Obamacare Subsidies Create Disincentives for Work, IRS Commissioner Wants to Move On From Tea Party Scandal, Elizabeth Hurley Denies Affair With Bill Clinton: P.M. Links


  • the 90s!
    New Line Cinema/"Austin Powers"

    Obamacare subsidies create disincentives for work, the director of the CBO told Congress, backing a key argument made by Republicans against the law.

  • The new IRS commissioner, meanwhile, told Congress he wants the investigation into the agency's  targeting of conservative groups to be over so that it can move on.
  • A UN report on child abuse within the Catholic Church called on the Vatican to surrender to authorities anyone suspected of pedophilia as well as documents about any coverups. The Vatican characterized the report as distorted, unfair, and ideologically biased, pointing out that it criticized Church teachings on homosexuality, abortion, and contraceptives.
  • Public schools in New York City will move forward on closingfor Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and the Lunar New Year, but Mayor De Blasio said he hadn't made a decision on Diwali yet.
  • Elizabeth Hurley denied tabloid reports she had an affair with Bill Clinton in the 90s.
  • American snowboarder Shauwn White won't be competing in the slopestyle at the Olympics. He'd previously called the course "intimidating."

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