GOP Reversal on Debt Ceiling Vote a "Disappointing Moment," Karl Rove Defends Bill Clinton From Rand Paul, Washington Redskins Respond to Lawmakers' Letter: P.M. Links


  • racist?

    House Speaker John Boehner said his decision to offer a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling was a "disappointing moment." The House is expected to vote on hiking the debt limit tonight.

  • President Obama welcomed the French president Francois Hollande for a state visit, claiming the relationship between the two countries was "unimaginable" a decade ago.
  • An appeals court rejected a challenge to the force feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, but attorneys for the detainees say the ruling clears the way to take the case back to district court.
  • Karl Rove doesn't like that Rand Paul is targeting Bill Clinton for criticism, saying he didn't think it was a good strategy for running for president.
  • A "Dumb Starbucks" in Los Angeles was shut down not because of any potential trademark infringement, but because health inspectors found the store, a comic's gimmick, didn't have the proper paperwork.
  • The Washington Redskins responded to a letter from two lawmakers demanding they change their name by pointing out that one of them, the chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, had better things to do to improve the life of Native Americans than attack a team they support.

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  1. President Obama welcomed the French president Francois Hollande for a state visit, claiming the relationship between the two countries was “unimaginable” a decade ago.

    You know who else created a new relationship with the French government unimaginable a decade prior?

    1. Gerard Depardieu?

      1. Just what does it say about the U.S. that he didn’t flee here?

        1. And what does it say about Obama that this is considered and “accomplishment”?

          1. This.

            “And so to bed.”

          2. Seriously.

            1. Just to add.

              No kidding. You have to left-wing wackos. How can’t they pal around?

              Wonder if they sit around lamenting not the right folks have been in power to make a go of communism or socialism or whatever defunct failed ideas they cling on to these days.

              1. You have to left-wing wackos

                That’s easy for you to say, but I don’t even know what left-winging a wacko entails.

                1. It’s a euphemism of a euphemism. A metaeuphemism, if you will.

              2. Missed a letter, huh?

                I’m a loser.

                1. A hoser, rather.

        2. Well, he did move next to Orval…we just got our first Trappist brewery so there is that.

    2. Pierre Trudeau?

      Congrats, SM, not only a proper first, but also one with a You Know Who Else…

    3. Hello.

    4. Robespierre?

    5. Jerry Lewis?

    6. Kermit the frog

    7. Julius Caesar?

    8. Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi?

    9. Robespierre?

  2. Karl Rove doesn’t like that Rand Paul is targeting Bill Clinton for criticism, saying he didn’t think it was a good strategy for running for president.

    Breaking news: Establishment GOP member criticizes non-establishment GOP member.

    1. So Karl Rove is Tulpa?

    2. Breaking news: Establishment GOP member criticizes non-establishment GOP member.

      Agreed. But at the same time he’s probably right. All this will do is be used as an excuse by the left to raise defenses in preparation for another battle in TEH KULTUR WARZ.

      Paul is right, of course. Clinton, while in office, actively preyed on young women, and his team now throws out accusations of TEH WAR ON WIMMINS towards the right. But I’m not sure that smearing Bill Clinton 15 years after the fact is a great strategy to defeat his wife. It’s guilt by association, and it’s dirty.

      I’d love to see Rand take his father’s route and rise above the typical bullshit involved in political races. Explain why your policies would benefit women, and why those of Team BLUE all treat women as helpless dames in need of big government rescue, and leave the smearing a deed from a decade and a half ago alone.

      1. I doubt he’s riding this all the way to the election. He’s just trying to counter some of the holier-than-thou bullshit. It’s political nonsense, of course, but what isn’t?

      2. Karl Rove was right once. Now we suffer all the other times he is wrong. Goodnight Karl.

  3. Karl Rove doesn’t like that Rand Paul is targeting Bill Clinton for criticism, saying he didn’t think it was a good strategy for running for president.

    Rove than insisted it was still too early to say that Romney had lost Ohio.

    1. “Hey Karl, if I want strategy advice, I’ll go ask JJ Abrams.”

      1. +100 lens flares

  4. North Korea’s Red Star OS goes Mac

    Poor Microsoft. It seems North Korea doesn’t like the traditional Windows-look anymore.

    The latest version of the country’s home-grown operating system, Red Star Linux, has been restyled and ships with a desktop that closely resembles Apple’s Mac OSX. The previous version was based on the popular KDE desktop that mimicked that of Windows 7.

    Red Star Linux was developed by the Korea Computer Center (KCC), a major center of software programming in Pyongyang, and is based on Linux, the open-source operating system originally developed by Linus Torvalds.

    1. Red Star Linux was developed by the Korea Computer Center (KCC), a major center of software programming in Pyongyang, and is based on Linux, the open-source operating system originally developed by Linus TorvaldsKim Jong Il.

      1. open-source operating system originally developed by Linus TorvaldsKim Jong Il.

        … in two lines of bug-free assembly code, no less.

    2. So this is where all the meth is going.

      1. How else are they gonna crunch like that?

        The rest of it is going toward playing StarCuraptu and MapleStory

    3. They probably just copied Ubuntu. Copying Mac seems to be where they are going.

    4. They probably just copied Ubuntu. Copying Mac seems to be where they are going.

      1. Read the article

    5. So they were right all along when they said Linux was commie….

  5. An appeals court rejected a challenge to the force feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay…

    No one forces a case down this court’s throat!

  6. President Obama welcomed the French president Francois Hollande for a state visit, claiming the relationship between the two countries was “unimaginable” a decade ago.

    I can imagine it.

    1. Damn, Fist, you’re on a roll.

      1. He’s obviously unsettled by recent events.

      2. A kaiser roll.

  7. The Washington Redskins responded to a letter from two lawmakers demanding they change their name by pointing out that one of them, the chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, had better things to do to improve the life of Native Americans than attack a team they support.

    They should change their name to the Washington Race Hustlers or the Washington Bribers.

    1. good for the Skins and for putting it in a straight-forward fuck-off kind of manner.

      1. It makes me have to say nice things about Dan Schneider, as if Congress hasn’t done enough harm as it is.

    2. How about “the Washington Redskins, NOT!”?

      1. Washington Redskins (J/K)?

      2. What about the Washington Darkerskins? That term has never been used, as far as I know, so no baggage. They can use it to celebrate those who are not Caucasian or something. I dunno, what’s the issue again?

      3. How about Washington Department of Indian Affairs?

        1. Damn, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    3. Whoa there, shouldn’t they first change their name to Senate First Americans Committee or some such? As I recall, Russell Means thought “Indians” was an insult; he preferred “the People.”

      1. “The Washington We the People”?

      2. I’ve never met an American Indian who minded being called an Indian. It’s stupid to pretend that there is one proper way to refer to the many distinct cultures of the indigenous peoples of the new world. If you want to call them by their proper name, use the actual names of the tribes they belong to.

        1. Me either Zeb. I lived in Oklahoma for years and did volunteer work for an Indian legal aid service. Never once did I meet an Indian who called himself anything but an Indian.

          1. But Indians from the subcontinent get sore when you call them a subAsian.

          2. Re: your comment on an earlier thread about adjuncting. Depending on where you live & your quals, you could be welcomed with open arms.

          3. Most of the very few I’ve met called themselves Native American, but I’ve grown up in a place with very, very few of them around, so your experience is probably a lot more representative (I believe there was a poll that showed that more Indians/Native Americans prefer the term Indian). That said, I use the term “Native American” almost exclusively in conversation, because while I know very few NAs, I know a lot of East Indians (who aren’t fond of the question “Red dot or feather?”). Of course, I’ll use anyone’s preferred term for their ethnicity when talking to them or in their presence, but IMO “Indian” is a much more confusing and less sensible term, given that there is already an ethnic group called that that is actually from a place called India. “Native American” isn’t perfect, but it makes more sense IMO. Again, I want to emphasize that I nonetheless have no problem using “Indian” to refer to a native person if that’s what they prefer to be called.

            1. I come from Indian country and they prefer to be called ‘Indian.’

              1. Fair enough. As I said, I’m more than happy to call people whatever they prefer. In everyday conversation, I’ll continue to use the term “Native American” for the reasons I detailed.

              2. Siberian-American is too unwieldy.

            2. I go with American Indian. A “native” American is anyone born in the Americas. Most Americans are, therefore, native Americans. “Indigenous Americans” is probably also better, but I think that sounds a little bit Smithsonian.

              “Aboriginal Americans” always makes me think of koalas, whose deceptive adorableness belies a surprisingly vicious nature, the little fuckers.

              1. I actually like the Canadian “First Nation”, not because it’s PC, but because it leaves no doubt who you’re talking about.

                1. But wouldn’t “last nations” be more accurate? Or perhaps “last first nations”? There must have been some other earlier nations in the 20,000 years of humans in North America.

              2. I agree that Indigenous or Aboriginal would actually be better than “native” but in everyday conversation there’s no confusion over what is meant by “Native American.” There is over “Indian.” Like I said, I have no issue calling people what they want to be called, just think it’s kinda stupid to identify a group of people with a term based on geographical error, when there’s another group of people referred to using the same term who are actually from the place that the people who first called NAs “Indians” thought they were from.

            3. In Canada they like to call themselves First Nations, and many don’t like the name Indians. Although privately they call themselves Indians.

      3. In the book (and the movie) Little Big Man, the translation of the name the Cheyenne tribe used for itself was “the Human Beings.” So I suggest, the Washington Human Beings. Which is a little odd for that town, but so be it.

        Say, why not a team named after cavemen? The Cavemen, or the Neanderthals, or the Homo Erectuses?

        1. Uh, Greendale already took that name and mascot, you idiot.

          1. What was that show about the guy who had trouble separating TV from reality? You know, one of the early premium channel softcore porn TV series?

            1. Fuck, Dream On was stupid, but it had occasional nudity. That was enough for my teenaged brain to watch it occasionally.

              1. There you go. That’s you. Which is both an insult and a complement, I suppose, given the lifestyle the guy had.

                1. A compliment, that is, though I suppose I could work in a way that it’s also a complement. A complimentary complement.

  8. President Obama welcomed the French president Francois Hollande for a state visit…

    They’re wagering on which can get away with Socialism longer.

    1. Hollande: And guess what else? They pay for it! Ha, ha, ha!*

      Obama: Wow. What a gig!

      /strokes chin.

      *Don’t what a French laugh may spell like. Asterix doesn’t count.

      1. “Ohn-ohn-ohn!”

        1. Chow-dah! Say it, say IT!

  9. Karl Rove doesn’t like that Rand Paul is targeting Bill Clinton for criticism, saying he didn’t think it was a good strategy for running for president.

    Concern troll is concerned.

    1. Doesn’t Rand Paul know that the only winning strategy for a Republican is to offer a mea culpa when the media asks them about their sexism and racism? It was bad form for Paul to turn the tables of Dick Gregory like that.

      1. Er, news guy with similar name. They look so much alike!

        1. They look so much alike!

          You’re thinking of Forrest Whitaker and Samuel L Jackson.

          1. I shouldn’t admit this, but I sometimes confuse the two when remembering some of their earlier movies, even though they don’t look anything alike to me. Sorry, Sam! And Larry. Sorry!

            1. Well Forest Whitaker is white so it should be pretty easy to tell them apart.

              1. I meant the original Samuel L. Jackson/Larry Fishburne confusion.

                1. There easy to tell apart. Fishburne is the black Edward James Olmos. If you see one of them, just ask yourself “does it look like his face is going to slide of his skull?” If so, that’s Larry.

                  1. Ah, I see. Thank you.

                    Actually, this has been less of a problem since both actors have hit it big.

  10. House Speaker John Boehner said his decision to offer a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling was a “disappointing moment.”

    They sure as hell aren’t going to tie it to fiscal responsibility. That shit don’t fly in today’s media.

    1. And somehow he’ll retain his speakership.

      1. and people will wonder why nothing changes.

      2. It’s his turn mumble mumble.

      3. Back in the day, Congresscritters actually fought each other in the chamber, during a session. Some were even shot in duels. Dueling was so common in the area that there was actually a park on a little peninsula along the Anacostia in PG county specifically for the purpose. Makes you long for the old days, really. I’d love for someone to challenge John Boehner to pistols at dawn.

    2. Somehow the phrase “a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling” seems an oxymoron.

    3. I think the Republicans could do quite well just harping on the common sense and absolutely true notion that you can’t get something from nothing. Just that.

      1. *** rising intonation ***

        What about the Big Bang?

        1. A singularity isn’t “nothing.”

          1. Good, um, point. 😉

            1. God created the universe with a pointy stick. A very pointy stick.

  11. Comedian John Oliver hosts tech company awards ceremony, proceeds to mock tech companies and tech workers

    Last night, TechCrunch rolled out the green carpet (unfortunately, I’m speaking literally here) and lit up Davies Symphony Hall to look like the inside of The Matrix in order to properly honor . . . what exactly, emcee John Oliver wasn’t sure.

    You already have all the money in the world. Why do you need awards after that? It is absolutely ridiculous. You’re no longer the underdogs, it’s very important that you realize that. You’re not the scrappy people that people get behind. It used to be that people who worked in the tech industry were emotional shut-ins who you could root for. Now those days are gone. You’re pissing off an entire city.

    So basically he’s mocking tech companies for being rich and successful. Is the irony and lack of self-awareness part of the joke?

    1. He’s certainly making sure he gets more hosting gigs.

      1. Hey, somebody has to take over the title of Limey Jackass Residing in America once Piers Morgan has worn out his welcome.

      2. Hey, Steven Colbert got his own show after doing similar at that president press thingy. I thought he was actually funny, though.

    2. Wow, what a dick.

    3. You’re pissing off an entire city.

      He missed the part about where the petulant little shits who hate people for their success should go fuck themselves, and the best thing the software people / companies could do is move somewhere where they will be respected.

      Which is nearly everywhere else in the country.

      1. Are there any polls to back up his assertion? It seems to me that they’re pissing off funemployed hipsters.

        1. Those are the only people that matter. Oliver doesn’t know any San Fransciscan that’s not pissed about Google!

        2. “funemployed” should be a new word – like the people liberated from their jobs by Obamacare.

    4. Awards ceremonies are bad and the people who go to them should feel bad. So good work, you tiny little girly Englishman.

      1. The South Park where Timmy gives the Germans the award of “least funny people in the world” and so they invent Funnnybot was on last night. It had basically the same sentiment that you just expressed.

        1. If the AVN awards fail to make the Best Interracial Anal Creampie Gangbang award interesting, then these poor little rich nerds have no hope. They deserved to be mocked by an unpleasant English toff for their pitiful attempt to be cool.

    5. Yeah,
      you’re pissing all these people off by offering them innovative products. STFU

    1. Sure, until sharks get a hold of the technology.

      1. Speaking of sharks, did we all see that Sharknado 2 is a go and the astonishingly well maintained Ian Ziering will be returning with Tara Reid?

        1. I still maintain that Steve was by far the best character on 90210.

          1. I am in every exterior shot of the beach house on that show. I was at the beach with some friends the summer before high school, and the director came up to us and asked us to be extras. They didn’t feed or pay us. Assholes.

            1. You’re also not a hot teenage girl in a bikini. Sucks to be you. Unless I’m wrong, of course, in which case pix plz thx.

  12. “The Mask” Espionage Malware

    We’ve got a new nation-state espionage malware. “The Mask” was discovered by Kaspersky Labs:

    The primary targets are government institutions, diplomatic offices and embassies, energy, oil and gas companies, research organizations and activists. Victims of this targeted attack have been found in 31 countries around the world — from the Middle East and Europe to Africa and the Americas.

    We counted over 380 unique victims between 1000+ IPs. Infections have been observed in: Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Egypt, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela.
    Based on the prevalence of Spanish-speaking victims, the number of infected victims in Morocco, and the fact that Gibraltar is on the list, that implies Spain is behind this one.

    1. Or some Portuguese stoner hackers are trolling everyone by making it look like it comes from Spain.

    2. They should have called it El Antifaz, then. Racists.

    3. I blame the ETA.

  13. President Obama welcomed the French president Francois Hollande for a state visit, claiming the relationship between the two countries was “unimaginable” a decade ago.

    1) Spare me. The same “unimaginable” as in 9/11.

    2) I imagine Edward Snowden could have imagined it.

    1. Oh, and I see Fist has a good imagination, too!

    2. Meh.

      Obama is right, however. It was unimaginable to me, but only because I really could not care less if the pricks who run the USG decided to get chummy with the pricks who run the Republic of France. WTF cares?

  14. Twenty minutes ago, it was snowing so hard you couldn’t see fifty yards, and the side of the truck had an inch of snow on it. Now, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

    Springtime in the Rockies.

    1. They had a ground stop at LAX this morning because of fog. Warm fog.

    2. “Wine bottle’s low
      waiting for the snow…”

  15. The Atlantic exhibits the kind of thinking and argument that you only get from Progressive Top Men and Women.

    In a piece on the absurdity of college treatment of rape allegations Taranto wrote

    If two drunk drivers are in a collision, one doesn’t determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver’s sex. But when two drunken college students “collide,” the male one is almost always presumed to be at fault.

    Some half wit at the Atlantic named Phillip Bump reads that to mean

    In other words, if a man and a woman are both drinking, and the man sexually assaults the woman, if he rapes her, they’re kind of both at fault, really. That’s Taranto’s argument.…..s-taranto/

    Remember, journalists are much smarter than the rest of us.

    1. He should compare notes with that guy at Gawker who took Jerry Seinfeld’s comments about only caring if people are funny and not looking at race, and glossed it to mean “Jerry Seinfeld thinks non-whites aren’t worth his time”.

    2. blaming the victim!

      I think it’s a huge disservice to young women that now, as a society, we say that they can’t do anything to reduce the chances of someone taking advantage of them.

      If we told possible mugging victims to walk around dark alleys with dollar bills taped to their backs and yelling “I’m unarmed!” because empowerment! and anything else is blaming the victim, is there a chance that muggings would increase?

      1. I think it’s a huge disservice to young women that now, as a society, we say that they can’t do anything to reduce the chances of someone taking advantage of them

        These kinds of limpouts are typically promoted by people that were raised on Ackshun Grrrrl BS like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Aliens, and think a 120-pound female could kick the shit out of a 200 pound male. So to them, saying that women should take common sense and biological differences in strength into account when preparing for a night out of drunken revelry is SEXIST.

        It says quite a bit about the feminist psyche that their ideal mate is Pajama Boy, a noodle-armed nerd who would be ecstatic just to get to second base.

        1. No, man, Waif Fu is totally real!

  16. Speaking of Stand Up and Cheer man Hollywood was filled with tons of New Deal and NRA propaganda back in the day. We all know about the picture of FDR in Footlight Parade but the NRA eagle showed up at the end of 42nd Street and the advertising campaign was straight up New Deal propaganda.

    Not to mention all of those films that opened with the NRA Eagle saying “We Do Our Part”? Like Duck Soup.

    All of this makes it amusing when I read people praising pre-code films for mocking the government. Also I imagine that many of those people love FDR and hate the Tea Party.

    Also how many of those people gushing over pre-Code films won’t rant about White Privilege and the Rape Culture?

    1. Funny, I love pre-code films. Can’t recall doing any of the things you suggest I do.

      1. I love pre-code films too, but I’ve always been irritated by that “NRA We do our part” thing that shows up on a bunch of films between about 1933 and 1935.

        I don’t know what group of people “Winston” (why do I get the feeling it’s another Murkin sockpuppet) is talking about in his comments on “white privilege” and “rape culture”.

        1. I’m not crazy about the NRA thing but I get the feeling it was mostly a “go along to get along” deal. Except for Warner Bros, they were pretty pinko.

          From Wikipedia: “Though membership to the NRA was voluntary, businesses that did not display the eagle were very often boycotted, making it seem mandatory for survival to many.”

        2. I’m talking about bloggers who talk about pre-code and invariably appear to be lefties.

          1. This is an example of what I am talking about:



              They even kick it off with a bang, quoting just-to-the-left-of-Rand-Paul President Herbert Hoover to start their opening scrawl

    2. Well, it helps that the WPA had a program that paid writers and artists and such, and was a precursor to the NEA.

      It’s why you have all those creepy Soviet Realism style murals on public buildings from the 30s.

      1. I don’t know if it’s on any video format, but try to find One Third of the Nation, which was funded (at least the original play was) by the WPA or something similar. It’s about the horros of the tenements, and the need to Do Something, with a paean to Robert Moses-style urban “renewal” at the end. Hilariously awful, with the best bit coming when the tenement starts talking to young Sidney Lumet and taunting him that he’s never going to be able to escape.

  17. Lawmakers warn NFL about Redskins

    Two members of Congress will send a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday, telling him to publicly announce support for a name change — and that the NFL can no longer ignore the issue.

    “The National Football League can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur,” the letter stated.

    Cantwell told the newspaper the Indian Affairs Committee would “definitely” examine the NFL’s tax-exempt status as a means to apply pressure.

    Nice tax exempt league you boyz got there…be a shame if anything happened to it.

    1. Yeah because there isn’t a 1st Amendment or anything that would protect a business’ right to call their business anything they like.

      1. I’m thinking about that thing you said about progs never running out of reasons for outrage – once they get tired of one thing they move on to another.

        Now they get to be outraged at a name, and follow this up by being outraged at anyone who dares mention the First Amendment.

        1. Exactly. We start out with “hey we need to stop calling people racial epitaphs in public” and here we are fighting about the name of a football team.

          There is no end with these people.

          1. “racial epitaphs”

            Don’t you hate race-related typos?

            1. Now, you know John just meant that racism is dead.

      2. But it hurts people’s feelings!

        1. even if they don’t know it hurts their feelings!

    2. Yeah, going after the tax-exempt status of an organization you don’t like. That’s a real smart thing to do in light of recent events.

      Also, the committee is going way off the reservation, as it were, in terms of their mission and responsibilities.

  18. All of you are boring and the things you talk about are boring. Here is Maru. Watch him frolic. And now it is time to squat.

    1. Ha ha douchebag, I don’t have to squat until tomorrow.

      1. You should eat more fiber.

      2. How does that work if you have a titanium femur?

        1. Just fine. It’s the shattered and reconstructed heel that makes it tough.

    2. My wife thinks Maru is the greatest thing since EVER. I wish someone would glue those boxes closed after he climbs in to save me from any more videos that, apparently, I just have to see.


        1. Don’t worry, Warty. You’ll still be able to wear your Maru costume after he’s gone.

    1. It’s really amazing how well the internet/web keeps going considering how insecure many of its underlying technologies are. Many of the foundational elements were built in environments of mutual trust, like academic settings.

    2. Also, it’s worth noting that the company this information is coming from, Cloudflare, sells anti-(D)DoS services.

  19. Supermodel Stephanie Seymour does sexy photo shoot…with her teenage sons

    Yeah, that’s just weird.

    1. It’s a … touching family portrait.

      Uh, huh. Touching “down there”.


        Kid just needs his milk is all that’s going on there.

        1. I suppose that’s possible. Perhaps she’s having trouble weaning him still. . . .

          Jesus, that’s disturbing.

    2. I knew she was weird as soon as she started dating Axl Rose and doing ridiculous videos with him. Doesn’t change the fact that she was also one of the hottest women of the time, though.

      1. And still is really. She has to be close to 50 and has had several kids. And she still looks like that. Damn.

        1. You can’t beat Christie Brinkley for aging well, though. Astounding.

          1. I saw her in a swimsuit the other day on some magazine. She is over 60. What does she have one of the rings of power or something?

            1. She does a guest appearance in this video for ANZ and is looking amazing.

              1. She has the body time forgot.

                1. Yeah, but that portrait of her in the attic must be ugly.

          2. How did Billy Joel fuck that up?

            Also. Fucking Warren Beatty.

            1. She has gone through four husbands if I am not mistaken. She must be a little crazy or so profoundly stupid people actually get tired of being around her after a while, which I know sounds unbelievable. But she has gone through four husbands somehow.

            2. Billy Joel: if you ever get the chance, check out the “Last Play at Shea” doc. Joel basically got ripped off by a family friend who did the books for him. Joel’s kid said that one of the main reasons for the divorce was the financial catastrophe that came out of that.

              Re: your comment on earlier thread about pranking our two main trolls. Nice idea but think I’ll pass. PBP sole purpose is to provoke people. As to the other one, meh, I could grade him, but, to be honest, when it comes to current events, most of the commentators here know a hell of a lot more than I do.

              1. Grade him? Are you a shrink?

                1. Playa: from an earlier thread:


              2. Joel’s accountant stole every dime he had. I didn’t realize that is what caused the divorce. That is a shame.

              3. Thanks for that RN.

                Yeah, I remember hearing that story. So that’s why she left him? Over money?

                Love. Pft.

                I guess that’s why he signs those concert deals singing his ass off.

              4. RN, Tony delves into history from time to time.

                1. I’ll keep it in mind.

      2. It . . . was a funeral the entire time!

    3. I don’t even know what to say to that.

    4. That creepy ship sailed with the makout-on-the-beach-with-a-boner pics.

      1. Yeah, the kids has wood. Weird.…..e=true&s=i

        1. Ehh, we’re analyzing successive shots of a scene that lasted only a few seconds.

          And how do you know the kid’s woody isn’t for other hot women on that beach?

          1. I know nothing.

            It’s just fun to make fun. 😉

            1. Yeah, I know. I wish I could trade places with him in that picture.

          2. Reasonable presumption. If you’re embracing Stephanie Seymour, the wood probably belongs to her.

    5. The fact she is hot as hell makes that much less creepy than it should be.

    6. This isn’t her first run at this. I think there was something in the tabloids a few years ago about her and her son at the beach behaving creepily…

      1. And I see that they linked to it in the story.

    1. #4 nails it so hard they should be feeling gash wounds in their palms.

    2. erikthebassist 743 points : 2 days ago reply
      As a male in the USA with a GF, Mom, 2 sisters and 3 nieces, I need feminism because republicans.

      1. Sorry, Erik, what you need is something to suppress all the estrogen.

      2. No Erik. You don’t need feminism, you need a dominatrix to help you work through your mommy issues.


      3. “because republicans””

        !!!!!!!!!!!YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. That is awesome. The Amanda Marcottes of the world are a tiny minority of women. Most women don’t hate men and don’t want to succeed at men’s expense or be given things they don’t deserve. I would be nice if the silent majority would finally stand up and tell the feminists to shut the fuck up.

      1. My wife doesn’t even remotely understand feminist thinking, and she’s as strong and as independent as they come.

        1. I have a wife, three sisters and used to have a mother. All of them are very strong, independent and think feminist thinking is insulting to women and basically insane.

        2. Same here.

        3. she’s as strong and as independent as they come.

          This is typically the type I date as well. None have ever been feminist. One even had a “No Ma’am” t shirt.

        4. Same here. She reads some of those you nutcases who read Jezebel link to and she can’t relate. Same with my sister.

          Strong, uber-educated, successful, careers etc.

          In fact, she wishes she could stay home and raise our daughter. But hey. Life.

        5. My wife doesn’t even remotely understand feminist thinking, and she’s as strong and as independent as they come.

          Beyond the basic equal treatment argument, most women don’t care about feminism. And I scratch my head and wonder sometimes about the focus some folks here give Amanda Marcotte and her kind. How many people really read and/or care what she and modern feminism has to say? Beyond some academic construct are they influencing most women? Not too likely.

          1. Join the club, dude. We know that radical feminists are nuts; we don’t need endless fucking articles about and by them posted here every fucking day. Yet some commenters just can’t stop. Wonder why that is?

            1. Unresolved issues with their hot mothers.

              1. The Seymour effect?

              2. I have a friend who I grew up with who had a very attractive mom. She was one of those Spanish women who didn’t age for a long time, and had a great body for a long time, too. I didn’t give him too hard of a time about it, but some of our friends practically humped her leg. I always wondered how that affected him.

                1. Kept waiting for ‘and then one day I fucked her…’


                  1. Sorry. Maybe one of my friends did, though I doubt it.

            2. Why is everyone calling me dude? I have lady parts.

              1. I call everyone dude, dude. I call nicole dude all the time.

              2. I don’t know about Epi, but personally, I call everyone with whom I have an informal relationship, including my baby niece, “dude”.

                1. With a name like Lady Bertrum, though. I picture a twirling parasol, and a steam powered machine pistol derringer strapped to the the lacy undergarments at her thigh. Hardly a dude.

                  1. Nice imagery. The name is an amalgamation of my own IRL and a character name from a Jane Austen Novel who I particularly admire.

              3. Prove it. Name some of those parts.

              4. Why is everyone calling me dude? I have lady parts.


                You got lady parts? You are one lucky dude.

            3. While I’ve gotten too bored to spend much time on TiA anymore, much less post much of that stuff, your statement is pretty much moot when considered in light of the other content posted here.

              We know that radical feminists cops are nuts psychopaths; we don’t need endless fucking articles about and by them posted here every fucking day.

              Try with socons, environmentalists, progressives, etc.

              1. Sorry, no. The feminist shit never changes, and never varies. We know it exists. NutraSweet used to post the occasional extra insanity, but he did it with some sense of style and knew not to fucking spam the same shit every fucking day, instead only putting out new or extra crazy stuff.

                Moderation: it works.

                1. Whatever you say, Wesley.

                  1. Do I get to be young twinky Wesley or older “Picard is going to give you a stern talking to about doing an illegal flying maneuver at your graduation and then you rat out your friends” Wesley?

                    Because it matters.

                    1. My God. I just had the most appalling vision of the future. A Star Trek series in about, oh, 2026. Captain Wesley Crusher.

                      My tummy hurts.

                    2. “Captain Wesley Crusher.”

                      Thankfully, his, uh, abduction and sexual enslavement (I assume) by The Traveler should preclude that, so long as they don’t decide to go against canon.

                    3. Canon? That starship has sailed.

                2. Sorry, no. The feminist shit never changes, and never varies.

                  That is patently untrue. It consistently gets crazier. Crystal Clear Consent being one of their newer brain dumps.

            4. Join the club, dude. We know that radical feminists are nuts; we don’t need endless fucking articles about and by them posted here every fucking day.

              That’s what you’re not getting. They’re not radical feminists. Radical feminists want men in camps. These idiots we post about are usually mainstream feminists with their own powerful lobbying groups. Look at what they’ve done to college campuses in the last 5 years or so.

          2. I see it as trying to head the madness off at the pass. I don’t currently feel threatened by the crazy socialist lady Seattle elected to the city council, even though I live and work there. There are enough checks on her that she can’t do much besides make her silly speeches, so I could safely ignore her and go about my day, much like with Marcotte.

            For now.

            What she does have is a platform from which to spread her toxic ideas, and there are enough gullible/desperate people in the world that could easily be converted into followers.

            What I’m saying is, it’s foolish to wait to engage these people until after they’ve become so powerful that they can’t be stopped, hence why they need to be denounced loudly and often right away.

            It may seem outlandish that such people could ever gain enough ground to become a true threat to people’s liberty–but people probably said the same thing about Communists and Nazis back in the day.

    4. clarevoyance 60 points : 2 days ago reply
      Look at all the white women who aren’t disadvantaged and don’t need empowerment! Pack it in, ladies, the struggle is over!

    5. Thank you, Coeus.

    6. 1 and 4…pretty hot.

    7. walnutbreath 212 points : 2 days ago reply
      Because when I want to understand a complex social issue, I ask a bunch of ill-informed fucking teenagers.

      Ahh, what a reasonable, mature adult. Commenting on imgur.

    8. walnutbreath 212 points : 2 days ago reply
      Because when I want to understand a complex social issue, I ask a bunch of ill-informed fucking teenagers.

      Ahh, what a reasonable, mature adult. Commenting on imgur.

      1. Woohoo! I think this is my first double post!

    9. I feel sorry for those women.

      The feminists are going to pour down boiling hate on them for years to come.

    1. It took five months for school administrators to reach the conclusion that Espinosa’s complaint was “unsubstantiated.” They did, however, conclude her ex-boyfriend abused his access to university facilities, and placed him on disciplinary probation for the remainder of his academic career, according to documents provided by Espinosa.
      Joanna Espinosa
      Joanna Espinosa
      Espinosa’s voice quivers as she recalls the ordeal, which led her in 2013 to drop one class in the first summer session and request an incomplete in the second.
      It was a punch in the gut after sleepless nights and constant self-doubt, she said. She believes the school violated her civil rights by mishandling the complaint and creating a sexually hostile environment.
      This week, Espinosa filed a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights alleging violations of Title IX.

      1. Sounds like they deserved one another.

      2. Men are gonna want sex more than women. Part of being in a relationship is figuring out how to deal with that.

        This woman is going to die alone.

        1. I psychologically torture my wife by threatening to go elsewhere to get my spoils.

          /smirks menacingly.

      3. Unless I’m missing the part of the story where he said he’d kill her if she ever left him…what, exactly, is her case? Even taking every statement she makes completely at face value, she consented to everything she ever did.

        1. Android, a woman must be in a complete state of perfect harmony before she is capable of consenting to any sexual act.

          Gawd, don’t you know anything? I’ll bet you slept through your mandatory Feminist Studies class, you cisgendered barbarian.

    2. More often than not, he persisted and she gave in “just to get it over with,” she says.

      Been there, it wasn’t abusive on his part I was just too lazy to end the relationship. Sack up or stop complaining.

      1. jesse, aren’t you going to milk it for victim cred? It’s worth its weight in gold in certain circles. Please don’t disillusion me with the idea that you take responsibility for your own actions and have principles. I couldn’t take that kind of disappointment.

        1. Please don’t disillusion me with the idea that you take responsibility for your own actions and have principles. I couldn’t take that kind of disappointment.

          Did you make it impossible for me to take responsibility for my own actions for responsibilities sake?

          Now I’m going to be responsible just to saddle you with crushing disappointment. Jerk.

      2. I’ve given in ‘just to get it over with’ with women I wanted to stop seeing. But…I had an erection, so what can you do?

    3. What I don’t get is that there are stories further down that, assuming they are telling the truth, are the real deal. So why did they lead with this?

      1. Knowing feminists as I do, I’d assume that she sees no difference between those stories and this one.

    4. Jesus. Somedays my wife commits sexual assault on me. She was totally being pressured. But I’m a big wuss. I gave in.

  20. Budget 2014: Flaherty comes close to surplus while keeping promises vague

    The free-market Conservatives promise to make it illegal to charge Canadians more for products that are cheaper in the U.S. by giving the Competition Bureau the mandate and powers to go after clear price gouging. It’s not clear what would qualify as price gouging, but details are expected in the next few months.

    Er, wha?

    1. I believe the CBC considers that an insult.

      And what’s up with the CBC not updating their news podcasts?

    2. I keep saying: any time a government bureau with of a its name, it will actively work to thwart and complicate said concept.

      Just as any law purporting to “protect” anything will merelybset up rhles by which that thing can be destroyed.

    3. 1) Harper is the worst most anti-markets PM since Trudeau. ConTards are only too happy to support him because TEAM.

      2) Failherty will never, ever balance a budget. EVER.

    4. The conservatives are as ‘free-market’ as Shriek or Obama.

      They spend more than damn liberals and socialists.

      What a super disappointment Harper.

      Competition Bureau my ass. As useful as the CRTC – that is, not at all.

      1. Yeah… if ever a real free-market party came to power, I’ve got to imagine that abolishing something called the “Competition Bureau” would be one of its first acts, just based on its name alone.

        1. Those folks are classic TOP MEN. Unelected pseudo-Doges” if you will.

          But even Doges were directly linked to the people through a republican process in Venice. Not those fuckers. They get appointed and then RULE.

          Hate it, hate it, HATE IT.

  21. Young woman gets Maters from Harvard, finds out she hates her job, becomes a cam-whore

    I had recently earned my master’s degree from Harvard and had accepted a coveted yet thankless entry-level position at a well-known philanthropic organization in New York City. My parents were proud of me, and I was proud that they were proud of me. Convinced that I was doing the “right thing,” I spent a year botching Excel spreadsheets and crying in office bathroom stalls. This is the American middle-class 20-something’s dream.


    Tell that to Marina, I now think, staring at the unlikely reflection of a smoky-eyed 25-year-old woman in my lipstick-strewn bathroom. Marina, my online alter ego on a popular adult webcamming site, is the new and improved “me.” She dazzles men with discussions of Indo-European languages while seducing them with her perky derriere, bending over before the camera to reach for her pen, with which she scrawls on a memo pad: Dyno_Schlong.

    Upon first glance, the only semblance Marina bears to her office-dwelling predecessor is her penchant for Post-its, which now testify to a to-do list decidedly more perverse:

    * Mail panties to Faroe Islands

    * Send cucumber video to HuckleberrySin

    * Add Hitachi Magic Wand to Amazon wish list

    And yet, as she poses in lacy white stockings atop her squeaky Ikea armchair, the only thing that surprises her is how ordinary it all feels

    1. Send cucumber video to HuckleberrySin.

      The best sentence I have read on the internets in years.

    2. I spent a year botching Excel spreadsheets and crying in office bathroom stalls

      These first world problems are a complete bitch.

    3. Marina = 5.

      But this is more interesting:

      I spent a year botching Excel spreadsheets and crying in office bathroom stalls. This is the American middle-class 20-something’s dream, I told myself.

      At best, I completed simple administrative tasks, such as printing paper and hoarding Post-its, with mild competence.

      The best and the brightest, ladies and gentlemen.

      Someone call me when America shakes off the belief that the Ivies are in any way our intellectual superiors.

      1. No shit. Do those places make you stupid or is there a special breed of stupid person who gets into them?

        1. My first significant encounter with a Harvard student is when I tutored one to help with his math deficiency. Nice guy, but d-u-m-b. His plan for life success? Well, he had a class with Ben Bova at Harvard, and Bova assured him that if he just sent short stories his way he would make sure that they would get published. He told the entire class this. There is a community of Harvard grads making a living off of writing science fiction stories and he as going to join their ranks, according to the beliefs in my friend’s head. Believe me, you have never heard of this guy.

          1. I had a friend in high school. He was a super smart Asian guy. He never got anything but As and had a 1550 on his SATs including a perfect 800 on the math back in the 80s before the scores got dumbed down. He got turned down by Harvard and ended up taking a full ride to a local engineering school.

            How does my friend get turned down and your guy get in? My God that place must be fucked up.

      2. On a scale of 10, right?

        1. On a scale of 10, right?

          Of course. The 10 scale allows for the correct levels of variance and precision in assessing the feminine aesthetic.

      3. I was just telling my sister – a liberal – today people are losers for a reason. No matter how much they cry or chant the ‘woe is me’ song or blame ‘Wal-Mart’ they were made to be losers. She sees this human condition day in and day out since we opened a business. It’s hard to shake the reality that the biggest trouble makers of all are the ones who won’t help themselves.

        Contrast this to my buddy. He just lost his job to layoffs. Here’s a guy who earned six figures and was constantly a top salesman in the country. Know what he told me? “Hey, man. I’ll get another. You know me. No time to cry and procrastinate. If I have to go work at an ice-cream parlor I will.”

        It’s the last part that makes him a winner.

        Him and his wife just bought a building and have two kids but he’ll make it work. He was ranked top 10 in Canada in tennis way back so he has the mental stuff to overcome this setback.

        And he just blew out his ACL playing soccer which I witnessed.

        1. The difference between winners and losers in life is how they deal with unfairness and misfortune.

          1. Precisely.

            At my age, there’s no time for complainers and complaining.


            Which is why Obama blows my mind how he can say the things he says about his problems – notably by blaming Bush, Fox, race and whatever else he cares to use to protect his legacy.

        2. And the fact that losers get to spew their stupidity on Slate or Huff just goes to show we have a culture of weak buffoons at the moment.

          1. Most people aren’t winners, and never have been. Jut because a host of them has been spouting off in whiny media stories for a while now just shows that they gravitate to where they can whine about it. But I’ll get off your lawn if you want.

            1. You forgot to mention that coffee is for closers Episiarch.

            2. You see this watch? You see this watch?

              1. Steak knives, bitch.

          2. The Germans have a word for the spirit of the age zeitgeist. 21st Century America’s zeitgeist is riding the short bus.

    4. I spent a year botching Excel spreadsheets.

      My generation’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    5. But once lined with hundred-dollar bills, the pockets of my birthday suit now jingle with grimy pennies and nickels. By my third month of camming, I noticed a marked drop in earnings as I struggled to engage a novelty-driven audience. At first, I sought answers. How come last week’s spank-a-thon show yielded record-breaking tips, and this week ? hardly anything? What am I doing wrong? Is it my hair, my glasses? Try as I might to analyze the causes of my sudden downturn, all I found was a jumble of arbitrary factors, both endogenous (how ebullient am I today?) and exogenous (how many high tippers are online?). In other words, in the mercurial world of camming, logic is as scant as pubic hair.

      As I enter my seventh month, I am only left with more questions. How much money will I earn this week? How long will I continue to cam? Who is this painted and coiffed person beaming at me in the mirror ? and is she really as happy as she looks? Where does Marina end and my true self begin? Does it even matter?

      I wonder what she got her degree in.

      1. How does her birthday suit have pockets? Maybe that’s the cause of her reduced appeal.

        1. Especially since they “jingle with grimy pennies and nickels”. Good Lord.

        2. There’s a couple. Ask a cop.

      2. I’m gonna go with communications and/or gender studies.

      3. She is totally writing a book. She totally has her fall to rock.bottom.followed by a long climb.up from the.abyss already planned out.

        1. A Million Little Cameras

          Wanna get high?

      4. I had an odd conversation with a straight guy in Colorado who had to quit playing video games so he could actively pawn off his possessions so he could continue to chase after camwhores while he himself tried (unsuccessfully) to camwhore.

        He’d spent nearly $400 to get a camwhore’s number.

        1. I’ll readily admit to having some oddball habits, but that is straight up crazy right there.

        2. while he himself tried (unsuccessfully) to camwhore.

          Not surprising. The trouble with guys is getting them to not show their dicks. If there’s a more glutted market, I don’t know of it.

      5. Something stupid, which was purposely omitted from the story.

        “This could happen to you!!!!”

    6. Why don’t 20 something women with expensive humanity degrees who marry their way out of tedious office jobs get a Salon article?

  22. Being accepting of gay player may hurt Mizzou’s recruiting

    The article fails to mention the deep religious conservatism found in the black community that tends to be pretty anti-gay. I wonder why?

    1. Uh, because, look over there…

      1. Yeah. I’m just saying, if you were that slimy of a rival coach, wouldn’t this be your pitch (not you specifically, Tonio, obviously)?

        You’d sit across from his mama, and go, “Look, now… do you really want your boy going to a team that would let a sodomite be team captain? They knew about it, and they let him be a leader of his peers! Who knows what other sinful behavior he could lead them into?!”

    2. Uh…look over there! A rich Mormon financier! Ooga-booga!

      NO H8!!!!

    3. A meteor might strike spring practice too.

  23. “Heteros–you say heterosexuality may be 95, 98 percent of the population — they’re under assault by the two to five percent that are homosexual,” Limbaugh said. “So why — I’m just asking, I’m just throwing it out there — why is there a political agenda attached to and driven by homosexuality and there is no corresponding heterosexual agenda?”

    Fat Rush playing the victim card again.…..terosexual

    1. You guys couldn’t even manage to come up with any talking points to defend the delay of the Obamacare employer mandate, could you scumbag?

      1. Why should I care? So employers 51-99 have until 2016 to comply?

        I still don’t care.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|2.11.14 @ 5:13PM|#
          “Why should I care? So employers 51-99 have until 2016 to comply?
          I still don’t care.”

          Yeah, that’s because you’re a slimy bootlicker.

          1. They never ‘care’ when it doesn’t involve them.

    2. Shrike please shut up.

      If tony wanted to talk about gay rights issues i would consider his opinion sincere.

      The inventor of the term “Christfag” really has no place to stand.

  24. the Competition Bureau

    They’ll have you fighting for scraps in no time.

  25. Dear Prudence: Help! My boyfriend has a porn fetish but won’t tell me what it is!

    I’m a woman in my 30s with a healthy sexual appetite. I’ve been dating a wonderful man for several months and we have discussed living together. My boyfriend recently borrowed my laptop and saw I had been looking at porn. We laughed it off, but several days later he brought it up again. He warned me if I ever come across his porn, he wants me to know it’s something he enjoys watching, but has no desire to try. He was very vague in terms of what “it” was?essentially “you don’t want to know.” I’m not worried that it’s child pornography; he has expressed disgust for pedophiles in the past. But I am slightly concerned about what “it” is. I worry that finding out might ruin our relationship, but my imagination is running wild as to what it could be. I am friendly with his ex-girlfriend?should ask her about it? Should I bring it up with him again and ask for specifics? Or should I just let it go and enjoy the otherwise great relationship?

    I’m going with gay porn followed closely by piss play.

    1. “Sex with animals?!? There’s no time, man!”

    2. “Forced” bi.

      1. Bingo!!

        And maybe mix in a cuckhold fantasy while you are at it.

    3. tentacle porn

    4. crush videos, clearly. Weren’t they going to cause the apocalypse or something?

    5. I think the GF is getting trolled. This is probably the easiest way to troll a woman: Put something in her mind, tell her not to look/investigate or if she does investigate she’ll be freaked out.

      1. It’s an exercise in trust. She failed, because she wrote a published letter about it.

    6. Vorarephilia

    7. Oh, so many possibilities. Rape? Gangbangs? Cuckolding?

      A few months ago I happened across a video of a Japanese woman being sodomized with vegetables. Maybe it’s that.

      1. “Happened across”?

        1. I saw the screenshot on vporn and thought the chick looked hot. I noticed in the title that it said something about being raped with vegetables, but I figured it must be some kind of weird translation issue.

          Nope! No error, actual vegetable-sodomy. I skipped forward and they had real sex, so it worked out in the end.

        2. IIRC, Jarl’s into Asian girls, and anytime you venture into Japanese stuff, you do so at your own risk.

          1. There’s not as much weird stuff as you would expect (or maybe I’m looking at the wrong sites). I guess the train scenes are a bit weird; I’ve never gotten into those.

            My main problem with Japanese porn is all the squealing. It’s so annoying. But then there are not very many decent Asian-American stars, and I usually wish I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

            1. I’ve never watched Japanese porn. Not much Asian porn overall either. I don’t watch porn at all too often, and while I’ve watched a bit of everything (race/ethnicity wise) I generally go with Latinas when I do.

              I now feel like the Dos Equis guy (which I guess is fitting, that was my last Halloween costume)

              1. Serena Torres is pretty good

            2. I wonder if my friend still has access to the video of an older Japanese woman pouring “eels” (I think they were planaria or something) into a younger Japanese girl’s butt and then the younger girl sprayed them all over the older woman while the older woman laughed maniacally.

              It was fun when I had a bunch of friends in MySpace standards enforcement!

              1. What the fuck

                1. I sent her a text. She probably doesn’t still have it. Although she may have the pterodactyl blowjob scene. I think she found that much more entertaining.

                  Sadly she doesn’t have the file anymore…

              2. I wonder if my friend still has access to the video of an older Japanese woman pouring “eels”

                I believe that one’s still on the front page of efukt.

                1. …apparently you are correct.

                  I think I need to lie down.

                  1. Wow, so the eel porn was surprisingly easy to Google.

                    I typed “asian eels” and funnel immediately popped up to autocomplete. The second result from a site called “mikeisgod” had it streaming.

    8. he wants me to know it’s something he enjoys watching, but has no desire to try. He was very vague in terms of what “it” was?essentially “you don’t want to know.”

      Honestly, though, I’ve had this conversation before. When you get desensitized, you really, really get desensitized.

    9. So what if I want you want to take your girlfriend over your knee and swat her ass until it’s so red it glows like a stop light? Life is too short to not get the sex you want.

      Tell her what you’re into. Worst thing that happens, she blocks your number and tells her friends you’re sick bastard. There’s at least one out there ready and willing to assume the position.

      1. And never forget, no matter what it is, some chick out there were go for it.

        1. Forget? I count on it.

          1. And thanks to the internet, it will be easy to find one.

      2. So what if I want you want to take your girlfriend over your knee and swat her ass until it’s so red it glows like a stop light? Life is too short to not get the sex you want.

        The thing is, there’s a ton of porn out there that’s not even physically possible, much less pleasant. Some things are just for viewing.

        1. It’s out there, but who’s watching it? Some stuff is so niche that there are, maybe, five people watching it at any given time compared to the thousands who watch mainstream S&M like Kinkdotcom.

          1. When you’ve done pretty much everything you’ve wanted to, you start watching stuff that you don’t want to, just for variety. From there it’s a small step to stuff you actually can’t physically do.

    10. Cake farting.

      1. Please elaborate.

        1. Farting on cakes. Sitting on cakes and then farting into them. Farting on cakes then eating them. Sitting on cake and then eating them. It take on a few forms, but at its most basic level asses and cakes interact with an intent to titillate.

          1. Jesus, you will never stop pushing your obscure fantasies that are shared by you, Hugh, and 3 people in Japan.

          2. And this is why I like SugarFree. No matter how weirded out I am by the recent downloads folder the day after I surf porn drunk, he always makes me realize that I could be so much weirder.

      2. It’s always sweets with you, isn’t it?

      3. I saw a cake farting video once. It was something. Both hilarious and kind of hot.

    11. It’s obviously two-man luge.

    12. Ha, I had something like this come up recently. He was overly coy about the kind of porn he was into (after he’d brought it up in passing) and I mentioned that the more he evaded it the more I’d determined I’d get to find out, and that my imagination would likely run away with me if he didn’t just tell me.

      I do like Dan Savage’s advice on the topic of not freaking the fuck out when people have quirky fetishes. It just makes a mess for later partners who are more than happy to entertain your ex’s weird shit.

      1. Yeah, with the exception of child porn I am willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt that just because they enjoy watching something doesn’t mean they’ll actually engage in it.

        1. I happened upon one person’s interest in necrophilia when I was cleaning up an old hard drive for him. I didn’t say anything about because he likely didn’t know his attempt at a scrub job was anything but complete. I don’t have much to do with that person now, but I do wonder if that should be considered a red flag for even more serious activities on his part.

      2. Dan Savage wrote the best response ever on the subject. A guy says he wants his fiance to pee all over him, but he says they have such a good thing going in so many ways he doesn’t want to ruin it by bringing it up. Dan’s response was, ‘You’re afraid if you bring it up she won’t love you any more. But, if you do bring it up and it turns out she doesn’t love you, all that means is she doesn’t love you now, because that is who you are. You might as well find out now rather than after you’re married whether she loves you or not.’

    13. Continuing today’s apparent theme of hot mothers, what if it’s incest porn?

    14. I tried to develop a fetish for albinos (related to the hot albino villianess in the first Borderlands), but you would be surprised at how little of that is out there compared to other fetishes.

    15. Define ‘healthy sexy appetite.’

      I guarantee it won’t match my disturbed inner-tales.

  26. “The Washington Redskins responded to a letter from two lawmakers.”

    I was hoping more for something like this letter.…..ds-2013-12

      1. What a letdown it must have been for that fan.

      2. Is there a bigger word for ‘epic?’

  27. Must be some rough trade in the Navy.

    A disgraced Navy chaplain promoted the grotesque warnings of anti-LGBT religious leaders Tuesday on his syndicated radio program.
    “But homosexuality is a combat divider, dividing one’s reason to live while taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels,” Klingenschmitt said, reading from the retired chaplain’s statement.

    Klingenschmitt apologized to his listeners for “the graphic image” he shared with them.

    “But there are physical and biological consequences of that kind of conduct and he’s just pointing that out,” he said.

    1. Wow. Just, wow.

    2. What an odd fixation to have.

      1. Klingenschmitt is the guy in the “Dear Prudence” letter above.

    3. So, pitchers are okay but catchers are unreliable in combat?

      1. It is not gay if you are a pitcher or it isn’t consensual. That is what Warty keeps telling me.

    4. all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels

      Bets that this man spends his days off in a sling with a 6’4″, tatted-up biker, with chronic hep-c, named “Tiny” mid-bicep deep in his bum?

    5. I went to school with Gordon. I’m surprised to see the turn his life took.

  28. Former Florida State Trooper Donna Jane Watts, who arrested a fellow law enforcement officer for going 120mph, sues the living shit out of Sunshine State Police Departments for retaliatory harassment:…

    1. It is not like it is their money. The cops who did that won’t care.

  29. Son, don’t stick it crazy. Seriously, does this kid not have a father. Holy shit look at the eyes on that woman.

    Naked Woman Jumps Out Boy’s Bedroom Window…..nor-675432

    1. The kid is fifteen. You can’t expect him to know about crazy or to resist sex with an older woman.

      But I bet now he does.

      1. At least he learned before she showed up at his door with an axe.

      2. Or now he can only have sex with women who come in through or go out of a window… Fenestraphilia?

        1. Fenestraphilia?


      3. Yeah. Strong data point for his hot/crazy line. He only needs one more for a line.

    2. Whoa. That’s crazy. I mean, if I were her defense counsel, I’d just ask the jury to look in her eyes, then ask for a judgment of not guilty due to insanity.

    3. Maybe she looks less crazy when she doesn’t have a broken ankle.

      1. No, I’ve seen crazy. That’s crazy. Besides, let us recall how she got the broken ankle.

  30. with all the issues Congress is supposed to work on such as the economy, jobs, war and health care, the Senator must have more important things to do

    Actually it is only supposed to work on one of those things.

    1. “Actually it is only supposed to work on one of those things”

      Yeah, and I wouldn’t mind if he, oh, swept the floors to keep himself busy.

  31. Politico profiles insurgent GOP candidate–and former Miss America–Erika Harold

    Harold doesn’t fit neatly into the taxonomy of today’s Republican factions: She is not a middle-of-the-road Republican. Nor is she a neocon, a Tea Partier or a strict libertarian cribbing Ayn Rand quotes. She calls herself a constitutional conservative. She is anti-abortion rights, pro-gun, believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. She does not support marijuana legalization. She wants to repeal Obamacare. She also is against the death penalty, because, she says, the sentences are too dependent on the varying quality of the accused’s attorneys

    Conservative politics were part of her tour as Miss America. The official platform that year was supposed to be reducing youth violence, but Harold pushed pageant organizers into letting her also promote abstinence before marriage. In 2004, she toured the country with then-party chief Ed Gillespie as part of a GOP outreach group. She served as an Illinois delegate to that year’s Republican National Convention, where she gave a speech about faith-based initiatives. Even then, people were touting her potential as a fresh new face for the party

    Then she retreated from the limelight, finishing law school and working as an attorney in Chicago.

    Note Politico can hardly contain its contempt for Republicans.

    1. As long as she doesn’t win anything, they were use her as a club to beat Republicans. As soon as she wins something, they will immediately trash her in the most vile, sexist and racist way possible. You know, because they are just that tolerant.

      1. Does Politico get its marching orders from the DNC? Because this is clearly the same story about the establishment trying to quash a heretic and it would be the same if a white guy had the same positions as Harold.

        But they need to insinuate some racial and sexist objection to her because hey, we’re talking about Republicans.

        1. Projection never sleeps.

        2. Yes they do. They are totally a part of the state media.

    2. She is not a middle-of-the-road Republican. Nor is she a neocon, a Tea Partier or a strict libertarian cribbing Ayn Rand quotes.

      What’s amusing is that this author probably doesn’t know a thing about neo-Conservatism, the Tea Party, Libertarianism, or Objectivism, but feels perfectly comfortable with throwing them out there as labels/pejoratives because that’s what all “right-thinking” people do.

      On Erika Harold:
      The fact that she’s mulatto must just baffle the shit out of politico’s chattering classes.

      P.S. She’s a 10.

      1. She would work quite nicely. Also since Politico can’t judge black people as human beings, it never occurs to politico that this woman might actually believe these things for valid reasons.

        1. No “real” woman/African-American can be anything but TEAM Blue. Elsewise, you’re a self-hater, an Uncle Tom, a right-wing slut, an Uncle Ruckus, and somebody should shit on you (*waves at Martin Bashir*).

  32. This hit my FB feed today and the butthurt among progressive 20-something unmarried, unbetrothed women was fun.

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Time has a depressing (or hopeful???) new Facebook app that will help pinpoint the exact date you probably should be getting married.

    At least they have tonight’s excuse for eating a gallon of ice-cream and drinking a bottle of Trader Joe’s house wine while binge watching “Say Yes to the Dress”.

  33. “On behalf of 6 million members nationwide, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe will join Rand Paul and lead counsel Ken Cuccinelli to file paperwork against President Barack Obama, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Security Agency Keith Alexander for a class action lawsuit against the NSA spying program.”…..nelli-in-n

    1. Good. Sue them long, and sue them hard. Sue, sue, sue. And if they lose, sue some more.

      Without the slightest bit of hyperbole, I believe those and others should not only be removed from office but should also be doing time for committing quite serious crimes.

      That’s how far gone this country is, that that’s a “radical” viewpoint.

      1. Yeah, agree. I keep going over it in my head, trying to figure out how we got to the point where suggesting the President face legal consequences for breaking the law is extreme and radical, but thinking the President can rewrite laws on command and literally have anyone on the planet killed for secret reasons is the pinnacle of moderation.

        1. People really like the “great men” view of history. It makes a more gripping read than free people peacefully interacting with a minimal government whose sole purpose is protecting life, liberty and property.

          1. If only people would see these dishonest, corrupt, power-hungry assholes for what they are. Then it wouldn’t just be an issue of what political philosophy they prefer, because no one in their right mind would want someone like that having the kind of power they do.

            It’s like finding the worst person you can, then letting him move into your house and do anything he fucking wants.

          2. People really like the “great men” view of history.

            Bingo. I was explaining to someone how FDR flouted the law to draw America into WWII, and he didn’t care because “it’s the Nazis, something had to be done”.

            People are pretty brainwashed at this point. Good thing we let the socialists run the schools instead of letting them do something important.

  34. File under = Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way

    Pakistani Drone Opponent Given Free All-Expense Paid Permanent Vacation to Nowhere…..ef=edition

    Regardless of whether the guy was legit, or whether he may have simply been a regional agitator for TTP, or whatever … its just a sign of how paper thin this whole ‘rule of law’ shit really is when push comes to shove…

      1. If it was, would anyone in this country care?

      2. “Pro Libertate|2.11.14 @ 7:04PM|#

        Lovely. Was it us”

        Its hard to see what “Us” really means when its just ‘the state took him away and now we wont have to hear him complain anymore’. Who is “us”?

        The shorter answer is no, it was probably ISI, at prompting from someone at prompting from someone. The US may not have even been involved, of course…. aside from being the one with the drones he was complaining about.

        It just sort of underscores how quick the contempt for any kind of civil liberties goes when you become “OK” with the state having the authority to just Kill Anyone At Will from the sky… next, you start nixing the people who COMPLAIN about the killing… then the ones who ask questions about the complainers…. then the media outlets…

        1. It’s us so long as people might kill me for what others are doing.

          1. good point

  35. Roll that beautifuil bean footage dude. Roll it!

  36. Up for a little curling?…..-1.1609311

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