Venezuela Yanks Foreign News Channel for Covering Protests

Colombian channel bumped from cable lineup


Venezuela's president said that a Colombia-based cable news channel was ordered to be removed from cable lineups in Venezuela because of its coverage of an antigovernment protest. President Nicolás Maduro said Thursday that the channel, NTN24, had tried to "foment anxiety about a coup d'état." He said that he gave the order to pull the channel because "No one is going to come from abroad and try to perturb the psychological climate of Venezuela."

It was removed on Wednesday, the same day that thousands of people rallied in the capital, Caracas, in the largest antigovernment protest in months. After the rally, a few hundred youths rioted, throwing rocks at the police and government buildings. Two opposition protesters and a man identified as a government supporter were shot to death during the unrest, which Mr. Maduro said was part of a coup attempt.