Obama NSA Reforms Not Expected to Be Major



President Barack Obama is not expected to propose any sweeping changes to surveillance data collection when he delivers a much anticipated speech on Friday, months after one of the largest intelligence leaks in U.S. history shook national confidence in the federal government.

Both Democrats, including Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, and Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul, have proposed bills to put the National Security Agency on a tighter leash in the aftermath of the security breach perpetrated by an NSA contractor.

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  1. Why would he? None of the major media thinks he can do wrong; they’re not raising a stink.

  2. BHO’s just trying to make it to 2017 without a depression or a major ground war breaking out. With Obamacare dying an agonizing death, he needs to make sure that his legacy is that of the first African-American president rather than the man who plunged us into a massive depression due to his economic incompetence.

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