North Korea

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, from Reason Contributor Michael Malice


Reason contributor and celebrity memoir collaborator Michael Malice (Made in America with Ultimate Figher Matt Hughes and I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up with comedian D.L. Hughley, among others) was inspired by his visit to North Korea, which he wrote about for us in our Aug./Sept. 2013 issue, to produce an "unauthorized autobiography" of North Korea's late Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, Dear Reader.

That book is out now.

While a lot of the tyranny of North Korea reads like a dark humor comic opera to us--and the idea of an "unauthorized autobiography" is funny--Malice has a serious intent behind the apparent comedy: to get inside the nearly unspeakable evil of North Korean government in a way no other method could.

I wrote about Harvey Pekar's graphic novel biography of Malice, Ego and Hubris, back in 2006. 

Malice did a Reddit "ask me anything" yesterday on this book and other things.