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Bill de Blasio Keeps NYC Schools Open, Teachers Union, Parents Upset, But No One's Forcing Anyone to School Are They?

He's a mayor, not a king


has big plans for new york, still figuring out how to deal with snow

New York City decided last night to keep public schools open today despite a snowstorm forecast, a decision now being criticized by the teachers union, whose president insisted safety trumps the desire to keep schools open.  The mayor defended the decision, saying "so many families depend on their schools as a place for their kids to be during the day, a safe place, a place where they're not only taught but get nutrition and they are safe from the elements."

Yet De Blasio also issued a winter storm travel warning for today last night, advising residents to stay off the roads.  For New Yorkers who expect kings of their mayors, the decision to keep schools open seems in contradiction to the travel warning, and many of them are pissed. But de Blasio is not the boss of New Yorkers. Attendance may not have hit 50 percent the last time schools remained open during a snowstorm, in January. You should actually be able to see an attendance estimate from the NYC Department of Education sometime this afternoon here. WNYC noted numbers for teachers attendance wasn't as publicly available, but reported that in the January storm absenteeism appeared far higher than usual. New York City schools, like most districts, have a system for teachers to call out and substitutes to be deployed. Given that "perk," it's unfair for the teachers union to argue that all schools should have been closed for safety. Their contract lets them take a day off, more easily than a lot of other workers in New York City. New York City parents, meanwhile, should know that the decision to send their child to school rests with them alone. The mayor's decision to keep schools open fulfills one of their theoretical functions, to serve as a place for children to go when their parents are at work. The ultimate decision, even for New York residents accustomed to having their government choose for them, lies with New Yorkers, not de Blasio

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  1. Jesus Christ, what a pitiful bunch. Don’t open the schools – it’s not safe! But I MUST have the schools open – who will care for my children! You don’t have to go, teacher – call off and make the sub drive in the dangerous conditions! But if I keep my child home from school, they’ll be dinged for absenteeism!

    Too bad we don’t have some kind of government overlord t0 sort through all of this for them. There oughta be a law…

    1. The problem is this still counts as a school day if you show up or not. If you show up, the kids are looking outside and the teachers are worrying how to get home. So no one wins on this a day of education is lost. The mayor and the chancellor are idiots.

  2. Good alt-text.

    It’s ludicrous to think that adults should assess risks during a snowstorm and decide whether they should go to work, or send their children to school. It’s so much easier to let Uncle Bill decide for you. And if you don’t like his choice, stamp your feet and pout a lot.

    1. To be fair, the plebes aren’t allowed to assess risks at any other time, so they are unprepared to assess risks during snowstorms.

  3. The effects of Right-Wing Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change/Chaos shall not deter the government indoctrination process.

  4. “””””But no one’s forcing anyone to school are they/?”””

    Except for the government which makes it against the law to skip school

  5. I’m going to be interested in seeing what happens with de Blasio. Bloomberg was bad enough, but de Blasio is even worse; Bloomberg was a nanny scumbag par excellence, but de Blasio is adding a ton of left-wing idiocy into the mix and being political as hell. And he’s so obviously beholden to unions and other interest groups that it’s almost funny.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he only lasts one term, but you never know. Like I’ve said before, there is a huge population in NYC that utterly ignores the internal politics because if you live the right way, the internal politics of the city mean nothing to you. I avoided all internal politics completely for seven years.

    1. unions and other interest groups

      And with a 25% voter turnout, I suspect those are the only folks who showed up.

    2. In my experience, people generally liked Bloomberg, even when they thought he was acting like a clown. He had Ideas that sound rational to the Right People. Outside of committed leftists, I don’t know who de Blasio’s going to appeal to. No more horse carriages? That pisses off some people, and a lot of other people respond with a, “Yeah, OK, I guess…” I think a lot of NYers will start to know him and not see much to like.

      Then again, all that matters is that those who vote on election day vote for him. And he seems to be a pro at wheeling-and-dealing – like you said, to an almost comical degree. That may be enough to get him a second term.

  6. Sorry Eddie, but the only decision New Yorkers should ever have to make is which sovereign boot they want their faces to be ground under. Casting a vote in an election is the very act of abdicating personal responsibility.


    1. Have we finally stopped pretending it is about education?

  8. During snowstorms, the one thing in NYC that continues to function is the subway system. Keeping the schools open isn’t that outrages when many of the kids use the subway instead of a bus. Teacher, now, frequently live in the burbs and drive to work.

    We’ve go 14 inches of now in North Central Jersey, our 6th major storm of the year. My sons and I just finished the drive way. They’ve had 6 snow days this year. So, yeah, snow sucks.

    1. My company has offices in Lower Manhattan and in Jersey City (a 5-minute train ride from Lower Manhattan). There is no difference where folks live (vast majority in NJ suburbs) but the Manhattan one never gets a snow day when the Jersey one does. It’s weird but that means I get another “work” from home day today even though I could have easily taken the train from Brooklyn to Jersey like always.

    1. Battle of the fuckwits.

    2. I somehow missed that when looking to see if someone covered it.

    3. Am I the only one who’s surprised that Al Roker sends his kids to public school?

  9. They’ve had a week’s warning of this storm.

    Why did wait until the storm hit to get the plows running?

    1. They haven’t figured out a way to plow snow before it hits the ground?

      1. We domed the city and diverted the precipitation to Jersey.

    2. Classic example of a dog catching the car and not knowing what the hell to do with it.

  10. “But de Blasio is not the boss of New Yorkers. ”

    Tell him that.

    de Blasio is a liberal and a universally distinguishing characteristic of liberals is that they think they are the bosses of everybody else.

  11. so many families depend on their schools as a place for their kids to be during the day, a safe place, a place where they’re not only taught but get nutrition and they are safe from the elements.

    1. Musta fucked up the html:

      Schools are only safe, only feeding, and only teaching if enough people show up for work.

      Perhaps a shitload of kids show up and take over the schools, imprisoning and torturing substitutes.

      1. And perhaps the storm gets so bad that nobody can go home.

  12. Damn, those New Yorkers are a tough bunch. The have closed the Oklahoma City schools three different times this year because it was cold.

    1. It’s definitely a cultural thing.

      My girlfriend the Southerner: “They shouldn’t make you go into work today! It’s snowing, and it’s really cold!”

      Me: “……and?”

      Although there is definitely the cultural issue that they don’t want to close the schools because they figure some kids won’t get to eat that day if they don’t eat a school lunch.

  13. Al Roker curbs stomps the mayor.…..03492.html

    Don’t you know, Roker, money that is spent on an actual emergency is less money that can be spent on setting up a diversity policy office for the mayor’s wife.

  14. Oh FFS the snow stopped at 10AM and it’s been raining all day. The hyperventilating in the local media is absurd. But I guess that is their job.

  15. According to the attendance link in the article, just under 45% of the kids came to school today.

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