NFL Cornerback Chris Carr Talks About Ron Paul, Reason, and the Underappreciated Tolerance of NFL Locker Rooms


Chris Carr is a 30-year-old well-traveled NFL cornerback and kick returner whose career ended in December with the New Orleans Saints. He's also a loyal subscriber to Reason, and we had him on The Independents Wednesday night to talk about his political evolution, tolerance in the locker room (his answer may surprise), and his prediction for Super Bowl Sunday. Check it out:

Follow him on Twitter @triplcarr. And stay tuned tonight for a full episode devoted to the Super Bowl, including crazy superstitions, marijuana agitprop, hangover cures, a conversation with actress Katie Aselton of the hilarious football fantasy show The League, and brutal guac-off between myself and that earrings lady. Tonight at 9 ET!