A.M. Links: Possible MH370 Debris Spotted, Another Obamacare Delay, Secret Service Agents Sent Home After Night in Amsterdam


Credit: scorche / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
  • Malaysia's acting transport minister says that 122 objects which could be debris from missing MH370 have been spotted by satellite.
  • Russia has accused Ukraine of refusing to let Russian pilots and passengers disembark from flights arriving in Kiev.
  • The Obamacare open enrollment deadline has been pushed back for those who say that they began the signup process but do not finish in time.
  • North Korea has fired two medium-range missiles, which landed in the sea between North Korea and Japan.
  • Three Secret Service agents have been sent home from the Netherlands after spending a night drinking in Amsterdam ahead of President Obama's arrival.
  • A 74-year-old woman has been freed after spending 32 years behind bars for a murder she claims she did not commit.

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