Democrats Still Waiting For Obamacare Popularity Boost, Malaysian Flight 'Ended' in Indian Ocean, At Least 8 Dead in Washington Mudslide: P.M. Links


  • the end?
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    Four years later, Democrats are still waiting for Obamacare to become more popular.

  • Malaysia Flight MH370 "ended in the southern Indian Ocean," according to Malaysia's prime minister. The airline reportedly sent a text to let family members know the passengers were assumed dead.
  • Senate Democrats and the Obama Administration are attempting to include reforms to the International Monetary Fund that could increase U.S. contributions but decrease its influence in the lending body as part of an aid package to Ukraine.
  • At least eight people are dead and more than 100 reported missing after a massive mudslide outside of Oso, Washington.
  • Japan will be transferring its highly enriched uranium and separated plutonium into U.S. custody. Earlier this year, China expressed concern about Japan's possession of plutonium.
  • A survey commissioned by Twitter and Fox found that 92 percent of Twitter users said they've tuned in to or searched for a TV show after seeing it tweeted. 

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  1. Four years later, Democrats are still waiting for Obamacare to become more popular.

    If lolcats doesn’t do it…

    1. You, sir, are some kind of wizard. Are you made of wood and weigh the same as a duck?

    2. Hello.

      “Four years later, Democrats are still waiting for Obamacare to become more popular.”

      And The Knack will be bigger than The Beatles yet!

      1. Hi, hear you’re thinking about a trip to LA? Transplants are always welcome here, usually.

        1. Yessir.

          California beckons.

          Saw you mention Bradley in a past thread. Funny how ONE guy can stabilize a midfield for TFC. I was actually disappointed to see him leave Roma who have a nice thing going under Rudy Garcia. They were sad to see him go but with so many roster options it’s hard to crack the starting 11 although I think Bradley accounted very well in the most tactical of leagues.

          Good player.

          1. Yeah, I liked Bradley a lot, thought he was a great workhouse and box to box player, hopefully he excels this summer in Brazil. And then just when I think Holden might just be fit to play….he gets injured, again. Poor guy.

            1. As someone who played against Holden in highschool and has followed him ever since it really has been tragic to watch. Damn shame.

            2. I hope USA can pull an upset somewhere.

              I don’t know if Rossi is popular among Americans for bolting, but he’s a sad story too. The knees won’t hold up.

              1. Well he’s certainly not on my faves list. Us Yankees don’t particularly like when an American gives up pretty much guaranteed playing time to bolt for a European team where he’ll get next to none. To each his own, though, and I’m glad that youngster Julian Green chose the US, he’s got talent.

                1. Um, this American wants as many of our players to go to the bigger leagues as possible. Sure, only if they get playing time, but I’m not sure who you are referring to here. Bradley, Rossi and Holden all got tons of playing time. Holden was Bolton’s best player before his injury problems, hell you could argue that his injury was a key reason for their relegation. And he left my Dynamos too, so I have reasons for wanting him to have stayed. Bradley got displaced and left but just last season he was starting almost every match for Roma.

    3. “Nos, YU gets YUR shots, beycaus yu has inshurnce naws tanks to teh Affordible Cares Acts.”

    4. They’re still waiting for the polar caps to melt also. Probably happen around the same time.

  2. A survey commissioned by Twitter and Fox found that 92 percent of Twitter users said they’ve tuned in to or searched for a TV show after seeing it tweeted.

    Shit My Dad Says being the exception that proves the rule.

  3. If I were the Japanese, I’d seriously consider a nuclear program. What, trust the U.S.?

    1. I would just continue to rely on hurricanes destroying invading forces.

      1. Well, it certainly has worked for them against mainland Asia, though not so much against the United States.

        1. You don’t know that. Operation OLYMPIC was never conducted.

          1. Nuked into submission is not better than being invaded. After all, the U.S. not only occupied Japan after they surrendered, it ran the country for a while.

            1. As opposed to the quick exit from Germany?

              1. Germany is irrelevant, lacking mystical kamikaze powers.

      2. Hence why the Chinese burn so much coal: to change the climate such that hurricanes will no longer defend Japan!

        1. You fool, haven’t you heard? “Climate change” is making hurricanes more powerful and thus capable of taking down even 21st century navies. Bill Nye said so.

          1. Er, uh, hence why the Chinese burn so much coal: to change the climate such that hurricanes will destroy Japan!

          2. It’s the speed of climate change that’s worrisome.

            The speed.

            1. I am sure that the fact that it’s not going fast enough is worrisome to the alarmists.

    2. If I were the Japanese, I’d seriously consider a nuclear program.

      I’d be shocked indeed if they didn’t already have plans. Given the amount of nuclear power they have and their technical capabilities, I’d be willing to bet they could nuke up in less than a year.

      1. I read one time that they have merchant ships that can be converted to military ships in a matter of weeks.

        1. IIRC, they also have “helicopter carriers” that coincidentally could easily accomodate VTOL jets.

          1. I hear they have big laser tanks that are totally useless against giant monsters, but would likely do better against more conventional targets.


            1. Sharks with laser beams

    3. I don’t know anything about the grades and whatnot, but this seems relevant:

      Japan also has plutonium contained in spent nuclear fuel at civil reactor and reprocessing sites, totaling 159 metric tonnes at the end of 2012, according to Japanese data on the website of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

      “They usually have the most weapons-grade material so it’s a big deal,” he said in an email. “However, Japan still has nine tonnes of separated plutonium that can be used in nuclear weapons and is looking to make more.”

  4. At least eight people are dead and more than 100 reported missing after a massive mudslide outside of Oso, Washington.

    They better be cancelling the movie Pompeii for this.

    1. +1 gangster squad

    2. Pretty horrible news. I recall hearing (while on business in Seattle) that it was the mudslides that would be destroying everything, not the eruption itself, when Rainier blows.

      1. More the pyroclastic flows, but the mudslides will get what those don’t.

        1. Oh, well, we’re all in trouble if Yellowstone blows.

          1. From South Florida, I’ll survive the blast and get to watch the country dissolve into libertarian anarchy!

            1. It’ll be like a zombie movie down there, except with pythons.

            2. From South Florida, I’ll survive the blast and get to watch the country dissolve into libertarian anarchy utopia!


              All those roads with no funding, excellent.

            3. You don’t want to live in Florida without the trappings of civilization, the place is an uninhabitable, fetid swamp without air conditioning and refrigeration.

          2. Oh,like we won’t all be dead already from a massive CME.

            Or an asteroid. Whichever smites us first.

            1. Their settled science god is an angry god.

          3. In Montana, I’ll probably just be dead.

    3. Oso better be changing its name to something less triggering for this.


        Hurry, Special Agent Oso!

  5. A text? Damn, seems a tad unprofessional.

      1. Do you work for the airlines?

    1. Yeah, but what’s the alternative? Telegraphs?

      Phone calls would be a nice touch, but you’d need a lot of people so that everyone would get the calls at about the same time.

      1. Well, 239 presumed dead and 2400 employees, I think it’s doable, and if they had been sitting on this confirmation for awhile, then I’m sure they could’ve gathered the necessary manpower. Or maybe teh hindsight is always 20/20.

        1. Even if they hadn’t been sitting on that, they could have done a “rehearse for the worst” scenario with their employees.

    2. At least with the US, they’d send the Western Union guy with the telegram in WWII.

      1. Western Union? I thought it had to be delivered by a uniformed officer?


      It is with deep sadness that Malaysia Airlines earlier this evening had to confirm to the families of those on board Flight MH370 that it must now be assumed the flight had been lost. As the Prime Minister said, respect for the families is essential at this difficult time. And it is in that spirit that we informed the majority of the families in advance of the Prime Minister’s statement in person and by telephone. SMSs were used only as an additional means of communicating with the families. Those families have been at the heart of every action the company has taken since the flight disappeared on 8th March and they will continue to be so. When Malaysia Airlines receives approval from the investigating authorities, arrangements will be made to bring the families to the recovery area and until that time, we will continue to support the ongoing investigation.

      1. Thanks for the clarification.

    4. The families had probably signed up for.informational texts.

  6. Since Bill Nye made it onto H&R again, I thought Speed Walker! should make an appearance.

    1. Bill Nye AND The Commie should be on together.

      Maybe not.

      1. Maybe if it was Sped Walker vs. the ratfink Commie bastard then we might have some quality entertainment.

    2. Bill Nye debates creationists and calls them out for faith-based arguments, and then turns around and uses faith-based arguments for his AGW views.

      Is the entire Friday show available? I was watching basketball.

      1. I think only parts of the interview is up on youtube. Still enough though. Just type Bill Nye The In…you know the rest.

      2. Beakman’s World was better anyway.

        1. Sure was.

  7. Four years later, Democrats are still waiting for Obamacare to become more popular.

    If *only* someone would explain it properly!

    1. Maybe if they would use some cat gifs to sell it?

      1. No, no, no. They need some smarmy looking hipster douche in a onesie pajama sipping hot chocolate to get the conversation started.

        1. What if he had a cat?

        2. Or, an unattractive birth control slut.

        3. Didn’t he get elected twice already?

  8. Hey! Did you guys know there’s a missing airplane!?

    1. “Missing”? Not anymore! It’s in the Indian Ocean!

      1. Has this actually been confirmed? I read something after the Malaysian prime minister’s announcement from the Australian government that suggested that the evidence still wasn’t at all certain.

        1. No, no wreckage has been found. I guess they got tired of speculating and said ‘Ok, it’s over there’. Can we go home now?

          1. This whole business is so weird.

            1. Space aliens. I’m telling you.

              1. L. Ron Hubbard did it in Mission Earth.

            2. I’m still maintaining somewhat my same guess at this that I had a few days after the disappearance.

              Someone, for some reason, intentionally diverted this plane and attempted to avoid detection, while going ‘somewhere’.

              After that, things went terribly wrong. What went wrong is the question. At first I thought they miscalculated an attempt at making it to a certain destination and ran out of fuel.

              But if the current statements from the Malaysian government are accurate, that can’t be right because they were heading for nowhere at all, except for maybe Antarctica.

              1. Why couldn’t they have been heading for their secret underground base in Antarctica when something went wrong?

        2. INMARSAT has refined their estimate of the aircraft’s final location using Doppler information to exclude the northern possible location leaving only the south Indian Ocean as the location of the final ping from the aircraft.

          Australian aircraft have spotted debris in the ocean and marked it with flares.

          Ships are en route to try to pick up the debris to verify if it is or is not form MH 370.

          However, nothing is conclusive. I think the Malaysian announcement is premature.

          1. What I heard from whoever was speaking for the Australians is that it could be wreckage from something else–nothing definitive had been spotted.

            It’s entirely possible that the Malaysians have information they aren’t sharing, of course.

            1. The technical explanation provided by INMARSAT was very minimal (at least in public) and there is no way to determine if the claims that the ping could not have come from central Asia are real or bullshit.

              The debris means nothing unless someone picks it up and confirms it really came from the aircraft.

              Malaysia airlines either has non-public information, or they are trying to end the public spectacle without real confirmation.

            2. It sounds like that entire area of the ocean is something of a ‘garbage dump’ of the ocean, because of the currents, or something like that.

              So lots of debris there is common. The ping from the plane seems to be the only possibly solid evidence, at this point.


              But it remained unclear which of the two paths the flight had taken, until a “Eureka” moment which allowed the company’s mathematicians this weekend to discount the northern path entirely.The aircraft was not the only thing moving ? so was the satellite, which effectively remains at a fixed point in the sky by orbiting the Earth at the same speed as the planet rotates.

              This provided a crucial second reference point, as the wavelength of the “ping” would change slightly depending on the satellite’s direction of travel relative to the aircraft ? the phenomenon known as the Doppler effect.

              1. oops, the important part:

                When compared with similar data from previous flights, the analysis revealed that the aircraft could not have taken the northern path. The conclusion was reached over the weekend, and the findings confirmed by an independent team of experts.

            4. How long do you continue to look for a missing plane? I’m sure it could be found, given the budget of say, the Apollo Program, but at some point ya gotta say enough is enough.

              You draw conclusions based on the most likely scenario and be done with it.

              Life sucks, shit happens.

              1. How long did it take to find the Titanic?

                1. Are you implying that the US and GB were scouring the North Atlantic for 80 years looking for it?

                2. The people who found the Titanic were after salvage and the documentary rights.

              2. Just think about how all that money is going to help the economy. Fuel, vehicle maintenance, overtime and more. And maybe — if were lucky — a few broken windows.

  9. Malaysia Flight MH370 “ended in the southern Indian Ocean,”

    Well, now we know what happened. The pilots were attempting to fly the plane and deliver it to the secret Nazi base in New Schwabenland, Antarctica

    1. Shangri-La or GTFO. The debris is just a distraction. Everyone knows China took over Tibet to get closer to the hidden valley. The Chinese are using this plane as their expeditionary force to ring the gong that stops time which will trigger WWIII. Read a fucking book.

      1. I would like to hear more about your ideas. Do you have a newsletter perhaps?

      2. When going for derp, go all the way dammit.

        1. Sorry I busy making poorly xeroxed copies to pass out at the mall tonight.

          1. You went wrong using a copy machine rather than a ditto machine.

            1. The infamous purple finger syndrome

              1. I can still smell the ditto fluid, all these decades later. These days, no way they’d let kids handle that stuff.

                  1. The pinnacle of Sean Penn’s career, if you ask me.

                    1. Yep. Should have quit there, long before I Am Sam, at least.

                1. One time in 11th grade computer programming class I was smelling up some freshly dittoed paper and the teacher brought me out into the hall and was very pissed off. “Don’t you know that I can see you? You know I can see you getting high, right there in the middle of my classroom!” I couldn’t help it. I just died laughing in her face.

    2. Not much of anywhere else they could have been going in that general direction.

  10. Earlier this year, China expressed concern about Japan’s possession of plutonium.

    Take it from the only country to get bombed with it and give it to the country that bombed them.

  11. a massive mudslide outside of Oso, Washington.

    See, it’s not just California!

    1. It is just California.

      1. That’s just your way of letting everybody know you’re ok.

    2. I bet we get more mudslides than you do.

    3. Mother Gaia was rightly pissed at Washingtonians for being crazy right wing environment destroying teabaggers, and global warming/ fracking, or something.

    4. Sudden Valley.

      1. Hey now, I haven’t lived in the Valley in years

        1. Is your handle is from this joke?

    5. In California, this is what we call a mudslide:

      1 oz Vodka
      1 oz Kahlua
      1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
      1 oz Milk or cream
      1 cup Ice

      1. In Texas, a “mudslide” was what you got after too many tacos lenguas.

        1. Add lots of hot sauce for a “flaming mudslide”.

      2. Leave out the milk and ice.

      3. Leave out the vodka, kahlua, Bailey’s and milk, and add bourbon.

      4. Pass. I’ll have what I commonly refer to as “Riven’s Night-cap.”

        1 part whisky
        1 additional part whisky.

        Serve in a rocks glass. Ice is discouraged but optional.

  12. From CBS Sunday Morning: a look at our currency, then and now, and why it’s unlikely to change much. When you get to the part about the printing presses running day and night, don’t worry your pretty little head about an anecdote of Von Mises’s.

    1. #printstrong! I haven’t seen if TheRealBenBernake character on FB and Twitter has transitioned to TheRealJanetYellen yet. There are only so many printing press and inflation jokes, after all.

      1. Check out Wu Tang Financial on twitter. I have a suspicion it’s run by one of our regular posters. Which one of you works in finance?

        1. Shriek

          1. It’s too clever to be Shriek. The guy (gal?) takes shots at Democrats and the Fed so it can’t possibly be him.

          2. Replacing the paper in the copier doesn’t count.

        2. Wu Tang Financial is awesome. I posted it earlier from a thread yesterday. If Reasonoids want a finance oriented, libertarian, and hilarious Twitter feed, follow it. Now. Actually, he would be a good interview for a Reason article. He’s a bond trader, on the West Coast. Probably a PIMCO guy.

      1. Scariest person I met in my life was a drunk Serbian nationalist I happened upon in a bar waiting for girl I was dating.

        He screamed fear. I had to talk very carefully he seemed like was ready to go off at any second.

        I don’t think he was ready to hear my pontifications on Ziggy.

        1. You haven’t experienced anything until you’ve been at a midnight Serbian wedding reception in Serbia. Men – 99% drunk and 100% militaristic nationalists. 4 fights broke out in 15 minutes.

          Even the band started playing Serbian nationalist tunes while the drunks lined up and sang along. It was how I imagine Europe circa WWI.

          1. That’s NUTS.

            I dated a Croatian girl years ago. Her family was sane but her extended family was mental. One of the fathers was ready to send his Canadian born son to fight in the war.

            My gf’s brother and I basically face palmed all the way through that conversation.

        1. They seem to have. Weird!

    1. The new column, which will be titled “Weiner!,” will run on the last Friday of each month beginning this week. It will feature Weiner’s thoughts on the top political issues of the day imbued with his unique insider’s perspective.

      The squirrels prefer “Carlos!”

      1. The original title was going to be “That’s Our Little Weiner”.

        1. “Weiner Ejaculates on the Issues”

          1. If parents saw what I was laughing at I’d lose clients.

      2. I have a feeling that column isn’t going to make it past the nanny filters at many companies.

      3. South Park’s version of George R.R. Martin will be so thrilled!

    2. Yeah, that”s just what we need: the return of Carlos Danger, round 2.


      1. Ron Mexico.

  13. The airline reportedly sent a text to let family members know the passengers were assumed dead.

    Isn’t that like firing someone over the internet?

    1. Just the Steampunk fanatics getting noticed by the NYT after a few years?

      We now need to keep pushing the Libertarian=monocle polisher meme so we can watch OWS and Union goons beat up some hipsters in Brooklyn.

      1. Say, Root Boy. Did you go to Ohio State? One of my acquaintances is nick named Root Boy. Wondering if your the same fellow.

        1. Nowhere close. Root Boy Slim was a drugged up singer in WDC when I was growing up. I got the nickname in the Marines when I played his music in the barracks.

          Hope that is not too much info that people can trace me.

          1. Oh, cool. Nevermind.

          2. I saw Root Boy play at the old Wax Museum on Halloween one year. Not a very coherent show on his part.

            1. Some bands are great live and some have great recordings. RBS had neither, but the shows were fun, as were the song lyrics.

  14. Remember Harlem pastor James Manning who accused Obama of “releas[ing] homo demons on the black man”? (Coeus posted about him in 2.27.14’s PM Links)

    He’s now using his church’s marquee to let everyone know that stoning homos is still the law.

    MT. 5:17-19, LEV. 20:13 DT. 17:5-7 JN. 8:1-11

    Had he read a bit earlier in John he might have stumbled on “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

    He also took to YouTube to defend/explain his billboard, but youtube has removed it as a violation of their hate speech policy. Jesse haz a sad that YouTube has a hate speech policy.

    1. homo demons? I lol’d.

      1. Armor class? Hit Points? We need this information, people.

        1. “You will have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male,” he opined. “He’s usually got money. A white homo usually has an American Express card, he usually has an opportunity at the theater. Homos love the theater. They love to go out to dinner, parties. They love that kind of a thing. And as a black woman, you can’t compete!”

          I have noticed that Obama is influencing the few black men that are left to come out of the closet ? or be homosexual ? and they are being scooped up by white homos

          White homo demons seem to be unstoppable when battling black women and derive their abilities from “scooping up” black men.

          I’m assuming the theater references high persuasion skills.


          1. I find all of this very amusing for some reason.

            1. I find all of this very amusing for some reason.

              For some reason?

              homo demons seem to be unstoppable when battling black women and derive their abilities from “scooping up” black men.

              Damn you jesse, I nearly had beer come out my nose and I really HATE it when that happens!

            1. You know, I don’t even have to click that link to know it’s Ms. Tyler.

              And yet I watched it anyway.

              1. I was entertained a little bit, but thought it was going to a be an Aisha Tyler clip from Archer where she’s ragging on Archers homo tendencies.

                Either way, I laughed.

            2. It’s all very cunning effort on the part of black men to cheat on black women. The smell yo dick thing ain’t gonna work to catch a cheat now. She’s gonna smell, and she’ll just think, “nope, just smells like dick.”

          2. Step 1: Become homo
            Step 2: Apply for Amex black card
            Step 3: ????
            Step 4: Profit!!!

          3. Sounds like a new promotional campaign from American Express is in order. Tasteful ads with professional black women pulling out their Amex cards, telling the handsome black men they’re with “I’ve got this.” as he nods approvingly.

          4. Can’t compete? I’ll take the person with the vagina and not the person with the penis, thanks.

      2. I think the marquee is talking about Homo Sapiens.

    2. Never fight speech with censorship. Especially speech so easily fought.

      1. Maybe leaving him to be dealt with by YouTube commenters was just too cruel?

        Now I’m doubly sad that I didn’t get to see the YouTube comments for this.

        1. Come on, everyone knows you can just mirror the video and post whatever you want….

    3. Wait, so grace and truth means the law is void?

      1. Matthew 5:17-20 would indicate no, but Acts 10 is often cited to indicate that Christians are no longer bound by the ritual purity laws.

        Matthew 5:

        17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. 19 Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

        After John 8:7 “He who is without sin, cast the first stone,” most Christians are wary of invoking the harsher punishments demanded by The Law.

        Pastor Manning references John 8, which I would find comforting were he not simultaneously cheer-leading the laws passed in Uganda and Nigeria. In Nigeria one town started throwing rocks at a courthouse because they weren’t executing some homosexuals quickly enough.

        1. Matthew Five is talking about the state of things under the old law. Christ has come “to fulfill them”. That means he has come to die to forgive people’s sins.

          What it means is that without belief in Christ you are stuck being judged by how well you kept the law. And that is generally not a good standard for man.

    4. By “stone” of course, he means that Jesus would let them rip off his 1st century Judaen bong.

    1. Thin crust or thick crust ice?

    2. The next thing you know, they’ll be introducing all natural ice, hauled all the way from New England.

      1. Just wait until this really catches on and the Koch Bros get wind of it.

        Can you just imagine the huge ice mining machines in Greenland and Antarctica raping the frozen glaciers and grinding up hapless polar bears in the process, all for evil profits?

        Mother Gaia shall weep while we turn a blind eye, too caught up in drinking our Kochtopus supplied glacial blood water.

      2. AB has been making Natural Ice for years.

        It’s as least as bad as PBR, so already ‘hip’?

    3. Glacial ice for drinks was a thing a while back.

      1. Auric and I are already planning to sell ice from Saturn’s rings. . .at a stupendous premium.

        1. I need in on that. Do you guys have a good crop of ice ring mining orphans, or do I need to spare a few monocle polishers for the operation?

      2. Doesn’t glacial ice contain Epsom Salt? I think it would give you the runs, pretty bad.

        1. Yeah, but you can take a bath in it.

    4. I have to admit, it does look pretty nice in a glass. But I noticed those bigger blocks take a lot of room. So charge more for the “special” ice, and less alcohol fits in the glass. Sounds like this was invented by a Koch brother.

    5. Looks inefficient and therefore environmentally unfriendly.

      Perfect for hipsters

    6. I do something similar. By pouring water into a mold.

    7. Austin. Shoulda known. It’s like they took a little bit of NYC and stuck it right in the middle of a perfectly good state.

  15. Also from CBS Sunday Morning: Art out of Money. Okay, I know the artist’s statements may make you not want to watch, but a) he is really good at what he does and b) he may well be trolling the hell out of people.

    1. I like it. He’s also successful so there’s that.

    2. Yeah, I saw that. Good stuff. He’s in New York, and I bet he sells a ton to Wall Street types.

  16. A survey commissioned by Twitter and Fox found that 92 percent of Twitter users said they’ve tuned in to or searched for a TV show after seeing it tweeted.


  17. Are the days for public education as we know it numbered?

    1. But how will the kids be indoctrinated to be good sheep?

      1. An’ow wilsdey lirns too rite

      2. I’m already preparing for the amount of deprogramming I’m going to have to do with my daughter once she starts in Kindergarten next year.

        1. I keep sending future Libertarian reading material to my granddaughter, she just turned the big one.

          Maybe too late to convert my daughter, although I never give up. But I’m going to beat the proglotards at their own game and get to the granddaughter while she’s still very young and impressionable.

          1. I’ve got a third grader and in the new school, since we’ve moved, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about human rights — which apparently means free food and housing.

            I have to make her brave enough to ask, “what about free speech, the Constitution, etc?”

    2. I wish.

    3. No.

      Government officials of industrialized nations that provide foreign aid, however, are likely to oppose such decentralized control over education.

      They’re not going out without a fight.

      1. That goes without saying; especially given they’re unionized.

    4. Yes they are. People are not going to pay for such horrible results forever.

      1. People are not going to pay for such horrible results forever.

        Your naivete humors me.

  18. Nanoparticle coating could triple aircraft engine life.
    The coating consists a powder made up of ceramic and plastic nanoparticles, that is added to a liquid carrier. While the ceramic particles provide insulation against the heat, the plastic allows tiny pores to form within the coating, giving it some elasticity ? that’s an important consideration, as the coating must be able to expand and contract with the metal that it’s covering.
    The powder-containing liquid is heated up to 12,632 – 14,432?F, causing the ceramic particles to melt, then applied in a process known as plasma spray application. Once adhered to the metal, it takes the form of a 0.5 mm-thick “forest” of tiny standing columns.

    1. Can it also keep the plane from disappearing?

      1. It’s not new Shimmer, Hyperion.

        1. Well, you know, for some reason, the thought about planes disappearing keeps re-surfacing these days. Any other thoughts about aviation have to take the back seat.

            1. Good story, crappy movie.

              And…ceramic coatings for turbine blades have been around for decades – must be new tech to stop them from cracking.

              1. Ceramic coatings ( thermal barrier coatings) are old news. Making specific structures is not trivial, however. Foams can resist extreme T gradients due to their v low thermal conductivity. Sounds like this is a variation on that approach.

    2. Only 14000 degrees F?

      1. For this iteration….once the new “injection into a solar flare process” is patented we should see much higher application temperatures.

    1. Can we please have more twerking? This ode to M.O. made me throw up in my mouth.

    2. That poor girl need a steak.

    3. “And you…you’re too fucking…blond!”

      1. I just saw that movie for only the second time and that was one of the more hilarious lines, out of dozens.

    4. This is hip hop’s chickens coming home to roost.

      Suck it, rap fans.

      1. Every uncool white guy who ever made a point of telling people that he calls it “crap” is vindicated. Except SIV.

        1. Everyone wondered what happened to Jesse, that mushmouthed tard from MTV.

          1. Odd fact of the day: this guy was a VJ of that era.

            1. Didn’t he also do gay porn?

              1. False! He did a solo jerk off vid that was then spliced into a gay anal scene so it looked like he was jerking off to the two guys fucking. It’s not that good a video.

                1. You know, Jesse, I’m starting to think you might be a little bit gay.

                  1. That’s a scandalous accusation: “a little bit”.


                    1. Scandalous, the gay antonym for fabulous

          1. Ok, I feel you. I’ll mail you down some doubles and some macaroni pie just for that.

        2. Every uncool white guy who ever made a point of telling people that he calls it “crap” is vindicated.

          What’re you talking about, as you can see from the video, this is what happens when uncool white guys do rap…

        3. No, the new insult is that they are cultural appropriators and need to be shamed…or something like that.

    5. Whatever that’s supposed to be, the Youtube commenters will take good care of it.

  19. Senate Democrats and the Obama Administration are attempting to include reforms to the International Monetary Fund that could increase U.S. contributions but decrease its influence in the lending body as part of an aid package to Ukraine.

    Spending money we borrow from others, in return for less leverage. AWESOME!

  20. Thoughts on this article.

    If you believe that this isn’t a bad thing because the government is already heavily involved, you also have to be pro gay marriage to stay logically consistent, correct? I’m open to having my mind changed on this, but logically, I can see no other interpretation.

  21. Real-life Breaking Bad teacher turned drug dealer had cocaine lab worth ?900,000

    Detectives also uncovered a “sophisticated” operation – including cutting agents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and a pressing machine – to make the cocaine appear to be of a higher grade.

    What a jerk!

    A General Teaching Council for Wales hearing heard that Malawi-born Kuwale was an IT teacher at Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen, Bridgend, when he was arrested.

    As well as his criminal conviction, Kuwale now faces being struck off the teaching register.

    Ha, the English can fire their teachers. At least they’ve got us beat on that.

    1. Welsh, dammit.

    2. cutting agents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds

      If your cutting agents are more expensive than your coke, you probably need to check your business model.

      1. Price inputs are racist.

      2. There’s a whole grey market in europe for cutting agents, binding agents, pill presses, reagents and other ancillary drug producing devices/chemicals.

        I saw some video of these london gangsters that got caught with a trailer (lorry?) full of cutting agents. They were charged with some “conspiracy” bullshit.

  22. FT: Republicans need to learn to blow those dog whistles with a mariachi beat

    Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan changed that partly by using dog whistles to play on their racial fears and partly by appealing to their upwardly mobile aspirations. There is no rule that says Latinos cannot gradually move into the Republican fold.

    Bonus: The author refers to Democrats winning 5 of the last 6 Presidential elections.

    1. The line I love is “by appealing to their upwardly mobile aspirations”.

      How dare those bastards tell people they can improve their lives! Don’t they know that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor in America?!

    2. Tried to see but requires registration.

      Is the columnist one of those still claiming that Gore won in 2000? Time to give it a rest. And Al Gore is pretty much a billionaire now, which he definitely would not be had he been President. I’m guessing he’s gotten over it.

      1. He just notes that Gore got more votes than Bush. Ignores electoral laws.

        Big douche is big douche.

  23. The Malaysian plane story is so strange. None of the major explanations (hijacking by passengers, hijacking by crew, accident, pilot suicide) seem to fit all of the available evidence.

    1. Why not accident? A fire sounds very plausible.

      1. A fire would have left wreckage along the plane path.

        When the landing gear was retracted, “burning rubber was brought into close proximity with hydraulic and electrical system components”, causing the failure of both hydraulic and pressurisation systems that led to structural damage and loss of control of the aircraft. The National Transportation Safety Board later concluded, “had the crew left the landing gear extended, the accident might have been averted”. Fuel, “probably introduced as a result of ‘burn through’ of the centre fuel tank”, intensified the fire, which eventually consumed the cabin floor. People began falling out of the airplane when their seat harnesses burned through. “Despite the considerable destruction to the airframe, the aircraft appeared to have been controllable until just before the crash.”

        1. Wreckage over the ocean, which may or may not have sunk in the time that they have been searching.

          1. There is no way the plane would have travelled 7 hours with a fire. Once a fire starts, it consumes the plane, usually in 15 minutes.

            There would have been a structural failure, and the plane would have crashed close to the point of last contact.

            The debris field would have been found by the initial search efforts.

            1. I don’t know where they are getting this 7 hours stuff. A satellite picking up a blip doesn’t mean that it was the plane.

    2. I thought the Wired article (electrical fire, bad things happened fast) was very plausible.

      1. No attempt to contact ATC during the fire. Unlikely a fire would have disabled all communications. Sharp turn in between handoff from one ATC to another. Lots of odd maneuvering.

    3. I’m still going with: Someone intentionally hijacked the plane and attempted to fly somewhere undetected. And then something went very wrong.

      The last part I don’t even have a guess at. Maybe attempting to fly the plane in a way to avoid detection resulted in the crew becoming incapacitated and the plane flew on current course until running out of fuel.

  24. Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) of GWAR died yesterday.

  25. Scruffy Canadian ginger drills hole in frozen lake, takes a polar bear dip. 3:30 is where he gets to the actual dip portion of the video. Before that he’s just preparing in short shorts and a fur-lined hat.

    1. And how many of your fetishes does this hit? And how long did it take you to type that comment with one hand?

      1. Not many. The long hair is a negative. He has nice legs, which is strangely important to me, I can get behind the ginger thing, and he’s a foreigner (if only barely), which is always a plus.

    2. It looks like he pooped his shorts at the end there. A little frozen turd.

    3. This is still my favorite winter video ever.

      1. Very dexterous for a strongman.

      2. He seems so happy! Also I secretly like accordions although they can be terribly abused.

    4. See America?

      If you invade, this is what you’re up against.

      I once shoveled snow in -10c weather because I was too lazy to put on a coat.

      1. FUCK

        That is all.

      2. I once shoveled snow in -10c weather had snow and ice on my driveway for a week because I was too lazy to put on a coat shovel.


  26. By the way, that guy Phelps and the Westboro Church. What’s his story? He was a civil rights lawyer but his Church was extremist? Not following what category he falls under.


    1. I think he figured out that there was money in going out and pissing people off and then suing them if they do something against you.

      Also, I really wonder if the whole thing isn’t one long trolling act. Maybe Phelps was always a die hard Prog and decided to create the WBC as a way to troll and discredit the religious right.

      1. He also fried his brain after years of amphetamine abuse.

        In early interviews, he seems articulate and cordial. Later on, all he could do was get angry and yell.

      2. Also, it’s not like “progrssives” are the consistently “pro-homo”. They were, after all, the group that introduced homosexuality as a pervrsion and a mental illness.

        If you need a reminder, it was Bill Moyers and his crew at LBJ campaign headquarters who attacked the Goldwater campaign over having some gays on their staff.

        Goldwater was notoriously tolerant on gay as well as racial issues (his vote against the 1965 CRA notwithstanding).

        1. I’m pretty sure conservatives saw homosexuality as perversion long before progressivism was even invented.

          Also, Goldwater was not a member of the Religious Right by any means, and was very critical of them latter in his career.

  27. For Sale at Auction:

    1820 Mexican Recipes bound manuscript

    Predating oldest printed Mexican cookbook by 11 years.

    1. Who needs the original. What are the actual recipes?

      1. 1 keg of mescal
        1 burro

        Cook burro, drink mescal.

        1. Can you dumb it down a hair?

          1. 1 keg mescal

            Drink mescal, hallucinate that you’re eating something.

    2. Oldest cook book:

      Kill fur with legs.

      Season with dirt.

      1. bludgeon to taste

    3. Does it talk about authentic jalapeno poppers?

      1. Dibs on the nacho recipe.

        1. You know that this is where the Nacho Cheese Doritos shell idea came from.

      2. Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cheese are so far the only positive outcome of this gluten free nonsense.

        1. God damn it. Now I want some.

        2. I’m getting really tired of this gluten free bullshit. Neither Dr. Girlfriend nor I have any food allergies but she works with a bunch of frail and “food conscious” people so when.she.makes a.cake.or.pie.or.cookies she gluten free ingredients so tbey can share I can taste that shit, and it gives a.weird gritty consistency to.everything, but evidently her coworkera are.more.important to please.

          1. I have an uncle who is legitimately celiac and my grandmother has gone on a quest to find decent baked goods that are GF. She makes GF Bisquck lemon bars that aren’t bad for GF, and are almost not sandy.

            1. I’ll ask her to try them.aometime. It’s not as bad as I said because usually she will make a non GF batch for me.if.I mention it.

          2. ATK has been on a gluten-free tear. They swear they have gluten free stuff that tastes non-gritty. Might check them out.

            1. Sorry, what is.ATK?

              1. America’s Test Kitchen.

  28. Gain weight, twig-boy

    The before and after pics are amusing.

    1. The first guy looks like he was suffering from an injury or disease in the before pic.

      I have a buddy who plays semi pro soccer, and every time he gets injured, he gets fat. As soon as he heals, he gets pack to soccer and has a 6-pack. He has probably made $40-50K posing for before and after pictures for diet ads/supplements, none of which he has ever taken.

    2. I gave up on mass. I’d rather be ripped.

  29. I think everybody knows about this by now, but anyway…

    Make Online Shopping Better by Dumping ActiveX

    The government wants to scrap the peculiar Korean requirement for online customers to install Microsoft’s ActiveX software on their computers. The buggy and invasive interactive protocol has largely been abandoned everywhere else in the world.

    The baffling practice was highlighted in a meeting on deregulation chaired by President Park Geun-hye last week. Park noted that Chinese fans of the Korean hit soap “My Love from the Star” wanted to buy products they saw on the show from Korean websites but were unable to do so due to the need to install ActiveX.

    Korea is the only country in the world that requires online users by law to install ActiveX. No such requirement exists for Amazon or eBay, but most Korean shopping sites force customers to download not only ActiveX but several other security-related programs to authenticate themselves. This is pure chicanery.

    When Korea first adopted online personal certification in 1999, it was ahead of other countries. But now much more advanced verification software is available and in use around the world. The only thing this requirement to download a host of software programs has done is make Korean online shoppers vulnerable to computer viruses.

    1. That’s bizarre. I always had the desk guy do any purchases I needed from Korean websites, so I never had to deal with it. Besides I didn’t have a Korean national ID number (there was a Korean FPS that I wasn’t able to play because you needed to log in with your ID number).

  30. My tax dollars at work:

    “$9.4M bike path to be razed after 7 months
    Bay Bridge ramp cost about $47,000 a day.”…..342857.php

    Actually, *our* tax dollars; you know full well that hag Pelosi got fed money for that.

    1. Is this a new take on the Broken Window theory?

    2. According to Caltrans, 3,000 bicyclists and pedestrians used the path the day it opened, and 13,000 the first weekend.

      Gordon said the number of users fell off after that, but police patrolling the bridge now report steady traffic.

      I consider 0 to be “steady” traffic.

      1. I’ve been over the bridge prolly 15-20 times since it’s opened. Never seen a biker and I’m on it prime biking times (non- rush hours)

    3. The funniest part about this whole thing is that it still doesn’t connect to Yerba Buena island (2015) and it won’t connect to SF. So if you are in Oakland and dying to get to Treasure Island, this is money well spent. If you actually want to commute to SF on bike, live in marin county.

    4. Jeebus, what a waste.


    So a man goes around giving homeless people some money and the townfolk saw it and said, “That boy ain’t right.” And of course now he’s being forcibly evaluated for mental fitness.

    1. Wait…what the fuck? A quick chat with the cops and he’s involuntarily committed? This is really a thing that happens?

      1. Sadly yes. But then Shreek walks the streets. You tell me how that happens?

        1. Shriek only get’s out when his mom gets her drink on. I hope she doesn’t own any “assault” rifles.

    2. Yet another reason the USA should revive Manifest Destiny and liberate the Maritimes and N.L.

  32. Russians start beating up students and teachers participating in a St. Patrick’s Day flash mob in Irkutsk, Siberia because they were dressed in kilts (shouldn’t they have been naked save a torc?) and the Russians thought they were celebrating “non-traditional sexual orientations”

    “On Sunday evening, members of Easy School held a St Patrick’s Day flashmob in the mall. Some youths came up to them and expressed displeasure at the proceedings. A conflict took place that grew into a fight on the square outside the mall,” the spokesman said.

    Obama should hire this unnamed spokesman he has an incredible flare for understatement. “Expressed displeasure” here seems to mean “concussed some participants.”

    1. Russians start beating up students and teachers participating in a St. Patrick’s Day flash mob

      Man, that’s the most authentic Irish experience you can have.

    1. I sure hope the guy who got out of the silver car is ok. It got real wet, real quick.

      1. I couldn’t tell if there was any uphill to run too. I woulda climbed the tanker.

    2. Hey. Just got a nice little quake a few minutes ago.

      1. Didn’t feel it…

        1. Me either.

        2. My understanding is you won’t until it’s over 3.0

          1. That’s what she said?

      2. Fracking!!!

      3. Not that it really matters, but they store nukes 1/4 mile away from the epicenter of that quake.

    3. I don’t know if it was shown in the US but there was a clip shown here (Japan) on TV about a guy who was rescued from the top of his car, in the aftermath of the Tsunami, as it was floating down a river. The car was passing under a bridge and luckily somebody spotted the guy on his car’s roof and was able to help him to the bridge before the car floated out to sea.

  33. Did everybody but me

    already see

    the Albuquerque PD

    murder this hobo?

    1. What the hell is this “unarmed” K-9 officer shit? Did the APD pull the police dog’s teeth?

  34. Hello, all! I have a free foursome to play Mountain View at La Quinta. I’d like to put a group of SoCal reasonoids and head down when we can all fit it into our schedule. Any takers? E-mail me and we’ll put it together.

    1. Semi related- I now have to work both Sat and Sun the first weekend in April, so I probably won’t make it out to the desert until at least Sunday night.

      Mountain View? Look at you, baller! PGA adjacent!

      1. Well, I quit my job today, so I’ve got some free time.

        Anybody out there looking for help? I’m soooooooo willing to relocate us out of SoCal.

        1. Good quit or bad quit?

          1. Meh. I just couldn’t work there anymore. It was a strictly ethical decision.

            1. Did you burn it to the ground, or walk away with a letter of rec?

              1. I did neither. They owe me a bunch of money still from my 2013 year-end…which is part of the reason I left. It was due on 1/30 per contract.

                I’l decide on what to do once they respond to my resignation letter/demand for payment.

                1. 1/30? You could have been losing money in the market this whole time!!!!

            2. I’ve been there. You will probably not regret it. I at least stayed long enough to find another.job first.

        2. What line

          1. Well, I’ve been in heavy equipment/Ag equipment business for the last 7+ years. Auction. Before that, I ran a bunch of lumber yards in Georgia and Virginia.

            1. Where did you run a lumber yard in GA?

              1. Augusta. We got bought by ProBuild right when I moved out here. Had a truss plant in Athens as well.

                1. As an interesting aside, I used to play in a Sunday night card game there with a few professionals and I got invited to play The National. Two days before I was to play, I got word that they were calling all of the managers to Tulsa for a meeting. All the meeting was for was to tell us the company had been bought and that there would be no layoffs. I stood up and said “I could have been playing Augusta National and you called us for a meeting to tell us we’d been bought and that nothing was going to change?” The owner asked which was more important, and I said “that’s not a fair question.”

                  2 weeks later, Centex told me they wouldn’t be able to pay their bill that month…it was $1.2M. But I was already slated to move to California.

        3. I’m probably a bit far for you to relocate to so I doubt I would be much help.

          I hope your next step is arranged already.

          1. Not just yet. A couple of irons in the fire. I had to make an ethical decision based on business practices. I’ll leave it at that.

              1. Among other things.

                Fluffing was only part of it.

            1. Running the hour clock back?

          2. His next step is to work on his golf game.

            1. And it does need work. I’m probably not even a 10 anymore.

    2. Damn. I need to leave Milwaukee. It’s 34 degrees here and I probably won’t get to play golf until late April.

      1. The temperature at the Mountain View course as of right now, 3:45PM PST, is 92 degrees.

        *twists dagger*

        1. Yeah, well, we have, uh…


        2. **rubs salt**

  35. I dont think that makes a whole lot of sense man.

  36. Fuck me. What idiot decided to schedule a two day out and back to Houston to see TOOL with my best friend with 6 work days left (well, 4 now) before a code dead-line. Oh well, no sleep for me this week. Who do I know with an Adderall prescription and a casual drug compliance regime? Anyhow, I get something like 33 hours in Houston. I will have a Jumbo Jack. Maybe in the airport at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

    1. You didn’t, by any chance, work on the Obamacare exchanges,.did you?

      1. Why would I worry about deadlines if I did?

        1. Oh yeah, duh.

  37. you’d need a lot of people so that everyone would get the calls at about the same time.

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