Flight 370 Passenger on Stolen Passport May Have Been Emigrating Through Malaysia, CIA Chief Not Ruling Out Terrorism

According to the Malaysian air force


What's happening today, March 11, 2014:

The two passengers on the missing Malaysia Flight MH370 have been identified as Iranian nationals. One of them is reportedly a 19-year-old whose mother in Frankfurt, Germany says he was trying to join her. Malaysia is a popular hub for illegal migration. It also cracked down on illegal immigration after a period of amnesty ended this year, arresting at least 1,500. Malaysian authorities don't suspect the teenager to be linked to terrorism, but the CIA chief says his agency hasn't ruled terrorism out.

The story so far:

Malaysia Flight MH370 went missing about two hours after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, early Saturday morning, March 8, at about 2 a.m. local time. 237 passengers were on board the flight to Beijing, more than two thirds from China and Taiwan. The airline released a manifest, and at least two passengers were using stolen EU passports. No definitive trace of the plane has been found yet, although it may have altered course. Interpol says it does not believe the incident was related to terrorism.

Some Analysis:

NBC News answers why in the age of ubiquitous tracking technology it's so hard to find missing Flight MH370: because its GPS only works if it's on and not destroyed.

CNN reviews four possible scenarios: mechanical failure, pilot error, terrorism, bombing or dry-run thereof, and hijacking.  

The flight path of MH370, via FlightTrader24:

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  1. Bush!

  2. False flag!

  3. Good reason for the NSA to read more e-mails !

  4. Thanks Obama!

  5. China Launches Ten Satellites in Search for Missing Flight…

    Ed, I’m not getting that from the article. “Deployed” is the word used.

    Given that one doesn’t just launch off a satellite on a whim, let alone ten of them, my suspicion is that these assets were already on-orbit.

  6. When the news reports say the plane disappeared from radar, I wonder if they really mean the transponder code disappeared. There’s a difference between a military radar scanning for uncooperative targets and airliners with transponders reporting their altitude and other info.

    Suppose they had been hijacked — if the transponder had been turned off and then they changed course, would that show on any air traffic control radar?

    I don’t know these answers, and I do not expect any mainstream media to even know how ignorant they are. Maybe others here know more?

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