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Black Preschoolers Are Getting Suspended in Epic Numbers. In Other News, Preschoolers Get Suspended?


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Zero tolerance has arrived in the pre-K set, and it's just as ugly in miniature.

Data to be released Friday by the Education Department's civil rights arm finds that black children represent about 18 percent of children enrolled in preschool programs in schools, but almost half of the students suspended more than once. Six percent of the nation's districts with preschools reported suspending at least one preschool child.

Those trends set kids up nicely to funnel straight into the school-to-prison pipeline awaiting them in middle and high school. As Scott Shackford noted in a blog post about new "guiding principles" on discipline from the Obama administration, "One study found that 95 percent of out-of-school suspensions were for nonviolent, minor disruptions such as tardiness or disrespect." In other words, administrators are using discretionary, catch-all charges to boot kids out of school, especially black girls and boys:

Overall, the data shows that black students of all ages are suspended and expelled at a rate that's three times higher than that of white children. Even as boys receive more than two-thirds of suspensions, black girls are suspended at higher rates than girls of any other race or most boys. 

Stay tuned for the inevitable suspension of a preschooler for parroting parental profanity that they don't understand in 4, 3, 2, 1…

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  1. Nonsense, I was assured that once Chocolate Nixon was elected, MLK’s dream would be achieved. We’ve been living in a post-racial society since January 2009.

    1. “Chocolate Nixon” is the finest presidential nickname ever.

      1. “Chocolate FDR” would be more accurate.

        1. Or “Milk Chocolate Nixon”.

        2. I like “Chocolate Wilson”.

          Only because I keep wavering on which of the 3 (Nixon, FDR, Obama) is the most corrupt POTUS in history.

    1. It’s when they “punish” you by giving you the day off. Kind of like they do with cops, except I don’t think they are paying the kids for the time.

      1. Most of the time I got ISS but once I got OSS and my mom made me go to her interior decorating job with her. Brutal.

        1. My parents made very clear at an age slightly older than preschool that any trouble I got into at school was going to be a huge shitstorm not worth dealing with at home. So I very rarely got in trouble at school.

          1. Yeah, I kind of made that sound like I was in trouble a lot. It was just a couple of times after I mailed it in knowing I was going to boarding school the next year.

  2. Preschoolers Get Suspended?

    Mmmyeah, they do. A non-blood relative of mine had a very rambunctious (white) kid who was just so damned disruptive that his mom was asked by nearly every pre-school in his town to, you know, not bring him back. Ever. Again. Or they’d set the dogs on her.

    1. That’s expelled. Expelled is respectable. Suspended is stupid.

  3. Maybe they’re getting suspended for picking on Bronies?

  4. Do pre-schoolers have any control at all over their tardiness? It’s not they can leave for school on their own schedule, or go to recess unsupervised.

    1. No, they don’t. When a preschooler gets banned, they’re really banning the parent.

  5. Now, preschool is the form of education that is overtly babysitting, no? Or am I thinking of kindergarten?

    1. If your metric is whether they’re actually learning anything in class, it’s babysitting all the way through high school.

    2. Why do you hate Universal Babysitting?

      1. It’s Compulsory Babysitting, sir.

  6. Black parents are more likely than white parents to be spankers. Many schools with large black student populations have black administrators and teachers. Could it be that blacks are just more likely to use punitive forms of punishment? Maybe it’s a culture thing and not based upon white on black racism. Just a thought.

    1. Black parents are more likely than white parents to be spankers.

      Any actual evidence?

      1. Black people talk about it all the damned time. See my link below.

      2. It’s a well documented social phenomenon; however, there is evidence that it is changing.

        1. I’m pretty sure it correlates along socio-economic lines – poor people regardless of race – are much more likely to be spankers and then have children with discipline issues.

          As a kid I got whacked upside the coconut plenty (I’m white) which accounts for my permanent case of shaken adult syndrome.

      3. Maybe black people are always 50 years behind white people. Rap is like 50 years after beat poetry for example.

      1. I never understood the gusto people, white and black, exhibit when talking about beating their kids.

        First of all, is there a shred of evidence that it fucking works? Any? Hell, my parents beat me and I was fucking rotten. They had a paddle made of a board from a pallet that they used. When I was 16, and had 30 lbs over my dad I snatched that thing out of his hand and broke it on my fucking knee when he tried to use it. Guess what, he’s now out of discipline options. He instantly escalated to physical assault and failed. He now had no implied threat to back up lesser punishments like loss of privileges or grounding.

        Secondly, what kind of morality makes it right to assault tiny people that depend on you, because they won’t submit to your will? Are you fucking hitler, or some shit? Jesus guy, try that shit in a fucking biker bar or with your coworkers.

        And no, I’m not talking about a light smack on a toddler’s hand while they reach for an electrical outlet. That’s something that is objectively in the child’s interest. I’m talking about having a 5 year old wait hours for his dad to get home to be painfully paddled or switched because he colored on the walls. What kind of human do you think you’re gonna produce with such actions?

        1. I don’t get it either. Children want and thrive on consistency. The anger in corporal punishment rarely seems to have any consistent meaning to the child. So it serves no purpose at all.

        2. Yeah, my question above was pretty much in response to all the white parents I know that talk about spanking their kids like it’s some badge of honor. I don’t get it all, it doesn’t make you a badass.

        3. I don’t know. I think a little more corporeal punishment and a little less “talking to” would have done me a lot of good.

        4. I can only speak for myself in this regard. I was whacked regularly as a kid, and it didn’t help me, and only made me build resentment towards the concept.

          I have never laid a hand on my daughter and frankly, don’t think I even could.

          Really I was posting that as a friendly response to RBS that dif’rnt folks do things dif’rnt.

          However, if my daughter ends up on drugs and with some boy I don’t approve of, she will be kidnapped and sent to her mean Mexican Aunt’s house for reeducation.

    2. Yes, thank you. The culture thing has also led to higher rates of single motherhood which has shown to lead to higher rates of delinquency.

      Racism is possible, but it shouldn’t always be assumed just because it’s convenient for your political point.

  7. Racism is the only possible explanation so shut up.

  8. Preschoolers are like puppies. You have 3 seconds from the event to discipline them, or they have no clue why they are being disciplined. Suspending them for “disrespect” (nice vague catch-all you have there) serves no purpose other than to punish their parents for not teaching a toddler not mouth off to authority figures. Toddlers who do not mouth off to authority figures (defined as anything from the standard defiant “NO” to what daddy said to mommy when she asked him to help with the dishes) have (gross over-generalization here) been abused into submission.

  9. “It is clear that the United States has a great distance to go to meet our goal of providing opportunities for every student to succeed,” Duncan said in a statement.

    “Clear” if you’re Education Secretary and have a meaning for “providing opportunities to succeed” that differs from that of most people.

  10. You’ve got to nip them in the bud, get ’em young, before they get too uppity.

  11. I once got detention, along with a couple of my friends, for playing a game whereby we were smacking each other with our coat sleeves in the cafeteria. I should mention we weren’t wearing our coats at the time.

    This shit started in the 80’s.

    1. Were you a Black pre-schooler at the time of this incident?

  12. Tierney and his book about racism being helped by drinking soda is BS, friend of Reason or not.

    1. Damnit wrong tab, sorry.

  13. Go to any Chuck-E-Cheese and you’d understand.

  14. The data doesn’t explain why the disparities exist or why the students were suspended.

    You mean to tell me that when a student is *suspended* no reason has to be recorded? Bullshit.

  15. A friend of mine was suspended from preschool for chronic masturbation.

    1. Precocious! How did he turn out?

  16. The left has spent the last 40 years obsessed with any policy that had what they perceived to be a “disparate impact” on minorities. That is right up until rich white feminists decided to launch the war on boys in public schools so their little girls could “rule”. Then the fact that such policies totally screwed black children didn’t matter.

    It is something that gays, the current leftist cause dejour should pay attention too. The Left loves you and will do anything for you right up until doing so inhibits the ideology. Then you are just another egg for the omelet.

    1. Then you are just another egg for the omelet.

      I like this turn of phrase. Very appropriate for our progressive comrades.

  17. Are these public preschools? When I was a kid they didn’t even have public kindergartens. I got through Baptist nursery school, Baptist kindergarten and a vacation Bible school all w/o ever once questioning my lack of faith. It did teach me to be respectful of the religious beliefs of others.

    1. I’m sure they’re not Montessori schools.

    2. And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the culture, the lack of fathers in the home, poverty or welfare (that is probably paying for most of this preschool).

  18. the school-to-prison pipeline

    Anyone with an ounce of brain knew that cradle-to-grave care by the state meant penitentiary (or slavery, or “community service”) from cradle to grave.

    IOW, this is the leftist dream, we shouldn’t be preventing it now when it’s so close to coming true. Let it come true and we could stamp out leftism for 3 generations.

    1. Cradle-to-grave is a good idea for education, health, pension.

      If you establish these things, everything else can be a free market. Especially Health and Pension.

      You should be able to open up a lemonade stand and not worry about your salesperson’s pension and healthcare.

      “stamp out leftism for 3 generations.”

      Forget it.

      You saw the last Presidential Erection?

      The thing about libertarian/conservative politics is that it’s a movement to take away safety nets. THis is doable in a good economy. You can’t tell a bunch of people that are either unemployed, unemployable, have had their jobs deprecated or shipped out, or have jobs and business that are so shaky that they are two weeks away from homeless the things LIbertarians/Conservatives say.

      Do you really thing those people would vote for Romney while he is saying he’s going to get rid of unemployment.

      You guys are going to have to be more weasels about it and start lying to people to get elected.

  19. Black Preschoolers Are Getting Suspended in Epic Numbers.

    Not really.

    Nationally, 1 million children were served in public preschool programs… The data shows nearly 5,000 preschoolers suspended once. At least 2,500 were suspended more than once.

    So one out of every 200 pre-schoolers gets suspended once, one out of every 400 more than once. I’m surprised that it’s so few.

    black children represent about 18 percent of children enrolled in preschool programs in schools, but almost half of the students suspended more than once.

    Not quite as “racist” as murders: 13% of population – the Special 13% – commits slightly over half.

    I almost forget: Oh, the horror.

  20. Zero tolerance has arrived in the pre-K set, and it’s just as ugly in miniature.

    Better start the indoctrination and conditioning while they are young, I suppose.

  21. “Hell, my parents beat me and I was fucking rotten.”

    So you admit you were rotten but somehow didn’t have it coming? So they should have encouraged your rottenness? Or what? Diplomatic overtures would have resulted in an undoing of your rottenness?

    What should your parents have done when you were rotten? Reason with you? Strike a grand accord or your ass cheeks?

    Sounds to me like you weren’t beaten enough

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