Shocker: Rich People Aren't Fundamentally More Evil Than the Poor



Rich people: They're, like, the worst, right?

Being libertarians, you probably know better (some rich people are the worst, just like some poor people are the worst). But stereotypes of the wealthy tend to hinge on hoarding riches, not giving a hoot about the poor, and laughing gleefully—perhaps maniacally, perhaps while waggling their fingers greedily—as economic inequality grows.

A new survey challenges these stereotypes, finding that, actually, the wealthy are every bit as altruistic as lower- and middle-class counterparts. They're also as empathetic and helpful, and more likely to give to charities. 

The data comes from, "a site that creates an interactive venue for self-exploration with a healthy dose of fun" (whatever that means). The survey was about as scientifically rigorous as a Buzzfeed quiz, so one should take these results with the proverbial grain of salt. Still, I thought they might be worth sharing, if only to give folks more fodder the next time someone on Facebook starts spouting "eat the rich" nonsense. According to's survey, here's how likely people in different socio-economic groups are to engage in various altruistic behaviors: 

Regularly do favors for others without being asked:

Low-income: 61 percent
Middle-class: 59 percent
Wealthy: 58 percent

Will only do something nice for others for personal gain:

Low-income : 9 percent
Middle-class: 8 percent
Wealthy: 10 percent

Feel sympathy when they see someone in pain:

Low-income: 81 percent
Middle-class: 80 percent
Wealthy: 78 percent

Genuinely enjoy helping people:

Low-income: 83 percent
Middle-class: 83 percent
Wealthy: 82 percent

Donate to charities on a regular basis:

Low-income: 14 percent
Middle-class: 20 percent
Wealthy: 29 percent

If they found a wallet on the street containing money and credit cards:

Low-income: 6 percent would keep the money and throw the wallet out
Middle-class: 4 percent would keep the money and throw the wallet out
Wealthy: 5 percent would keep the money and throw the wallet out

You can take Queendom's on your  Egoism/Altruism test yourself here