Teh Internet is Full of Cool Things, Part 19,354: NFL Helmets Redone in Star Wars Universe


So this has been around at least since 2013, but what can I tell you? Ferglutz you, bub, my hyperspatial ramblings ain't what they used to be.

Here are John Raya's reworking of NFL franchises as if they existed in the Star Wars universe. Bonus points on the Greedos' helmet, for the non-infinite regress on the helmet worn by the figure pictured on the helmet (my head hurts), a defining attribute of the old Dolphins helmet (in which the Dolphin wore a helmet whose logo was a giant M). 

Go here for the AFC and here for the NFC. And yes, there's a team that involves Jar Jar Binks' grim visage.

For more work by Raya, go here.

Tip via Tony Pierce's great Twitter feed.

We've become jaded to the immense offerings on the Internet. I think it's a worthwhile pursuit to pause a second and point out whenever we find cool, weird, useless, and fun stuff online. Reason has been beating the drum about "cultural proliferation" for years now, and for good reason: We live in an age in which it's easier than ever for people to make and consume whatever they want in ever-more-varied circumstances. That's a real flowering of self-expression and freedom.