Boehner Blames Obama for Immigration Reform Stall, Greenwald Mulls Trip Back to States, Apple Removes Bitcoin App: P.M. Links


  • IT'S A TRAP!
    Credit: Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

    House Speaker John Boehner says immigration reform is unlikely this year, but he's laying the blame on the lack of trust that President Barack Obama will actually enforce any new laws and not just do whatever he wants to do.

  • One Russian official claims he knows journalists are trying to sabotage the hotels to make the Olympics look bad. He may have opened a new can of worms, though, as he bolstered his argument by talking about watching the journalists in the rooms through surveillance cameras.
  • Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he's planning a possible visit to the United States to "force the issue" of whether the government thinks he's a criminal.
  • A Texas grand jury has declined to indict a man for shooting and killing a deputy who entered his home with a no-knock search warrant to look for drugs and guns. The man's attorney said his client was asleep and thought somebody was breaking in to burgle his house. He was indicted for possession of marijuana while in possession of a gun.
  • Apple has removed Blockchain, an app that allows users to send and receive bitcoins, from its store.
  • The Senate seems unlikely to push forward another extension in unemployment benefits.

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  1. Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he’s planning a possible visit to the United States to “force the issue” of whether the government thinks he’s a criminal.

    Say hi to the DHS agents and federal prosecutors for us, Glenn.

    1. Yeah, I can’t imagine Glenn thinks that could end in any way other than with him in handcuffs.

      1. I’m sure his colleagues in the press will have his back against Obama.


        2. “Bring out the Gimp.”

          “Jay Carney’s sleepin’.”

          “Well, I guess you’re gonna have to wake him up!”

    2. Hello.

      It’s a long (way) back to the top, eh?

    3. I would assume that messing with Greenwald would cause the release of yet more documents, perhaps of an even more troublesome (to government) nature than those released previously.

      1. Perhaps, but Obama has already proven he’s a petulant child who wants to get his way no matter what the consequences.

        1. Then I will send Greenwald encouraging letters in the slammer.

          1. You should include pictures of Jesse’s taint in the letters, as they will most certainly be monitored by the NSA.

            1. I’m 100% prepared to contribute to this cause. Do you want print or digital? If I break out the dSLR I can get poster-sized made up at Kinkos.

      2. Not to mention, there’s a big difference between having administration officials run the talk-show circuit to cluck their tongues and repeat the talking points about what a Very Bad Thing Greenwald and Snowden did, and actually having to arrest the guy and put him on trial.

        I’m assuming people give just enough of a damn that they couldn’t get away with denying him due process, but well…I might not be surprised if they did.

        1. Or he could end up like Michael Hastings.

          1. Or he could end up like Michael Hastings.

            What’s the rule when traveling abroad? “Don’t drive the car”, right?

      3. Are their any charges actually filed against him?

    4. I almost posted this exact quote. Then I thought to myself, ‘Self, you’d better see if that damn Fist beat you to it. Again.’

      Darn you. Darn you to Heck.

      I would just add that, since so many of our beloved leaders have wished death and destruction on Snowden, Greenwald might want to think long and hard about if he would survive his arrival in the States.

      1. That’s your problem right there. Fortune favors the bold. Never check first, just dive in. You might have had top post, and the universal H&R accolades that come from being first in a thread. But instead you’re just a bum. Like the rest of them.

        1. +1 Muddy Mudskipper

        2. First poster only gets accolades when it’s somebody beating Fisty to the punch.

          1. Welcome to Hell kid. Yeah, you beat the fastest gun in the west. But now everyone’s comin’ fer YOU.

            Yeah….welcome to Hell, kid…

  2. The infamous Sochi twin toilets have been found:

    1. Those are different twin toilets than the ones that went viral.

      How many bathrooms did they fuck up on? Or was this a design choice?

      1. Apparently the latter.

      2. What…? You don’t like to hold hands when you’re doing your business?

          1. Oh R C you don’t know of the bonding opportunities you’ve denied yourself.

  3. A Texas grand jury has declined to indict a man for shooting and killing a deputy who entered his home with a no-knock search warrant to look for drugs and guns.

    Cops introduced violence into a non-violent situation and it bit them in the ass this time.

    1. This will send a message to cops forcing their way into private homes at the break of dawn: shoot first.

      1. Fist, you’re worse than Balko.

        Ouch, my balls!

        1. I suppose this should be seen as a victory against frivolous SWAT use, unfortunate that it came at the cost of a life. But I don’t think they’ll take the right lesson from this.

      2. Toss a frag grenade and then shoot first, you mean.

        1. Light the building on fire and shoot anyone who runs out, first.

      3. Officer Safety is all-important.

    2. Someone call Bob Marley, they found the guy!

      1. -1 sheriff

    3. There are consequences to kicking in the door of a rural Texas home in the dead of night. Mr. Sowders experienced some of them.

      Too bad a guy was killed, but when you deliberately seek out an opportunity to terrorize people in their own homes, sometimes it comes back to bite you.

      1. And, delightfully, Texas specifically extends the right of self-defense to include shooting cops acting badly.

        The use of force to resist an arrest or search is justified:

        (1) if, before the actor offers any resistance, the peace officer (or person acting at his direction) uses or attempts to use greater force than necessary to make the arrest or search; and

        (2) when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the peace officer’s (or other person’s) use or attempted use of greater force than necessary.


        1. That’s a damned good law. It’s one of things you wish the founders had thought to include in the U.S. Constitution.

          1. I’d bet they figured it was already covered with the wording about “unreasonable” searches. I would suppose the idea of being shot to death on the spot for resisting a search would have been thought a mark of crushing oppression in their day.

        2. It’s good that those statutes are in place. What if you have criminals posing as officers? The natural inclination of most people when someone sees a police uniform is to freeze and not resist, making them targets for crimes by LEO impersonators.

          When castle doctrine applies to both police and civilians, it increases protections for private property.

    4. “I believe the evidence also shows that an announcement was made,” Renken said. “However, there is not enough evidence that Mr. Magee knew that day that Peace Officers were entering his home.”

      Peace Officers? Barging into someone’s house with guns drawn looking for dope is ‘peaceful?’ Oxymorons to the end, baby.

  4. Apple has removed Blockchain, an app that allows users to send and receive bitcoins, from its store.

    Apple products are for statists anyway.

    1. Apple products are for statists anyway.

      Between the three major players Apple has been the least supportive of having the FTC come in and regulate the shit out of the internet.

    2. Word. Apple has been on a anti-bitcoin crusade while refusing to comment on it. Either they have their own digital cash in the works and see it as competition or some less sensical reason. Silly Apple.

      1. Don’t they have a few billion in cash offshored? Maybe they’re doing what they can to keep the dollar from losing any more value.

        1. Apple keeps its offshore cash in US dollars?

          What the fuck is the thinking going on there?

      2. Where can I get one of these iCoins? Do I have to wait in line with a bunch of douchebag hipsters at the Apple Store, or is there an app?

  5. No drive thru for you!

    The City of Nelson, B.C., has made it tougher for fast food restaurants to put in a drive-through window with a bylaw requiring restaurateurs to ask special permission to install one.

    Yes, global warming is part of the reasoning. No, I’m serious.

    1. “Ha, ha!”

      -The City of Nelson, to people who are disappointed for the shortage of drive-throughs.

    2. Stopping and starting your car’s engine uses as much fuel as 3-5 minutes of idle, so if the drive thru is fast…

      1. It’s about feelings, playa.

        1. My dad used to turn the car off every time he’d come to a stop in a drive-through line. It didn’t matter how much I told him that he was wasting more resources, it made him feel better.

          Or he kept doing it just to annoy me. That’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

      2. If that were true there wouldn’t be cars all over Europe that automatically shut down the engine when you come to a stop, and fire it back up when you put the car in gear – as a fuel saving measure.

        1. I rented a BMW in Italy that did that.

          Took some getting used to.

          “What the fuck? Stalled again? Oh, right”

          1. My first experience with that was in a rental Audi in Italy a few years ago. It certainly took some getting used to.

            1. Back to back dudes in Italy. Nice.

        2. According to the hypermilers, you should shut off your car any time you will be stopped for 30 seconds or longer.

          1. Like I’m going to listen to somebody who does this to their car.

            1. I bet that thing kills in the quarter mile.

        3. I believe the factoid that I read was about American cars built in the 1980s. Could be bullshit though, you know a lot more about cars than I do.

          1. It might well be true about older carbureted engines. But I’d be shocked if it were true with a modern small-displacement, fuel injected engine.

            1. ^ This. Modern fuel injection has turned a lot of the conventional wisdom about cars on its head.

              It’s really amazing how much innovation has occurred with the ICE that most people don’t even notice.

              1. And it is.telling of the regulatory state advances small aircrqft piston.engines. granted, the requirement on.such engines are different (high torque, high power.almost 100% of the.time when.operating), but piston automotive.engines p4imarily.because.of.the.oneroua requirements ofFAA certification rules.

        4. I drove a newer model of a civic hybrid that did that. Irritating ass all hell

      3. That was true for carbureters, not for electronically-managed fuel-injected engines.

    3. B.C. can be retarded in its derpiness.

      1. BC or ‘Bring Cash’ as we truckers call it.

        Beautiful place full of busybody statist shitheels.

  6. He may have opened a new can of worms, though, as he bolstered his argument by talking about watching the journalists in the rooms through surveillance cameras.

    Russian officials are surprised to learn that every country doesn’t have state cameras directed at their showers.

    1. In post Soviet Russia, Olympics watch you.

      1. That’s actually pretty good for the Smirnoff-joke-mocking genre.

    2. They want to find out who’s been peeing in there.

      1. They want to find out who’s been peeing in there.


  7. House Speaker John Boehner says immigration reform is unlikely this year…

    Awww, no E-Verify mandate this year?

    1. I think the Republicans are going the right way if they lay blame on not being able to reach compromise on Obama. He’s been pretty vocal about his vision of compromise.

      1. Actually I think immigration reform would help Republicans more then Dems. at least in the next two elections.

        Boehner is simply telling the truth that Obama is blocking it.

        1. Agreed, but my opinion as far as political gamesmanship is concerned is that the GOP should not push to get anything enacted before the elections.

          I have a different view of what immigration reform should look like that the GOP or the Democrats, but I’m used to that.

        2. Actually I think immigration reform would help Republicans more then Dems

          I don’t, at least not the current “amnesty-first” version. It will enrage their base, while not stealing very many, if any, votes from the Dems.

          1. I was agreeing with blaming Obama for not negotiating in good faith. I think the GOP should punt–there’s absolutely nothing good to be gained, politically speaking, in allowing this fight to happen now.

      2. Politically speaking, probably so.

    2. Boehner speaks the truth. There will be no amnesty bill until after the elections. The matter will be taken up with especial urgency early in the next Congress.

      1. ^This. Once the Repubs have the House and more seats in the Senate they can pass an immigration bill even if their base is furious about it. They’ll wait out the rage and the public will have forgotten it by the next election cycle.

        1. Maybe. If this turns into a hot issue in the election, the Repubs are likely to have to take blood oaths against it to get elected. We’ll see.

  8. He was indicted for possession of marijuana while in possession of a gun.

    The prosecutor vowed to prosecute the fuck out of this charge.

  9. Typical Philadelphia municiple worker gets almost 50 days off a year.

    Here’s a type of scam I haven’t heard about yet:

    Nutter is trying to change work rules so that employees cannot earn overtime pay during a week when they took paid sick leave and logged fewer than 40 hours of actual work. The change, they believe, will curb sick-leave abuse and save millions.

    1. Yet another word that the government has redefined: overtime.

    2. Doesn’t nearly everyone get 50ish days off a year? I think they’re called weekends.

      1. I assume your math is off because you spend your Sundays in church.

        1. What? You get BOTH Saturday AND Sunday off?

          Lazy fucker.

          1. I get nights off too.

            1. Fuck, when exactly do you work?

              1. When I’m posting here.

              2. When I’m posting here.

                1. See? Double time.

    3. Work ethic is being redefined – for the worse.…..-c-w-cooke

    4. They really need to ban megaphones.

    5. I work in te private sector. I get weeks vacation and at least a week of holidays. Granted, that’s only 40 days but it’s not a far cry from “almost” 50 days.

  10. Love this guy.


    1. Yeah, of course they’re going to turn the screws on the insurers once they’ve committed to being part of O-care. That’s how government works.

  11. One Russian official claims he knows journalists are trying to sabotage the hotels to make the Olympics look bad. He may have opened a new can of worms, though, as he bolstered his argument by talking about watching the journalists in the rooms through surveillance cameras.

    One under rated benefit of the end of the cold war is the pure comedy we get from it. Between stuff like this and crazy ass dash cams youtube videos i know my life is filled with joy then it otherwise would be.

  12. indicted for possession of marijuana while in possession of a gun.

    The hophead murdered a policeman!

    Ban everything.

    1. Can we ban posting outside of the nested threaded comments? ::hides::

      1. Check for his reply to you below.

  13. Why Thomas Jefferson Favored Profit-Sharing I suspect we’ll be hearing about this for a long time to come. Looks like Newsweek has moved into the “debate” stage of the ignore/laugh/debate/win progression.

    1. “News-week”? What is that, some new aggregator? And if so, why do they only update it weekly?

    2. It really is sad and astonishing these retards (willingly and deliberately) disregard the idea men like Jefferson were conservatives from the Age of Enlightenment.

      As such, there can be no squaring of the stale ideas they peddle with classical liberalism to which those historical figures belonged.

    3. Weren’t they all like old white slave owners?

    4. Um, I’m guessing the US has one of the highest percentages of property owners in the world.

    5. Profit-sharing plans are rare these days and often meager.

      That’s because, from an accounting standpoint (actually, from a government-required-reporting standpoint), profit-sharing plans are a tremendous pain in the ass. Bonus and commission structures are much easier to manage, and most companies use these.

  14. Now we know why Lindsey Vonn decided not to go to Sochi.

  15. Fuck off, Murrikin.

  16. Pictures of storm buffeting UK coast.

    Very cool visually. I feel bad for the people that live there though.

    1. Why, it’s like a Roland Emmerich film come to life!

    2. The photog doesn’t understand planetary imaging.

      1. I was looking at his Saturn but I now see he used the same comment about light pollution for his star shots so I assume he wanted more background for Saturn.

        1. Ah, I hadn’t scrolled that far down.

      2. Yeah, I don’t think he knows anything about astronomy, period. He called the Orion Nebulae a “distant galaxy”.

        He does say it’s his first time, though, so maybe he’ll get better. He also seems to either have a very sensitive camera or something to track the stars with, as he seems to have avoided star trails.

  17. Sitting down at the table of siblinghood? Litigation among Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s children over a Bible and his Nobel Prize medal:…..0-7064.pdf

    1. Darn, that link was a case about a cop pulling over an ambulance. Interesting in its own right.

      Here’s the link to the King story:…..bel/ndCWq/

      1. I should have posted that first item in the morning links during the discussion of the cop handcuffing the fireman at an accident scene. I was going to but got distracted.

        1. Lay off the beyong, dude.

          1. Just as funny as it was yesterday.

          2. Was it you who was going to the dong eating dinner with President Clitnon?

            1. Right after the JO ceasefire?

              1. Look, let’s stop bringing up those old typos. Let’s start fresh, with a black slate.

                1. black slate huh… that’s racist

  18. The Russian Shower cam reminds me of the poster for Porky’s- but you kids are too young to remember that one.‘s+poster

    1. I never understood why that movie was set in the 50s.

      It is not as if the women in it did not have 80s style hair.

      1. It’s a standard Hollywood thing that hairstyles are contemporary (or -ish), regardless of the era the film is set in. Somebody could do an amusing slideshow or quiz by picking a decade popular for Westerns (e.g. the 1870s) and showing head shots of men and women from decades of different movies set in that period.

        1. That still does not explain why porky’s was set in the 50s.

          The setting adds exactly nothing to the movie.

          Of course it is set in the south, I think.

          Maybe the Copenhagen hats, mullets and lack of teeth made the contemporary 80s South unbelievable to the rest of the country. By setting it in the 50s they thought they could Yankee it up more.

          1. Wikipedia says: “Clark based the original Porky’s on actual occurrences at Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport, Florida and Fort Lauderdale High School in the early 1960s.”

  19. Aol: we’re changing our 401k rules to dick you, and we’ll tell you why. Because of two people’s healthcare costs. Ouch.

    1. Last August, he fired an employee on the spot during a meeting into which much of the company was listening by phone, because the employee took a picture of Armstrong with his camera phone.


      1. I LOLed pretty hard at that, I must say.

    2. Jesus thinks Tim Armstrong is a dick and so do I.

      If I were an AOL employee, I’d be looking for a new job.

      1. What does AOL even do anymore?

        1. They own HuffPo, along with Engadget and the other spawn of Weblogs, Inc.

          They also serve up a lot of advertising. IDK about right now, but I’ve seen AOL-served ads here on Reason before.

          They also have email, AIM, etc. Plus, they have a surprisingly-adequate Google Reader replacement.

          Now, what do they do to make money? Mostly collecting legacy subscriptions from the old and/or stupid.

        2. They charge my dad like $6 a month for email.

          1. I tried to switch my Grandpa off of it.

            They actively prevent the gmail pop3 pull feature from working to keep people from switching. If you want the push feature from AOL Mail, you have to pay for it. Assholes.

            1. POP access to AOL works just fine for me (through GMail, no less).

              1. This was all an elaborate ruse to get you to admit that you use AOL. HAHAHA!

                Seriously though, how often does gmail auto-retrieve? I kept getting an error and have to pull it manually…

                1. My impression is that it retrieves every 30 minutes or so.

                  This was all an elaborate ruse to get you to admit that you use AOL. HAHAHA!

                  Sure, I admit it. I use it for auxiliary email addresses. Plus, AOL Instant Messenger was pretty ubiquitous among my social network pre-Facebook Chat, so I automatically got some addresses with my screenames.

                  It’s easier than making another Gmail account since Google Accounts are associated with so many damn things.

                  And most importantly, I use it for my porn address.

                  1. And most importantly, I use it for my porn address.

                    And this is why I still have a yahoo address. If I’m sleeping with you and you have my yahoo address we’re fuck buddies, if you have my gmail address we’re dating.

                    1. I’m afraid to ask what your hotmail address is for.

                    2. It’s where I send my dick pics.

                    3. Anything that I know I’m likely to get spammed for signing up. Lots of random promotional materials, and of course, Thane’s dick pics. Although not nearly enough of those.

                    4. Sorry, it’s pretty time consuming Photoshopping the chancre sores out.

                    5. Whatever, what’s a little genital ulceration between friends?

            2. I told my dad that email is free now, but for some reason he still hangs on to AOL.

      2. No! AOL must be forced to do what it’s employees want!

        1. Calling out two employees in public for having premature babies and then blaming them for reducing 401k benefits is shitty.

          1. If we forced them to not be shitty, we could also make them apologize.

            But lame attempts at joking aside, I am with you in the first thing I would do is update the resume.

  20. School cancels fried chicken lunch for Black History Month:
    “East Bay high school nixes plan to honor black history with fried chicken, watermelon”…..atermelon/

    1. Let the students pick the lunch of their choice.

      1. Separate but equal.

        1. Exactly.

          The white kids get fried chicken and watermelon.

          The black kids get whatever Michele Obama thinks school lunch should be.

    2. I happen to like fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon. To avoid offense, they should have those items on the menu every day.

      1. Because of neurotic White people, we’re not allowed to acknowledge the delicious culinary heritage of Soul Food.

        1. Now, if I was eating with a black person, I would avoid ordering watermelon.

          And I wouldn’t try to text them from my device.

        2. I didn’t even realize those were stereotypes except through cultural references. They were just “southern food.” I mean cornbread, seriously?

        3. Because of neurotic White people

          Pretty much. I’d like to see them ask black customers of urban fried chicken joints whether this plan upsets them. Based on my experience, I would put money on most saying “no”, and further, many of them having positive remarks about it.

          1. The Black Student Union at the university I teach at has a yearly Soul Food dinner to celebrate Black History Month. Not only do they include classic Southern soul food, but West Indian dishes like pelau, macaroni pie, and callalou, and African dishes, basically 1,001 ways to eat cassava.

            The dinner is always sold out.

            1. Good collard greens are like a little taste of heaven. Seriously. I’ve eaten a few people collards with my bare hands.

              1. I don’t even get how “fried chicken” got to be associated with blacks–to the point of having racist connotations to boot. It’s been a very popular food with Southerners of all races for a long, long time.

    3. I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone like fried chicken?

      1. I presume it wasn’t the vegans who were most offended by this.

      2. I thought I like fried chicken because it was delicious. Turns out I’m genetically predisposed to liking fried chicken.

    4. Does this mean I get to go all bitchy and “offended” in a few weeks when my place of business will be serving corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and a Guinness/Jameson beer/shot special?

      This victim crap needs to stop.

      1. Yes, because it’s making me hungry.

      2. Who wants to celebrate “Irish” culture anyway?

        (Is corned beef and cabbage really Irish-Irish? Seriously, I don’t know.)

        1. And why would they choose that over fried chicken?

        2. No, I don’t think it is actually.

        3. Who wants to celebrate “Irish” culture anyway?

          I think it should be: “Who wants to celebrate Irish “culture” anyways?”

          But don’t tell Irish I said that.

        4. Who wants to celebrate “Irish” culture anyway?


      3. I thought you celebrated Irish heritage by going to the pub, drinking whiskey, then going home to beat your wife, or she beats you, depending on who gets the first punch in.

        1. You left out the part about getting her pregnant, if she isn’t already.

          1. That’s the make-up fight.

    5. As with most racist stereotypes/insults etc, most people have no idea what it really means.

      The fried chicken watermelon nonsense is a reference to blacks being lazy and thus undeserving of the best rewards of hard work. Those foods were considered delicacies not very Long ago.

      Yep, brought to you by the same people who used the expression ” work like a nigger”, meaning to work extra hard.

      1. And as a honkey, I happen to like all three, damn it.

        1. Sure, everyone does.

          The gist of the insult is ‘ they want the good stuff but don’t want to work for it’

      2. Not sure because I didn’t take any history classes after High School, but Birth of a Nation might have something to do with it.

    6. Fried Chicken: Imported to North America by Scottish immigrants. Became popular among black people as a delicacy because of the expense of live poultry. Denying black people luxuries, such as live poultry, is racist.

      Watermelon: Sources vary, but the watermelon may have been imported to North America by Africans slaves. Denying black people watermelon is denying their history, therefore, racist.

      Cornbread: Native American in origin. However, by supressing cornbread in the schools, white Edu-crats are denying Native American history and contributions to America. Therefore, racist.

      Now where’s my tenure?

      1. And blacks were the cooks in plantations. Thus developed most of what we know as southern culinary tradition.

      2. Incidentally, I love, love, love cornbread. My dad found me an old iron cornstick pan (not the silly ones that look like corn–the straight ones), so I get cornsticks when my wife is feeling generous. Of course, I don’t eat them the way I did as a kid, with a fresh application of butter before each bite.

    7. From Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005):

      Deuce Bigalow [Rob Schneider]: T.J., I’m so glad you are here.

      T.J. Hicks [Eddie Griffin]: How did you find me?

      Deuce Bigalow: Well, this seemed like the only chicken and waffles place in all of Holland.

      T.J. Hicks: Ohhh, so the black guy has to go to a chicken and waffles place? That’s racist!

      Deuce Bigalow: But you’re here.

      T.J. Hicks: Yeah, but figuring it out was racist.

      1. Is chicken and waffles a southern thing? I’d never heard of it until Archer (did not watch European Gigolo).

        1. Mostly Southern soul food, but also Pennsylvania Dutch. I’m part Southern, but I had never heard of it before that gag.

          1. I’m from the Old South, and waffles are not southern in any sense, rural or otherwise. They’re vendor food, and they only appear in regions when they became wealthy enough to afford the capital investment of waffle irons and sufficient wealth for them to make it as street food for buyers.

            Which is to say that they’re about as southern as tacos.

  21. Is it save to say Russia is a shitty country?

    1. Not in Russia.

      1. Rooooosha!

        Man, it would be lovely if Canada (or Canada jr. – USA) beats Russia on their home ice in hockey.

        1. Heard yesterday that Stamkos’ leg isn’t fully healed, so he won’t be making the Olympics. That’s a serious blow to the Canadian team, though they’re pretty loaded, anyway.

          1. Yeah Stamkos is a big blow but no one believed he was going to play. St. Louis gets the call – as he should have been to begin with.

            Neal would have been “more” of a logical replacement to Stamkos cuz he’s a pure sniper but I think St. Louis is the better overall player. He deserves it.

            1. Not like Marty isn’t still a scoring machine.

    2. No, but it sure is suave.

  22. Democrat running for reelection opposes Obama’s minimum wage increase.

    Well, certainly he must have a good reason!

    The National Retail Federation and the National Restaurant Association are among groups lobbying against the measure that have contributed to Pryor’s re-election bid.

    1. Oh no, I fucked the link up:…..rease.html

      1. We need to move beyong this sort of mistake.

        1. I just get really excited to post a link.

  23. NYPD vying to become the worst Glassholes?

    It’s claimed that the department recently took delivery of several pairs of Google’s smart glasses. “We signed up, got a few pairs of the Google glasses, and we’re trying them out, seeing if they have any value in investigations, mostly for patrol purposes,” a New York City law enforcement official told VentureBeat. “We’re looking at them, you know, seeing how they work.”

    Of course, whether each and every NYPD cop should be toting a camera on their face remains to be seen. Evidence from experiments in other parts of the country suggest cameras encourage police to behave better, as well as protecting them from fraudulent reports of abuse. Critics?including Mayor Mike Bloomberg?argue the data they collect will create an enforcement nightmare.

    1. How easy is it to “accidentally” turn off Google Glass?

      1. The commenters pointed out that they’d really need to modify glass’s default behavior for this to be effective including an always on function and either a constant upload to a central server or a data lockout until it was uploaded back at the station.

        1. until it was uploaded back at the station.

          Like Rose Mary Woods, they’ll delete the stuff that’s incriminating to them.

  24. Posted earlier but I should have saved for PM links

    Warning; if you value your intellect or use it to make a living, do not watch the video. Repeat, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.…..a-to-sign/

    I was taken aback by that at first, not sure what to make of it.

    Watching it again and noting her excitement at the prospect of ruling by decree, it is obvious that she relishes the idea of dictatorship. In her mind, as usual with craven sycophants, she believes shitweasel’s last SOTU speech was his declaration claiming ultimate power and he will now raise her to her rightful place.

    1. Link fail.

      1. My first link fail in…well, ever. Damn.…..a-to-sign/

    2. Is that the Aisle Hog?

        1. She took the title from Cynthia McKinney.

    3. Even Obama doesn’t seem to like her.

    1. Strong finish.

      1. I just realized that was a Glock (I don’t know much about TEH GUNZ).

    2. Damn those are so bad. Nice.

      1. Bad, but not the worst.

    3. The funniest of those – because there IS NO APPARENT PUN AT ALL – is the French FAMAS, which is simply captioned,

      “Suck My Dick”

      I guess the point there is, ‘no one loves the FAMAS’, so it can never be an expression of love.

      I thought the cutest was the first, ‘you’re the Mosin portent part of my life’.

  25. Looks like American got redacted…

    1. Aww shucks, now my comments look foolish.

      1. Isn’t that normal for you? :-p

        1. Unusually catty today, Ted, even for you.

          1. To be fair, I invited it.

            1. Ted set himself up in an earlier thread, and I foolishly let it go.


    More than one in six men ages 25 to 54, prime working years, don’t have jobs?a total of 10.4 million. Some are looking for jobs; many aren’t. Some had jobs that went overseas or were lost to technology. Some refuse to uproot for work because they are tied down by family needs or tethered to homes worth less than the mortgage. Some rely on government benefits. Others depend on working spouses.

    Having so many men out of work is partly a symptom of a U.S. economy slow to recover from the worst recession in 75 years. It is also a chronic condition that shows how technology and globalization are transforming jobs faster than many workers can adapt, economists say.

    The trend has been building for decades, according to government data. In the early 1970s, just 6% of American men ages 25 to 54 were without jobs. By late 2007, it was 13%. In 2009, during the worst of the recession, nearly 20% didn’t have jobs.

    Although the economy is improving and the unemployment rate is falling, 17% of working-age men weren’t working in December. More than two-thirds said they weren’t looking for work, so the government doesn’t label them unemployed. The January snapshot of the job market is due Friday.

    Men out of work? Just means the PATREEARKY is coming down! Women out of work? This. Means. WAR.

    1. Those are some shockingly high numbers. Not cool.

      1. And even worse when you consider that they are probably disproportionately high among blacks. If it is one in six overall, I bet it is one in three among black men.

        This is how societies die.

    2. Will you be shocked if it’s spun as men sponging off poor working women?

      1. So you’ve spoken to every Black female sociology professor in America, I see.

      2. Not really. But then, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, or at least that’s how the Feminist canon reads. I can only assume we’re being kept as pets, or aerobic exercise devices.

        1. If we had more genetic scientist pranksters, we’d have fish that need bicycles by now.

        2. I’m amazed they seem to think that was clever. They stole that line from a man.

    3. It is also a chronic condition that shows how technology and globalization are transforming jobs faster than many workers can adapt, economists say.

      The trend has been building for decades, according to government data. In the early 1970s, just 6% of American men ages 25 to 54 were without jobs. By late 2007, it was 13%. In 2009, during the worst of the recession, nearly 20% didn’t have jobs.

      Technology and globalization, sure, sure…but I wonder if maybe there was some other thing that happened in between “the early 1970s” and today that could be causing such a large subset of men to suddenly find themselves in stiff competition for available jobs.

      Like if the available labor pool suddenly underwent a dramatic increase in size. Anything like that happen in this period?

      Any ideas?

      1. And maybe throwing huge numbers of men in prison and giving them felony convictions didn’t help either.

        1. Don’t do the crime – or get mistaken for a criminal – if you can’t do the time.

          1. And drug users can’t work anyway.

      2. An increase in the labor pool should be followed by an increase in productivity, thus increasing demand and leading to an absorption of the increased labor pool.

        Unless the new labor pool entrants just aren’t very productive. Then, you get downward pressure on wages, increased unemployment, etc. because there is no uptick in productivity to prime the pump for absorbing the new workers.

        Is that where you’re going, pa?

        1. It is a complex equation. The thing is that women before they started getting jobs primarily raised children. That is a very important and productive job. But it doesn’t show up on the labor statistics.

          So we lost all of that productivity. And women were absorbed into the labor market in many cases into jobs that are the creation of government. Most of the compliance related and social work type jobs big government spawns are filled by women.

          So really, we short changed our children of being raised by their mothers so we could have a big government.

          1. ^This.

    4. a quote from the article by an MIT economist …”Our culture is one that venerates work, that views work as good for its own sake,”

      I think the statistics indicate that’s becoming increasingly less true, right? Even if it’s the case that jobs are being transformed due to technology and globalization, wouldn’t a veneration of work cause the displaced workers to seek different employment, even if it’s not their first choice?

      1. It’s hard to find work when there aren’t jobs available. It’s pretty hard to start out at the very bottom, it requires energy and drive (and being essentially debt free), something that becomes hard to muster when you have a mortgage and children to care for.

        Plenty of people end up doing what I had to do for a number of years, take a huge hit in quality of life, tighten the belt and hunker down building up experience in another field, that shits hard to do when you have liabilities like children and a mortgage.

        And of course, once you take a lower-level job in a field outside of your expertise it becomes more difficult to move back into that field once the growth begins again.

        I’ve seen this myself and with my friends. I work in an entirely different field than much of the formal training had me doing in my 20s (and I’m only 33) because the company I worked for went under, the entire industry had been stagnant for years, there was no hiring for 3-4 years even at the still existing firms which forced me to move into a another field. I’ve since tried to move back (because office work is better than marine construction any damned day of the week, even if I’d take a pay cut) and potential employers have outright told me that my move out of the field meant I was a less attractive candidate than guys I knew who maxed out their unemployment and then lived on savings and credit for a few years. This is not bullshit.

        And I was really good at my job.

  27. Why American had his hissy fit.

    Expect him to take out his (sexual) frustrations on this forum for a while.

    1. Why do i get the feeling a ship pot of posts were deleted from today’s threads.

      Who is this “American”?

      1. A white nationalist troll who’s been banned multiple times but keeps coming back to race-bait under multiple names.

        For example, guess what he meant by “International financiers”

        1. For example, guess what he meant by “International financiers”

          The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The Rothschilds and Col. Sanders before he went tits up.

          1. Those Lizard People do know how to make a good chicken, I must say.

          2. All of them, double super-secret Jews.

        2. Personally, I think we should call him/her/it “Merkin” or similar; sentences like “Shut the fuck up, American” probably confuse the filthy casuals.

          1. I’ve been using “Merkin” for some time.

        3. “guess what he meant by “International financiers””

          Might these same people be considered “cosmopolitan”?

        4. For example, guess what he meant by “International financiers”

          I made fun of Postrel’s crack a few years ago about “international bankers is code for jews” for months.

          I never got banned.

          Also Mary was in another thread arguing against the Laffer curve and she got banned as well…

          Or perhaps Mary is American.

        5. Joos? They hates them some jews and always bring up the international financier trope.

      2. Who is this “American”

        American is everyone’s least favorite neo-fascist troll.

        Whether he is just a continuation of Slappy! or is part of the multi-headed hydra that is the Mary Stack Project is currently unknown.

        1. Well the fact that a bunch of mary posts got deleted on another thread at the same time as these deletions I think it is safe to say it is now known.

          I wonder which one is the sock puppet and which one is the real mary?

          Perhaps mary is the sockpuppet of a neo-fascist.

          1. Perhaps mary is the sockpuppet of a neo-fascist.

            But such fabulous cheekbones…truly magnificent!

  28. Epi, I know your next big purchase!

    It turns out these ‘Straddle Stands’ (patent date 1919) were designed by the Army for use during the World War to treat and prevent sexual diseases. This sink would have originally had a stand with a foot petal to operate and control the temperature of the water.

    The Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. was the only company to manufacture this sink and restricted the sale primarily to the U.S. Army and Navy, Government, State and City Health Departments, Hospitals and Physicians in good standing.

    1. Finally there can be equality in the whore’s bath arena.

  29. British judge, on petition of an ex-Mormon, summons a Mormon leader to court to answer fraud charges. Specifically, that they raised money from their members by teaching false doctrines.…..y/13/24487

    1. Dumb. dumb, dumbdumb, dumb, dumb!

    2. Good thing there are no false doctrines in Anglicanism.

      I don’t know if there are or aren’t, but I’d bet there are a couple.

      1. And I am sure they will be summoning an Imam real soon.

        1. “We’re sorry he did not enjoy being a Mormon. We’re sure he will not enjoy burning in Hell for eternity more, but that’s his decision and we love him anyway.”

          It’s not like the Mormons make any secret of their beliefs. Why didn’t this guy read up on them before he joined?

      2. Anglicanism: It’s like Catholicism, but women and homosexuals can be priests, none of whom actually believe in God, and an old lady is the head of the Church instead of an old guy in a dress.

        1. You know, maybe the Queen should reassert her power to run the Anglican church, then backdoor that into taking over the British government. Couldn’t do any worse than the elected government, after all.

          1. “But, but, but, what about our unwritten constitution?! It’s not f-f-f-air-r-r…”

            I don’t think Liz wants the job. And she’s probably afraid she’d hear “Nice Royal house. Shame if anything happened to it.”

            1. Fuck that. Queen Elizabeth II, Primate of the Church, God Emperor of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Kneel before Liz.

              1. You left out Defender of the Faith.

                It would be weird if Monarchist feeling swept Britain. Maybe if the current EU-wussiness fails majorly…

  30. Squirrels acting quick. Ban hammer came out making the thread make no sense to those just showing up.

    1. You guys need to do some quoting with the responses; they make sense after Merkin gets tossed again.

      1. No, that’s pointless unless threaded comments are destroyed as they should be.

        Instead, I suggest inserting comments in front of the now-confusing comments that give new meaning to them.

        1. I think Reason should replace deleted comments with “This comment has been replaced by the administrator” or similar. It would make things less confusing.

          1. I prefer ProLibs approach. The squirrels could have a lot of fun with that.

            And, of course, ending threaded comments. Some of us are weak, we cant all be Brooksie.

          2. Many have requested that, Jarl, but H&R has never addressed this. Publicizing that a site deletes posts only invites criticism.

        2. At first it looked like comments were attacking pbrooks for saying something about Lindsey Vonn.

          1. …”saying something about Lindsey Vonn.”

            Nice gams?

    2. Wow, didn’t realize there was any censorship here.

      1. I’ve only ever seen it happen to ‘Murkin (for the vile race-baiting) and the one they call Mary (for some sort of bizarre doxxing incident that was before my time)

        1. Doxing and stalking and possibly being Whiskey India.

          1. ssssshhhhhhhhh……you’ll summon the demon….and he’ll just gambole into the thread.

  31. Apple has removed Blockchain, an app that allows users to send and receive bitcoins, from its store.

    ? ?
    We had joy, we had fun,
    we had seasons in the sun.
    But the hills that we climbed
    were just seasons out of time. ?

    1. Ah, the raisin song…

    1. Who could have seen that coming?

      And I don’t think there is an “you are in jail” exception to the penaltax.

      1. Actually John, I thought there was some type of provision that stated that if you were in jail you did not have to pay the peneltax. Thought I read about it here

        1. maybe so. I don’t know. the bill is so fucked up, it wouldn’t surprise me if they forgot to include that

        2. IIRC the peneltax only kicks in if your income is at a certain level. Inmates typically don’t have any sort of income so I doubt they’d be hit with it.

    2. Goose/gander.
      The feds have dumped costs on the states and local gov’ts for years.

    3. Look, if they weren’t in jail they’d totally have signed up for it. It’s not like inmates would break the law.

    4. Profoundly misleading headline. The states are enrolling inmates in Medicaid. Enrolling them so they have coverage when they are released is something the states could always have done.

      What’s not clear is if the Medicaid rules have changed in a way that makes this a bigger thing than it used to be. Medicaid didn’t use to be available to inmates except for hospitalization. The article is almost intentionally obtuse and unclear on what is really changing here.

  32. Controversial American politician compares New York airport to nations that suffer from lack of sanitation, potable water, electricity, literacy, division of labor, and every other innovation that makes modern life in the west imaginable. Name that dumbass.

    “If I blindfolded someone and took them at 2 o’clock in the morning into the airport in Hong Kong and said ‘where do you think you are?’ They would say, ‘this must be America. This is a modern airport,'” [s/he] said on Thursday. “If I took them blindfolded and took them to LaGuardia airport in New York, he would like ‘I must be in some third world country.’ I’m not joking.”

    S/he’s not joking, people.

    1. Err…Hong Kong is a fairly rich place, what with the relatively unrestricted capitalism and all. That was a pretty poor choice for a comparison.

      1. That was Joe’s point (though he wouldn’t understand the capitalism bit)–that there are parts of the world that are so beautiful and rich and well run that they look like America, or at least what America should be like in the platonic sense, while there are parts of America that are so dismal that they look like the third world. And by third world, he presumably means every nation that hasn’t paid him a significant speaker’s fee.

        How Hong Kong or Singapore became rich is, of course, completely mysterious.

        1. Oh. I thought he was insinuating that Hong Kong is third world, and hence our airports should look better than theirs.

    2. Have you been to LaGuardia? S/he’s not far off. The HK International is great (although I feel Changi is better).

  33. Wait, Intrade is returning?

  34. That pompous windpoag jsut looks corrupt as the day is long.

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