UberX Cuts Fares in Top Cities

More than 15 percent


Uber has slashed its UberX prices again, making it the cheapest transportation option in the US, the company's CEO, Travis Kalanick, boasted in a blog post Thursday.

Ride fares are down between 15 percent and 34 percent in 6 of the 24 cities that have the UberX service. Uber's app lets users order a variety of car services—including the peer-to-peer UberX—from their mobile devices.

That means lower prices for rides in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Orange County, with a promise of 10 more cities to follow, including Minneapolis, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Denver, Dallas, Baltimore, Sacramento, Calif., Tucson, Ariz., Charlotte, N.C., and Nashville, Tenn.

And across all of the cities where Uber is available, UberX is 26 percent cheaper than a taxi, according to Kalanick, and costs less than a public bus—if you split the fare with a group of friends.