Zero Tolerance

Ohio 10-Year-Old Reportedly Suspended For Pointing His Finger Like a Gun

Zero tolerance strikes again


at least there wasn't a cop around to mistake it for a real gun
family photo

The latest victim of zero tolerance, via CNN:

According to his father, Paul Entingh, one moment the boy was "goofing off" with his friends in fifth grade science class, and the next the teacher was taking him out of the classroom invoking Ohio's zero-tolerance policy.

The offense? Nathan was "making his fingers look like a gun, having the thumb up and the pointed finger sticking out," said Entingh, describing the February 26 incident.

"He was pointing it at a friend's head and he said 'boom.' The kid didn't see it. No other kids saw it. But the teacher saw it," he said. "It wasn't threatening. It wasn't hostile. It was a 10-year-old kid playing."

The principal told the father his son was being suspended for three days for a "level 2 look alike firearm," and that she sent notices home to parents for weeks. Entingh's infraction wasn't an isolated incident; the middle school principal is worried about an outbreak of play gunfights and even, the horror, paper guns.

CNN also reports that according to the state's own statistics, 419 students were suspended and 38 expelled for "firearm look-a-likes."

Earlier this year, the Obama administration released guidelines in an apparent effort to get local schools to calm down on zero tolerance policies. Unfortunately, the Obama administration's concurrent anti-gun efforts have helped contribute to an environment where a middle school principal sees herself as fighting the scourge of children playing kids' games.

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  1. Remember, finger guns don’t kill people – people do.

    But not with friggin finger guns!

  2. Maybe it was his middle finger?

    1. That’s an assault finger and it comes with an automatic sentence enhancement.

  3. and the next the teacher was taking him out of the classroom invoking Ohio’s zero-tolerance policy.

    See, it’s not administration, it’s the fact that everyone up and down the entire organization chain is all too willing to enforce such policies.

    1. Exactly teachers are pretty much the only personnel capable of enforcement since the administrators spend most of the day hiding in their offices.
      In my unfortunate (and short lived) stint as a teacher I remember being taught to be discerning about admin’s rules. Essentially, it was suggested in my ed classes that we disregard stupid rules like no chewing gum. Do we really want to waste class time telling kids to spit out their gum or worse arguing with kids to spit out their gum? I had the same laissez faire attitude about the dress code, but their was always that one meddlesome teacher that would give me a hard time if I didn’t enforce it.

  4. The principal told the father his son was being suspended for three days for a “level 2 look alike firearm,”

    Level 2? Call Jack Bauer!

  5. “level 2 look alike firearm,”

    They have names for this?!!

    I’m… I’m imagining a one Arnold J. Rimmer, Principal, pulling out his notepad and saying, “You’re going on report!”

    1. A) So somewhere along the line someone in the OH state government sat down and had a meeting (or perhaps a series of meetings) to determine what constitutes different levels of looking like a gun. All apparently without someone chiming in and saying “guys this is fucking retarded.”

      B) I really want to know what the other levels are and their attendant penalties, just so I can understand just how stupid people in the OH school board think their students and educators really are.

      1. Ohio Department of Education Gun Facsimile chart.



        Level III: Any student who holds up both hands, either of which denotes the retention of a pistol grip, either on the virtual fore of the facsimile, or the rear.

        Level IV: Any Level III violation with the addition of a rapid jerking movement, suggestive of fully-automatic fire.

        Level V: Any level III and/or IV violation, with a jerking movement repeated more than seven times, suggestive of a high capacity magazine.

        1. Serious?

          1. *shrug*

            I’m finding that the shit I make up in my mind pales in comparison to reality.

            If they have a level II, they have a level I… I fear they may have a level III.

            But no, that was some creative writing on my part.

            1. What if you simulate droning someone?

            2. *simulates cop slapping cuffs on Paul for PWNing his betters*

              1. His “betters”? Isn’t that a redundancy?

        2. Please tell me you are making that up

  6. Um, I think the REAL reason the little terrorist was ousted is because he made the noise “pew, pew, pew!” instead of “bang” or “bam”.

    Fucking Osama Bin suspended.

    Based on that, clearly a good shoot kill call.

  7. Hah! Road Kill T-Shirt girl off to the right is holding her fingers in front of her LYK A GUN ZOMFG SHIFUCKCHRISTFUCKFUCKFUCKSHIT!!11!11one

  8. If you think the world is fucked up now, can you imagine the world where these little snowflakes are in charge?

    This country has gone off the deep end.

    You will never find a more wretched hive of cowardice and irresponsibility.

    1. Had to explain to my daughter last night why recycling isn’t always saving resources.

      So much deprogramming, so little time.

      1. We have 3 separate trucks come by. 3. And all of the shit gets dumped in the same place because there is not enough demand for the recyclables (other that metals).

        1. (other *than* metals)

    2. Honestly, I think they’ll overcome most of it. Still remember my daughter CRYING when she was little when I mentioned I was bringing my dad’s guns home.

      “Why are you crying?” School – yeah

      Now she loves shooting and wants her own pistol. Deprogramming = first trip to the range with me and my Glock.

      So I think there’s hope for most when presented with reality and alternatives.

      1. Crying because she learned they were scary?

      2. Honestly, I think they’ll overcome most of it.

        Yeah, I’m sure they can. Question is, how many parents are like you and will bother to try?

  9. Was it an assault rifle or a pistol he was simulating? If it were a fictional gun, like, say, a blaster or a phaser, he should get some sort of lesser discipline, like a beating.

    1. Fictional, fictional guns are Level 3 look-alike firearms?

      Sir, what part of zero tolerance don’t you understand?

  10. Hey, at least they didn’t drag a girl out of a pool and leave her outside, in a swimsuit, in near zero weather.

    1. what story is this?

        1. That’s the whitest Kayona I’ve ever seen.

          1. “Kayona Tietz”

            oh please. I’d go just a little further and make that, “Carmen Ertietz”. Its actually even more believable.

            1. “a couple of staff members huddled around her to keep her warm.

              This is more ridiculous than the joke about the Junior High Mass Debate team.

        2. The worst thing about that story is the sheep-like mentality evident in this girl that is the product of the public school system. A three year old would know not to go outside soaking wet in below freezing weather. But 10+ years in the public school system and they’ll blindly obey anything, no matter how insane.

      1. If that were my child someone would be getting an ass whipping.

        1. “There’s a fire! Get away from the swimming pool!”

  11. “Now, I told you not to play with imaginary guns. I will spank you with my imaginary paddle and give you ten imaginary days of detention. Spank spank, detain detain, OK, you can go, don’t do it again or there will be more imaginary punishments in store for you!”

  12. It doesn’t bother ma all that much that school administrations come up with this kind of tripe. That’s about the level of mentation I expect from a hothouse assortment of education majors. What boggles my mind is that parents tolerate this for one second. I mean, ok, the kids folk will probably appeal the ruling, and maybe get it overturned. But when the world made sense, the father would have said to the Principle “This is unacceptable. You have to the count of five to reverse this decision, or I will be getting a horsewhip.”.

  13. …level 2 look alike firearm…

    What, pray tell, are the various levels of “look-alike” firearms? And is a cheese sandwich bitten into the shape of Idaho higher or lower on the list than the kids FUCKING FINGER?!

  14. (Prog reactions noted so far in CNN comments)

    “OMG here come the guntards gonna freakout and make some kind of fake scandal out of this LOL kids gonna be kids”

    “So, what = are we supposed to assume NO ONE believes in rules anymore?”

    “Better a suspension now than a fatal accident or murder later.”

  15. Proof yet again that government-school administrators are as much of a danger to the kids in the charge as most pedophiles.

  16. So if they catch him digging in his ear, will he be placed on suicide watch?

  17. Whose brilliant idea was it to write a specific, explicit rule against “pointing [a finger] at a friend’s head and he said ‘boom.'” ?

  18. Level 2 look-a-like guns. Hyper-vigilant TSA heroes spotting Bitcoins in luggage. You just can’t say enough about the value of a solid public education.

  19. The principal told the father his son was being suspended for three days for a “level 2 look alike firearm,” and that she sent notices home to parents for weeks.


  20. Lucky bastard.

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