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A-Rod's Suspension Reduced to One Season

Plans to appeal in federal court


New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for the entire 2014 season, as an independent arbitrator upheld the majority of a 211-game suspension Major League Baseball assessed him in August.

The Saturday ruling by Fredric Horowitz will cost Rodriguez $25 million in salary, and cast considerable doubt over the All-Star's career. Rodriguez will turn 40 during the 2015 season.

Rodriguez, who struck a defiant tone during the year-long saga of the Biogenesis scandal, was upset in a statement released Saturday morning, and he will pursue appealing the ruling in federal court.

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  1. At his age still a potential death knell for his career.

    1. Isn’t baseball more skill-based than other pro sports?

      As long as he keeps riding the bleeding edge of PED/evasion he should be fine thru his 40’s.

      That pitcher (cant remember name) was really good even as old guy, and that is a far more physically demanding and athletically limiting role than batting or fielding.

      1. Pitchers yes there have been pitchers like Moyer and Ryan who defy their ages. Positions like 3rd base and SS is a little different as you lose range and your swing slows down as well – unless juiced.

        Hockey is witnessing players playing effectively into their late 30s and 40s now – St. Louis, Selanne for example.

        Soccer had a few examples too – I remember Franco Baresi being a world class defender late in his career. Which is pretty astounding considering the speed of strikers.

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  4. I remember when I used to watch baseball.

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