A.M. Links: Malaysia Flight Vanishes Without Trace, Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll, Family Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Tainted Meat


  • and the lsd is where?

    Malaysia Flight MH370 went missing en route to Beijing over the weekend. Two of the passengers were reportedly on stolen EU passports, and police in Malaysia say they've identified one of those passengers. No trace of the plane has been found yet.

  • Rand Paul won the presidential straw poll at CPAC for the second year in a row.
  • The army's top sexual assault prosecutor was suspended after being accused by one of his attorneys of sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference in Alexandria, Va.
  • 73 students were arrested and four officers were injured while cops tried to break up pre-St. Patrick's Day's festivities at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
  • A family in Florida was hospitalized after eating meat from Wal-Mart that was apparently laced with LSD.
  • A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit off the coast of California, but no tsunami is expected.
  • George Zimmerman signed autographs at the Orlando Gun Show, whose original venue cancelled, citing community pressure about the planned Zimmerman appearance.

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  1. A family in Florida was hospitalized after eating meat from Wal-Mart that was apparently laced with LSD.

    Should we be Leary of buying meat from wal-mart, now?

    1. Hey. You’re not FOE!



      1. I have a dream that every last person gets to feel like FoE for at least a day.

        1. I had work that required me to leave my desk, so I couldn’t have reason on my offhand monitor.

          1. I wish I’d stop hitting the wrong button.

            Continuing what I was saying – I made it hard to context today, and oft I will not be able to peer at the Links until 19 to 20 minutes after nine, so I shall never know that victory.

        2. Get better dreams.

          1. And into a better car.

        3. That feeling should be the crushing weight of the world or you’re not doing it right.

    2. The power has been broken. Let us rejoice!

    3. And it was a pretty good pun, too. I chuckled.

    4. Solid. But LSD rapidly degrades under UV light. It’s really difficult to ingest by accident. Even if you did, it’d be harmless. I call bullshit.

      1. Ok I read the blurb, they treated LSD poisoning with a tracheal intubation? What-the-heck? Do any of you weirdos know if LSD causes respiratory depression?

        1. I had the opposite reaction – I was definitelu breathing harder, heartrate up. Been a long time, though so…

          1. Basically there’s no effin way there was LSD in the meat. It probably was undercooked and chock full of bacteria. Sounds like septic shock and a retarded drug scare story.

            1. I’d be much more inclined to believe what you’ve described than “TEH DRUGZ” – cause – salmonella everywhere. LSD – not so much.

        2. Do any of you weirdos know if LSD causes respiratory depression?

          Not in my experience it doesn’t.

        3. I think the whole point of this story is to gin up a moral panic.

          1. But it’s so transparent. Brazen even.

        4. No, it doesn’t. It’s pretty hard to physically harm yourself with LSD by itself.

        5. IANAMD, but have never heard that symptom attributed to LSD, even in the height of Nixon-era anti-drug propaganda.

          Now, respiratory depression is a known side effect of opiate abuse, so I’m guessing really incompetent and/or hysterical medical staff.

      2. You know what I like to do with my LSD? Inject it into a single package of meat at Wal-Mart. I am skeptical.

      3. I agree. sounds like bullshit to me.

        I’d think you treat LSD poisoning with a heavy fucking sedative, like the kind that knocks you out, and time.

    5. I’m waiting for a follow-up to this story – in my experience from what I’ve been told, heat destroys acid. Unless they were cooking the meat at room temperature, they weren’t tripping on any LSD in the meat. And you don’t intubate people who claim they can’t breathe because they’re a fish and their gills need to be underwater, which is the only reason I can think of that acid would cause trouble breathing in multiple people.

      It did say they had just moved into their new home – was this ‘new’ in the sense of ‘newly-built’ or new in the sense of ‘newly-rented becaused the former tenants got busted for cooking meth in the house’? I’d be looking elsewhere for the cause of their problem.

      1. I checked, the melting point of LSD is about 185F and the denaturation point even higher. It is possible that if it were inside the meat, the LSD could be effective. So not impossible, just really, really, improbable.

        1. Yeah, this story stinks quite a bit. How about they left the tabs laying out and the kids got into them, so they made up this meat story as a cover at the hospital?

          1. “Not to worry, hon, I’ve done the research and LSD is perfectly safe for the baby. Our money problems are over.”

    6. There seems to be a lot of drug scare stories since Colorado and Washington legalized pot. BIG heroin stories here in the northeast. That new pharmaceutical pain killer. Now a story about LSD ?

      I may have to adjust my tinfoil hat, but this does seem like an odd coincidence.

  2. Hello.

    Dunno ’bout you guys but I like my mornings to start with Rex Murphy and some lemon:


    1. There’s no disputin’ this

    2. You actually watch CBC “news”?

      1. Nope.

        Just Rex Murphy and when I get a chance his radio show on Sundays 4-6pm.

        He’s a voice of reason in a cess pool of insane left-wingers.

  3. George Zimmerman signed autographs at the Orlando Gun Show,

    They were looking to bait Spike Lee into tweeting the address of the gun show for some free publicity.

    1. What kind of low-info pro-gun douche acutally thought this was a good idea. I mean seriously.

      1. His case became a proxy battle in the war against gun rights, so the link is pretty clear to me.

        1. Yeah, but the whole ‘killing an unarmed black man’ angle (and all his subsequent behavior) made him a lightning rod. Adding him to anything just adds fuel to the anti-wingnut fire. I think it’s possible, if not preferable to fight for 2A rights without this clown making a mockery of it.

          1. Well, it’s a gun show in Florida, and it’s a pretty good bet most gun buyers in Florida think he got railroaded by institutions hostile to gun rights. It is in their business interests to have him on site, I suspect.

            Gun control proponents are anti-wingnut? Hmmmm…

            1. Uh, yeah. “bitter, clingers” ring a bell?

              1. Right, and they aren’t going to back off that sentiment. When you want an innocent man to go to prison because you hope it brings about more gun restrictions, that makes you the wingnut, IMO.

                Progs are stupid on this issue, and really should have no impact on how we behave.

          2. You’re assuming the gun show sponsors are pitching for gun rights specifically. I think they’re engendering publicity for their event.

            1. Yeah, you’re right, this was about publicity (nearly backfired completely), not rights, but still I get irritated when these people represent gun owners, whether they want to or not.

          3. the whole ‘killing an unarmed black man’ angle

            Ann Althouse, who teaches law at the University of Wisconsin (and has a great blog) says that Trayvon Martin armed himself with the curb.

      2. Since the proggies already throughly hate “gun nuts” this won’t make things worse on that front.

        However, the publicity is good for the gun show, and presubably they made a pretty penny off of it. Assuming that they charged Zimmerman as they would any other vendor. Wondering if they did flat fee or percentage?

        1. Sounds like Zimmerman did it as a favor to the gun show organizer, so he probably signed for free.

  4. The army’s top sexual assault prosecutor was suspended after being accused by one of his attorneys of sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference in Alexandria, Va.

    I believe that should read “Alsexandria”, Ed.

    1. Did someone say “sexual assault”?

      1. “sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference”

        peppering their article with too much assault.

        1. Trying to mask the taste of irony

        2. “I put it on her boobies, too!”

        3. Ironic?

  5. A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit off the coast of California, but no tsunami is expected.

    God’s way of saying California should be split up.

    1. I thought it was because teh gais?

    2. I’m moving to Otisville.

      1. Otisville? OTISVILLE!

    3. “learn to swim, learn to swim, learn to swim…..fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones”

    1. That was awesome. Thanks Dan!

      1. Did you know he’s Jewish?

    2. “You keep your trap shut.”

      Good advice.

    3. Great ad! I almost thought it was a “Spoof” ad made for a ethics/ responsibility class. But no! He means it. Pay him now, thank him later.

      1. Lionel Hutz did it first.


        1. That’s OK, the pizza box is empty.

    4. When you need a criminal attorney.

  6. Two of the passengers were reportedly on stolen EU passports, and police in Malaysia say they’ve identified one of those passengers.

    I hope their security theater is at least entertaining if not effective.

    1. They have clearly landed on the “Lost” island and are currently fleeing the smoke monster.

      1. Well if you get on a plane and you see a big fat guy, a Korean couple, an Iraqui and a dude in a wheel chair and you don’t get off you really have no one to blame but yourself.

        1. There were hundreds of people on the last airplane I was on. I couldn’t catalog them all for the cast distribution list.

          1. It’s a trap!

        2. So, a big fat guy, a Korean couple, an Iraqui and a dude in a wheel chair walk and roll into a bar ?.

          1. …and the writer has no idea where to go with this set up, the end.

            1. Whoa. Sounds like a *challenge*.

            2. No, the writer swears that this has an excellent punchline. Just bear with him for six years and multiple side joke setups (which will all tie into the final punchline).

              1. “Kimchi? She’s my favorite masseuse!”

          2. …so then the duck says, “I don’t know; I guess he was a lawyer, after all!”

  7. “Rand Paul won the presidential straw poll at CPAC for the second year in a row.”

    I’ll be more impressed when he wins the presidential brick poll, then the big bad Warren won’t be able to Huffington Post his house down so easy

  8. The smell of Warty was strong in the air. The hunter turned, but it was too late…

    You could soon be indentified by your body odor

    It may smell fishy but supposedly our B.O. is unique and constant enough, that we can be tracked with 85% accuracy. It’s also less intrusive than retina and fingerprint scanners or a frisking by Fido.

    One variable, disease, diet and mood can alter your aroma so the stench sniffing system isn’t full proof. Also, in order for the whole concept to work, everyone would have to surrender their funky fragrance to create a database. Sharing your bouquet may sound invasive, but could it be worse than a TSA frisking?

    1. How is.it any less intrusive? It may be more.convenient, but tracking a person’s whereabouts still smacks of invasion of privacy.

      If the police raided a little shack in the.woods and found a detailed log of the.movements of a prominent politician, they would flip the.fuck out. Why.is mass tracking of people any.better? Intent? Phah.

    2. “This is news?!?”

      /Dogs everywhere

    3. You know who else worked on tracking people by body odor?

        1. I was thinking of a government security agency.

      1. Those girls on the Hai Karate commercials?

        1. Honorable mention. Plus bonus since I haven’t thought about those for a long time.

    4. Bzzzt. The correct answer was Stasi, the state security agency of the former East Germany.

  9. whose original venue cancelled, citing community pressure about the planned Zimmerman appearance.

    It’s good that we collectively have no backbone and bow to the will of the most sensitive among us instead of telling them to suck it up, right? Because that would hurt their feelings or something?

  10. Bearded, bespectacled Keynesians find Keynesian stimulus works, film at 11.


    1. Fuck the IMF. Worse than the Mafia.

    1. Her hair is all kinda fucked up. Plus – terrible “reporter”.

      Happy Birthday, Junior Wookie!

      1. Wookie? I always thought she was a klingon w/ that fivehead…

        1. Ooo – yes, I may reconsider. I’d considered her the same as the First Wookie, but…KLingon Forehead is there…

          We’ll consider it. Thanks

  11. App lets bacon-lovers wake to their favorite smell

    The folks at Oscar Mayer have found a way around that, though – an iPhone app and dongle that will make sizzling sounds and release a bacon scent when your alarm goes off.

    The aroma comes from a diffuser made by Scentee, which uses high-frequency waves to release the aroma of a bacon scent capsule

    1. That’s make me mad – due to the lack of real bacon to back it up.

    2. If this technology exists, why can’t I have smellivision yet?

      1. They’d have to keep shipping you scent packets full of chemicals. The cost would result in a price with low demand, making it uneconomical.

        Wait until they can generate any scent electronically (by manipulating your brain implants)

  12. Those of you who have figured out how to post from your Android phone, please enlighten the rest of us. Last time I tried it (yesterday), it would just scroll to the top of the page everytime I clicked the comment textfield.

    1. I figured it out this morning. Desktop site only, not mobile site. And i had to get there via link in page, not chromes “desktop site” option.

    2. I’m posting now. Not sure if something changed? I always have to scroll to he top and change to desktop version if Im not already in it. And always have wait a few seconds after scrolling before I try to select anything. Otherwise the page constently shifts and I end up clicking the wrong link. This is definately one of the least phone friendly sites I’ve been to.

      1. It does it in Firefox on a laptop, too.

        I think something has changed — including the addition of more doubleclick-like crap.

    3. Make sure.you.use.the desktop version.of the.page. the.mobile.version.is.shit.

      1. Are you listening Reason?

  13. The army’s top sexual assault prosecutor was suspended after being accused by one of his attorneys of sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference in Alexandria, Va.

    So it was the wrong type of training session?

    1. This is how you do it.

    2. That takes some incredible chutzpah or incredible stupidity, probably both.

      1. Assuming he actually did anything. Maybe the accuser is trying to make her career the easy way.

        1. That is not impossible.

    1. Oh noes – insolation! Whatever will we do? Quick – to the underground shelters!

    2. But it’s natural EMR, so it’s good; it’s only the artificial sort that’s bad. Don’t you know anything about hippies?

      1. [plays three-card-monty with three bags of photons to see if people can tell which bag contains the evil photons]

      2. During our tests we found Hippies to be hydrophobic, but not completely water soluble. They also demonstrated a mental disorder called doublethink that made it hard to properly predict their behaviour at any given time.

        1. Well, the layer of patchouli oil does a good job of creating a hydrophobic monolayer around their skin.

    3. Diane said: ‘I used to be sick all the time when I lived in Iowa. I was in constant pain.
      ‘If anyone came near me with a cell phone or a device with Wi-Fi I would be in agony.
      ‘But since I’ve moved to Green Banks the illnesses have cleared up.’

      I could mock her, but she’s already doing a fine job by herself.

      1. Maybe she was allergic to corn or flat.

      2. I would love to see a double-blind study on this to see whether she can actually detect Wi-Fi frequencies without instrumentation.

    4. I hope they take up West Virginian breeding customs so their genes don’t spread beyond the town.

    5. I see a market for selling Faraday cages. Oh wait, they’d need to have money.

      1. And understand the physics of photons. Which would obviate their purchasing of the device.

        1. Understanding would be optional and unlikely for the target market. If their cell phone and ipad didn’t work, all of their psychosomatic symptoms would magically disappear when inside.

          The deluxe version would provide an external dock for the ipad with a cabled interface so they could continue to post on HuffPo, of course.

          1. “You see, the woven metal keeps the evil spirits from entering your body and causing these ill humors.”

            1. I’m gonna use that in my kickstarter pitch!

  14. A Reprieve, but for Whom?
    … A January 1994 memo between two Clinton White House aides was included in the 4,000 pages of Clinton-era documents released Friday by the National Archives.

    In it, one aide voiced concern that they wouldn’t be able to keep the promise that Americans could pick their doctor and health plan under the health care overhaul proposed at that time.

    The memo said: “We have a line on p. 10 that says ‘You’ll pick the health plan and doctor of your choice.’ This sounds great and I know that it’s just what people want to hear. But can we get away with it? Isn’t the whole thrust of our health plan to steer people toward cheaper, HMO-style providers? It’s one thing to say we’ll preserve your option to pick the doctor of your choice (recognizing that this will cost more), it’s quite another to appear to promise the nation that everyone will get to pick the doctor of his or her choice. And that’s exactly what this line does. I am very worried about getting skewered or over-promising here on something we know full well we won’t deliver.” …

    1. ‘You’ll pick the health plan and doctor of your choice.’

      What is the meaning of the word ‘pick’.

    2. What are you talking about, with Obamacare “consumers” still get to “pick” their plans and doctors in the same way that North Korean “voters” get to “vote” for their dear leader

  15. Malaysia Flight MH370 went missing en route to Beijing over the weekend.

    There’s this alleged 24/7, and yet you post two-day-old stories?

    1. Well, it is still missing…

  16. Warty Hugeman and The Doomcock of Doom

    Chapter Three

    Warty quickly pulled up the Find My Penis app on the timesuit’s display. The Hydra was moving toward the main entrance to The Ball.

    “Freeze,” he ordered the suit and jumped to his feet.

    “An exclusion field has been active for the last 250 seconds,” the suit told him primly. No time-travel, no tricks like stopping time or recursion hops.

    “How long was I out?”

    “Local reference clock signal comparison indicates that internal sensors were out of operation for 364 seconds,” the suit said. It seemed almost contrite. It was time to destroy its higher functions again, Warty only mentally noted. You never want to live inside anything that could develop a sense of humor.

    Warty took stock of his appearance in a giant mirror. The majestic cape was in tatters; it was made to billow and the time on the floor motionless had destroyed it. He ripped it off and threw it in a waste bin. Whoever knocked him out had taken a knife to his cuttleshark pants and his shirt smelled of piss. He stripped it all off. He let the timesuit substantiate into local space.

    “The exclusion field has doubled in area of effect,” the suit said. That meant the power supply for must have peaked. Warty glared at the moving dot that represented his penis as it sped away.

    Continue reading

    1. I ain’t clickin’ that linke. Not. Gonna. Doit.

      1. I. CAN’T. HELP. IT. I. MUST…

        1. I’ll pray for your already-wasted soul, SS…

          1. Whew…It..it is only a portent of the terror to come.

    2. Fortunately I smear Purell on my monitor and eyeballs before checking the morning links.

        1. A roll of duct tape is a favorite with regular Amtrak riders ? a little tab can quiet annoying rattles or muffle a too-loud screamer.


      1. My one and only trip on Amtrak resulted in food poisoning. And not “I have a tummy ache” food poisoning, but the “fireman-hose watershits while throwing up in a trash can at the same time” sort of food poisoning.

        No thanks.

        1. That was God’s punishment for being a libertarian type and using PUBLIC ROADZ TRANSPORTATION.

          1. It was either food poisoning or some virus from the albino African-American toddlers that screamed like they were being skinned the entire trip. Or that canned margarita I had in the bar car.

            1. Man, you could write a STORY about th….

              *eyes grow huge – runs away*

            2. There are thing man was not meant to know, Almanian!

      2. Back in ’90 I was confined to the smoking car for 8 hours because everything else was full. Took me weeks to get the smell out of my skin. It was like being in a nicotine flavored meat smoker.

        1. They should have a cologne that smells like smoke.

          1. “Like hugging a dirty ashtray!”

    3. I missed chapter 2. Any chance you could post a link to it…what am I saying.

    4. Been buying your steaks at WalMart again Sug?

      1. His robot pancreas produces LSD for him.

    5. Every chapter of this is better than the last.

      1. Sug has found a groove.

    6. Tell the abyss to stop staring at me!

  17. Free State update:

    N.H. House passes grow-your-own medical marijuana bill


    1. Sounds all well and good until DEA agents start pounding on your door and tearing up your stuff.

    2. Governor Maggie “I smoked in college but it’s different now” Hassan has promised a veto.

  18. Dear Media,

    Please stop covering the Malaysian plane story by plastering photo after photo of screaming, crying family members breaking down.

  19. On my way to start of 2 weeks of jury duty.

    1. Nullify
    2. Cops lie
    3. Eyewitness testimony is questionable

    Am I missing anything?

    1. Expert witness aren’t appearing for free.

    2. Wait, are you saying you made it through voir dire?

      1. Nah, just checked in. Last time I made it thru voir dire but didnt get chosen in the random draw.

    3. “I’m a commenter at Hit & Run.”

      1. “Thank you! You’re excused…”

        1. “You’re under arrest. You might be Epi.”

      2. “Your honor, we would thank and excuse Juror #312”


    4. Forensic science is mostly bullshit.

      1. Oh, bullshit! I watch CSI and SVU and THEY CATCH PEOPLE EVERY DAY! And it’s all forensic science.

        Way to be the Party of Warty!

      2. Most forensic “evidence” is produced by state-run labs, so inherent conflict of interest. Also, recent news stories about govt employed lab technicians in those labs faking results.

        1. Annie Dookhan.

          Look her up.

          Deval Patrick is perhaps the worst politician in America who may consider running in 2016.

        2. Two words Joyce Gilcrest.

          1. Dookhan was convicted but Gilcrest wasn’t. Am I missing something MG?

            1. I didn’t see your post when I posted mine and was replying to Tonio.

              My point was the fact that she wasn’t convicted and it happened quite a while ago. Gilcrest’s malfeasance had helped placed people on death row. I was agreeing that forensic science was often anything but science.

        3. Thanks to those of you who provided references for this.


        1. Lick my balls.

          1. Is that really how you light the Tulpa signal? Or are you just pranking a n00b?

            1. Tulpa is too much of a pussy to show himself on weekdays.

    5. If the glove don’t fit…

      1. Check to see if he’s wearing an ill-fitting latex glove under it that prevents it from being pulled on properly.

      2. …you must fling a shit?

        /zoo simian

    6. Ask to see the actual statute that the defendant is accused of violating and not just the judge’s interpretation of it.

      I hope you get an interesting case where you can do some good (or at least mess with people).

    7. DNA evidence to convict on felony?

    8. Ask to visit the scene of the crime.

    9. “lie-detector tests” are especially bullshit.

      1. Those are not admissible in any jurisdiction I am aware of.

        1. They’re admissable on 48 Hours and Dateline. And TVland is the most important jurisdiction of all!

    10. Just remember, everybody’s guilty of something.

      1. If they weren’t guilty, why would they be in court?

        1. Especially the judge and the lawyers, remember, they’re in court all the time.

    11. DO you know for sure it’s criminal? You might get selected for a two week, brain deadening construction case, in which case may god have mercy on your soul.

      1. Could be anything.

        1. There are 40 judges in this building using us as their pool.

          1. I just visualized you being Bader-Ginsberg’s pool boy. That is some Warty pr0n there.

          2. And they WILL pee in the pool…

  20. The Demise Of The American Dream (In 2 Charts)
    The painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work….

    …And that trend appears to be accelerating as more and more men drop out of the workforce…

  21. Thank goodness the Republicans are out there… hey, stop laughing!

    Kevin Williamson: The Destroyer Cometh
    A dumbed-down Democratic party runs out of ideas.

    The Koch brothers are patrons of Big Ideas, interested in the institutions of a free society and what makes them work. Say what you like about the organizations they donate to ? Cato, Mercatus, the Institute for Humane Studies (my employer for about a year) ? they are oriented toward ideas. I do not expect any Mercatus scholar to host a highly rated cable comedy show in the near future, not even the telegenic Veronique de Rugy.

    I do not much blame the Left for hesitating to talk about Big Ideas. The Left has been losing the Big Idea debate for a generation or more, in no small part because its last Big Idea killed 100 million people, give or take, and not in Mr. Klein’s projecting-abstractly-from-a-CBO-study way but in the concentration-camps-and-hunger-terror way. Marxism was the Left’s Big Idea for the better part of a century, and its collapse ? which was moral, economic, political, and complete ? left a howling void in the Left’s intellectual universe.

    1. Yes, yes. This time the massive head injuries will totally outsmart the congenital idiots!

    2. What it communicates is the Left’s politics of vilification, a longstanding preference that has recently become extremely pronounced, substituting a good-guys-and-bad-guys narrative for the discussion of complex ideas.

      Yes. Yes yes yes. This Williamson guy is sharp.

  22. The IRS’s behavior taxes credulity
    …Lerner is, so far, the face of this use of government to punish political adversaries. She knows what her IRS unit did and how it intersects with the law, and for a second time she has exercised her constitutional right to remain silent rather than risk self-incrimination. The public has a right to make reasonable inferences from her behavior.

    And from Obama’s. After calling the IRS behavior “outrageous,” he now says there is not a “smidgen” of evidence of anything to be outraged about. He knows this even though the supposed investigation of the IRS behavior has not been completed, or perhaps even begun. The person he chose to investigate his administration is an administration employee and a generous donor to his campaigns. …

    1. They tax everything else, why not tax credulity and patience, too?

  23. Report: UN officials hid overblown global warming estimates
    …The IPCC’s fourth climate assessment in 2007 estimated that the Earth would warm 3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century ? this estimate was in a range of warming from 2 to 4.5 degrees Celsius. But as the 2000s wore on and little warming occurred, climate scientists began to lower their climate sensitivity estimates from 3 to 2 degrees Celsius in a century and only 1.5 degrees of warming in the next 70 years.

    But this revelation was only hinted at in the IPCC’s 2013 climate assessment. Instead of lowering their central climate sensitivity measure down from 3 degrees Celsius, the IPCC simply did not give a central estimate and just reduced its lower-bound warming estimate from 2 to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Now the IPCC’s warming range for the next hundred years is 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius….

  24. Bitcoin exchange MtGox ‘faced 150,000 hack attacks every second’

    Troubled Bitcoin exchange MtGox was reportedly attacked 150,000 times per second by hackers in the days leading up to its collapse last month.

    The Tokyo-based exchange, which filed for bankruptcy protection in February, was hit with crippling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

    During DDoS attacks, hackers take control of multiple computers to send a flood of data to the target, causing servers to crash and making websites unavailable.

    1. Jesus Christ almighty, that’s a lot of attacks. Ain’t that a bitch. I think that’s more than Sarah Palin sustains on an ongoing basis.

    2. I presume the attacks came from central banks?

    3. Their DB (post-shutdown, I believe) got released (although not the user accounts).

      If you happen to stumble on the zip of it, be careful, there’s a malware .exe in it.

    4. Hmm, and who would stand to benefit from elimination a competing currency.

      Perhaps a Nation State? Maybe even one who viewed the strength of their own currency as a critical National Security issue. Maybe even one with an Agency which has extensive electronic and online capabilities dedicated to ensuring National Security?

      And of course that mythical agency could then use the bitcoins stolen from Mt Gox as a nice little slush fund to engage in activities beyond the pervue of political oversite

  25. Why do conservatives have a hard-on about so called American “exceptionalism”?

    Why is it important to continually remind the rest of the world we are better than them and/or international law does not apply to us?

    Why can’t we just be richer and freer and not rub others faces in it 24/7?

    1. I can see you don’t know what American exceptionalism means.

      And I won’t bother to cure you of your ignorance because it would be a waste of time and energy.

      1. Very good, Sarc. The next step is when you can resist the urge to post any response whatsoever.

      2. Yet you still interact with it.

        You realize that, because shreek lacks sentience, all it knows is that you responded, and that as a result you have fed its delusion that it matters?

        Literally everybody is worse off because you chose to interact with it.

        1. Literally everybody is worse off because you chose to interact with it.

          “You, sir, are worse than Hitler nikki!”

          1. Now, now, I have it on good authority that Nikki is the worst.

    2. What’s the point of being rich and free then?

      USA USA USA!

      1. Well, rich and at least less unfree than most others.

    3. Why do conservatives have a hard-on about so called American “exceptionalism”?

      Ask Theodore Roosevelt and every BigGov liberal prior to 1970.

      1. I don’t see how AE is exclusively ‘conservative.’ If your “historical dateline’ goes as far back as Reagan than yeah. But it has deeper roots.

        Alexis de Toqueville first alluded to American Exceptionalism.

        From that point forward, Liberals were just as eager to use it as well.

        As usual, PB, proves his classical liberal pedigree.

        1. I don’t see how AE is exclusively ‘conservative.

          “That’s the joke.”

          It’s true that AE has been around for about 200 years, but it didn’t really go into overdrive until TR came into office. His promotion of muscular Americanism was essentially co-opted by progressives from Wilson onward, until they became disillusioned with the concept by the late 60s.

          Once Obama came into office, it became cool to promote Big American Things again–witness Maddow’s Hoover Dam commercial, a project that would have been litigated into oblivion if it had been proposed today, or the pimping for GM when in previous decades the same social class ignored or vilified the fact that the best selling vehicle in the country was a truck.

    4. I am an immigrant and a naturalized citizen. I do think that America is exceptional in its tradition of liberty and the overall toughness of its people with respect to their attitude towards government. The constitution is an incredible document. We should all be proud of it.

  26. London’s Laundry Business

    On Monday, a British civil servant was photographed arriving in Downing Street for a national security council meeting with an open document in his hand. We could read for ourselves lines from a confidential report on how Prime Minister David Cameron’s government should respond to the Crimea crisis. It recommended that Britain should “not support, for now, trade sanctions,” nor should it “close London’s financial center to Russians.”

    The White House has imposed visa restrictions on some Russian officials, and President Obama has issued an executive order enabling further sanctions. But Britain has already undermined any unified action by putting profit first.

    It boils down to this: Britain is ready to betray the United States to protect the City of London’s hold on dirty Russian money. And forget about Ukraine.

    1. Its a great cover the agency for defending against Cthulonic horrors has.

    2. Perhaps the Crimeans see Russia, stupid and corrupt as it is, as far less corrupt and stupid as their present government? Because their current government is pretty freaking terrible.

    3. Real stupidity or clumsily-executed leak?

    1. Betty White on Balls and Vaginas

      Well there’s a sentence I really didn’t need to see.

      1. Betty White on Balls and Vaginas

        Is this like Betty White on Crack?

        1. I think she’d have to be.

    1. I place Prince among the Top Five popular music songwriters since the 50’s. Him and Carole King. And I don’t have a 3-5, cause there are so many good ones (Zevon, Townsend, others come to mind).

      But Prince? That man can write some excellent tunes. Prince, my man – nothing compares 2 U….

      1. He also wrote some exceptionally filthy lyrics:

        Look here Marsha, I’m not sayin’ this just 2 be nasty
        I sincerely wanna fuck the taste outta your mouth
        Can U relate?

        1. *makes high pitched, indecipherable noise, spins on heel, starts dancing*

          1. I spit my coffee while reading that.

        2. Ah yes, Prince, the master of skank…

          I clocked the jizz from a friend of your’s named Vanessa Bet, Bet
          She said you told her a fantasy that got her all wet, wet
          Something about a little box with a mirror and a tongue inside
          What she told me then got me so hot I knew that we could slide

      2. Prince, my man – nothing compares 2 U….

        Does anything compare 3 V?

      3. “nothing compares 2 U….”

        Plagiarizing that bald Irish chick are we?

        1. Prince wrote and composed “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

          1. Ah.

            You live.

            You be ignorant.

            You learn.

            Now that you mention it, I seem to recall vaguely they worked together.


            1. As Treasurer of the Prince Truth Squad, I felt it was my duty.

    2. Prince was a genius. I have no idea what he is now but he hasn’t written a good song in 25 years, maybe more.

      1. Busy going Medieval taking people to court and shit.

        This is what it probably feels like when doves cry after purple rain falls on them.

        God, that was terrible.

    3. Lt. Lassiter: “We found prints.”
      Shawn: “Was he…in a little red corvette?”
      Gus: “Or under the cherry moon?”
      Lt. Lassiter: “We found fingerprints.

    4. Pancakes?

  27. What Oracle’s Botched Obamacare Site Says About the Future of the Web

    Last September, as it became clear that the site wouldn’t be ready for the October 1 launch date, Oregon stopped paying Oracle. The company kept working until last week, when it pulled 100 contractors from the project, demanding $69.5 million for the work it had completed since September. This week, The Oregonian reports, the state agreed to pay $43.9 million of its outstanding bill to get Oracle back to work to finish the project.

    You might think that Oregon officials would have been happy to see Oracle go, considering their $100 million site is still on the fritz. But making the service work properly will likely depend on knowledge held only by Oracle’s contractors. Oregon needs Oracle, at least for now. And that’s part of the problem: Oregon, like so many other IT customers over the years, is now locked into a contract with a vendor and has few options other than paying the company more or starting the project over from scratch.

    1. The company kept working until last week, when it pulled 100 contractors from the project, demanding $69.5 million for the work it had completed since September. This week, The Oregonian reports, the state agreed to pay $43.9 million of its outstanding bill to get Oracle back to work to finish the project.

      Bending the cost curve by using its monopoly on force to set prices artificially low.

      Walmart is accused of doing this and vilified for it; Big Government actually does it and is considered virtuous for so doing.

    2. I’m sure it’s just a massive coincidence that all of these massive projects that continue to fail spectacularly, are run by slimy old pols.

      The good news is that there won’t be any pain for the complete and utter failures. Lt. Gov Anthony Brown, who headed Maryland’s $200 million, monstrous clusterfuck, will likely be elected the next governor of the state.

  28. Fore by two! Tiger Woods hits spectator in the head with opening tee shot… and then hits another minutes later but sends them home happy with autographed golf gloves

    Woods was competing at the World Golf Championships in Doral, Florida
    On his opening tee shot he hit German tourist on the head, drawing blood
    He apologised and gave a signed glove to the man who smiled through pain
    The same thing happened again on 3rd hole when Woods hit fan on shoulder
    Woods finished the round with a six-over-par score, beating just two others

    That’s what you get for watching stupid golf.

    1. Ha! Recently, some spectator got hit by a ball and then stumbled into a cactus. If they keep this up, I might actually start watching.*

      *No I won’t

    2. It’s always the Germans

      1. The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet.

    3. So Tiger is now reduced to smacking German men in the head with his balls? How far he has fallen since the heady days of doing that to p0rn stars.

      1. +1 tea-bag

    4. “He apologised and gave a signed glove to the man who smiled through pain”

      Was it written in the guy’s blood?

      Smiled through the pain, shrieks like little girl, passes out after getting signed autograph.

  29. Cheat and Eat Food Stamps
    How liberal states are already gutting the GOP’s farm-bill reform.

    Under this classic liberal trick, Liheap beneficiaries automatically qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s “standard utility allowance,” which increases their food-stamp benefits. They receive this deduction regardless of how much they spend on energy. Many renters don’t pay a dime.

    Democratic state politicians have thus expanded their food-stamp rolls by distributing more federal heating checks, amounting to as little as $1 per year in many states and $0.10 in California. The heat and eat scheme is one reason annual food-stamp payouts have tripled over the last decade to about $83 billion. Taxpayers now help foot the grocery bills for one of seven Americans.

    1. Block grant the money to the states and let them come up with the difference themselves.

    2. Many renters don’t pay a dime.

      Not to defend the program, but we all know there is no free lunch. Even if they aren’t paying the utility bill themselves, they are paying for it as part of the rent. Presumably their landlords charge higher rent to cover the utility costs.

      1. Yes. This is exactly what happens. Utilities included is always more expensive.

        1. Not always. Some landlords aren’t that smart.

    3. Better yet, cut back on about 90% of all federal social welfare programs and let the states determine on their own what their citizens need and what they want to do to pay for it. If California wants to enforce a 90% tax rate on incomes over $100K to pay for their food stamp recipients, let them. If Wyoming wants to use oil and gas revenue to pay for this stuff, let them.

      How much cheaper would these programs be if they were administered at the state or even county level rather than by the feds; at least the former aren’t allowed to run up debts in perpetuity and would have to figure out ways to pay for all the GIMMEDATs demanded by our various welfare classes.

      1. How much cheaper would these programs be if they were administered at the state or even county level rather than by the feds…

        I believe that many of the current programs are administered on at least two levels (fed/state, or state/local), possibly on all three levels (fed/state/local). So killing the federal involvement would certainly be a huge savings.

        Anyone have more granular info on how these programs are administered?

  30. ‘This place is a beautiful death trap!’: Comedian Kevin Hart jokes about being left terrified of a koala bear during a trip to the wild life centre in Australia

    Drop bears?

      1. Sorry, that wasn’t a reply.

      2. It always kills me. If some “teabagger” had done this, they’d never hear the end of it.

    1. I’m afraid of drop bears, and I ain’t skeered o’ nuthin’!

      1. Don’t worry, they mainly attack tourists.

        1. The only way I get to OZ is as a tourist… so they would BE OUT TO GET ME!!!!

    2. I’m reminded of the time Caroline Wozniacki punked the media by claiming she was attacked by a kangaroo.

  31. Turley: The president’s power grab
    Obama is not a dictator, but there is a danger in his aggregation of executive power.

    Not even the power of the purse, which belongs exclusively to Congress, is sufficient to deter the White House. The Obama administration took $454 million from a fund established to help prevent illness and put the money instead toward paying for the federal health insurance exchange. Even leading Democratic members denounced this as “a violation of both the letter and spirit of this landmark law.”

    I happen to agree with many of the president’s policies. However, in our system, it is often more important how we do something than what we do. Priorities and policies and presidents change. Democrats will rue the day of their acquiescence to this shift of power when a future president negates an environmental law, or an anti-discrimination law, or tax laws.

    1. It’s totally different because Obama is doing it for all the right reasons, while the rethuglicans are doing it for evil reasons.

  32. ‘Grilling high is now legal. Driving to get the propane you forgot isn’t’: Colorado targets motorists in hilarious ad campaign after cannabis is legalised

    Ads meant to warn of Colorado drivers of dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana
    Marijuana was cited as a factor in 15% of impaired driving citations so far this year


    1. Just because they cited it doesn’t mean the people being cited were actually high.

      1. Or that they were actually impaired.

        People who smoke pot regularly drive when they are stoned. And that fact does not worry me at all.

    2. In other words, 85% of impaired driving citations had nothing to do with marijuana.

  33. Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids speaks at Cato:


  34. Will climate change bring back SMALLPOX? Siberian corpses could ooze contagious virus if graveyards thaw out, claim scientists

    The disease, which causes a painful blistering rash and sometimes blindness and death, was wiped out in 1979
    Some experts fear defrosting bodies in Siberia could potentially begin a cycle of infection, if a person makes contact with remains
    Defrosting bodies are coming to light as a result of global warming, although so far scientists have not found any remains with a virus in them

    Is there anything they won’t blame on global warming?

    1. Note to self: stay out of Siberia.

      OH! I already had that note…

    2. Is there anything they won’t blame on global warming?

      Um….let me see….uh… no.

      1. Yeah, it even causes cold, harsh, winters.

    3. defrosting bodies in Siberia

      Nice band name.

      1. More of an album name.

    4. Sure, just try to convince the Russians that Siberia warming by a degree or two is a really bad thing.

    5. It seems like this would have been a problem before now… like every spring during the Little Ice Age.

      1. Since smallpox was still a thing then, it’s hard to say for sure that it wasn’t. Though as I say below, it seems farfetched. Smallpox clearly can’t survive long without a living human host, or we wouldn’t have been able to eliminate it.

        1. Ah, right. I was thinking of bubonic plague.

    6. Sounds like some bullshit.

      If the smallpox virus were tough enough to survive years of burial, I very much doubt it would have been possible to eliminate it so completely from the world. I’m no virus expert, so I could be wrong.

  35. State trooper ‘accidentally shoots dead his pregnant wife while their two young children were at home’

    JoAnne Miller, who was 22 weeks pregnant, was taken to Mercy Suburban Hospital in Pennsylvania with a gunshot wound to the head on Friday
    Doctors performed an emergency cesarean to try to save her unborn child but the baby died
    Police believe that the .45-caliber handgun accidentally discharged while being handled by her husband, a state trooper of 9 years

    Suuuuuuuuure it was an accident.

    1. Hmmm. What are the Gun Safety Rules? If Occifer Friendly were following them, no one would have been hit, much less killed.

      Dumbass or evil – either way, put ‘im in the chair. Fucking pig fucking prick cocksucker above-the-law motherfuckers. Fuck ’em.

    2. …accidentally discharged…

      There is no such thing as an accidental discharge.

      1. You are stealing my bit. Which Im cool with.

      2. Can negligent be accidental? Unintentional discharges are certainly possible, but only if you are doing something stupid.

        1. No. If you fire a weapon with intending to, you did something stupid. If you did something stupid with a gun in your hand, you were being negligent. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge. Know your weapon, know the operation, and follow TNKK like your life depends on it. Because it does.

          1. *If you fire a weapon without intending to do so, you did something stupid.

  36. Does every female in the mid-20’s to approx. 40 constantly talk with the voice fry? Cause judging by this excruciating conference call I’m on, they all do. And I fucking HATE that.

    “Put some goddamned air through your vocal chords, you gravelly piece of shit!!!”

    OK – it’s just me…

    *goes back on MUTE*

    1. Pretty much.

      1. TIWTANLW

        Just kidding.

      2. I’ve heard that too, but does anyone really associate that voice with anything but knowledge of designer handbags and prenups

    2. It’s annoying. I thought they are trying to sound sexy maybe? But this trend needs to stop.

    3. I’m 30 and I don’t, but I mock those who do. So maybe that’s just as bad to a casual observer.

      I hate it too. It makes a woman sound like a dumb bitch, IMO.

    4. Thanks a lot. I was unaware of this phenomenon, and now that I’m aware of it, I’m sure it’s all I’m going to hear.

    1. bonus WWI analogy at the end.

    2. Wow, one by Obama:

      “How to Avoid Everything: Irresponsibility made Easy”

  37. The body shapes of world class athletes. Boobs are bad for winning, apparently.

    1. Depends on your definition of victory.

    2. Was oiling them up really necessary?

  38. Maddow blames Bush for Russia.


    1. Mad cow disease.

    2. It’s his fault ObamaCare is failing, too.

      I’m also sure he’s to blame for the missing Malaysian plane.

      1. The reach of BOOOSH!!!11!! is infinite.

        Hey, did Bush supporters spend eight years blaming everything that went wrong in the world on Clinton?

        1. They blamed 9/11 on Clinton, but that was about it.

  39. Plane mysteriously vanishes. A desperate media and Security Industrial Establishment frenziedly beat their Terrrrahh! drums.

    Where’s the ransom note?

    “The whole point of the Doomsday Machine is lost… if you keep in a secret!”

    1. Ransom notes are only given if they have the plane and passengers. Now, those groups are quick to claim responisibility for anything they’ve done…

  40. Police believe that the .45-caliber handgun accidentally discharged while being handled by her husband, a state trooper of 9 years

    Golly, I wonder who the manufacturer of the pistol was.

    1. Don’t talk smack about Glocks!

      1. I mean: there’s no such thing as an accidental discharge!

  41. This may have been posted before, but I came across this sad tale of animist Limeys from last summer over the weekend:

    Mr Tipping called alerted his partner Ms Mercer and headed to a friend’s house – incredibly, with the bullets in his pocket.

    ‘It seems really stupid now but I didn’t realise they could be dangerous, I just wanted to find out what they were. My friend used to live on a farm and told me they were 2.2mm bullets.

    ‘I came home and looked in the pond for more – then we spotted some really big ones.’

    Ms Mercer added: ‘I rang my dad because he used to be in the Navy, and he told us not to touch them because they could be dangerous. He said they could have eroded over time and we should call the police straight away. It was at that point that we started to panic.’

    ‘It’s just mind-blowing,’ Mr Tipping said. ‘The police told me that they found more rounds of ammunition in our back garden than at the local arms store.’

    1. ‘It’s sad because we love this house and have spent time and effort making it a home. And somebody somewhere has ruined that. I don’t want to stay in a house where that kind of thing has been found in the garden. I’m gutted.’

      Mr Tipping added: ‘Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.’

      1. Old ammo in pond = building home on ancient, haunted burial ground!!!!!!

      2. Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.

        Talk is cheap! Someone should offer to buy the house off of them for 75% of what they paid for it; we’ll see how ‘ruined’ they really believe it to be.

        1. Pair reluctant to continue living in their rented home in Leeds

          Of course they don’t own it.

      3. Wow. That’s a whole lot of stupid right there.

      4. I was going to quote other parts for comedic commentary, but the whole article is ludicrous. Full scale police response with fire department because underwater search was not available? For a tiny garden pond? There are lots of comments mocking but then there are some like this:

        The Equalaowaizer, London, United Kingdom, 8 months ago
        If kids are around the pond needs fencing off, trip bang head on other edge’s rocks = disaster.

        Safety first!

    2. fear the mighty 2.2mm bullet.

      1. I was going to post this above:

        2.2mm rifle rounds

        Boy howdy, I gotta get hold of one of those .087 caliber rifles that shoots those 2.2mm rounds to ad to my collection of obscure weapons.

        Tiny tiny bullets, less than 3/32″ in diameter. For shooting mice, I expect.

        But I thought this was a more appropriate place

    3. 2.2 mm. LOL.

        1. .22

          I’m going to go back to vomiting now.

    4. What a bunch of pathetic fucking morons. There is nothing else to be said. A fucking gallon can of gasoline presents more of a hazard.

  42. The army’s top sexual assault prosecutor was suspended after being accused by one of his attorneys of sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference in Alexandria, Va.

    Cut the guy some slack. i mean the poor guy is at a conference for days that is all about sex. Of course he’s gonna get horny. How well do you think you would handle that kind of pressure?

  43. Brubaker on the Snake

    A bill that would allow Idaho agricultural operations to use inmate labor when enough workers aren’t available has made it to the full Senate.

    The legislation would allow state inmates to work for agricultural employers to produce, harvest or process perishable Idaho farm commodities.

    “This would help us make sure we get our perishable Idaho crops harvested” in the event of worker shortages, said Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston, the bill’s author.

    The most disappointing quote

    The bill was welcomed by Dan Symms of Symms Fruit Ranch, which grows apples, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots and prunes in the Sunny Slope area.

    Some of Symms’ fruit went picked two years ago because of a lack of available labor and the operation struggled to get everything picked last year, he said.

    “It would be a plus for us to be able to have that labor available to us,” Symms said. “It’s an issue for agriculture in general but for the fruit industry in particular.”

    Symms is the treasurer and board director of the libertarian Idaho Freedom Foundation.

    1. a board director

    2. We really are going the way of Rome.

    3. meh…it’s paid labor and but doesn’t say if it’s voluntary or not.

    4. The bill:


  44. the libertarian Idaho Freedom Foundation.

    *pounds head on desk*

    1. Only last fall, IFF’s president was decrying government competing with the private sector


  45. I don’t get what is with part of the LBGTetc community about needing new labels for everything. Here’s how a dating profile I just came across starts:

    first, I don’t use the label ‘bisexual’ to describe myself but okc only gives you the usual clear cut options to choose from (gay, straight, bi). Though I guess I’m “technically” bi because I like both sexes, I don’t identify with any label. Basically, gender is irrelevant to me; if I’m into you, I’m into you, regardless of your sex.

    1. if I’m into you, I’m into you, regardless of your sex.

      Psst. You’re bisexual.

      1. I.I.U.R.Y.S. would make a great band name.

      2. Don’t put a label on her!

      3. maybe there’s some 3rd or 4th… hell even 5th sex we’re not aware of.

  46. “The army’s top sexual assault prosecutor was suspended after being accused by one of his attorneys of sexually assaulting her at a sexual assault conference”

    – Confusion over meaning of word, ‘Conference’ blamed

    In unrelated news: universe implodes due to insufficient available Irony

  47. WTF?

    Google supports #BanBossy from Lean In & the Girl Scouts. Encourage girls to lead.

    When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys?a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead.

    1. When I was a little kid, I was branded a “leader” by adults, mainly because they liked me and thought other kids should follow.my example. But I knew it wasn’t necessarily true. The.kids who were.the real leaders (that other kids would.follow) were the politicians, who I always shied away.from,

    2. That’s funny, when my son acts bossy around other kids, I tend to tell him to stop being bossy. I find “stop showing leadership skills” to be too wordy and a little off the mark.

    3. I like the picture from the link where the ladies are holding up signs that say, “I’m a leader because…” and one of them has filled out, “why not?”

      Seriously, why should I have to explain to anyone why I think I should be in charge? You tell me why I shouldn’t be, asshole.

      1. I’m not going to follow you if this is your best argument.

    4. When I first saw the “Ban Bossy” title, I thought it was an effort to get alpha girls to stop being such manipulative and domineering twats.

      Imagine my disappointment.

    5. Generally speaking, dominant boys try to control things while dominant girls try to control people. If it’s true that girls are given the “bossy” title more often, that’s probably why.

      1. Incidentally, I tend to not get along with female managers for that reason. Male managers just tell you what to do. Female managers try to get inside your head.

  48. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys?a trend that continues into adulthood.

    I find this claim to be unconvincing.

  49. Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up be an arrogant, demanding, entitled little person.

    Bossy is what you get when you cross the idea that being a drama queen is A-OK with the idea that your vast experience of 8 years qualifies you to order people around.

  50. first, I don’t use the label ‘bisexual’ to describe myself but okc only gives you the usual clear cut options to choose from (gay, straight, bi).

    Thank you!


    1. Well yeah, this was a clear case of “hide her profile and move on immediately”.

    1. However, their odds of dying during birth increase tenfold!

      1. Pretty sure that’s not how independent trials work, Brett.

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