousin is a master brick layer but I was told he's retired now. Damn.

          1. Sounds good, but you can do nearly as well with a pizza stone on the top rack and with the oven turned up as hot as it will go.

            1. I agree.

              But it's fun. My buddy's retired father has one and in the summer we head out when he makes pizza. He'll have seven or eight different kinds laid out. Some beer and/or wine and magic.

    5. It's better for you despite its higher butterfat content? Stupid cunts. And cholesterol is not bad for you either, you stupid cunts.

      1. Soon they will be taking the Lipitor prescribed by allopaths, aka, the whores for big pharma.

        1. Fuck off and take your fucking healing crystals with you, weirdo.

      2. I'm glad I scrolled down before I posted.

      3. Saturated fat is good for you this week:


    6. Can you sell raw water buffalo milk?

      1. I guess you can in Europe, which now has raw milk vending machines.

        1. We are officially less free than Europe. Whoda guessed?

        2. Heck, in Japan you can buy beer from vending machines.

  5. ...and so the Transportation Security Administration is begging for armed law enforcement personnel at airport security checkpoints during "peak hours."

    I think that was supposed to read peek hours.

    1. Arm 'em with "night sticks".

  6. the Transportation Security Administration is begging for armed law enforcement personnel at airport security checkpoints during "peak hours."

    I'm pretty sure the TSA union was asking for their own guns, not more airport cops.

    1. Judging by how wonderfully professional and competent the average TSA agent is I wonder how many times a year some random passenger will be arrested for smuggling a gun (which fell out of some TSA agent's holster) past security - versus the number of people who end up at their destination and wonder where the Glock in their carry on bag came from.

  7. The governor of Michigan says the state will not recognize same-sex marriages performed over the weekend.



  8. Sista Sarah Palin endorses castration proponent Joni Ernst next day after ad breaks:


  9. President Nicolas Maduro has arrested three air force generals, accusing them of conspiring against his government.

    Sounds like the remaining generals better speed up their coup.

  10. Guess who:

    America is not yet an oligarchy, but that's where the Koch's and a few other billionaires are taking us.

    American democracy used to depend on political parties that more or less represented most of us. Political scientists of the 1950s and 1960s marveled at American "pluralism," by which they meant the capacities of parties and other membership groups to reflect the preferences of the vast majority of citizens.

    Then around a quarter century ago, as income and wealth began concentrating at the top, the Republican and Democratic Parties started to morph into mechanisms for extracting money, mostly from wealthy people.

    Finally, after the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision in 2010, billionaires began creating their own political mechanisms, separate from the political parties. They started providing big money directly to political candidates of their choice, and creating their own media campaigns to sway public opinion toward their own views.
    When billionaires supplant political parties, candidates are beholden directly to the billionaires. And if and when those candidates win election, the billionaires will be completely in charge.

    I feel like such a fool whenever I espouse a non-left wing opinion without getting paid by the Kochs.

    Apparently the internet is full of them. Where can I get in on this action?


    2. Ima say ... "Mike Bloomberg".

    3. Granted I never bother to click on Robert Reich articles generally. But I had no idea he was such a hack or that he was in the business of serving up the latest DSCC talking points. I always thought he was a bit more independent minded than this talking point crap.

      1. I'd give real money to watch a video of Tyrion Lannister slapping Reich across his partisan face for 10 minutes.

        1. And it could be to Hot Dog.

      2. Lately his talking points have been closer to CPUSA than DSCC.

    4. Poll Shows Democrats' Big Push Against The Kochs Might Not Make Any Sense

      "Trying to make the Koch brothers into that red meat is going to be about as effective as what we tried to do for several cycles with George Soros," Republican pollster Ed Goeas said.

      1. It'll fly with their drooling and dependable lapdog base, but nearly anyone else will respond "Who?"

        1. Hatred and envy: that's all they have.

          1. I asked my liberal Boston friend about Justina Pelletier and he answered saying he must have missed that news cycle. It's amazing how they can act with such indifference to shocking state abuse in family issues. Oh. He then went on to say the NRA's decline of a Surgeon General or something claiming that effects the lives of millions or something.

            1. How in the fucking fuck is something like that possible?

              I shudder to think what my reaction would be as her father.

          2. Never underestimate their indignant and righteous outrage, too.

      2. You don't understand, the push is about getting their demoralized base to vote. The base is retarded. The appeal doesn't have to make any sense. In fact, it is probably better if it doesn't.

        1. I think the Koch mania is more about fundraising. "Evil billionaires are against us!! Please give!!"

          1. My wife was watching an episode of Daily Show recently. They were gladly excoriating The Evil Koch Brothers (tm) for being two of several thousands of people who donated some money to some group. Said group then said mean things about a political opponent in some local race. As far as I could tell, Jon Stewart's only take-away here was how evil the Koch brothers are.

    5. Poll Shows Democrats' Big Push Against The Kochs Might Not Make Any Sense

      "Trying to make the Koch brothers into that red meat is going to be about as effective as what we tried to do for several cycles with George Soros," Republican pollster Ed Goeas said.

      1. Soros is a speculator and Stewart gives him a pass. Clown.

    6. Without looking below, Reich. If not him, Krugman.

    7. Then around a quarter century ago, as income and wealth began concentrating at the top

      wha? Does this guy really think that income and wealth concentration are only a recent phenomena, and only apparent in nominally free-enterprise societies?

      1. Then around a quarter century ago, as income and wealth began concentrating at the top

        So then, this happened around a generation or two after the War on Poverty began, and around the time single-motherhood became acceptable if not encouraged, and when we began importing tens of millions of Third World peasants? What a coincidence!

    8. Finally, after the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision in 2010, billionaires began creating their own political mechanisms, separate from the political parties.

      Yes, the progressives went extinct in 2010, never to be heard from again. Super majorities for the Republicanz.

    9. Yeah, the Koch Konspiracy progtards will be out in force this election cycle. Making up bullshit at every turn.

      This was probably posted earlier, but it's worth linking again if it was. This dude completely eviscerates WaPo column claiming Koch's is the biggest lease holder in Alberta oil sands. His previous post and the original article are all linked in this missive. Unmasks total hypocrisy. Surprise!

  11. Transportation Security Administration is begging for armed law enforcement personnel at airport security checkpoints

    Sheesh, don't they have plenty already?

  12. Speaking of Venezuela, a good article about when and why one guy decided to leave.

    "In Venezuela, life is worth little and the police were likely to do nothing - that is, if they weren't in cahoots with the criminals."

  13. If you're not doing anything wrong you can still be arrested on a "judgment call":

    "And they said, 'Ma'am, we've got a report that you were drinking alcohol while breastfeeding,'" Adams recalled. "I said, 'OK, I didn't know that was illegal.'"

    Adams was right. Arkansas law doesn't say anything about drinking and breastfeeding. But after Adams admitted that she had two drinks, the officers made a judgment call: they told Adams to call a sober family member to drive her baby home and then arrested her for endangering the welfare of a child.

    1. They call the town Toad Suck, and ban alcohol? That's great.

    2. It is unclear how much alcohol gets into the mother's milk while drinking, and the science is imprecise. Still, there are options for nursing mothers who want to have a drink now and then, said Ashton. "You have the option of pumping in advance, pumping and storing milk or saying at the last minute, 'You know what, I want to have a fun night tonight. I'm going to drink probably more than one drink, and so for the next six hours, I'm going to give my baby formula.'"

      You also have the option of shouting "WTF are *you* looking at?!"

      1. You also have the option of realizing that a tiny amount of booze in your milk is not going to hurt your baby in the slightest. And there's always the option of telling these censorious prudes to take their fake concern and shoving it up their cunt asses.

        1. Look, this is a story about a lady waitress who has her own lady baby and called her lady mother to talk about lady things like FREAKING THE FUCK OUT ABOUT LADY BULLSHIT.

          And I wish I could sympathize more with the woman who got dicked, but since she's basically just like the rest of them anyway...I sort of don't.

          1. "Whether it was right or wrong in my eyes is different, you know, but if she really thought my baby was in danger, you know, maybe she done the right thing," Adams said.

            Her hillbilly charm doesn't do much to make this less awful, does it?

            1. The only good part of the story is that the waitress got fired.

        2. And there's always the option of telling these censorious prudes to take their fake concern and shoving it up their cunt asses.

          I have a feeling that instead of arrest, that might lead to Albaquerque Police Department level treatment.

  14. "President Nicolas Maduro has arrested three air force generals, accusing them of conspiring against his government."

    That could be anything from planning an actual coup* to watching the wrong TV channel.

    *(which looks like the only way the Chavistas will ever leave power)

    1. "his" government. That says it all.

  15. When golfers attack

    io9 does an interesting article on the properties of titanium golf clubs that led to a 12 acre brush fire in Irvine in 2010. The same thing apparently leads to halos on helicopter blades in the desert.

    The article almost makes it to the end without inciting anti-1% comments but then they say:

    Which leads to an interesting question: in the increasingly dry region, currently suffering from a major drought, should golf courses regulate the types of clubs that can be used?

    1. Interesting factoid:

      The Kopp-Etchells effect was first documented during combat operations in Afghanistan. The photographer Michael Yon named the effect after two soldiers who died there, Koop, a US Ranger, and Etchells, a British soldier. Both were killed in combat in this province of Afghanistan.

      1. Interesting. It reminds me of Richard Thomas' character standing up in the trench at the end of "All Quiet on the Western Front" to listen to or see something beautiful - and getting shot in the head.

        /war is hell

    2. "reckless golfing"? How fair of them.

      1. If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such situations is "fore fire."


        1. So, does this mean you can't play golf in a crowded theater?

          1. Only when they have a scratch night.

    3. I guess we should give half a point for suggesting that it should be the golf courses making these rules rather than mentioning the government. I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt that the use of the word "regulate" was probably more of a subconscious reflex that they largely managed to supress in this case.

      1. I would think that if I were a golf course owner, and there was a certain type of club golfers use that ran a significant risk of burning my whole God damn business down, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have to think twice about banning it from my course.

  16. Hasbro to crowdsource new rules for Monopoly

    Starting Tuesday through April 3, Facebook fans can debate 10 'house rules' that are on the site. The top rules will make it into the House Rules Edition that will be available in the fall. They'll also be in the classic Monopoly's game guide in 2015, although officially the rules will not change.
    Many of the rules being debated will look familiar to Monopoly fans, as they have been unofficially adopted over the years. Among the rules included for debate are:

    Free Parking, Fast Cash: All taxes and fees will be collected in the middle of the game board, if you land on Free Parking, it's your lucky day: collect all the money from the middle of the board.
    Lucky Roller: Did you just Roll Snake Eyes (double ones)... odds are in your favor, collect 500M Dollars.

    How about this:

    should you find yourself owning two out of three properties on any given color section, slip the central bank $500 and they'll reclaim the property from the other player for "the public good" and give it to you for "urban development".

    Call it the Kelo rule.

    1. If you go bankrupt and you have put so much money into the "political contributions" pot, the banker has to bail you out.

      Also, if you own more than 10 properties and go bankrupt, you are deemed "too big to fail" and get bailed out regardless of your contributions.

    2. Kids cook up these extra rules because they like Bonus Free Stuff. Then as a result the game goes on forever and no one can ever win, everyone just gets bored eventually. There's some kind of Democratic Party metaphor here but I can't put my finger on it.

    3. That stupid "FREE PARKING" rule is why Monopoly games are so long.
      If played correctly, Monopoly should end in tears.

      1. Tears, or cheating. That's how it works in my house.

        1. If neither you nor your opponent are naked at the end of the game, having literally paid your rents with the clothes off your back, you're not playing it right.

      2. I prefer when Monopoly ends in violence, like all monopolies.

      3. Right, it should not end in years.

      4. Several years ago, my gf and I had a couples date night with two other couples playing Wineopoly.

        I, being a hyper competitive libertarian and probable industrialist in a past life, absolutely dictated what strategy we would employ to the point where my gf said I "was taking all the fun outta the game." My strategy was also immensely successful as we crushed the other two couples in an hour and a half. We hate fucked that night, the way every winner always should. Those other couples grew to despise me (except for one where my long-time buddy was the male in the couple, he was used to my total lack of inhibition in seeking victory, but he was still furious I beat the snot out of him).

        1. Sounds like a date straight our of Ayn Rand's diary.

        2. Sudden, you sound like a nightmare.

          Hope to meet you one day.

        3. Just to be clear, did you hate fuck your gf or the other 2 couples?

          1. just the gf... oh the opportunities we leave on the table.

    4. I support any rule changes that keep the game from taking hours to play, and that prevent someone from getting angry and throwing the game board.

      1. You support banning Monopoly then?

    5. +1 clothes iron token.

    6. We always allowed multiple hotels on a single property. Made the game go faster. And it was awesome kicking those broke, homeless 99%ers to the curb when they couldn't pay the rent.

      *laughs diabolically*

    7. You know how one person gets to be the "bank?" They should also allow one player to be the "government." Only then will we learn the true meaning of what a monopoly is.

      1. "Okay, I'm taking that hotel on Boardwalk."

        "What? You can't do that, I own it."

        "Not anymore, it's, uh, blighted."

        "Says who?"

        "Says my Urban Planning Commission" *Raises middle finger*

    8. "...collect 500M Dollars."

      Since when des Monopoly have $500,000?

  17. Today in pathetic excuses for Obama we give you Fred Hyatt. First he admits that obvious that Obama's forgiegn policy is a disaster. He goes further to admit Obama is unlikely to learn anything or change course. But that is still the Republicans fault. Why?

    The instinctive White House response will be to head into the political bunker: to deny that it ever displayed isolationist tendencies while painting critics as wild-eyed warmongers. This reflexive belligerence is understandable given that Obama's political enemies will happily use overseas setbacks to score points.

    I mean it is not like every other President in history hasn't had foreign policy failures used against him by his political enemies. It is only America's first black President who has had that happen to him.


    1. Right.

      Libya = disaster.


      1. Yeah, because Iraq was never a political issue.

        We mentioned Obama and the retard showed up. Maybe it is a bot.

        1. LEAVE IT ALONE.

    2. Conan last night did his "Celebrity Questionnaire" bit. Regarding Crimea/Russia he had Merkel saying she would rethink Germany's economic and military relationship with Russia, David Cameron pushing for more sanctions and Obama saying he would purse his lips even tighter.

      So some criticism is starting to leak in for things besides Obamacare (could O-care be the "camel's nose" for criticism of O?).

      1. Merkel should just say, "Fuck it, we're going to become a major military power again."

  18. So, my state bar has a combo CWP/CLE going on next month. I could use some CLE credits.

    1. My wife's was at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Just sign in, and head to the casino.

  19. Fascinating: New dwarf planet in Oort cloud suggests presence of massive gravitational presence at the edge of our solar system

    Astronomers searching for the faintest glimmers of light beyond distant Pluto say they've discovered a new dwarf planet ? and that this planetoid's movements hint that an invisible giant planet perhaps 10 times the size of Earth could be lurking around the dark fringes of our solar system.

    The new dwarf planet 2012 VP-113, described Wednesday in the journal Nature, helps confirm the existence of an "inner Oort cloud" in an interplanetary no man's land that was once thought to be empty but could potentially be teeming with rocky denizens.

    "We had high hopes, and our hopes were confirmed," said Scott Sheppard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science who co-wrote the paper with Chadwick Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.
    What's more, Sedna and 2012 VP-113 seem to be making their closest approach to the sun at similar angles ? which could mean that there's a giant planet out there, tugging at both of their orbits in the same way. This ghost planet could be from 1 to 20 Earth masses, Sheppard said, though it's still also possible that the dwarf planets were pulled there by the tug from a passing star in the sun's early history.

    1. I don't buy it. The gravitational effects would have been massively clear before. Also, then Jules Verne would be prescient.

      1. Or Larry Niven.

      2. The gravitational effects would have been massively clear before.

        You presume it was there before.

      3. The gravitational effects would have been massively clear before.

        They are. Every time they get a new piece of info, they pretend like it's the first one. They've been running this article for like 50 years.

    2. Less than a week ago they had news articles saying there was no Planet X, but now there is?

      Just as long as we name it Nibiru and it's peopled by aliens, I'm happy.

      1. Giant aliens, retard. I knew I wasn't the only one who loved Zecharia Sitchin's bullshit.

        1. Jeez, Warty, you seem extra feisty today. Did someone attempt to escape your Rapetorium? this morning or something?

          1. Retard is a term of affection, you big retarded gay retard. And of course not. My Rapetorium was designed by Frank Gehry and is impregnable and inescapable.

            1. "impregnable"

              Way to take the concept of a Rapetorium and make it tawdry.

          2. It was me. I'm back now.

            1. So the fiance finally got around to claiming you as his rightful property?

        2. Wow...Low Carb, Weight Lifiting, Hates people in general, AND reads Sitchin?

          If you are EVER in Denver the highly alcoholic drinks are on me, cause we gotta hang out.

    3. Why would our solar system have dark fringes that we can't see into? Or do I need to post this to Neil deGrasse Tyson's twitter feed?

      1. Why would our solar system have dark fringes that we can't see into?

        Why not? It's got a soft white underbelly, doesn't it?

    4. If it turns out to be Galactus, is he accepting applications for a new herald?

      1. Only after he eats the rest of us.

    5. though it's still also possible that the dwarf planets were pulled there by the tug from a passing star in the sun's early history

      I think I'll blame the reporter for this one. Yeah, there's this mundane explanation, but there's also this highly-implausible, headline-grabbing explanation!

      1. "...but there's also this highly-implausible, headline-grabbing explanation!"

        Yep. The dinosaurs did not lose to competition, they took 10 million years to die off from the impact of a giant asteroid.

        1. By all evidence, dinosaurs were extinct within 1-2 million years of the asteroid collision, and most before that.

          1. Au contraire. Dinosaurs are not extinct at all. We just call them birds now.

    6. I love how they are calling the planet "Joe Biden".

      It's pink and not very bright.

      1. +2 shotgun blasts

    7. Jeez guys, next thing you're going to tell me is that Voyager 1 has yet to leave our solar system.

    8. I am a bit skeptical, but....

      We still celebrate people who discovered continents on earth, we know very little about the ocean floor, we are still discovering new things about our own anatomy, and we have just now figured out that there are other stars with planets besides our own. And that is the civilized, developed world. The majority of us still live the same way we all did 10,000 + years ago and explain the natural world as the magical conjurings of an invisible person.

      We are still stumbling around in our infancy.

    9. That's no moon. Chewie, turn the ship around!

    1. llap

  20. Hasbro to crowdsource new rules for Monopoly

    What are the odds on a wealth tax?

    "Player with most properties pays 10% of value to player with fewest. For FAIRZ."

  21. Saturday I mentioned that Catholic League leader Bill Donohue had applied to march in the NYC Gay Pride Parade with a "Straight is great!" sign. He was expecting to have his application rejected and make a big stink about how intolerant gays are. When his application was accepted he freaked out a bit and said that he was backing out because he would be required to go to "gay training sessions."

    These trainings address line-up times, check-in locations, our moment of silence, dispersal activity, NYPD safety policies, attire and vehicle/sound permits. It is imperative group leaders know this information.

    Scary! He might catch teh geh!!1

    He's now claiming that he's being excluded because parade organizers are afraid that too many straights might show up and ruin their fun:

    They know what they're opening the door to: what if instead of getting 100 people, what if I get 3,000 people? What if we begin to overwhelm their parade and vetoes their message?

    Except, you know, he ISN'T being excluded, he's just being a mendacious asshole.


    2. I liked him better when he got killed by Jesus on South Park.

      1. "Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time."

    3. What about the tidbit that he has an archive of below the waist nudity at past Pride parades.

      I am 100% confident he only opens them 5 or 6 times a day for research purposes.

      1. I wonder if he ever invites Peter LaBarbera over to do some vigorous research with him.

        1. He will end in a long Las Vegas weekend of crystal meth and rent boys like all the rest of them.

    4. Like gay training sessions aren't a real thing.

      1. There aren't any moments of silence though.

        1. Hello? Ball gags?

          1. What, like that stops the heavy breathing?

            1. Oh, you're into breathplay? Use the heavy-duty contractor garbage bags for that.

              1. Why wouldn't you just put your hand over the air intake on the WWII-era German gas mask?

                1. Because some of us are into construction worker fetishes, you Nazi fetish Nazi.

      2. Involves lots (and lots) of squats?

        1. Deep squats supersetted with hip thrusts, yes.

  22. Why We Support Dr. Mireille Miller-Young

    In this sense, the charges against Dr. Miller-Young reveal the racialized-gendered logics of the U.S. law. Dr. Miller-Young's act of challenging anti-abortion violence (not to mention protecting herself and her students from "pro-life" protestors' anti-feminist and white supremacist barrage) is "criminal" insofar as "criminality" has already been hegemonically defined: as any challenge to the protection of property, whiteness, and hierarchal regimes of race, sexuality, gender, and capitalism.

    Why I Am In Solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young

    Mireille Miller-Young took a stand, rejected what she saw as a type of terrorism, and defended her right to her bodily integrity (after all, she is a human being). In so doing, she defended all of us. I am in solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young.

    1. Challenging the "Hard Right" Playbook: In solidarity with Dr. Mireille Miller-Young

      I join Dr. Mireille Miller-Young and others because for too long the "hard right" has engage in tactics that are violent and that seek to provoke violence; I stand with Dr. Miller Young and the many others who endure the daily micro aggressions, a campus climate that shows little concern for their well-being, for their right to walk to class without being assaulted with images and rhetoric

      1. tactics that are violent and that seek to provoke violence

        their right to walk to class without being assaulted with images and rhetoric

        When shortbus joe used to come here, one of the cunty things he liked to say was "words mean things". Just an observation.

        1. In his capacity as city planner, joe allowed for free speech zones to be maintained at the far ends of alleys and the bottoms of reservoirs.

      2. Yeah right. The victims were asking for it. I mean, if only they had covered up (their posters), Dr. Miller-Young would not have been "triggered". The pro-life protestors need to cover up more.

      3. What's been the ratio of lefty speakers vs. righty speakers assaulted on campus with pies while they were trying to speak, accept an honor, etc.?

      4. Having a different opinion is the same as assault. Got it. There is no way this will be used against them.

        What was once a justified movement has been hijacked by the insane and turned into a load of total horse shit.

      5. Tactics that provoke violence... like the violence initiated by Miller-Young.

        The fuck is with these people?

    2. I'd be outraged, but part of me is delighted. The more feminists double-down in their defense of something so overtly indefensible, the more reasonable people that will run screaming from their "movement".

    3. Tamara Lea Spira is a social justice activist and scholar of Latin American and Critical Race Feminist, Queer and Sexuality Studies. Heather M. Turcotte is a Contributing Editor to TFW.

      Beyond parody.

      1. Fucking "scholar"?

        Didn't that word use to mean something?

      2. I love the term "Critical Race Studies," because it sounds like something they studied in Nazi universities. "Kritische Rennen Studium"?

        1. Pretty sure critical race theory actually does stem from Nazi academics. For real.

    4. Fuck these people.

        1. I was thinking in terms of a splintered baseball bat.

          1. Ah! Then - an enthusiastic "Yes"!

          2. "a splintered baseball bat"

            AKA - Warty's cock?

      1. Micro aggression!

    5. The nerve of some people, thinking a college campus should be a bastion of free speech, free thought, free inquiry. If someone says something so obviously wrong that it causes you to commit a violent act, they should be ashamed of themselves for making you hit them.

      1. making you hit them.

        This made me realize they are using the same logic as the guy who beats his wife.

        1. It is the same logic of a 5 year old who says "Look what you made me do!"

      2. The nerve of some people, thinking a college campus should be a bastion of free speech, free thought, free inquiry.

        What's hilarious is that academics in these grievance studies are deluded enough to believe that they're challenging a philosophical and structural status quo when they're really just perputating the same one that's exised on university campuses since roughly the mid-20th century.

        The fact that people like this write such things that are clearly disconnected from reality shows how stunted and incestuous the intellectual enviornment is at most universities. It creates deformed writing and modes of thought with no relationship or understanding of the world outside the faculty lounge or campus coffeehouse.

    6. Progressives are children. If someone says something they don't like, violence is a perfectly acceptable response, which is how children think (we actively have to teach them it's not the answer).

      Also, what's this nonsense about defending her bodily integrity? She's the one who assaulted the protesters. In addition to being children, they're completely without principles. If someone on their side does it, it must be good.

    7. Dipshits in dipshit fight supported by other dipshits, film at 11.

    8. The comments.


      That is all.

  23. Kit Harrington: 'It's only right' that Game of Thrones should have more male nudity

    You can count Kit Harington as one of the growing chorus of "Game of Thrones" actors who wouldn't mind more skin on the show.

    The HBO hit, known for a generous helping of female nudity, doesn't have so many men on the show strutting their stuff. But Harington is for equality in nude scenes.

    "It's only right, if you're going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that," Harington told the April issue of GQ.

    But then again, if the need to strip down should arise, Harington said, "I wouldn't say I'd be happy about it ? It would have to be f-----g well deserved."

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    1. Fine, Serious, I'll catch up on the damn show.

    2. He's just pissed that his on-screen girlfriend is going to get aced. And so are you.

      1. Yes, we all are pissed at that inevitability. But I'm coming to terms with it and just need one more nude scene from Ms Leslie.

        1. Esme Bianco has the better body. Now THAT death was tragic.

    3. ?
      wiener wie-ner

    4. I wonder: what does the male/female nudity balance in GoT look like when you exclude characters who are prostitutes, who will be overwhelmingly female purely by the nature of the setting?

    5. Butters is gonna be pissed.

      1. awwwwww, hamburgers!

    6. Dicks? Is that what he's talking about? No one wants to see dicks.

      1. That's hurtful, FoE, calling me a no one.

        *Runs off sobbing*


          1. *high five*

            1. I say it's high time we started seriously microaggressing against these fuckers with some dick talk.

              1. I'm always down for dick talk. Are we going to get 2-3 other enthusiasts and do this The View style?

                I'll huff some inhalants and be Elisabeth Hasselback.

                1. YES YES WE ARE but only if I'm not Meredith.

                  Game on.

                  1. First topic: are circumcised penises more or less aesthetically pleasing than the uncut?

                    1. Does the uncut guy have phimosis?

                    2. What is that? Smegma?

                    3. No it's when the foreskin is so tight it cant slide easily over the glans. Depending on the configuration it can make just getting an erection painful, it can make the pulling back of the foreskin during sex acts painful or if the glans is caught out past the foreskin it can get stuck and basically act like a cock ring for your glans causing painful swelling and blood pooling.

                      The more you know...

                    4. I always had a little hood envy but now I'm not so sure.

                    5. It's not overly common and there's a surgery (other than circumcision) that will make enough space for it to slide freely. A friend of mine had it done and was pleased with the results.

                    6. I was so sure you were going to link to a picture of it. Thank you for doing the right thing.

          2. gimme ur snapchat nikki

            dick pics ready to go

            ur even easier than tinder

            1. I have a game. She'll post her snap chat here, and we'll all send dick picks. She has to guess which dick came from where.

              Nikki, if you agree, say nothing at all.

              1. fun fact, a buddy of mine managed to get the snapchat handle "sendmeyodicks"

                1. Funny, but it has most certainly backfired by this point.

                  1. Pun intended?

                    1. Not really. I assumed that you were talking about a straight guy who was clowning around. If it was a gay dude, that's genius.

        2. I don't know. I can understand the odd pectoral here and there or whatnot perhaps, but penises? People urinate through those things.

          1. What's grosser: penises or decomposing dog vomit?

            1. Dog vomit is usually accompanied by partially digested grass blades, so it gets my vote.

    7. Sam has no nude scenes in the book, right?

      1. He does get laid at one point.

          1. It's okay, I left out the part where he's actually a zombie at the time, and, in a shocking twist, he turns out to be one of the heads of the dragon.

    8. I'd be fine if HBO banned nudity on all their shows, male, female and other. Lena Dunham's boobs are a 9/11 level tragedy every second they are exposed.

      As for the women of Game of Thrones, there were only five of them worth seeing naked: two are dead and the clock is ticking on another, Emilia Clarke had no more nude scenes written into her contract and there only a few more excuses to get Carice van Houten's kit off. Meh.

      1. Yeah, I have two words for you: Alexandra Daddario.

        1. She's not coming back. Let it go.

          She did make up for a certain portion of Dunham's misery tits. 6%, tops.

          HBO should fire all their casting directors except for whoever cast Daddario.

      2. the clock is ticking on another,

        no fucking spoilers

      3. To be honest nudity doesn't usually affect me one way or t'other. Its presence doesn't necessarily have a sexual component, and if I can see heads on pikes without batting an eye, how could I get worked up about the occasional tittie or hell, even (BRIEF) swinging dick? If I do happen to get a chubby from, say, Vampire Jessica, then that's just a bonus (FOR EVERYONE).

        Disclaimer: I don't watch Girls.

        1. The problem with GoT is they rarely integrate the nudity into the plot, so the whole show comes to a screeching halt so that they can explain to the befuddled audience what is going on with a Littlefinger soliloquy while two chicks 69 in the background.

          I'm not against nudity, but the way they use it is just boring a lot of the time.

          Ygritte and Jon getting it on? Good nudity.

          Ros The Magical Exposition Whore? Bad nudity. (For those who've only watched the show, she isn't even in the books whatsoever.)

          1. Ros The Magical Exposition Whore? Bad nudity.

            Your're dead to me. DEAD.

            1. A fine looking woman, no doubt. But she served no narrative purpose.

          2. I'm not the only one whose nickname for her was "Exposition Whore"? I find that hilarious.

          3. I think Hodor's cock was acceptably written in.

            protip Jesse: Hodor is very well-endowed. But you have to be able to put up with pasty fat retards to appreciate it.

            Do not respond. Warty is watching.

            1. I'm not sure the 1024 screen grab I just googled up does it justice, although I suppose I need to bear in mind that he's 6'10".

              1. I believe the gargantuan size of the actor makes it a bit deceiving as well. Not sure if the screengrab gives it, but a handy frame of reference is the small child standing near him (wow how about that for sounding wrong on every level). Also, that's presumably flaccid (although I've often wondered if actors attempt a semi chub prior to such scenes). I recognize some guys are decent sized flaccid and others start like Michaelangelo's David flaccid and grow from there.

                1. They did a study and found that some are "show-ers" and some are "grow-ers".

                  A few of us are both.

                  1. Some are neither.

                    *runs off sobbing*

                  2. In my experience, uncut guys seem to do the grower thing way more impressively than cut guys.

          4. ...the whole show comes to a screeching halt so that they can explain to the befuddled audience what is going on with a Littlefinger soliloquy while two chicks 69 in the background.

            That's really the only incident I can recall where it was completely distracting. Granted, it was completely distracting.

          5. Have you seen the article on sexposition?


            I think there's a lot of truth to the term. Much of the sex in the show is no better than a cheesy flashback in terms of lazy writing.

        2. I don't believe that you getting a chubby is a bonus for ANYONE.

          Except Epi's mom.

    9. I can only assume that they would have actually shown Theon's junk if the actor that plays him was really as endowed as the story says.

      1. They did show it in the first season, as he clearly explained his motives and desires to Ros The Magical Exposition Whore. She draws all sorts of things out of you.

        It was OK for an ugly ex-junkie.

    10. I like the idea of increasing the ratio of male to female nudity because it spreads around the uncomfortableness more evenly among the audience. 🙂
      Also, women and gay men aren't any less deserving of eye candy.

      1. should've said straight women

    11. He already did, but his character is part of an officially celibate organization.

  24. Non Hammaconda Jon Hamm photo with Vincent Kartheiser.

    And a palate cleanser for the male heterotarians and lady homotarians:

    Christina Hendricks at the same event.

    I would like GILMORE's opinion on her outfit though. I don't think it's flattering, but he's better at these things than I am.

    1. That dress is terrible. If she had any pockets, she'd be a pool table. Also, she was way hotter when she was thinner. I'm thinking when she was on Firefly. Damn, she was fucking hot then. "Our Mrs. Reynolds" is a great episode.

      1. Gravity is a bitch.

      2. We're all thinking when she was on Firefly.

      3. That dress would look a lot better on the floor, next to my bed.

    2. It makes her look 20 pounds heavier and 20 years saggier.

    3. The color is good on her but everything else about that dress is terrible. I wish she would come see me and learn how to dress her boobs.

  25. A Turkish court has blocked its prime minister's efforts to block citizens' access and use of Twitter, which has been a tool to pass along recordings suggesting government corruption.

    Just wait until Erdogan threatens to pack the Turkish courts with his appointees, FDR-style. Turkey will get a nice Twitter New Deal.

  26. Porn hub brings us more infographics!

    This time it's porn consumption by US city.

    Soory Canadians!

    1. No Cleveland. Bullshit. Columbus likes "teen college lesbian mom massage". Sounds pretty decent, actually.

      1. As in no Cleveland Steamer?!?!?! That's all I search for myself.

    2. And why does everyone like Lisa Ann so much? She's filthy, and that's good, but her fake boobs are googly-eyed.

    3. There is a decided lack of anal. I call bullshit. Nicole will back me up.

      1. But as we've shown here there are all these freaky guys who aren't into anal. Like my brother.

        1. I'm sure if you got him drunk enough your brother would have anal sex with you, Nikki.

    4. I didn't realize Alina Li was so popular. She's pretty hot, but her voice is grating, and she's too tall and too tan.

      She's definitely one of the hottest Asian porn stars from the English-speaking world, though. They tend to be fairly bottom-shelf compared to the Japanese ones.

      If only Korea would legalize porn...

      1. I'd never heard of her. Her vine account is fascinating, though.

    5. Is there something I don't know about massage?

      1. Apparently the male masseuse is the new pizza boy.

      2. Yeah, I'm not getting that one, either. And "smoking" and "cartoon" are weird search terms for porn.

        1. Since you two seem to be serious:

          "Massage porn" is a pretty popular genre right now; there are many sites dedicated to it now. Generally it goes something like this:

          * Female pornstar lies down on front with towel over her butt, i.e., like in a normal massage.
          * Male does a normal massage, then suggests taking off the towel and massaging her butt; she obliges. Later he suggests massaging her boobs, and then her va-jay-jay; she obliges both times.
          * Then the female says something like "You made me feel SOOO good, now I'll make you feel good" and sucks the male's dick. It proceeds from there like normal porn.

          Personally I don't care for massage porn.

          Cartoon is what it sounds like. It's usually Japanese hentai, or Family Guy or The Simpsons or something. I don't much care for it, either.

          Not sure about "smoking", though.

          1. Some people like to watch people smoke and touch themselves or smoke while having someone go down on them.

            I don't really get it other than it might be a mild taboo to break, but it seems to be a thing that is frequently requested and paid for on some of the amateur cam sites.

      3. Throwing this out there, but maybe it covers the "sensual/erotic" part of feeling on someone's bod, but then gets to the fornicatin', so it might appeal to both men and women.

        Plus, I don't see getting a massage as an activity where you necessarily expect a lot of conversing, which would eliminate the need for exposition. Or, scripting. Just get on to the servicing.

        Plus, isn't massage supposed to be relaxing? Kinda similar to the wanking that these videos were made for.

        1. See what I wrote above.

          Also, are you the same person that has all the other PB spoof handles (Wiegel's cockring, Hillary's clitdong, Pelosi's rabbit, Biden's scroteplug, etc.)?

          1. Yep. I was offering up a possible reason as to why it's a "thing" now, but it would seem it is.

            And, no on the other handles. I tried Pelosi's Bushweave for a day or two as a change from my original handle. This one is more...I dunno-I liked it better. Plus, it'd be funny(to me)if I actually came up with something profound enough to get quoted on the Independents with this screen name.

  27. Terry McAuliffe signs "freedom of conscience" law for genetic counselors, allowing them to turn away gay and unmarried couples

    The law, the product of two highly similar bills signed by McAuliffe on February 20 and March 20, establishes new rules for licensing genetic counselors. These are the health care professionals who help couples assess their odds of parenting a child with a genetic disorder, test individuals for genes indicative of disease, or detect fetal anomalies after a woman becomes pregnant. Genetic counseling is a fairly new field that was not previously regulated in Virginia, as is the case in many states around the country. Critics of the new law say they support oversight of the profession, but they strongly object to the law's "conscience clause" provision, which, in the words of the ACLU of Virginia, gives counselors "a license to discriminate."

    "This is Arizona-lite," says Tarina Keene, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. She and other opponents point out that the law not only gives genetic counselors the right to refuse to help gay, lesbian, or unwed couples, but it also frees them to withhold a patient's test results if the counselor suspects the information might lead her to have an abortion?although they cannot lie about the results.

    Sounds like a contract service to me, not a public accommodation.

    1. Sounds like a contract service to me, not a public accommodation.

      I'd say the same thing about contracting someone to photograph a wedding, but who is that stopping?

    2. it also frees them to withhold a patient's test results if the counselor suspects the information might lead her to have an abortion?although they cannot lie about the results.

      Are they required to advertise this fact? Or if I a straight person goes to see them do they have to specifically ask: "Are there any results in my tests that you failed to mention because I FUCKING PAID YOU TO TELL ME THIS INFORMATION BUT YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I MIGHT DO WITH IT?"

      1. It also doesn't work anyways. Withholding the results basically just means "there's something so horribly wrong with your baby, you should consider and abortion, even if I won't tell you specifically what".

        1. Is it an all or nothing proposition? Maybe parents won't ask if they see a list of ok stats, but the list is just missing the "baby will be born with flippers and severe mental retardation" line.

          1. Yes, but presumably the Doctor is going to say something like "looking over the test results, you baby is going to be fine", which they wouldn't be able to say because it's a lie. If the doctor was just handing me the test results and refusing to make any comment on what they meant, I'd be kind of suspicious that they were withholding something.

    3. In the PRC they will never tell an expecting mother (or anybody else in her family) the gender of the fetus before birth. They know that too many female fetuses would be aborted one way or another.

  28. All the feminist sites are crowing about their latest victory.

    WASHINGTON (AP) ? The Supreme Court says a federal law barring people convicted of minor domestic violence offenses from possessing guns can be enforced even in states where no proof of physical force is required to support the domestic violence charge.

    1. Do cops have an exemption? Cuz' you know who beats their wives more than anyone else......

      1. I thought lesbian couples took that trophy.

        1. Lesbian cops?

  29. Study: Large number of male coerced into at least one unwanted sexual encounter

    A large proportion of teenage boys and college men report having been coerced into sex or sexual behavior, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

    A total of 43 percent of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience and of those, 95 percent said a female acquaintance was the aggressor, according to a study published online in the APA journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity?.

    Of 284 U.S. high school and college students who responded to a survey about unwanted sexual encounters, 18 percent reported sexual coercion by physical force; 31 percent said they were verbally coerced; 26 percent described unwanted seduction by sexual behaviors; and 7 percent said they were compelled after being given alcohol or drugs, according to the study. Half of the students said they ended up having intercourse, 10 percent reported an attempt to have intercourse and 40 percent said the result was kissing or fondling.

    Being coerced into having sexual intercourse was related to risky sexual behaviors and more drinking among the victims, and students who were sexually coerced while drunk or drugged showed significant distress, according to the findings. However, having unwanted sex did not appear to affect the victims' self-esteem.

    1. Fat chicks. They're implacable.

      1. The horny, homely, heavy college girl who jammed her hand down my pants so hard that the button flew across the room?

        I was actually scared for a few seconds.

        1. Sugarfree will take it from here.

          1. I don't fool with no fat girl assault.

      2. Fat chicks. They're implacable immovable.


    2. 18 percent reported sexual coercion by physical force;

      Damn. Rape-rape. Higher than I would have thought.

    3. When I was 14 my girlfriend hot MILF mom threw me on a pool table in her house and fucked my brains out. I went back a few times for more. It was great.

      Who the hell are these weenie boys that cry about getting laid?

      1. my girlfriend hot MILF mom

        So Suthenboy likes incest? Are you a sock of Epi?

      2. Wait, did this start off with 'Dear Penthouse, I would never have believe . . . '?

      3. I blame the tort system. There's money to be made now.

    4. Large number of male coerced into at least one unwanted sexual encounter

      I was under the impression teenage boys were incapable of having an unwanted sexual encounter.

      What the fuck is wrong with kids these days?

      When we were preached to by adults and teachers about the "right way to act" we laughed at them and ran right out and did the opposite. When did kids become so fucking compliant that they actually believe that getting laid is a bad thing?

      What happened to rebel youth? What a bunch of fucking pussies.

      1. Perhaps a prudish response on the part of men to the unrestrained female sluttery these days.

        nikki, still waiting on dem cock pics?

      2. Well, on this, we totally agree.

        For me, it began in kindergarten, when the nun scolded me for leaving my desk and going to the little boy's room after she ordered the class to remain at their desks while she visited mother superior.

        Well, she also yelled at me for not making it to the bathroom as I pissed all over myself and the floor.

        Now, you have a little insight as to why I am the way I am.

      3. What happened to rebel youth? What a bunch of fucking pussies.

        Real rebellion of today would involve being a fundie who hates gays, blacks, trannies and wominz. So teh yutes aren't going to rebel against tolerance now are they?

        Also their parents hate personal responsibility so why would they rebel when they agree.

  30. Ever wonder what happens when you're doing a controlled burn and a dust devil shows up?

    Now you know.

    Unfortunately the cameraman is is running away when at the most visually stunning part. The footage looks pretty surreal at the 1:20 mark and they pyrotechnics pick up again at the 3:00 mark.

    1. Dust devil? That's practically an F1.

    2. I borrowed that link. I have 2 friends who are Hot Shots and I'm curious to know if that is serious enough for some people to get fired.

  31. Well, I just had my Windows 8 virginity taken. Until to day I have never actually used this OS.

    O M G is the UI horrible.

    I'm cleaning out a friends laptop so I'm trying to navigate an unfamiliar UI, designed for touchscreens, with one of those crappy touchpads. Swipe swipeswipeswipeswipeswipe click. swipeswipeswipeswipeswipe (to the other side of the screen) click. swipeswipeswipeswipeswipe (back to the first side of the screen) click.

    Everything is hidden inside multiple nested menus as if were a console and they expect you to use a gamepad.

    Its not helping that this POS is so riddled with malware that it took me 30 minutes to free enough system resources that I could actually download the tools to clean it.

    1. Yes, Windows ME for a new generation.

      1. Microsoft Bob, more like.

    2. It took me a week to find the shut down menu. I still just tap Alt+F4 from the desktop to shut down.

    3. We have a second desktop at home with Win8. I never touch. I tried this OS on another computer, that was beyond awful.

    4. I had to look up the keyboard shortcut to the Control Center - I could navigate through the directions for using the GUI menus.

    5. I mostly use Ubuntu, but I don't think Windows 8 is too bad (or rather, not too huge a step down from 7).

      Granted, whether on 7, 8, or Ubuntu with Unity, my workflow is the same: press Super (the "Windows key"), start typing the name of the application I want to launch, and hit enter. The Alt-Tab through open applications.

      It's a bit jarring to switch into the "Modern UI" but it doesn't functionally change much for me, personally.

      It also helps to change the defaults so you go into the "Desktop Mode" photo viewer, PDF reader, etc., and not the "modern" ones.

      1. The *systems* under the hood might be good - navigating the front end on a non-touchpad, no-mouse laptop is ridiculous.

      2. Ubuntu's Unity is the Windows 8 of Linux.

        1. I disliked the first couple iterations but starting with 12.04 or so it got good, and a few annoyances aside, I like it a lot.

          1. Meh; personally I'm sticking with MATE.

            At least Linux lets you choose your desktop environment. Windows 8 could have been a great operating system if they'd simply given you a choice between the Metro interface and the classic Windows interface. Instead they went all-in on tablets. Dumb.

    6. I won't even run that shit on VMware.

  32. The new Thief game, anyone know if it's any good? I enjoyed the hell out of the old ones.

    1. See Shamus Young


      Its not *bad*. Its not good either. And it barely has anything in common with the gameplay of the earlier games.

      1. Ok, I'll wait until it comes down in price before I give it a whirl.

    2. I don't have a comparison point re: other Thief games, but it's so-so.

      Don't really like that you have to find various windows to jimmy open in order to move to different parts of the map.

    3. All I know is that it uses AMD's new Mantle graphics API, which is kinda neat.

    4. Yahtzee said it continues the current trend of reviving classic series by turning them into mediocre, generic games that lack any of the features that made the previous entries unique, because the big studios think pretty graphics will offset crappy game mechanics.

      1. Well, *he* says it with a lot more profanity and poof jokes than your synopses indicate.

        1. Sigh, *poop*, not *poof*.

          1. No, he makes a lot of poof jokes too.

            1. Oh yeah, just not in this one particular instance.

  33. This burgeoning feud between looks promising. Not going too well for Krugman so far: http://fivethirtyeight.com/dat.....-of-tone/.

  34. 10 Poverty Myths, Busted

    See if you can find the most misleading.

    1. I'd have to go with the incredibly narrow definition of "handouts".

      1. Yep, 10 is good. How about the insanely intricate statistic fishing they did on 3?

    2. First, take the stats and throw them down the toilet.

      Second, absentee dads are a problem, particularly absentee black dads. The number of black children born out of wedlock is staggering.

      1. The black family was more intact than the white family PRIOR to FDR and the advent of the super welfare state. Both Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have done great work on this topic.

        1. I've seen that. The difference is striking. And the change happened very quickly.

    3. To me, the saddest thing about this is not the poor critical thinking, although that's abhorrent. It's the absolute refusal to acknowledge the real problems. Having a lower than average income, in and of itself, is not a problem. It's definitely a challenge, or it may be a symptom of a larger problem. An absentee father is a problem. Government entitlements are a problem. The devaluing of personal responsibility and autonomy is a problem. The fact that some people can't afford a new car or HBO (which is basically our society's definition of poor) is not a problem.

  35. I don't know if this story was mentioned elsewhere. The Economist runs a story on militarized American police. The article references Radley Balko.

  36. Every once in a while you just have to roll with it.


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