Rachel Maddow

Politifact Trashes Maddow's Claim of Koch Involvement in Fla. Drug-Testing Program

Guilt by association taken to the Nth degree


PunditFact isn't always the first to weigh in on the tit-for-tat of cable news shows, in part because the nature of our work requires more than claims and counterclaims. And sometimes, a few extra days allows matters to become more settled.

Such is the case in examining the back-and-forth recently between MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and representatives for Charles and David Koch.

You probably have heard the story by now, but here's a quick catch-up.

On Maddow's Jan. 2, 2014, show, Maddow accused the Koch brothers—through "affiliated state groups"—of pushing and promoting a Florida law that requires welfare recipients to first pass a drug test. Representatives for the Koch brothers pushed back against the allegation, saying they were not involved with the Florida law or the Florida group who supported the law, the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Maddow is sticking by her story and refused to read a Koch-prepared on-air apology.