Ukrainian Parliament Approves New Constitution

Political crisis arriving at resolution


Ukraine's president and three opposition leaders signed a deal Friday to end the political crisis that erupted in violence this week, leaving scores dead.

The agreement's provisions include returning to the 2004 constitution, which would decrease the powers of the presidency and increase those of the parliament, setting up a national unity government within 10 days and holding an early presidential election later this year.

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  1. What a waste of a revolt, that should have been a revolution. Although I would have hoped it to be a peaceful one. They were violating the rights of individuals already. What makes them think being a piece of paper says that they will respect certain rights or be limited in power that they (govt.) will abide by it?

    There are so many examples of government eroding, or completely stripping away liberty. After all of this history it’s rather clear that politicians are incapable of protecting the rights of individuals. Over here, is yet another example of such a failure to secure the blessings of liberty. Yet individuals still feel the need for governance. Sadly they impose this need upon all whom wish to be free. As with politicians throughout history, along with the nature of the beast itself, they never protect rights but consume them, and use force or violence in order to maintain such a system.

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