State of the Union

Was Joe Biden Writing You an E-Mail During the State of the Union?

hey u, send $


omg lol xoxo l8r h8r

It kind of looked like Vice President Joe Biden may have been texting during the State of the Union* (picture at right). Maybe** he was writing this, which came from the Democratic Party just a few moments after the address ended:

Edward —

I am so proud to stand with Barack tonight.

If you are too, chip in $10 or more to support Democrats, and let's go follow through:



If it sounded like the State of the Union was a campaign speech, that's because it sounded like a campaign speech. And now they're raising money as if they were still campaigning.

*he was probably following along with the printed copy of the address, but it makes for a good set up

**the e-mail was probably pre-written, by someone other than Biden, but, again, it makes for a good set up so thanks for bearing with me

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  1. It kind of looked like Vice President Joe Biden may have been texting during the State of the Union …

    The political theater works for the useful idiots.

  2. What happens to all the money Obama raises but doesn’t spend on his campaign again?

  3. Joe Biden wasn’t really writing me an email during the SOTU, just forwarding a dirty joke to me.

  4. I call for the closing of Guantanamo!

    I call for an end to crony capitalism!

    When I’m elected, oh wait…

    1. On day one, I’m going to close Gitmo!

    2. I watched all of 5 minutes and heard his call for closing Guantanamo. Do people hear him say this and think he isn’t saying it because he thinks were all idiots that don’t realize he is just giving empty platitudes? Apparently enough people still don’t realize what he’s doing.

    3. He was gonna strip the telecoms of their immunity from lawsuits for participating in violating our Fourth Amendment rights with warrantless wiretapping, too.…..from-fisa/

      Barack Obama is such a lying sack of shit.

  5. For some reason I assumed “Joe” referred to Stalin, not Biden.

    1. I came this ][ close to that, as well.

  6. I would be really nice to have a President that would even try to lead all Americans.

    Instead we get this amateur hack campaigner that has no idea what the President is supposed to do and how the US government even works.

    1. He’s never figured out how to do much besides read the words someone puts on the teleprompter for him. He’s a limited thinker with a rotten work ethic and pathetic people skills…not really much leadership material there. He only got elected because he was perceived as being the least like Bush.

  7. If it sounded like the State of the Union was a campaign speech, that’s because it sounded like a campaign speech. And now they’re raising money as if they were still campaigning.


    Barack Obama knows how to do one thing: elect Barack Obama to public office. And that’s not ‘elect Democrats.’ Or ‘elect liberals.’ Or even ‘elect people that Barack Obama likes.’ It’s just him: his team is trying pretty hard right now to figure out how to use their over-specialized skill more generally, but they don’t have much time to figure it out and the system is actually rigged against them in this case. Barack Obama certainly doesn’t know how to govern effectively; take away a Congress that will rubber-stamp the Democratic agenda and he flails about.

  8. Has anyone noticed the recent surge in shotgun shootings? That’s Joe Biden’s gun of choice for self defense.

    The gun debate is sort of dying down because the shooters are becoming more diverse (pardon my cynicism) and less “right wing”. Aaron Alexis thought the president was whispering in his ears to kill people, so he’s spared the Lanza treatment.

    What’s being ignored is that these shooters are increasing adding makeshift bombs into their arsenal. The debate coach shooter read literature on making bombs, which means the founding fathers struck out on the first amendment too.

    What freedom will Obama take away to protect us? Is his pen mightier than the sword, the guns, and the bombs? That’s what I want to know.

    1. Yeah, local media was trying pretty hard to gin up the shooting in the Columbia Mall as a “rampage”, but it turned out to be a brown person with mental problems who killed himself after he killed the two presumably-intended targets. The details they’ve released make me think it was one of those late-teens to early-20s dramas gone too far. Like an unrequited crush or hurt feelings type of thing combined with the innate ability of young men to fixate on something and turn it into an all-consuming life narrative.

    2. Of course, Martin O’Malley is probably going to need some counseling to get through this. All I could think after my initial “Man, that sucks” was, “Thank god it wasn’t a white kid with an AR, or they’d be doing house-to-house searches for anything from a Red Rider on up.

    3. The founding fathers struck out on the first amendment?

      Im sorry, i’m still trying to decipher whether or not your’e using sarcasm. Furthermore, I would add that gun violence and ‘reading literature on making bombs’ are both direct results of living in a free society.

      My friend, its not the bombs nor the guns that are killing people. It is the deranged, media brainwashed citizens that live in this country who kill people. Once again, another by-product of a free society.

      When will we learn sacrificing our LIBERTIES for SECURITY (which is laughable at best) is not the answer to a CORRUPT, ROTTEN SOCIETY?

      So i guess my question for you is: Would you rather be a socialist slave, or live in a free society where drowning in the bathtub is more likely to kill you than a ‘terrorist’ or ‘lone gunman’?
      You are living with so much fear IT MAKES ME SICK!

      Because freedom is SO much sweeter than executive orders

      1. It was sarcasm. Most of the time on this site when you see things like that, it’s sarcasm with the exception of a few well known left-wing trolls.

  9. Obama is such a tool. I mean like seriously.

  10. It kind of looked like Vice President Joe Biden may have been texting during the State of the Union* (picture at right).

    My sources at the NSA tell me that according to his phone records he was surfing the internet for midget and bestiality porn during that time period. Apparently he, or at least his phone’s IP address, was connected to an IP address for

  11. “and let’s go follow through”

    Is that a broken translation of Biden’s native tongue?

  12. Saweeet….

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  14. Haa, I like the face of Obama and I can’t say why

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