Brickbat: Back to School


A teacher at Jefferson Elementary School in Sacramento, California, grew frustrated with 7-year-old Samaya Dillard and dragged her out of the building and left her there. Unattended, the girl left campus and walked across an interstate entrance to a restaurant. Workers there called police, who refused to check on the girl. The girl was missing more than an hour before school officials noticed. Her parents finally found her wandering the neighborhood.

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  1. Charles Oliver, a contributor of Reason magazine’s Hit & Run grew frustrated with a link and dragged it out of the blog and left it there. Unattended, the link left the blog and walked across the internet superhighway entrance to an admin page.

      1. It’s more that I linger… like a bad cold.

        1. more like varicella-zoster virus

  2. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.


  3. You see, this is why we need to pay teachers more.

    1. At least the coppers were on the stick.

      1. Those heroes in blue got to go home that night, which is all that matters.

  4. Workers there called police, who refused to check on the girl.

    Of course not, there was nothing to shoot. What do you think they are, Public Servants?

    1. Nor had anyone committed a real crime, like unlicensed hair-braiding.

  5. I’m sorry, your daughter has been abducted from outside her school today. Violent pedophiles dumped her body in a drainage canal, wrapped in a black garbage bag and extension cord.

    The good news is this strengthens the case against the teacher and we should be ready to present this to the teachers union within 8 weeks! Told you we warned you about this teacher!

  6. Link in article goes a page requiring log on. Was this intended?

    1. No Daniel, no it wasn’t.

      /places hand gently but awkwardly on Daniel’s shoulder.

      1. “Can you show me on this doll where the libertarian touched you, Daniel?”

        1. or where you want the libertarian to touch you?

          1. This is why there are no libertarian Daniels.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t try to arrest the parents for child neglect, or contempt of cop or something.

    1. Too much paperwork, easier to simply not show.

  8. A teacher at Jefferson Elementary School in Sacramento, California, grew frustrated with 7-year-old Samaya Dillard

    Wasn’t it taboo to publish the names of minors at one time? The rule seems to be in effect for teachers though.

    1. Ok…found it:

      The Dillards blame teacher Lupe Rodriguez, whom they say the school warned them about early on.

      “We’re working on this teacher with the teachers union, but there’s only so much we can do.,” said Dillard.

      “Please document everything because we’re trying to build a case,” said Damia, relaying what she claims school administrators told her.

      “We both graduated from college. Her godparents are both professors at Stanford in education. The last thing we would ever expect is to have a problem with a teacher, but parents can no longer blindly trust what these teachers are doing cuz the end result is something we almost couldn’t live with,” said Dillard.

  9. Here is a whole nother take on this story.

    “She said that she didn’t want to live anymore,” stated her father Jason Dillard. “She didn’t wander off campus just to leave, she wandered off to go starve herself.”

    “Unfortunate.” 8-(

    1. “She didn’t wander off campus just to leave, she wandered off to go starve herself.”

      …all the way to an On the Border restaurant where she asked for water.

      Not exactly a ringing endorsement for “On the Border” restaurant

    2. I applaud her parents for not slugging the POS who bullied their 7 year old for months.

      Actually, no, I don’t.

      1. The correct response is to have several cousins from out of state dump the teacher in the forest half way to Tahoe without coat, shoes or cell phone. Then douse her with chicken broth and leave.

        Repeat as necessary.

        THe chicken broth is to simulate the spilling of the glass of water involved in the initial incident, but with the added benefit of attracting predators.

        1. Love it.

  10. CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) ? A Broward County charter school teacher is facing battery charges after she allegedly forced a 10-year-old student to clean a dirty urinal that she thought the student clogged, according to the Coral Springs Police Department.


    1. Charter school teacher, not down with the whole union thing, so of course she’s arrested.

    2. A good chance to teach the entire class how to do basic plumbing by removing the clog.

  11. Let’s be honest, aren’t we all a little bit surprised that the cops didn’t shoot the little girl?

    1. No, but I am surprised they didn’t arrest her.

    2. I’ve never thought I’d see the day that a Police Officer would forgo the pleasure of arresting a minority citizen for a non-crime, but here we are.

      1. [crying eagle]

  12. What’s the problem, the teacher was put on administrative leave with pay!

    The guy should have told the police he’d found a stray donut. That would have brought them running.

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