Hispanics Don't Hate Republicans


The Public Religion Research Institute has produced an interesting "infographic" highlighting results from their Hispanic Values Survey. The survey asked Latino respondents "What is the first word or phrase that comes to your mind when you think about the Republican Party?" What they said might surprise you, especially given that Latinos voted for President Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 71 to 27 percent.

According to PRRI's survey, less than half of Hispanic respondents had a negative reaction to the Republican Party, instead most were neutral or positive. Even one of the responses PRRI coded as negative—that Republicans are "rich"—isn't necessarily a bad thing since Hispanics lead the way in faith in the American Dream and the bootstrapping work ethic it entails. For instance, recent surveys have found 7 in 10 Hispanics cite education and hard work as most important for success and most believe their children will be better off than they were.

It's worth pointing out that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had the greatest success in narrowing the partisan voting gap among Hispanics. Arguably, Reagan and Bush represent different strains of the Republican coalition, but both had charisma, made the effort to reach out, and perhaps even genuinely cared. 

(For more on Hispanic political engagement and mobilization, check out Ricardo Ramirez's Mobilizing Opportunities)

Here are the results, coded as negative and positive by PRRI:

"What is the first word or phrase that comes to your mind when you think about the Republican Party?" 


  • 15% conservative/traditional values
  • 27% neutral/no opinion
  • 2% small government/fiscal responsibility
  • 3% patriotic/strong military
  • 6% Other positive
  • Total: 53%


  • 15% Rich/Corporate (is this necessarily bad?)
  • 10% Anti-immigrant/Racist/Intolerant
  • 5% Old-Fashioned/Out-of-touch
  • 3% Obstructionist/Uncompromising
  • 15% Other negative
  • Total: 48%

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  1. While we’re playing TEAM politics, what were the polling results when they were asked about the Dems?

  2. But they TOOK UR JERBS!

  3. Hispanics Don’t Hate Republicans

    Well, the WHITE Hispanics, yeah

  4. “Hispanics Don’t Hate Republicans”

    Hello!? Editor? Its *backwards*! Duh.

    Also, there is no “Don’t”

    Sheesh. you DO need proofreaders.

  5. “”What is the first word or phrase that comes to your mind when you think about the Republican Party?”

    Why is “VIVA LA RAZA!” not an answer?

  6. The GOP needs to examine the success the Tea Party has had within the African-American community and apply something similar with Latinos.

    1. They tried a Ron Paul-Reggaeton Megamix but no one could play the accordion-synth part.

      1. That. Would. Be. FUCKING AWESOME!

        Oy, papi! Ron Paul, papi! Oy, papi! Juan de Mariana, papi!

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          As a former working DJ, I’m supposed to maintain a professional appreciation for all forms of music that can possibly make a crowd of people move their bodies in some form.

          I draw the line at Reggaeton. I find it absolutely unbearable.

          1. Reggaeton at least has a Latin flair to it, the same cannot be said of the Soca from which it was spawned.

            1. I was being a little melodramatic.

              the fact was, I was actually listening to some at the time, thinking, ‘actually, eh, its not *horrible*’…

              My problem is that I lived on the cusp of a Puerto Rican neighborhood for 14 years, and it has been in the background almost the entire time. Its more the *idea* of the stuff that make-a me a-crazy. BORIQUAA!!!(honks horn @4AM!!)

            2. Funny though, speaking of ‘latin’… Perez Prado and/or Willie Bobo? kill it almost anywhere =

              I’ve seen roomfuls of people of all ages go bug to stuff like this


              Not kidding. I stole that from Giant-Step party DJs in the mid-90s who’d throw in the occasional mambo into hiphop sets.

  7. Latinos voted for President Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 71 to 27 percent.

    Which makes for awesome lulz, because if you look closely at the poll results, they voted for Obama at 67% in 2008. So after Obama admin deported record numbers of Mexican immigrants, they voted for him even harder.


    1. “Record deportations” is a myth:


    2. More voted for him after four years of idiotic economic policies that killed jobs. But hey, let’s import lots more cuz one libertarian principle must be followed even when doing so is bad for all other libertarian principles….

    3. After Reagan amnestied them they voted voted less favorably for GHWB and he never enforced the border.

      1. Because the Democrats always offer free stuff and tell you how much they care about you. It doesn’t matter what they or the policies they support actually do to you, especially when they get the groupthink working in their favor.

    4. 0bama only deported Republican Latinos.

  8. “When call-center survey collectors were asked why the survey was not being conducted in Spanish, a recorded pre-answer was blared over the telephone line =


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    1. Is this on the Utube or must we torrent this?

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        1. “It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen”

          This is one of the greatest possible compliments a person can make.

          1. I don’t say that lightly. It’s astonishingly stupid. I love it.

            1. I have just watched episode 1

              Thank you. you do not lie.

      2. All the episodes are available on Hulu

  10. What are the 16% “other negatives”?

    1. Various curse words in Spanish.

  11. We are so racist.

    Everyone keeps using allcaps… because latinos? They’re *loud*? ech. I’m officially triggered.

  12. Hispanics Don’t Hate Republicans

    I hate Republicans. I hate the way their women are always tall and large, and their men are always short and skinny and smell like cheddar cheese.

    But mostly because they vote for Republicans!

    1. I dislike their khaki pants and their comfortable shoes

  13. The Republian won his congressional race down there in Florida. The Democrat lady came in second.

    1. The winner will fill the seat of GOP Rep. Bill Young, who passed away in October after spending more than four decades in the House. During his long tenure Young earned a reputation as a powerful appropriator, using his perch to deliver federal dollars to the defense community and to his district.

      Big shoes to fill there. Big, expensive shoes.

      1. But comfortable shoes.

  14. I think the real bit of information to chew on is that according to the survey 29 percent of Hispanics haven’t heard of Rubio and 49 have never heard of Cruz.

    Cruz needs to book an appearance in a telenovela, statim!

    1. Have they heard of “New Hampshire”?

      I’m just *saying*

      1. If they live in Lowell, MA, they sure have!

        1. I do find it sort of amusing that most immigrant Hispanics are perfectly happy to live in the parts of America that young white people are so desperately fleeing for the metropolae.

          The ‘Heartland’ = it is they.

          1. It’s almost like the people’s prefer to be separate.

            1. Thanks ‘Murkin! but we figured out your new handle like, oh, the very first post you made. You can go back to talking about the jews now. Kisses.

          2. I do find it sort of amusing that most immigrant Hispanics are perfectly happy to live in the parts of America that young white people are so desperately fleeing for the metropolae.

            Unlike the young white people, the immigrant Hispanics think the concept of a “walkable community” sucks. They like having cars. Poor people back home all ‘got to’ walk or take public transportation everywhere. Now that they are here, they say fuck that, amigo.

    2. To be fair I’m sure half of all white people haven’t heard of Harry Reid. People don’t vote on the candidates, they vote on race and culture.

  15. Tell us also about how you will be able to convince the Blacks to vote for you.


    And who says those things that you call “positive” are really positive? If a liberal describes the GOP as “conservative/traditional values,” does that mean they view the party positively, or are simply saying it because it is TRUE? Or “small government,” that’s a bad thing for many liberals.

  16. and most believe their children will be better off than they were.

    Look at real wages for workers, last four decades. The American people are justified in that belief. Hispanics often come from Mexico or other Hispanic countries, literally the third world. So of course their children will be better of than they were.

  17. Watch this video:


    This is a propaganda song, and it’s very good. Can you ever imagine libertarians coming up with something like this? No you can’t. Firstoff libertarians have asperger’s and can’t relate to people. Secondly, left-libertarianism is an inherently anti-human ideology. It is neither nationalistic nor egalitarian, but based on assuring that a capitalistic elite are allowed to act without regard to their fellow men.

      1. KP = Murrican? It posted from VDare, after all.

        1. No, this sounds like Mary.

  18. Hispanics tend to love big government.

    GWB’s whole platform was being big government. That whole compassionate conservatism stuff?

    Reagan was pretty big government too in practice.

  19. Do Hispanics hate the Libertarian Party?

  20. “Hispanics Don’t Hate Republicans”

    They don’t vote for ’em, either.

  21. They should. They should also hate Dems too.

    In fact, they should hate everyone, just like me.

    But not me. I’m awesome.

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