Democrats Still Waiting For Obamacare Popularity Boost, Malaysian Flight 'Ended' in Indian Ocean, At Least 8 Dead in Washington Mudslide: P.M. Links


  • the end?
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    Four years later, Democrats are still waiting for Obamacare to become more popular.

  • Malaysia Flight MH370 "ended in the southern Indian Ocean," according to Malaysia's prime minister. The airline reportedly sent a text to let family members know the passengers were assumed dead.
  • Senate Democrats and the Obama Administration are attempting to include reforms to the International Monetary Fund that could increase U.S. contributions but decrease its influence in the lending body as part of an aid package to Ukraine.
  • At least eight people are dead and more than 100 reported missing after a massive mudslide outside of Oso, Washington.
  • Japan will be transferring its highly enriched uranium and separated plutonium into U.S. custody. Earlier this year, China expressed concern about Japan's possession of plutonium.
  • A survey commissioned by Twitter and Fox found that 92 percent of Twitter users said they've tuned in to or searched for a TV show after seeing it tweeted. 

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