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Obama Admits He's Dragging Democrats Down


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Conceding that, perhaps, a bit of the gloss has come off his presidency, President Barack Obama is telling congressional Democrats to run, run as fast as they can away from him as they seek to survive his reign of error.

From U.S. News & World Report's Kenneth T. Walsh:

President Obama has delivered a humbling message to fellow Democrats: He admits he is unpopular in much of the country and will understand if legislators don't want to appear with him on the campaign trail.

Obama made the remarks in a private session with Senate Democrats Wednesday.  "He said he knew he is not popular in some of the states so he would not be offended if he were not invited to visit them this year," a senator told the Washington Post. "But he said he could be helpful in some parts of some states." The senator requested anonymity in order to discuss the private meeting candidly.

Unpopular is right. Gallup says that 50 percent of Americans disapprove of the president's performance in office, while only 41 percent approve (his numbers were even worse a few months ago). CNN/ORC also has disapproval at 50 percent. The RealClearPolitics average of polls stands at 51.8 percent disapproval and 43 percent approval—a precipitous fall from the heady days when President Obama was first elected and Americans were hopeful that he might not suck at the job. Now, even though most Americans tell CNN/ORC that they wish the president the best, 56 percent think that his policies will ultimately fail.

The "will" before "fail" presumably refers to those policies that haven't already failed.

As a result, generic congressional preference polls, as little as they're worth, currently give the edge to Republicans.

Presidents often prove to be deadweight on their parties, once reality sets in—Barack Obama isn't unique in this regard. George W. Bush lost most of his luster by this point in his presidency, too. Americans (and voters elsewhere, for that matter) have developed a nasty habit of investing their elected officials with massive power—but impossible expectations. The combination is a guaranteed recipe for both disappointment and abuse.

Lots of both, really.

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  1. I dunno… if this story is true, Obama has far more self-awareness than I’d ever give him credit for.

      1. He knows there are areas of the country heavy with people not comfortable with the idea of a black president.

        1. Ah, now I see – he will stay out of bitter clinger country!

        2. Seeing as how he’s not Black, he has nothing to worry about.

        3. He followed it up with, “I’m talking to you, Mark Pryor.”

    1. Only the true Messiah denies His divinity.

      1. “Your the Messiah! I should know, I’ve followed enough of them!”

          1. So “Your” isn’t the messiahs given name then?

            1. OK, SO I MAKE A FEW TYPOS… OK, MANY!

              *runs away sobbing*

      2. And has his followers deny him three times, 2010, 2014, and again in 2016.

        1. 2016?

          Wait…are you one of those people who think Obama has a chance in hell of going for a third term?

          1. The dems will deny the ever supported him as they run in 2016.

        2. The last prez that tried that crap prompted a Constitutional Amendment to limit the terms of presidents.

    2. He gave an interview a couple of weeks ago where he said his agenda is dead in the water and the best he could do is hold on to what he has already achieved.

      1. A stagnant economy, a health care system in turmoil, increased poverty, and heightened racial tensions?

        1. He has a good shot at all of those. I think he can do it.

    3. …”if this story is true, Obama has far more self-awareness than I’d ever give him credit for.”

      Or better advisors.

    4. Well, one thing I think people tend to forget is that he’s a machine guy. Obama isn’t president because he willed himself to be, he was plugged in by the machine. There’s usually some of that with any candidate, but he’s a particularly strong case of it. As such, he owes everything to the party and will likely do more of this as his term peters out.

      This is only a theory, but I suspect there’s some truth to it.

      1. I think he is an ego maniac who could not care less about the party. That is why he is setting up Obama for America. If he leaves office with the Democratic Party in shambles, he won’t care. It will be someone else’ problem and like everything it won’t be his fault.

        1. I’m with John on this.

          I don’t see his respect for anything, the office of the Presidency, the US, the Dems, anything, other than how he is viewed.

  2. No one is all bad

      1. Was?!

      2. Only in our little fantasy world.

    1. Milli fucking Vanilli was ALL bad. You take that back, Almighty JB.

      1. Frank Farian has no Elvis in him.

      2. Maybe so, but the guys who did the actual singing were damn good. Wishing Well is a great song.

        1. “Wishing Well” by Terrance Trent D’Arby is a good song. I dunno bout no Mill Vanill “Wishing Well”, but if they did it, it sucks.

  3. “Americans (and voters elsewhere, for that matter) have developed a nasty habit of investing their elected officials with massive power…”

    You mean Americans have a nasty habit of voting in unqualified people who now earn a few sips from the punch bowl of power that is controlled by the federal governing elite.

  4. …will understand if legislators don’t want to appear with him on the campaign trail.

    He knows his time will be better spent on the back nine anyway.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. It may not be golf, but you know there’s a selfish motive lurking there somewhere.

    2. … But they won’t be able to stand next to him when he issues his executive orders fixing the nation’s problems, either.

  5. He admits he is unpopular in much of the country and will understand if legislators don’t want to appear with him on the campaign trail.

    Those legislators don’t want to be seen with the president because they’re all a bunch of RACISTS!

  6. Is this the sound of shriek’s heart breaking, or when doves cry?

    1. Look! Over there! Something about Bill Nye! [/my Obot Facebook friends]

      1. Now that we’ve given that strawman a good thrashing, maybe we could talk about something that actually affects most people’s daily lives.

        1. There’s always another distraction. Miley Cyrus twerking, celebrity overdoses, the Bieb gets arrested…

  7. I starting to like our President Obama. He’s kind, gentle, and knows just how hard to fuck me. He clearly is heading towards being the lamest of lame ducks. And ducks are cute.

  8. what’s really gotta sting, if this story is to be believed, is that he won’t be able to as much of the only thing he seems to enjoy about the job – the campaigning.

    What he’ll never admit is that his actions have contributed to the drop in popularity.

    1. OGL is already working on his speech booking schedule – at $100,000+/pop – for 2017. He will make millions every year for the rest of his life.

    2. What he’ll never admit is that his actions have contributed to the drop in popularity.

      What concerns me is why J.D. Tuccille won’t admit it.

  9. “Obama Admits He’s Dragging Democrats Down”

    Not according to our resident bootlickers!

  10. America is just really racist. We’re going to back slavery times y’all!

  11. rein of error

    Except it’s not a reign of error. Obama meant to do each and every act he’s done.

    1. That doesn’t mean its correct. Error from systemic bias is still deviance from the correct value.

    2. Why is a reason article helping claims that Obama really isn’t a progressive and he really just can’t the stuff he wants done because of republicans.

      Green jobs

      This shit happened intentionally by Obama’s hand and they all failed to do what they were intended to do.

      I realize that this article does not explicitly say Obama is not really a progressive or republicans block him but it is littered with little inaccuracies like “rein of error” that support that narrative.

      1. The ideology is never wrong and never fails. If Obama is a failure, he must therefore have never been a Prog.

        1. Just as the failure of every Marxist regime is not the fault of Karl Marx. They’re just doing it wrong!

  12. If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.

    1. whoa, koan FTW…

      or is it really “winning”… ponder this.

  13. Somone must have told The President (PBUH) that they’d heard his methods were…..unsound….

    1. And they now are being audited by the IRS, the NSA is combing the archives for dirt and the Jurnolist 2.0 are prepping their stories.

  14. Americans (and voters elsewhere, for that matter) have developed a nasty habit of investing their elected officials with massive power?but impossible expectations

    Fuck that noise.

    It was not Americans who made all the promises that Obamacare would save the world and clean your toilet bowl. It was all Obama who did that.

    It also was not Americans who said stimulus would work or that unemployment would be 5% 3 years ago or “GREEN JOBS!!!” for everyone.

  15. He can’t afford to spend the time on the campaign trail. He’s got to refine his messaging.

  16. Interesting list I found on another forum.…..-lawmakers

    Hawgz Wylde The Pope
    ? 33 minutes ago

    Another lie, only 3 Dixiecrats switched parties. Here is a list that did not;

    Orval Fabus

    Benjamin Travis Laney

    John Stennis

    James Eastland

    Allen Ellender

    Russell Long

    John Sparkman

    John McClellan

    Richard Russell

    Herman Talmadge

    George Wallace

    Lester Maddox

    John Rarick

    Robert Byrd

    Al Gore, Sr.

    Bull Connor

    and here are the 3 that did;
    Strom Thurmond
    Jesse Helms
    Mills Godwin.

    Hey America, haven’t you had enough of the leftist lies yet?

    As I’ve mentioned, my state (North Carolina) shifted from blue to red when changes in demographic economics shifted from being agrarian to banking, industrial and technology based dominance.

    Though to complicate things, the ’72 race Helms won against Nick Galifianakis by only 4% points when Nixon carried the state by an overwhelming landslide is an interesting matter. Galifianakis’s positions were quite copacetic with libertarians. That was a year of victory for Big Statism more than anything else, as Helm’s concentration of support in that race was mostly in the agrarian, heavily subsidized eastern half of the state.

    1. That just means those people reformed and reputiated their racism while Thurmond, Helms and Godwin didn’t.


      Prog Derp.

      1. Funny I remember Joe saying exactly that about Robert Byrd.

        “Byrd apologized but Thurmond didn’t”

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    1. The Prog and media Obama fanboy hangover is going to be epic.

      1. I expect epic spinning and goalpost moving. “Well, if it hadn’t been for Obama, the Middle East nuclear war and the collapse of the dollar would have been even worse!”

  18. And I originally meant to post on that meeting between Valerie Jarret and the CBC complaining the administration judicial nominees are not diverse enough. How fucking racist can you get? If every White Hispanic on the bench voted like Sonia Sotomayor, I would not want a single person on that bench to look anything like me. If every male on the bench voted like Stephen Breyer, I would not want my gender represented on it either.

    1. Hey, lets get Janice Rogers Brown on the SCOTUS!

      *CBC faints*

      1. Why, yes, a black, female jurist, with loads of experience who brings the wisdom of the child of Alabama sharecroppers. Shit, why isn’t she on the SCOTUS right now? Is Obama’s white half a racist, too?

      2. She’s 64 now. No prezzie elects someone who may leave anything less than a twenty years legacy. Unfortunate that.

        We would all love to see her advocate libertarian principles in the highest court in the land.

        1. She’s 64 now. No prezzie elects someone who may leave anything less than a twenty years legacy. Unfortunate that.

          could happen.

          Like that last pope.

          “Oh sure he is not what everyone wanted but he won’t last long anyway.”

          She could get in there by appeasing the opposition that she will not last long so it is not that big of a deal.

          Of course you would need a president who actually wants a classical liberal on the supreme court.

        2. All the more reason to get her on the court right now. For great social justice!

  19. I think that a lot of people feel very betrayed and angry at Obama but can’t express it because of the fear of being seen as racism. They can’t vote against Obama and they can’t say the truth because that would be racist. All of that displaced anger and disappointment is going to land somewhere. I suspect it is going to land on the Congressional Democrats and possibly the nominee in 2016.

    What are the Democrats going to do in 2016? They can’t repudiate the last 8 years. But if they run on it, it will give all of the people who wished they had voted against Obama but didn’t a chance to do so by proxy.

    1. The reality is that this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. Fear of being labeled racist or not, the Dems are going to have to answer why Obamacare has destroyed the tepid recovery and why unemployment is inching up again.

      That abominable press conference with Jason Furman where they tried to spin the CBO report predicting 2.5 million lost jobs because of the ACA as some kind of “freedom” is an indication that the rearranging of deck chairs has begun.

      1. they tried to spin the CBO report predicting 2.5 million lost jobs because of the ACA as some kind of “freedom” is an indication that the rearranging of deck chairs has begun.

        I heard yesterday on NPR that they just blew it off as “people will be retiring anyway” so those jobs don’t count.

        Of course it was walled off from the reporter because it was an administration shill who said it so you can’t say there is bias from NPR even though the reporter did not question lie or get a republican response to the lie…in fact the interview was framed as a response to a republican sound bite talking about the CBO report.

        1. For those who haven’t seen the video of Furman’s press conference here it is.

          It is excruciating to watch. These are the people in charge of the worlds biggest economy right now.

          Good lord.

          1. I seem to remember Pelosi claiming Obamacare would create millions of jobs. Now that it’s clear that it will destroy millions, that’s the new hotness.

            Obamacare is already making its defenders healthier: look at all the exercise they get moving goalposts!

            1. That was a big talking point in 2009. American companies couldn’t compete because of health care costs and Obamacare was going to fix that and create jobs. Douche bag Klein and Sad Beard flogged the hell out of that talking point.

          2. “labor demand has not changed”


            Yes it has. It has changed by negative 2 million jobs.

            Furman is a pile of shit.

            1. The way they use the term “freedom” in lieu of “unemployed” should be a felony for someone in his position.

            2. And Americans working millions of fewer hours a year won’t make us poorer.

      2. The Great Depression produced freedom for millions and millions. Just sayin’.

    2. I saw an article the other day where several democratic politicians were defending the IRS, and immediately thought, ‘way to go on the political suicide there.’ Then it clicked. Due to the dubiously named Earn Income Tax Credit their constituents think of the IRS as ‘that nice agency that sends me a big, fat check every year if I feel out a form and check a couple of boxes.’

    3. They are going to do just what they did in 2012. Wait for Team Red to dismiss the libertarian wing as wacko birds and refuse to let them into the primaries, nominate some vanilla candidate or fatso from Joisey that is basically a light blue Democrat, and hand Team Blue the keys to the White House.

      1. I think the light blue democrat that the republicans nominated in 2012 would have beaten Obama if the dems had not successfully blamed the economy on Bush.

        I don’t think they can pull that trick off again in 2014 or 2016. And I do not see the economy getting better either.

        1. I really wonder how well Hillary will do. She’s a very divisive figure, and since race-based affirmative action didn’t work out so well with Obama, I don’t think “the first woman President” will have much attraction. Plus her scandals and lack of any real accomplishment.

      2. If it were that easy leftist governments wouldn’t always have to fix elections.

  20. Hmm. How come Reason hasn’t commented on the shitstorm that’s been going on the last two days over the CBO report that ObamaCare subsidies are going to induce 2.5 million workers to quit their jobs or cut back hours so they can get subsidies?

    The Democratic response to this has largely been one of “Isn’t it great that workers have been liberated from the need to work?”

    Which happens to be one of the biggest slippages of the mask that I’ve seen since Obama was elected.
    We’ve actually got the CBO outright saying that Obama’s signiature legistlation induces people to quit work and on the dole , and Democrats openly celebrating the fact that more people will go on the dole and saying work should be an optional thing that people should have the “freedom” to choose not to do.

    And Reason has nothing to say about it.

    1. They want Europe, where a minority supports a majority. We have that already to some extent, but not enough. Apparently.

      1. But there is never enough free shit to satiate people. Politicians never remember that and are always shocked when the mob starts burning things.

        1. We need robot overlords and a post-scarcity society to fund all of this. Oh, and fusion.

          1. When we arrive at the post-scarcity robot utopia, then *maybe* I will support a Basic Income Guarentee.

            We’ll have to learn to build robots that can build other robots first though.

      2. I can’t believe they are getting away with this shit though.

        “Look, people can retire early because we’re giving them other people’s money! Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t it so liberating to not have to pay for things yourself?!”

        Remember the days of Clintonesque welfare reform? When the fuck did that happen? That must have been in another universe.

      3. Which minority is supporting the majority of Europeans?

    2. And Reason has nothing to say about it.

      I was thinking that at lunch. Where the hell is Suderman?

      He posted the CBO report then went on vacation i guess.

      This could at least be as big as the “You can keep your insurance if you like it” lie.

      It cant be that hard to find Obama’s administration, dems like Palosi and tons of shill talking heads claiming we would not jobs due to Obamacare.

      Where are the funny ReasonTV mashups??

  21. Replace “Democrats” with “Americans” and the headline still holds true.

  22. Dragging Democrats down is the best thing Obuma can do for America…

  23. Admits implies an accusation that had been denied. He niether admitted or nor denied before. Way to recast it so it means something other than what exists.

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