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Real ID Act Going Into Effect in April, 13 States Still Not Ready

Tie it to whatever you want but voting?


Nearly a decade after Congress passed the Real ID Act to thwart terrorists from getting driver's licenses, the law will finally go into effect in April. But 13 states still are not ready.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security repeatedly put off enforcement of the law, as states complained about its costs and civil rights groups objected to it as an invasion of privacy. But in December, while DHS was temporarily headed by counterterrorism expert Rand Beers, the agency unveiled a gradual rollout for enforcing the law.

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  1. Real ID, an odd name for a terrorism prevention measure, don’tcha think? The real purpose of the Real ID act is to prevent clone fraud. It doesn’t go nearly far enough to address the problem we’ll have when our clone organ harvest get the notion they can kill us and assume our identities. They should print tattoos on our foreheads that mix and distributes the materials in the ink in such a way that they are essentially impossible to duplicate?

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