Homeland Security Grants "Indefinite Deferred Status" to German Family Whose Asylum Appeal Justice Department Opposed and Supreme Court Rejected

More rule by decree?


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The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal for asylum by the Romeike family of Germany, which fled to the United States in the late 2000s and actually received asylum in 2010 before the Department of Justice stepped in to object, arguing that Germany's ban on homeschooling did not constitute persecution, a requirement for asylum. Nevertheless, according to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, which helped the Romeike family in their legal fight, a "supervisor" from the Department of Homeland Security informed the family's attorneys that they'd been granted "indefinite deferred status."

So why did the Obama Administration oppose the asylum request? It may have been seeking to hold the line on more stringent requirements for asylum, or it may have been seeking to cut off attempts to argue that homeschooling is a right. No matter its intentions, the effect of the feds first opposing the granting of asylum and then granting that same family an "indefinite" status is to enforce the idea that, in immigration as in other policy domains, the rule of men trumps the rule of law.

Reason TV highlighted the case of the Romeike family, asking whether homeschooling is a universal right, which you can watch below:

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  1. So why did the Obama Administration oppose the asylum request?

    Well, duh, they’re white Europeans and probably Christian. The country doesn’t need any more people like that! Instead we need Muslims from Chechnya or Somalia.

  2. homeschooling is a right. No

    There’s nothing in the constitution about home schooling.

    1. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

      Seems pretty clear to me.

      1. Inkblot!

        You have to go to law school to learn about the real Constitution that’s written in invisible ink on the back of what you think is the Constitution.


      The constitution delineates the responsibilities and limitations of our *government*.

      That *some* of our rights are listed in the constitution has no bearing on the existence of other rights.

      1. But the question is which rights are so important as to warrant asylum–a free pass to entering and living in the U.S. welfare state?

        1. All your rights? I mean, why shouldn’t we give asylum to anyone who is being prosecuted by a foreign government for for doing something that violates no one else’s rights?

          If your doing it violates no one else’s rights, you have the right to do it, and any prosecution of you is persecution that should get you asylum.

      2. The argument against the Bill of Rights was pretty much that. That enumerating rights would lead to only those rights being recognized. This has pretty much come to pass, with the 9th and 10th amendments DOA as far as SCOTUS is concerned.

        1. They were right but enumerating rights didn’t make it happen. At least there’s some vestigial rights out of that old documents. There’d be even less without it, see Merrie Olde England as example.

    3. Man… that set off some bells. Good thing I wasn’t serial.

      1. Homeschooling is a fucking right, you Nazi.

        Oh, sorry, I was talking to our government and to the German government.

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    No more of this in public schools, mkay?

    1. derp, wrong thread

      1. No. It works because it’s a home schooling thread too.

      2. Slow clap.

  4. it may have been seeking to cut off attempts to argue that homeschooling is a right

    Undoubtedly this. Obama subscribes to the Melitha Harrith Perry school of thought. All your children are belong to the community.

  5. I am just glad the right has finally found some immigration right to champion.

  6. Regardless of whether homeschooling is a “right,” I wonder why we allow everyone to come here to seek asylum skipping over all the intermediate countries that would honor that “right.” So everyone German family that seeks to homeschool can come here now and get a pass immigration application? Why? I bet There are some other countries that allow homeschooling in Europe.

    1. So everyone German family that seeks to homeschool can come here now and get a pass immigration application? Why?

      Why not?

    2. If they’d denied asylum on the basis that they should seek shelter in another country, at least they wouldn’t be doing what they did here – denying that homeschooling is a right.

  7. Aren’t asylum requests inherently a question about the “people” involved in the request? No one has a right to asylum in the US.

    1. There’s a lot of discretion to deny such requests. But when it comes to the point where a court says you’re not entitled to asylum in the first place, that’s worthy of criticism even if the person should be deported anyway.

      Plus, IIRC, if you can prove that you actually *will* be persecuted, rather than that you *might* be persecuted, then there’s a right not to be deported unless you’re some kind of terrorist or other undesirable.

      1. But these White Christians ARE troublemakers. They oppose teacher’s union which means they’re anti-life. Off our country they go.

  8. Obviously their mistake was trying to come here legally.

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