Apple Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary of Macintosh

Now known as an iMac


The world watched the Mac burst onto the scene 30 years ago today, and Apple is taking the opportunity to celebrate its history with a nostalgic video on its Web site. In just under three minutes, the tech giant whirls through the Mac's history, featuring interviews with notable artists such as composer Hans Zimmer, musician Moby, and shoe designer Tinker Hatfield that emphasize how the Mac has affected the work of creative professionals.

From a company as image- and message-conscious as Apple, it's likely no coincidence that those creative professionals are exactly the target audience for the newest Mac Pro. But, cynicism aside, it's nice to take time to note how different the Mac really was from the computers that came before it — particularly for a generation of young adults who have grown up with the iconic Apple desktops already in their classrooms.