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Never point a gun at something or someone you don't intend to shoot. Jerome M. Hauer, New York state's commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, has apparently never heard of that rule. He recently used the laser attached to a handgun as a pointer during a presentation to foreign officials. The laser tracked across the head of at least one of the officials before resting on the map Hauer was pointing to.

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  1. [In Austrian accent] “And now for the final bullet point item…” [swings gun around to Swedish delegate/terrorist] “Meeting: Adjourned.” (Which is also the name of the film!)

      1. Since the guy holding the gun had been partially disabled by a stroke, probably.

        Moreover, If Hauer read the State’s Workplace violence policy, he can be fired for simply bringing that handgun to work.

        Or, from the article:

        Hauer, commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, was disabled by a stroke a few years ago and can be unsteady. He isn’t a law enforcement official. He carries the loaded 9-millimeter Glock in a holster into state buildings, an apparent violation of state law barring state employees from bringing weapons to the workplace,

        A stroke victim with poor motor control used a loaded handgun as a laser pointer when the plebs who bother to do things like maintain safety are being targeted for disarmament.

        1. WTF? Did he have his finger on the trigger too?

          1. damn, he had a couple of swedes in his sights and didn’t drop the hammer!

  2. The prime minister of Malaysia wasn’t there, was he? There didn’t happen to be some mention of a piano key necktie, did there?

    1. ?

      1. SPOILER ALERT: Zoolander assassination attempt, I assume. I don’t recall if there was a laser sight in that, though.

  3. These officials, one of whom claimed to be an eyewitness, said that three Swedish emergency managers in the delegation were rattled when the gun’s laser tracked across one of their heads before Hauer found the map of New York, at which he wanted to point.

    Ban lasers! He could’ve caused retinal damage with that thing.

  4. Never point a gun at something or someone you don’t intend to shoot.
    I remember that sentence as the main point of the first piece of NRA literature I read, over half a century ago.

    1. Yep. Three of the four basic gun handling rules cover that.
      The way I learned them:
      1 All guns are always loaded.
      2 Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
      3 Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
      4 Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

      1. 5 and if you have the chance to shoot a swede, you take the shot.

  5. It’s such a fine line between stupid and …uh…

    1. really, really ridiculously stupid?

    2. MikeP?

  6. OK wow man there is a d ude that knows what time it is.

  7. OK wow man there is a d ude that knows what time it is.

  8. This is why only government sector workers should be allowed to own guns. They’re the only ones who can handle the guns safely.

    1. “I’m the only one in this room professional enough to carry this Glock 40. Im the only one……BANG!”

  9. See? Even our respected public officials cam mis-handle guns, so we can see that regular schlubs shouldn’t be allowed to own them!

  10. It is impossible to overstate just how third rate TOP MEN are.

    I have recently modified my opinion on term limits because of a commenter here, but I maintain that the political class must go.

    1. go where? to hell?

  11. I’m the only one in this room professional enough.

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