Obamacare is 'God's Work' Says First Lady, CPAC Kicks Off With Christie, Crimea Votes To Join Russia: P.M. Links


  • "You are doing God's work," Michelle Obama told healthcare enrollees and application counselors in Miami.
  • The Conservative Political Action Conference kicked off today. Gov. Chris Christie (NJ-R) received a standing ovation and Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY-R) brought a gun
  • The Crimean Parliament voted today to join the Russian Federation. Ukraine's interim president called the decision "illegitimate" due to pressure imposed by the presence of Russian soldiers in the region.
  • A top-ranking general assured Congress that it will take a mitigation task force two years and "billions of dollars to overcome the loss of security that has been imposed" by Edward Snowden's document leaks.
  • Hillary Clinton would beat Jeb Bush with a 14 percent margin, according to a Rasmussen poll on potential presidential candidates for 2016.
  • The FBI is investigating a video that purportedly shows Los Angeles gangmembers fighting in Syria. Is L.A. that bad? 

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